The savage ferocity which in. Not the bright stars which night's blue vests modern philosophy, has era

arch adorn, dicated from the hearts of its fole

Nat rising suns which gild the vernal lowers the feelings and sympathies

Shine with such lustre as the TEAR that which soften, along with the vir

breaks tues which dignity and adorn. For other woes down Virtue's manly Cold, calculating and depraved, it checks." proscribes whatever is amiable in

At the tomb of Lazarus, the feeling, or excellent in conduct. It is consistent for those who scoff Saviour of the world mingled his at religion, outrage humanity, and tears with those of his disciples -trample upon virtue, to redicule "Jesus wept," Let the cold bosom those sympathies and social feel where apathy predominate, and ings which counteract their de

whose languid emotions never signs. To shed a tear, however yield a tear, delight in its own dis. it might mitigate the poignancy of position; but never let it presume grief, would in their eyes be de.

that sensibility is weakness, nor grading. It may be dignified and that it is unmanly to weep when exalted to regard with indifference | sorrow oppresses the heart,or symwhatever is calculated to excite Pathy dissolves it in tenderness. sympathy,and torepel without emo

Q tion the mou violent attacks of But it is a kind of digni.

Interesting Anecdote.--St. PIERS ty, a species of exaltation, which RE; in his celebrated work, ine. humanity. dues not recognize, Studies of Nature. thus introduces which good men disdain, which

the folowing anecdote. It is impose can create no enyy, and procu:

sible for virtue to subsist indepen. no admiration. On the death of a dently of religion. I do roi mean beloved son, Solon

was desired the thicatrical viriucs which at. not to weep, since weeping would tract public admiration. By vir. avail nothing; he answered, Anci rue I understand the good which for this cause I weep.

we do to men, without expectation Tears not only take from the bo- ll of reward on their part, and fresom surcharged with grief many quently at the expence of fortune, of its pangs, but when sympathy nay even of reputation. Analize for the sorrow of a friend prompis all those whose traits have appeard them to flow, it softens and assua. to you the most striking; their is ges, though it may not remove af. Hoone of them but what points out fiction.

Deity, nearer or more remote. I "Ne radiant pearl which created fortune

shall quote one not generally wears,

known, and singularly interesting No gems that twinkling hang from

from its obscurity. beauty's ears

“ In the last war in Griznany, a



Captain of cavelry was ordered out the Thonick school, having received on a foraging party He put himself the following questions from Amaat the head of the troopand fiarch sis King of Egypt, sent these aned to the quarter assigned him.

swers to each of them. It was a solitary valley; in which hardly any thing but woods could Wouldst thou be informed what beseca. In the midst of it stood is OIDEST ? it is God, because he a little cottage on perceiving it he is a Being from Eternity-- Wouldst went up and knocked at the door, thou know what is Greatest ? It is out comes an ancient Hornoulen, Sprace; fər the world contains all with beard silvered by age. Fa things, but that contains the world. ther , says the officer, shew me a Wouldst thou be satisfied what place where I can set my troops is Fairest? It is the Earth; bea foraging. 'Piesently,' replied cause it is exquisitely contri ed the Hernouten. The good old and arranged. Wouldst thou be

walked before conducied Told what is Ilisest? It is Time : them out of the valley. After a Because it discovers the most sequarter of an hours march, they

cret transactions. Wouldst thou found a fine field of barley; there be acquainted with what is Commor is tlie very ihiug we want, says the 10 all men ? It is Hope; for which Captain. Have patience for a few

every possession is gone that aminutes, replies his guide, you bides with us Dost thou ask what skall be satisfied. They went on

is best? Ic is Virtue, for it sweetens and at that distance of about a qua

the enjoyments of life. Dost thou ter of a league further, they arrived ask what is worst? It is Vice, for it at another field of barley. The

corrupts every good. Dost thcu introop immediately dismounted, quire what is Strongest? It is Neo cut down the grain, trussed it up, cessily because that alone is invinand remounted. The officer, up

cible. Dost thou inquire what is on this, says to hiş conductor, Fa.

most agreeable? It is to obey the ther, you have given yourself and

dictates of Virtue, and follow the us unnecessarytrouble, the first field ends she has marked out. was much better than this. Very true, Sir, replied the good old man but it was not mine."

Marquis of Towsend's Wilí.-This stroke goes directly to the The following will be found to be heart. I defy any athiest to pro the principal bequests and Legaduce me any thing to be compar.

cies made in the Last Testament ed with it.

of this Nobleman, viz.-- The

family èsstate of Rainham (the enThe celebrated Milesi an philoso- tail was cut of alout 4 years ago.) pher, if illustrious as the founder of with all the furniture, plate, pic

tures (including the Bellisarius,

Bath Aug. 9. by Salvator Rosa, valued at 10, 000 Sporting Intelligence. guineas) to his second son Lord C

An Equestrian Exploit, which Townsend. To his Lordship s

has created much interest in this two daughters, 15, 000). each, and

city and neigbourhood, was deter. to Miss Walcup 40, 0001. and his

mined yesterday morning on the house, library, and furnituro at

Bristol and Bridgewater road. Mr. Richmond. The family estates

Langley, attorney of this city, un. in Warwickshire, and other coun

dertook to ride his black mare, ties, to the amount of nearly 18,

seven years old, 100 miles in 2001. per annum, remaining en

(weive successive hours. tailed, go hereditarily to the pre

The original bet was 300 guisent Marquis.

neas to 100 guineas, that he did

not accoinplish it, but from the BLACK-B. RRIES. well known bottom of the annimal A man by the nume of B-rry whol and the rider's skill and persevering was rather of a dark complexion spirit

, the bets turned considerably for one of the descendants of the

in his favour before the dayof star"white men,' was proverbial for 'el ling. The ground Mr. Langley ling ene most g:oss and inconsiste

chose was favourble to his object, ent fals hoces ; so chat when any

the road being particularly good--

10 improbaule or doubitul story Wus

miles betwixt Cross and related, it was termed a black-ber.

Bridgewater. Ty story, It happened i hat a son At half past six on Wednesof Neptune had an afliray with some day evening Mr. Langley starter, person upon which a judiral de. & completed his arduous undertakcision was to be had, when Berry: ing in 1 hour & 10 minuteswithappeared an evidence against hin, in the stipulated time; neither the and as usual, svole directly con- horse nor the rider appearing extrary to the truth. When he had hausted or distressed, notwithe finished the gallant tar bail'd the standing it rained hard and inse: julge and asked him if black-ber- santly during the last forty miles. ry stories counted?! Yes, replied The following is the extrack the, judge (well knowing the cons statement of the performance as mon axceptation of the term,) 'if minuted down by Mr. Charles you cannot disprove it'-.-And how Henley who was appointed unmucii does he have for his oath ?'

pire on the occasion..-The ground 459 rejoined the judge. Then as we lare before stated, was 10 curse me. I'll relinquish the case,' miles & the same road back which continued the tar, for if you ai had been repeate dly measured by low liars a firemium, they will al- eminent surveyors on similar ocaways be as plenty as i lock-berrius, "sions, and the particulars of their

admeasuremen. deposited with soul was either sod or roasted, Mr. Lawrence, of Cross.

h. m,

through the vehemency of love's The first 20 miles were rode in 2 7

fire. Which, belike made a moFrom 20 to 40

I 45

dern writer of amorious emblems 40 to 60

1 49 50 to 80

I 47

expression love's fury by a pot 80 to 100

2 12 | hanging over the fire, and Cue

pid blowing the coals. Total of time actually on the road 9 40

Never did an Irishman utter a A little boy seeing a gentleman | better bull, than did honest John, walking the street placed himself | who being asked by a friend, 'Has in a convenient place to speak with your sister got a son or a daughter,' him, when


gentleman, | answered “Upon my soul, I do not came up, the boy pulled off his yet know whether I am an uncle hat, held it out to the gentle

or an aunt." man, and begged for a few cents, money

!” exclaimed the gentle LADI S MISCELLANY. man,' you had much better beg

NEW YORK, October 26, 1811. for manners than money.' 'I asked," said the boy, for what I

The City Inspector reports the death of

61 per uns in this city and suburbs diese thought you had the most of.

ing the last week, ending on the 19th inst. A gentleman the other day in

NEWBURGH, SEPT. 24. the Strand, over heard one sailor

Hail Storm - At Naples, N. York

State, head of Canadiagua Lako on telling another that he had forgot Wednesday the 28th ult

. there was a Lord Nelson's Christian name.--

most violent hail storm, for about 15 Why, Hurra-shio yoy lubber (says minutes, which had remarkable effects. Jack, a stout looking fellow who --The hail fell in large sizes, one of probably could fight better than he them, which was driven into the window could spell) and what could be

of major Clark's house, bounced on the

floor and broke a looking glass on the more proper or convenient, as he

west side of Mr. Warren Claik's house was always licking the French,

were nearly all broken; a field of corn, than to have a name that begao || buckwheat and tobacco,' belonging to with hurra!

Mr. W. James, was much injured; but

a flock of black birds that was in the Abraham Hoffman says the quaint field

, where the greatest sufferers; thirauthor of Anatomy of melancholy | teen dozen of them were since picked u relates out of Plato, that Emdoeles

which is supposed to be but part of the

number which fell victoms to the icy the philosopher, was present at the

storm. We state this on the authority of cutting up of one that died for love. I eye witness. His heart was combust, his liver

Waterford Oct. 15 smoky, His Jungs dried up inso

Melancholy-On Tuesday last, while much that he verily believes his lieveral persons were engaged on the

building of Gideon !Putnam, Saratoga

Robber and Murder. On Thursday Springs, the scaffold on which they stood murning last, the body of Aaron Riley

merchant of Berlin, Con was taken out fell; by wbicb accident, Barnabas Sul.

of Berling-slip and on examination, Jard was immediately killed, Mr. Put. nis skull was discovered to have been nam, dangerously wounded, and two beas io;his watch missing and his pocket others considerably injured.

Book which was keniown to have

contained nearly two thousand doliar's BOFFALOE Oct. 2. taken out of his pocket. The deceased Two or three families were lately drs.

had left New. Haven in a packet, and

the wind coming ahead whenshe reached ven on shore in an open boat a few

HurlGate,he lett her and walked to town miles above Fort Lrie They were remo on Friday last ; and in the evening of ving from New England to the province the same day was missing --nor was any of upper Canady. Two men and two

tidings heard of him until the body was Children were drowned. and all the pro.

found this morning under the circum

stances above described, [E. Post. perty on board entirely lost. It was said that about 2000 dollars in bills on the An extruordinary preservation The eastern banks vere also lost. The unfor. Wondei ful Magazine itselt among all tumate widows and children, whose lives

its real or fictitious tales contains noth.

ing to surpass the fact before us. All he were saved are thus left entirely desti.

news papers have contained an account Cute of the means of support.

of the inisfortune that befel the Norwalls

Packet, the Slow and Easy, in the gale From our. Philadelphia Corres on Sunday last. She was upset in the

Sound, and the crew, with 13 passengers pondent dated on Saturday Noon.

only saved themselves by clinging to the DREADFUL CATASTROPHE. vessel and rigging, until they were ta. On Thursday morning last, at 4 ken off by the generous exertions of O'clock the Schooner Malinda Capt.

Capt. Eearl of the Packet Fame, belong

ing to Newport, R. I. who whent to their Brown, bound for N. York, while laying | relief and afforded it at the hazard of his at bombay Hook, caught fire near the life. One passenger however, a Mr: Binnacle, it is supposed which communi. Samuel Waring was not to be found

among those who had sustained them. cating to 30 casks of gun-powder, a

selves on the wreck and the supposition dreadful explosion followed. The res. was that he had been drowned in the sel was shivered to pieces; every soul on cabin. The packet drifted on the Long board, 10 in number ( one passenger es

Island shore opposite Fairfield and the cepted) perished. The passenger who

next day a number of people went down

to the beach to secure her. When wus saved, after the explosion, found

she was righted, behold their was Sa. himself entangled in the shroud, and al. muel Waring, alive & well incredible as though very much burnt, succeeded in it may seem, an highly rejoiced you

may be sure to find himself once more climbing up the mast, from which he

in the land of the living. was taken at day light, and brought up

It bappened that he was lying in * to town that norning-He has been birth to the windward when the packet conveyed to the Hospital, where overset. He held on as well as he could every care will be taken of him. and finding that tho' the cabin was near Besides the crew, there were four passen

ly full of water, it did not quite reach

his head, he stuck fast, kicked away gers on board, two women and two men. the boards from the birth at his feet for Capt. B. has a family in New York, to air to breathe, & had nothing to do but whom this melancholy intelligence will

to keep away the rats from eating him

alive, until he was taken out the next prove peculiarity affecting. The pas. I day. sengers were Wheelwrights, moving to A greater escapa is perhaps not on New York for employment,


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