dency, entitled to a place in our paper. I els and cutting his throat with a knife, We wish for the moment when it may in a most shocking manner. A Coro. be no longer deemed necessary to mea. ner's inquest was held over the body süre justice to man by the colour of his who brought in a verdict of Suicide. skin, and we believe that a rational and He has formerly carried on business in humane treatment of the slave will be that city, and was originally from New. necessary to prepare him for a political Jersey - It is not known that he was cbange so much 3,"sired by all.

Wé overloaded with anty peculiar misfor. also g've accoru. to promise, (in tunes; nor was he observed to be par. our lası) the music for ile · Hermit of ticularly addicted to any of the prevalent Killarny' and new words as sang by the vices which sometimes lead the mind to Juvenile Son's of Exin, at their last cel: melancholy and unnatural death ebration of the anniversary of St Patricki


On the 3d Feb. arrived at Cadiz Bay

At Bennington, Vermont, on the 28th the brig Osmyn, Davis master, of Bo's. of Fab.last, F. E. Robinson, esq. son of ton, with right persons on board, whom

the Hon. Jonathan Robinson, to Mrs. he had picked up at sea, from a small

Ann Kwa, daughter of Th. Storm, esgo sloop blown off the coast, on her passage of this city. from New York to Egg Harbor. At

At Albany Benjamin D. Packard, to the time capt. Davis fortura:ely fell in with them, they were upwards of a thou.

Miss Charlotte Crane. sand miles from the American coast,

In New Jersey, George Page, of were in the most distressing situation,

Moores Town, to Miss Atlantic French's having suffered very much from the

and Peter Hankinsoni to Mrs. Lydia cold and scantiness of their provisions.

Mount; rev. E. Slack, to Miss Sophia -Under the hospitable roof of. R. S.

Leak; Charles Howell, to Miss Rachel Hackley, esq. American Consul, they

Erwin; Thomas Fish, to Miss Mary found immediate relief, on their arrival || Young: rev. John Lamb, to Miss Urania. and through his humanity and that of

Minton; Jacob Williamson, to Miss his countrymen, an ample provision had Jerusha Ent, capt Peter Howard, to been made for their immediate return to

Miss Sarah Van Nest ; Richard Choyee, their country and friends. Their pames

to Miss Inn Runkle ; and Maj. Jacob aro Henry Davis, master of the sloop,

Kleine, to Miss Lydia Quikc. and his daughter ; George Painter, his

At Albany, Henry Newman, to Miss wife & two children, of N. York, bound

Elizabeih Humphreys and David

Morris to Miss Mary Jones on a visit to Egg-harbor ; (they had ta. ken passage in the Maria Theresa, cap, +SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS-> Backus, who was to sail the next day

Died. for N. York) and David Weldon and Pertes Brown, Seamen, had likewise en

On Manday morning last, after a paged passage in another vessel, soon to lingering illness, which she bore to the sail for N. York.

last with the utmost christian fortitude,

leaving a young family to lament her On the evening of the 28ih uit. Wil. irreparable loss, and much regretted by a liam Matt son, hatter, put a period to numerous circle of friends, Mrs. Forion, his existence at his boarding house, Bal. widow of Claudius, Forton, aged 12 ristore, by stabbing hiposall in the box, yeare.

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Saturday, April 11,....1812.

[ No.25.


Indeed! thought I, then let me

be prepared! The pride of MustaFROM

pha was humbled; and I guessed THE FOUNDLING OF the bloody purpose he would en. BELGRADE.

compass . Like a base coward he

could fawn and play the aycophant The boy was given me with

when on the brink of danger ; but much reluctance. I bore it from

the peril over, aud seated on the its home, and was proceeding to

summit of concerted safety, bin ward Constantinople to execute

would be sacrifice whose genmy orders on the road in the com

erous soul had rescued him from pletest manner. But as ill-luck would have it, passing near to this jeopardy. Such in fact was the soul

scheme he contemplated to wipe in the dead of night, I was beset

away the infainy of humiliated by robbers. A bullet brought me from my horse, and is now lodged interchange of signs,caving me in

greatness. They retired in silent in this thigh. Another shot killed

expectation of the worst of purmy charge; and after smarting all

poses. night with my wounds, I had the good fortune to escape from my The story of Omar placed be. : persiers to receive the reward I fore me an interesting picture of merited. It was the recollection my destiny. Wbar! was I then the of that circumstance, seignor, son of the mighty selim-presump which occupied my thoughts I'm tive heirto the Ottoman throne? the not, however, displeased at what

very idea kindled up my blood to happened, since it was ile means decds of more than mortal valor. of placing me under your lighness' But my mother--this unhcard of command. A company in the Jan. Zaide! a sigh bursts from my anissaries wasther ecompenceaward- guished heart as I remembereil ed me for my services, and, in that she also, like her son, was a consideration of the vizier's favor, victom to misfortune no matter, I shall ever hold myself bound to thought I to myself perhaps I shall obey his mandates, and allow me live to sooth her wearied pangs and to add those also of your High- while clasping to my heart the auness.'

thor of my existence learn the

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