I should have made thee dic by Poole) that the shalt not---I'll hininches." T'he like circumstance der thee," and taking a pin from took place, with no material vari. her cloaths, she scratched the ation, 7 times in about 5 months. witch firom her elbowy to her wrist At length a discovery took place. in three places," "to draw her blood: Poole, the father, went to the shop This is considered to be a process of Mr. Bruford, a druggist, in of unfiling efficacy asan antidote of Taunton, to pay a little bil, which witch craft. The idea of this infa. he owed for medicine &c. and on mous woman's supurnatural pow. observing 7 different charges for er bas so haunted the mind of the money lent,' he enquired to whom child, and disturbed her rest day and found that this money had, at and night, that she is now redu. various times been lent in sums of ced to such a state of bodily debility 2 shillings, 5 shillings, 1 shilling & as scarcely to be able to take any 6 pence, 4 shillings, T shillings, 2 sustenance, shillings & 6 pence. & 5 shillings. Tae case was satisfactarily prov. to the little girl who had gone in

ed, and the Jury without hesitaher father's name and borrowed lion found the prisoner guilty. the money for the purpose (as she The Judge, after largely comsaid) of going to market, and car menting on the enormity of the ried it to the prisoner, the Witch offence, observed that nothing but as a peace-offering. 'The father

her extreme old age debarred him and mother questioned the child, from pronouncing on her the most and the story came out. In eon"

severe sentence which the law sequence, Poole's wife and a wo

could infict-She was sentenced man named Johnson, went with

to pay one shilling fine, and to be the girl to the prisoner's house, & imprisoned in the House of Cor interrogated her as to the facts.

rection, these to be kept to hard She admitted her knowledge of

labour for six calender months. the girl ; but on being accused of her conduct, the prisoner swore & raved in the most violent manner,

VARIETY. and rowed that if they dare to accuse her of it, she would make

ORIGINAL AND SELECTED them die by inches.'

For the Lady's Miscellany. One cannot have a stronger proof of the impression made on VILLAINY KEWARDED. the minds of the gi l's mother, and In the rebellion of 1745, a par. her through comprehension of the ty of Cumberland's dragoons was meaning of this threat, than the hurrying throngh Nithsdale in prudent step she adopted to des- search of rebels. Hungry and troy the charm-- No, (said Mrs. fatigued, they called at a lone wi


dow's house, and demanded you rued it you should have only refreshment. Her son, a lad. of been punished by your God." about sixteen, dressed them up lang kale and butter, and the good woman brought new milk, CURIOUS DIPLOMATIC CORRESwhich she told them was all her

PONDENCE. stock. One of the party inquired with seeming kindness, tow she In the early settlement of MasJived. "Indeed," quoth 'she, "the | sachusetts, the Naraganset Incow and the kale yard wi’ God's | dians were very hostile to the coloblessing's a' my mailen." He nists. By the prudent conduct, arose, and with his sabre killed of the latter, however, peace was, the cow, and destroyed all the a long time preserved. Canonikale. The poor woman cus, the Naraganset chief, ser king tbrown upon the world, and died a rupture, had the generosity !o, of a broken heart ; the disconso- give the colony notice of it, by late youth, her son, wandered sending the Governor a bundle of away, beyond the inquiry of arroque bound with the skin of a friends, or the search of compas. serpent. The Governor, insiead şion. In the continental war, of being intimidated by the threat, when the British army had gained | returned the skin filled with powder a great and signal victory, the sol and ball. This reply was effecdiery were making merry. with tual. The Chief was afraid of. wine, and recounting their ex the contents, returned it unopenploits'; 'a 'dragoon roared out, “Il ed, and remained quiet. once 'starved a Scorch witch at Nithsdale: I killed her cow, and destroyed her greens; byt (added

THE TAYLOR'S DREAM he) she could Jive, for all that, on

A taylor who was dangerously her God, as she said !'

« And

ill, had a remarkable dream- He don't you rue it, (cried a young

saw, fluttering in the air, a peice "soldier starting up, don't you rue

of cloth of a prodigious length, it?"

“Rue what ?" said he...- | composed of all the cabbage he “ Rue aught like that! Then, by i had made, of a variety of col-surs. my God, (cried the youth,) un The angel of death held his peice sheathing his sword,) 'thot woman of patch-work in one of his hands was my mother, Draw, you bru & with the sthergave the taylor se-, tal villain, draw.". They fought ; veral strokes with a peice of iron. the youth passed his sword ivice

The taylor, awakeing in fright, throngh the dragoon's body, and, made a vow, that if he recovered while he turned him over in the he would cabbage : non e.--He faroes of death, exclaimed, "had con recovered ---As lię was diffident


of himself, he ordered one of his LADY'S MISCELLANY. apprentices to put him in mind of

NEW YORK, November 2, 1811. his dream whenever he cut out a suit of cloaths. The taylor was The City Inspector reports the death offor some time odedient to tl.e inti 35 persons in this city and suburbs dur. mations given him by his appren

ing the last week, ending on the 26th inst. tiee. But a nobleman having sent for him to make a coat out Incendiarics.-Four persons, by the of a very rich stuff, his virtue could | vigilence of the police, have been apprenot resist the temptation. His ap

hended on the strongest suspicion ofprentice put him in mind of his setting fire to the Rope walks of Mesa.

Share han an! Pitman, which dream, but io no purpose; 'I am

were burnt some weeks ago. It aptired with your talk about the

pears that the act was committed to dream,” says the taylor: “there

gratify the malice and resentment of ile was nothing like this in the whole

perpetrators. It is proper to mention, piece of parch-work I saw in my that no information of this nature dream; and I observed likewise, | against any other persons, had been ab. that there was peice deticieni:

rained at the police office; although in. that which I am now going 10

disputable proofs of attemps to set fire take will render it complete !"

to two or whice stables have been discovered.


FIRES. A countryman was stopped by

Yesterday morning, about 2 o'clock the a revenue officer who took from

Soap and Candle Manufactory of Me

Frederick Besler, in the rear of his him two casks of spirits, and car

dwelling house No 347 Pearl street was rying ihe same to the next town

discovered to be on fire inside. The flames (a distance of fifteen miles) was had reached such a height that all atdesired by the countryman to siop tempts to save the property failed. The and leave it at the first puplic- building being fire proof, no damage house. The officer replied, 'No: 1

was done to the adjoining houses. The have seized it, and it must go 10

fire origin ted in this way-Mr. R the excise office,”-“ Not so, master,'

preceding day had been melting down

some old Candles, which were put in a said the conntryman, I have a

bag 10 keep the wicks from mixing with little bit of paper here, which if the tallow. After most of the allow you'll take the trouble of reading, had been thus separated. the bag was will convince you I am right.” The Taken out of the boiler and laid upon the officer reading his bit of paper, ex

Hoor with the intention of putting it in. claimed, ' Why you rascal, this is

to the boiler the next day to extract the

residue of tallow. Mr. R. belives the fire a pei mit, why did you not shew it

originated from the fermentation produ. me soone"?".. because,' said he,

ced by the wicks. The loss is estimated • if I ind, you would not have car at about 2000 dollars. There was no icd ihe liquor so far for me.” insurance on the building or propert

in the store We have been particular locked up in bis trunk, on board of the in noticing the origan of this fire frona packet in which he came to N. Yorka hope that it may prevent accident The probability is that his death was cf a similar pature.


PHILADELPHIA Oct. 25. Burning Spring. - A Burning Spring A very distructive Fire broke out on

has lately been discovered at Vernon in Wednesday night between 11 and 12 the county of Oneida, New.York, on the o'clock, back of the west side of Fiont.

lands of a Mr. Williams, which posscs. street a little above Aich street by which

ses the quality of heat to a degree shat a range of large stores filled with valua. by touching the surface of water with a ble gouds, a cabinet ma ker's shop, a

candle, it will cause it on burn. This school house, a black smith's shop and

experiment has been tried several times several other buildings were entirely successively by me. destroyed besides many that were par.

JACOB DAYTON. tially damaged.

Waterford), October 7, 1811.'

About 2 week ago, a seaman by the name of Frederick-, was killed by a fall on board the schooner Betsey, Captain Middleton as she was going down the Delaware.

Nortkhampton, Oct. 16.-On Friday moi ning last about two o'clock, the bark Mill and extensive bark shed in the vicinity of this town were discover. ed to be wrapt in the flames. From the progress which the fire had made be. fore the alarm was given, and from their distance from the village, thongh excry exertion was made, it was impos. sible to save either the building or their contentsAbout 1500 coards of oak and hemlock bark, the sole property of Colonel William Edwards and his bro.

TU CORRESPONDENTS. The Gentleman who has been so polite as to send us the “Tea Table sever. al times must remeirber, that whether he writes a bad or a good hand, if the matter is objectionable we must overlook whatever he offers.-

ther were utterly consumed. Their im S. N. pleases to take the pains to

mediate and ultimate loss, taking into

search the 12th Volume of our paper. consideration the unvoidable delay in he will there find, what he has taken so their very extensive manufactory, toge. great a trouble to transcribe-asit ought ther with the difficulty and increased ex. to be in English. pence of procuring a sufficient supply of Poor Glentworth, in truth is fever bark, cannot be estimated at less than enough; doubtless he means well, yet nine or ten thousand dollars.

unless he reads more, understands more A valuable cotton manufactory was

and deserts what he reads, we wish not consumed by fire, on Sunday, at Med. || for his future Correspondence 0. way.ibid. We are able to state from a correct

Harried. source that the $2000 wbich were sup On Saturday evening last. by the res. posed to have been in the Pocket of Dr. Milledoler, Capt. William Fcsdic of Aaron Riley at the time of hls death, Newport. R. 1.10 Miss Cornelia Pax. have since been und in a pocket book ton of this city.

On Tuesday evening last. by the reo. Mr. Spring, Dr. Samuel Henry, of this Mr. Spring, Dr. Samuel Henry, of this city, to Mrs. Mury Woodward, avidow city, to Mrs. Mary Woodward, of of the late captain Woodward, of Charleston.


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On Thursday evening last, at Brook. lyn, by the rev. Mr. Thatcher, Samuel

W. Desbrow, esq. of this city, to Miss
Sarah Cook, of that place.

On Friday the 25th i ust. in the 851)

year of his age Mt. Peter Goelet, mer. At Philadelphia Charles W Wilcox, to chart of this city. Miss Mary H. Mitchell At Schenecta.

Òr. Tuesday the 22 inst. Mr. Jacobus dy, Willian Artcher to Miss Mary

Bogert, an old and respectable inhabirant Thompson.

in the 78. h year of his age. At Nerutown New Jersey on Triesday

On Saturday morning last, Mrs. Cori evening the 22d inst. by the rev. Mr. Cam. Inelia Gaine,relice of the late Hugh Gaine bell, William T. Anderson Esq to Miss } sed 77 years. Margaret G. Liun daughter of Dr. Linn.

On Wednesday the 30th inst. in the 47th On Monday morning, at St. Paul's

year of her age, Mrs. Rachel Richardson. Church, by the rev. Mr. How, Afr. Abra ham L. Braine to Miss Agnes D. Ham

On Friday the 18th inst. of a lingering ilton second daughter of Alcxunder Ham

illness, Mr. Fohn Turnier, an old and ilton esq

respectable inhabitant of this city. In Danville (Ver.) Master Samuel

46 New Orleans, Mrs. Ann Relf, wife Underwood, aged 15 years, to the widow of Richard Relf merchant : ad a few Fanny Matthers, aged 36 !!!!

days before he brother, both of the prc

vailing fever-4t Newark Foseph Sayre In Scotland, having eloped to avoid the jun. and Miss Mary Spinnage-ar Phila. law's delay, the daughter of the Duke of delphia, Miss Esther Macklir, aged 19 St. Allan's, to Viscount Deerhurst; the at Elizabethtown Mrs. Thomas Salter. lady had at her owu disposal, 100,000l.

On Saturday last Hon. Richard Cranch, On Thursday evening 24th of October on Thursday, Mrs. Mary, his concert by the res Jonathan Hunthing. Mr. Hen. I aged 70 departed this life; they were both ry Petns to Miss Rebeca Lanulon, daugh. entombed on Saturday, in Quiney. ter of Cape Jonathan Landor, all of they lived together as husband and Southold L. I.

wife nearly fifty years; may they be At the same time, Mr. Thomas Conk | reunited in a better world; to part no lin, 19 Miss-Petty, of Auguobogue.

At Southfield Furnace. Orange County On Thursday morning last, in skis cie on Tuesday evening by the rev. Mr. Cor, ty, after a painfull illness, the much to of Chester, Mr. "John Steward, fun.

be lamented Louis Arcgipéal, esq: roerchant.' of Utica, to Miss Mortha late Consul of His French Imperial Roy: Farison of the former place.

al, Majesty at Baltimore, and latelydis

consul General, by interim, in tlape Unised On Tuesday evening loet, by se rep. States.


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