every hour of the day, especially

We must be careful not to conif the weather be warm. The

found this animal, which is the sound exactly resembles that which

real death watch of the vulgar, may be made by beating moder- cmphatically. so called, with a ately hard with the nail on a table

much smaller insect of a very difThe insect is of a colour so exact.

ferent genus, which makes a sound ly resembling that of decayed wood like the ticking of a watch, and viz. an obscure greyish brown, continues it for a long time withthat it may for a considerable time out interinission. It belongs to a elude the search of the enquirer. I totally different order, and is the It is about a quarter of an inch in termes pulsatorium of Linnæus. length, and is moderately thick in

I cannot conclude this slight acproportion and the wing-shells are

count of the death watch without marked with numerous irregular variegations of a lighter or greyer brated work the Pseudodoxia Epi.

quoting a sentence from that celecast than the ground colour. In

demica of the learned Sir Thomas the twentieth & twenty-second vol.

Brown, who on this subject ex: ume of the Philosophical Transac

pressis himself in words like these tions may be found a description

He that could eradicate this of this species by the celebrated

error from the minds of the peoDerham, with some very just ob

ple would save from many a cold servations relative to its habits, and

sweat the meticulous heads of general appearance : and it seems

nurses and grandmothers, singular that so remarkable an insect should have almost escaped the notice of more modern ento

SELECTED. mologists. In the twelfth edition of the Systema Nature of Linnæus For the Lady's Miscellany. it dres not appear : but is probably the dermestes tesselatus of Fab.

CONSTANTIA GRIERSON, ricius, in which case he seems to

Was born in the county of Kilhave placed it in a wrong genus. kenny in Ireland, and was one of Ridiculous, and even incredible as

the most extraordinary women of it may appear, it is an animal that

her time, or perhaps of any other may in some measure be tamed ;

She died in the year 1733, at the at least it may be so far familiarized age of 27, and was allowed to be as to be made to beat occasionally, long before an excellent scholar, by taking it out of its coffinement, not only in Greek and Roman liand beating on a table or board, terature, but in history, divinity, when it will readily answer the noise, aad will continue to beat as what makes her character still

philosophy, and mathematics. often as required,

more remarkable is, that she rose

to this eminence in learning mere could never keep a servant girl, ly by her own genius and continu. with a tolerable agreeable face, but ed application. She produced the Doctor would be in pursuit of several poems, but was so regard- || her. Mrs. A. E. had hir'd a very less of their merit, that she did pretty girl in that Capacity, and not preserve the manuscripts. She

he no sooner beheld her, than he was not only happy in a fine im.

was smitten with her charms conagination, a great memory, an ex. sidering her as a domestic treasure, cellent understanding, and an ex

of which he Matter'd himself he act judgment, but had all this

should be possess'd. Accordingly crowned with virtue and piety : the Doctor took every opportunity, She was 100 learned to be vain, too | in the absence of her mistress, to wise to be conceited, too knowing | say civil things, which so tormentand too clear sighted to be irreli

ed the girl, that she soon gave her gious. As a reward for her uncom

mistress warning. Mrs. A. E. mon merit, her husband, Mr. having taken a great liking to this Grierson, obtained a patent to be

servant, was very sorry to part the King's printer, from Lord

with her, offering to increase ber Carteret, then Lord Lieutenant of

wages, and diminish her labour, Ireland. As her learning and a but these kind overtures had no biliues raised her above her own

effect, the young woman saying it sex, so they left her no room to

was impossible for lyer to stay. envy any ; on the contrary, her de

This peremptory declaration excite light was to see others excel; she

ed Mrs. A. E's curiosity, to know was always ready to advise and di

what could have given the girl so rect those who applied to her, and

great a dislike to the place ; when, was herself willing to be advised

upon being interrogated closely upon the subject she repli’d. Why

then, inadam, to tell you the truth, VARIETY.

my master teases me so much in your absence, that I have no com.

fort of my life--- I would not miod it, ARIGINAL AND SELECTED

continued the girl, if he was a

handsome man; but to be tore For the Lady's Miscellany. mented by such an ugly fellow is

insupportable.' 'An ugly fellow!"

returned Mrs. A. E. with great ANECDOTES.

warmth; call my Tommy an Doctor A.-E, of melodious

ugly fellow ? Get out of my house memory was much addicted to

this instant you jade! then stampwenching, and that at the time of

ing her foot in a great rage ime his living with his first wife, she

mediately discharg'd the girl.


Female loquacity has ever been à subject for wit to shoot its ar.

The mirth and good humour rows at, nor has it escaped censure from the pulpit itself,

nalural 10, this gallant officer,often

А Capauchin friar preaching before

led him into many adventures, the immured inhabitants of a nun

Having received orders while in nery on Easter Sunday, after hav

London 1o take the cominand of ing said many fine things of Mary a squadron and hoist his flag on Magdalen, and of course the whole

board the Formidable, at Ports,

mouth, he travelled for despatch sex, but do not' says he, do not be so proud that our blessed Lord

without servants, plainly dressed, paid your sex the distinguishing in a mail coach. As it frequen-ly compliment of appearing to one of happens in this sort of conveyance. you, immediately after his resur

the. passengers were unknown rection ; it was done with a view

to each other, and Sir Roger that it might be spread the sooner.' found himself in company with a On another day expounding the young man, who proved by his Gospel of the Samaritan woman

uniform to be a mate of an Eastthe same friar observed, that the Indiamen then lying at the Mgstory was long-but that was not

ther Bank. When they had proto be wondered ai, for a woman

ceeded within a few miles of Pe. spoke in it."

tersfield, the young officer pulled

some bread and cheese from a Revenge, however, is sweet, and bundle, and invited his fellow the ladies never fail to retaliate travellers to eat. During their re. when an oportunity is offer'd; for, past, he treated them with seaat a country church, where it is phrases, which induced the adusual for men to stand on one side miral jocosely to ask him many and women on the other, the simple questions relative to nautipreacher was much disturbed by cal tactics--among others he ask-two of the former speaking so loud ed how sailors see in the night, as to become at last troublesome; and whether they were not comhe was going to silence them, pelled to tie the ship to y post or when a female auditor-happy to

tree until morning. The mate have the opportunity of vindicating was not backward in bestowing a her own sex, got up, and address few hearty curses upon the ignored the curate in the following man ance and lubberly lingo of the adner.--' Reverend sir’sàys she 'I miral, who laughed heartily at the hope you will take notice the joke ; and not only bore the rough noise is not

on our side the observations of the sailor with church" (so much the better, il good humour, but the contempgood woman,' replied he, it will

tuous grins of his fellow passen. end the sconer.

fers. On their arrival at Ports.

mouth, the admiral shook hands his favourite lass, he retired some with the matc, and went on board miles from Boston, built a snug his ship. The same day Sir Ro- little hut, and night and day alterger came on shore in his broad nated to his bottle and his Poll. A gold laced hầt and uniform ; he crew of old mess-mates hearing of was attended by several of his | Jack's precipitate retreat, made bargemen, and while walking up | diligent search for his abode. Point-street, he met his late fel- short period marked their success. low passenger, the mate of the The hut which was elevated on Indiamen. Before the latter re large stumps, and of no great size, covered from his surprise, Sir presented an object to gratify their Roger accosted him with humour. In the dead of the night “What cheer, mess-mate these brethren of the sea raised you see I am not the lubber you the hut on their shoulders, and took me for : but come, as I transported it, from the side of a breakfasted out of your locker hill, where it stood, into the centro this morning. you shall splice the of a pine grove, at a mile's dismain brace with me this evening, tance. This performed, they rethen you may square your yards, turned unperceived. At the dawn and run before the wind to the of day, Jack, as was usual, openMother Bank.” The mate with | ing the door to pass a judgment astonishment apologized as well on the weather, was saluted by a as he was able, for the liberty he pine bough, which very forcibly had taken with the admiral, who complimented his face with a

embarrassment, and advised him | read of Queen Mab's nocturnal over a bottle, never to be decoyed incantations, he was at a loss to by false colours, but to look sharp- conjecture how he could have run ly at the mould and trim of every so many knots in so few hours.vessel he met, before he suffered At length, rubbing his eyes seveher to surprise him.

ral times, he says, “ Confound me, Poll unless my lights are in a sea fog, we've been dragging our an

chors all night !" At the commencement of the late war, when the dread of a press

APHORISMS. gang kept the minds of many in perpetual alarm, an American Afflictions. Most women la. tar, whom Neptune had not treatment not the death of their loved with the utmost lenity, resolved ers so much out of real affection, to quit his station on deck & sleep as because they would appear to in the cabin, till the storm had be the more worthy of having blown over. Accordingly, with || been beloved.

LADY'S MISCELLANY At Wilmiugton Silas Vnrnam;

Miss Nancy Knight. NEW YORK, Noveniber 23, 1811.

At Albany, Fohn Ronay, to Miss Anx

Latham. « Be it our task, Ta note the passing tidings of the timo

At Albany Thomas Wilson, to Miss Elizabeth Kane.

On Wednesday evening last, by the reo FIRE.

Mr. M'Niece, Mr. John M'Koy, to On Monday evening last, a fire broke

Miss Fane Brownlee. out in the carpenter's shop of Mr.

At Poughkeepsië, Edward G. Perlée, George Ireland, at the corner of Duane

esq. to Miss Maria Cuyler. and Washington streets; and was not

At Newark Wm. Canfield to Miss Lou. got under till the building, where the five

isa Crane. originated, and two 3 story houses ad.

At Phillappphia, Mordecai Y. Bryant, joined were destroyed.---- Another house

to Miss Ann D. Deacon, of Tuckerton, also materially injured.


On Monday evening by the reo. Mr. CINCINNATT, Nov. 2.

Kuyper, Aaron L. Williams. to Miss À DUEL.-On the 2d inst. a duel Margaret Elsworth, both of this city. was fought on an Island in the Missis.

In Culpepper county, Vir, on the 17th sippi, opposite Kaskaskia, between Sept. Mr, Richard Major, aged 75 years Thomas T. Chittenden. esq. Altorney to Mrs. Ann Duke aged 76 years. The General of the Louisiana Territory, l groom was very corpulent, and the bride and Dr. Walter Fenwick, a practising weighed upwards of 230 lbs. This may physician of St. Genevie. The latter | truly be called a great match! received a mortal wound at the first fire which he survived three hours, leaving a wife and one child.


On Monday morning last, Major MURDER

William M. Pluymert, aged 33 years. John Merchant, esq. of Norfolk, re. On Tuesday the 19th inst. at Green. turning from the late raccs in Virginia || wich. Mrs. Catherine Duncan, wife of was murdered on the evening of the 6th Mr. Geo. Duncan. inst. and thrown off the turnpike Bridge. On Monday last, in the 62d year of her His body was found on the 10th, with

age, Mrs. Phebe Davis. She died, as marks of violence on it.

she lived. a rare and exemplary instance #SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS7 of female calmness and fortitude, at the Married.

most awful and tryirg moment. A calm.

ness and fortitude that arose from a con. On Saturday evening last, by the rev. sciousness of having faithfully performed Mr. Williston, Mr. Francis White, to

her duty to her God, her children, and her Miss Sarah Spicer, both of this city. friends, and in a full reliance on the

At Albany, Yohn Hamilton, to Miss mercies of her redeemer. Mary Forsyth. At Baltimore Foseph At Philadelphia, John Paul ThompWilkins, to Miss Mary Bedford. son, esq of South Carolina,

At Wilmington Wi, E. Fury, to Miss On Thursday last. Richard Croeker, Nancy Jennings.

printer, aged 29 years.

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