mancipation from the thraldom of), such brave and noble deeds were
bandage feelingly deplore the transmited unimpaired to their
wretched fate of the subject of descenslanis, when Britain infatile
despotic cruelty, and exert every ated Britain essayed to lay them in
nerve to lend assunder the felters chains,brandishing ovortheir heads
with which he is bound, and when the strong arm of despotism.-
the momentous period of his re they "fought and conquered,' they
leasment arrives meet him on the burst the shackels prepared to en-
threshold of Liberty's halcyon a slave them, and averled the blow
bode with joy and congratulations destined for their humiliation. And
Americans stand pre-eminent in on the ruins of an arbitary and
the scale of endurance ; 'was ty- || heterogenous goverment was e.
ranny that drove them from their rected one of the most perfect and
native land to seek an assylum in

fairest superstructure of civil juthis · Western World ;' 'twas ty. risdiction ever presented to the ranny that impelled them to throw

view of mankind. The unnatural off the iron yoke with which they dis'inctions of patrician and plebewere oppressed, 10 bufict a long ian, of monarch and subject, wero seven years war and suffer all its expunged and disowned and

a horrid concomitants. Yes, so te leveling system' of putting all nacious were the primitive settlers ranks upon a equilib:ium was subof America of their freedom that

stiluted. But in this transmutain consequence of the wanton en rion from darkness and oppression croachments made upon theirinval- to day-light and liberty, in this seauable rights, they forsook the place son of jubilee, wben the affranchisof their births, to encounter the

ed Americans flushed with the perils of the wide boisterous ocean,

glow of freedom and they rememto encounter the hardships and

ber and appreciate the sorrows of dangers ever attending on the set The woe-worn slave? Themselves tlements of a distant uninhabited so lately emerged from the vale country; and we are told that they of wretchedness, so lately escaped deemed it their duty & experience from the fangs of tyranny, and fulcd a sublime pleasure therein, to ly initiated in affic:ion and durinfuse into the glowing bosoms of

ance.. Did they extend the suctheir offspring the same liberal couring hand of compassion and views, the same sentiments of li

relief to their miserable bondmen, berty which animated and predor.- and thus act in conformity with the inated in their own..

divine precept of doing unio...

tiers as we would they should do Thus it is said the magnan. unto us?" Io gratitude for their own imous spirit and zeallous devotion redemption, and when wrought *. to freedom which stimulated our upon to offer up their gratutious, forefathers to the performance of ) orisons to the Almighty Throne,

did they perform deeds and make concluctive to their disinthralment. sacrifices corresponding with the Much, much indeed could be ad. great events of their deliverance, vancedin deploration of the wrongs by foregoing the consideration of inflicted upon the subjugated affritheir own einollient, and miugated caps & in reprehension of the horri. the shocking condition of the Ne ble barbarily, and dissimulation of gro Slaves ? No! to their ever their iofluted masters ;-but thanks lasting shame and ignonny they did to the saraphic influence of hicaven. not. When mounting upon their born religions, thanks to the Godsupericr immunities and superla- dess of luminious science, thanks live happiness and while enjoying to an enlightened Legislature; the everg blessing that Peace, Plenty hateful monster, Slavcı y, the offand Liberiy can bestow, they were spring of blackest hell; received themselves Inhumanly trampling a stab which pierce.. his very vion a large section of the human tais, and the debased negro em. race, and permiting and now ish merged in the gloomy den of his ing within their own territory a cap:ivity, is enabled to view the system of iyranny and oppression, bright salubrious residence of the the most cruel and flagrant that mountain nymph sweet liberty' was ever designed for the disgrace and anxiously anticipates the peof man.

While possessing an ar riod when he and the whole race dent and unalienable attachment 10 shall joyously bound up the bank equality and a general diffusion of will they arrive at her glorious knowledge; while suifiering the summit, and there take their rank literary world with panegyrics on among the nations of the earth.' our; republicanism with innumerable discussions on our political li. (To be Concluded in our next. ) berty & the righis of man,' & with inaledictions on tyranny, it would appearthat the very severity & cruUy with which they treat their

For the Lady's Misceluny. slaves gave lo theo thu lie, & prov'd that all llieir specious professions

The LUCUBRATOR, were niere osten10!ion. Yes while basking in the warm sunshine of

NUMBER III. 1 anquility; loting amidst overflowing profusion, and inhaling the Amonz the grcal number of bland invigorating breezes of liber fashionable vices, I know of r.org iy' more than twenty annual cir. more pernicious to the mind than cuiis of the earth were permitted the habit of speaking with indelito revolve before they cesed to cacy in company. Of all habits, deal rigoulousy with their bond. this is the most dillicult to be eras. nuen' und adopted any measures

cu; for wc fied, that they who

have addicted themselves to it in is a farther increase of that insenyouth, by no means lay aside when sibility into which incontinence the years of decay approach. It leads the vacant mind, and furnishis a vice which accompanies in es an additional argument to the continence and dissipation; and monitor of self-reproach, when the when practice becomes, from in hours of sober sadness come. firmity, no longer possible, this habit of recollecting sentiments of As being the language of the indelicacy continues to prevent the

meanest vulgar, it is unbecoming sobriety of old of old age, and that

the gentleman, or the man of the degree of reflection without which world; as being the language of few men wiil ever end their days

the vicious, it is destructive to the in happiness. Pleasure, incorpor-young, and eversive of their truest ated with the animal wants of the

interests ;

and as being found body, continues to grow more de- chiefly among the illilcrate and sirable after nature has impaired selfish, it must appear pernicious the faculties; and the conversation to the understanding & the health, which in a young man was the ef

and unfriendly to the generous fects of untempered juvenility. be principles which distinguish the comes in an old one disgusting and happiest period of youth. It is cruunprofitable,

elly towards our sex, because it,

more firmly roots in us the most Few vices are more prevalent in lasting habits of criniinality; and the companies of young men than

it is much more barbarily lo the this ;, and none can argue a worse

other sex, by instilling a contempt heart or a more depraved under for those, whom by the laws of standing, I never knew a ture, the ties of friendship, and the addicted to it who was not either spirit of a Man, we are bound to a fool or a profligate. They plead protect, to love, and make happy. CUSTOM as an excuse, and indeed | Many have thought wit very nearly to sich only would be a law. It allied to indecency, but there is no is very strange, that of all the sub such connection, unless in the jecis of conversation in a refined writings or conversation of men age this should be selected, which who would rather address them. of all others contributes the least selves to the vices of their ago 10 amusement for what is it at best than, by a disinterested opposition but giving a language to guilt, and endeavour io end them. Indecenclothing vice in the pleasing, but cy has no greater connection with now polluted. gard of social con. wit than unlawful pleasure has versation? It is a recapitulation with true happiness; and when of those crimes sor which we blush the influence of fashion and the ed in secret, but now can boast of eye of company are from us, each as the feals of a noble mind. It ll will appear a distinct property




the one a degrariing vice, the o

city be the topic of discourse ; but ther a pleasing and valuable pos

no sooner does an indelicate story session.

creep in than his countenance Avarus is a man very much brightens, his reserve goes off, given to the absurdiiy I am men

and he takes an unccasing part in

the favourile conversation. I have tioning. He received a good edu

scen 'him sit for two hours com. cation in his youth, but the traces of it which are discoverable now

plecy without opening his lips,

then all on a sudden burst out with are faint indeed. His parents added piery to other endowments,

a request that an indecent toast but it is only by his repeated ex

be drank, and if that is not follow.

ed by suitable observatioas, relapse pressions of contempt for the laws

into his former noihing ness. It of piety that we can learn he ever heard of them. Of polite learning

was but last week I happened to it is the less wonder that no part

go into a company in which he remains, as his profession (a mer

The conversation turned chanı) is in general though to de- fparily on politics and partly on limand little. Reading he is wholly terary subjects. All this while he a stranger to, and thinking, when

said noihing, and indeed appeared it comes; will tell him so. But lsis so uneasy thai I began so be afraid chief pleasure consists in those

he was not well, or that some acciconversations which tend to give dent had happened to him. I soon , the wit and language of profligacy, broké in upon his silence by tak . and that fulsome repetition of folly ing up a Morning Paper, in which which a man of sense (though vi

there was an infamous advertise. cious) would blush at.

Vice in o

ment from an equally infamous thers may be a passion, but in him strumpet. I had scarcely read 6 it would be a babit, were not the

lines when he looked up, smiled, practice of it opposed by another and, before I had done, laughed aprinciple in his constitution, viz. loud to the whole company, and af. Ararice. Having been in his car rer proposing his favourite toast, ly amours a sufferer, fie contents

gave the conversation a turn more himself with reviewing the days | agreeable to himself than it had of his folly, of bragging of his ma

hitherto taken. He continued very ny adventures, and, for the sake of eloquent og a variety of topics, a few of the most abandoning au

which I left him in the midst of mong them, pouring continued first, because I had heard them contempt on the whole female sex.

from himn over and over again ;-To those who may transciently be secondly, because they were 100 in his company he appears sega

absurd to bear repetition; and cious and reserved, especially if lastly, because listening patiently ang subject which requires saga. to conversation of this kind, tid'

perhaps no mark of approbation, 8 One of the sons of Noah, 3 will readily be taken as such. sevenths of a monarch changing a

letter. The picture I have drawn is

9 Two sixths of the north wind noi confined to him alone; it is

one fourth of a starting post, three a mirror in which too many will

pioths of Queen of Caria. read thcir character, but depart

10 Three sixths of an order of insensible of iis intention. Little

Knights instituted by Edward III, commentary on it is necessary;

two fifths of an evil spirit, 2 fifths they who know the value of refin

of the Son of Belus, two fifths of ed conversation need only a moni

the muse of love-poetry. tor to remind him of it. They who bare no such knowledge will not

11 Four sevenths of the priestamend thcir conduct till they have

ess of Apollo and Latin of snow repented it.


12 Three fourths of a bird of prey changing a letter.

Mr. Edior

Solution Requested.
By inserting the following
Enigmatical list of Lawyers in

For the Lady's Miscellany.
your much esteemed Miscellany,
you will oblige the Author.

An Enigmatical list of Young LaI Two fourths of an esculent

dies residing at Huntington, giain, three sixths of the stone of

(L. I)

| Three fourths of a volume of 9 Three fourths of a young civil law, balf the word resembling horsa, three sixths of a French the ringing of bells, and three fifths brass coin.

of an instrument to hold fire. 3 Two sevenths of a green prc. 2 A braid, and one third of an cious stone, three sevenths of a

eastern plant used as a common sea woman changing a leiter.

beverage by every commercial 4 Four sixths of a specimen, people. and a male child.

3 Three fourths of a shell fish, 5 The fiont line of an arıny,and one third of a term in music, and the collon of a candle changing a one half of a small singing bird. lettcr.

4 Three fourths of a revolving 6 Four sixths of a divine song | motion and the middle third of the and the latter, four sixths of one Ibird son of Noah. of the four horses of the Sun.

5 Three fifths of a knave, two 7 Sorrow of heart rejecting a sevenths of a hermit and a conso• letter and the wing of a fish. nant.

any fruit.

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