Mheig-five children were scalped and some of the neighbours bad left she murder ed, they keeping Mrs. Manley as house, where they had spent the even. the last victim of their cruelty. After ing, it was far from 12 o'clock, the bus. shooting her, they scalped her, and band had gone to bed in the same room, committed unheard-of cruelties on her Mary Cole and her mother quarrelled, body. They then left the house, taking in this quarrel Mary knocked her Mrs. Crawley along as prisoner. A mother down with an axe, and immedibout four hours after the Indians were ately cut her throat. It did not appear gone, the neighbours got information of that her husband any way aided bis wife. the murder, collected to the number of in one of the relations of the facts made five or six at the house, they found Mrs. by Mary Coles, she in some measure Manley alive and perfect in her sense. endeavoured to exculpate herself by saya Amidst this carnage one of Mrs. Craw. lling that her mother in the quarrel apLey's children escaped unhurt; when they proached her in a threatning manner attacked the house she had the presence with a knife ; at other times she acknowof mind to raise a puncheon of the floor ledged the fact of knocking her mother and throw her child in the cellar. down with an axe, and cutting her

Mrs. Manley is still living, and great throat, without detailing any of the ac. hopes are entertained of her recovery: companing circumstances. After this

was done, the husband acknowledgesFrancis Smith, who resided near Ten- | that he, at the request of his wife, asnessee river, has been apprehended for

sisted in placing the corpse under the
a supposed connexion with the Indians
-his case is black.

Aoor of the kitchen, and doing a vari.
ety of other acts to conceal the murder
and screen his wife, In March, Cole

and his wife moved out of the country, At a Court of Oyer and Terminer held and rented the house they had lived in in Sussex county, (N. J.) last week at leaving the corpse under the floor, where which judge Pennington presided, Cor. it was discovered about a fortnight ago nelius A. Cole, and Mary Cole, his and Cole and his wife were apprehended wife, were tried for the murder of Agnes in Bergen county, to which they had Teaurs. Mary Cole was convicted but removed in March. The prosecution her husband, Cornelius A. Cole was ac. was contended with ability, decorum quitted of the murder.

and humanity by Mr. Southard, the

district attorney, and the prisoners de. Cornelius A. Cole was also indicted

fended by Mr. Frelinghuysen with for concealing the murder, and to this

great eloquence & strength of argument. indictment he plead guilty. The facts

The object aimed at by the counsel of which appeared on the trial of Mary

Mary Cole, was to lessen ber crime Cole, in part, made out from her own

to that of manslaughter. Her convic. comfession, after she was apprehended, 1. tion was perfectly satisfactory to all who were in substance as follows : Agnes heard the trial, and she was sentenced Teaurs, the deceased, was the mother

to be hung on Friday, the 26th inst. of Mary Cole ; she was her only child.

Cornelius A.'Cole was sentenced to Mary Cole and her husband, with two

two years confinement in the state prison, small children and the deceased lived to.

and pay a fine of 250 dollars for cor. gether in one house, and made one fami.

cealing the murder. ly. Some time in December last, after

Newark Cent.

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Married. Horrible if True ! -A passenger who passed through this towni, in the stage

On Friday the 12th inse by the res. from the southward, on Monday last,

Mr. Cooper, Mr Henry Brooks, 10 Mis: stated, that it was reported that the

Margaret Lene, both of this city. Indians, 3000 strong, bad attacked the town of Vincenness, in Indiana territory,

On Sunday evening the 31st ult.at Mus. and massacreed governor Xarrison and

quetoe Covo, Mr. James Benedict of this 300 mcn, together with women and chil.

city, to Miss Deborah Goles, of the for. dren not leaving a soul in the place.

mer place. Such is the report. We give it as we In Lincolnshire, Eng. corporal Dupre, have heard it ; and we confess that the

10 Miss N. Trollope, with a fortuno defenceless state of that part of the coun 'try but too much favours the probabili

. I while he was on parade with the soldiers;

of 12,000). Miss T fell in love with him ty of such a circumstance. It may, how

the next morning she communicated her ever, turn out to be what among news. sentimentsto him, which he joyfully acceptmongers is called a hoax, reministe ed to the gaping crowd, by some persons

ed, and on the following day, he led her

to the aliar of Hymer. who perhaps while he is exulting in 'what he suppose to be the effects of his By the Abbe de Bonille, on the 11th of wit, does not reflect that at the same

Febru iry, at Martinique, Mademäiselle time he thus sports with me feeings of de Malleycault, of that Island, to Mr. the public, he dispenses with good Thomas Butler, of Philadelphia. sense candor, truth, and every honor. able atribute. – A poor triumph indeed,

On Wednesday morning last, by the at such an expense as

Rev, Mr Lvell, at Christ's Church, Mr short time will enable is either to con.

George Drummer. merchant, to Miss tradict or confi m the statement of this

Elizibeth Osborne. traveller.

On Sunday afternoon last, by the Rev.

Mr Heart, Mr. Ebenezer Lung, to on Tuesday morning last, during the

Miss Amelia Regers, daughter of Obe.

diah Rogers, Esq. all of this city. severe gale of wind, a ferry-boat, commanded by Captain John Jones, on her

ASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS passage from Captain Williams ( late Hillyker's ) Ferry to New York, was

Died, upset in the Kills, and we are sorty to

On Friday last, of a lingering illness state that three women and a child were

Mr Israel Brush. drowned. One woman was saved by the commander of Gun.Boar Vo. 104, who

On Monday morning last, Henry Rich. jumped over board and saved her.

ari's, son of Cape Henry Richarla, of

his city, aged 13 years. The following are the unfortunate per. On Tuesday morning last, Catherine sons who where ilrowned in the cabin of Lider, widow, aged 56 years. capt. Forie's ferry-boat.- Mrs. Drum

At Albany, on the 30th ult. in the 42d mond and her child i Anna Shields, a

year of his age, Mr, Robert Barber, primis girl about 14 yenrs of age ; and a black

ter, brother in-law to the editor of the di woman. The boat is got off

bany Register.

this. A very

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O great Columbia ! may'st thou nevea

feel The iron rod of daik tyrannic sway; O may'st thou never hear war's thund'.

ring peal, But pesce still shed around her beamy



For see, where lone Hibernia on von


Weeps for her sons in war untimely Apollo struck the enchanting Lyre,

slain : The Muses sung in strains alternate.' The rude winds whistling thro' her rå.

vea locks, S & LECTED.

Whilst burns the tumult in her mad'. For the Lady's Miscellany.

ning brain.

O dear Hibernia ! May thy wretched LINES


Soon be redressed, and may'st thou ever Fair smiling land of liberty and peace,

shine ; Where plenty gaily treads the flow'ry In the hoar sage's tales and poet's 'fields,

songs, And laughing mirth, with smiles that

Oh!'tis the fondest, dearest wish of mine. never cease,

MARY. Gives blessings to the charms that nature yields.

From Murphy's 'Wild Flowers of Erin,' Wilt thou receive a pensive wanderer

just published. here, Where jog fills ev'ry pleasure beaming When care hangs heavy on my mind, eye;

And torturing thoughts corrode the Whose only comfort is the gushingtear,

heart; Whose only pleasure is the buisting When in abstracted charms we find sigh?

No cheering smile to soothe the smart,

O say, where can we find relief, Tho' Beauteous are thy dew.besprinkled

And dry the trickling streams of grief lawns, Tho'green and shady are thy waving 'Tis in thine arms. O gentle Sleep! groves,

The misd can lull its keenest woe ; Tho'lovely thy blue sky when morning The tear wet eye, forget to weep. dawns,

And Mem'ry painful paths forego : Oh! 'tis not what my mournful spirit

Yes, peaceful nymphs, upon thy breast, loves.

Misfortune finds a couch of rest ! For tho'my Erin's hills are bleak and

The way worn tray'ller in th'ne aims wild,

Receives a health restoring balm ; Tho' there oppression wave's his iron The soul inur'd to dire alarms, hand;

Enjoys a trouble-smoothing calm : Yet sad Hibernia owns me for her child, Yes, on thy lap, 0 Sleep! is found

And Erin is my dear, my na iye land. H Refreshing sweets for ev'ry wound.


Then come and close these eyes of mine, Dast thou not know
Repress this heart distending sigh;

The insidious foe From mental soams my thoughts con. 'Yokes her gaunt wolves, and fine,

mounts her midnight car? Save where Contentment's treasures lie:

Dost thou not hear thy tortur'd seaman's But there, in visionary play,

cries? O let my fancy fondly stray.

Poor hapless souls, in dreary dun.

geons laid;

T'wards thee they turn their dim, im. From a London Paper,

ploring eyes' ; Lines on Mrs. SIDDONS' announcing her

Alas ! they sink-and no' kind band to intention to leave the Stage. Soon will that voice be beard no more Thou dost, and cvery son of thine

Which lent each bard etherial fire, Shall rest in guiley peace no more, And every muse shall then (leplore With noble rage, they pant to join The passions that with thee expire. The condicts heat, the battle's roar,

Loose to the tempest let the banner fly, No more Macbeth's Imperial dame

Rouse, rouse ihy lion heart, and fipe Shall rouse Ambition's direful glow ;

thy eagle eye. No more poor Belvidera claim

The melting sighs of truth and woe ; Nor Randolpli's widow greatly mild,

FOR SALE. To every mother's heart appeal, A few hundred yards of English & Brus. Or Isabella, shrieking wild

sel Carpeting, (of the first quality) at Teach iron natures how to feel. No. 46 Maiden Lane. Also an assort.

ment of Bedding and Gentlemens (ready With thee we loose the polished grace, made) Linens at No. 44 Maiden Lane.

The purest language con impart; Its comment, heaning from thy face, Its next arising from thy heart.

FOR SALE at this OFFICE, I saw thee, in thy early prime,

The 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12h, Volimmes O'er fair Edina shed thy rays, of the LADY'S WEEKLY MISCELAnd I will wateh thy fires sublime,

LANY, handsomely bound and lettered!. Majestic in their parting blaze.

Price 8 1 50 cents, per volume.


By the late Mr. CLINTON;

Two or Three Yoning Ladies as Ap. Soul of Columbia, quenchless spirit

prentices, to the Taylors Business, sp. come!

ply at No. 1 Pellham-street. Unroll thy standard to the sullen sky, Bind on thy ward robes, beat thy furi. ous drum ;

PRINTED AND PUBLISHED BY Rouse, rouse thy Lion heart, and

SAMUEL B. WHITE, fire thy Eagle eye. Dost thou not hear the hum of No. 28 Frankfort-strect Neir-York.

gathering war ?








VOL. XV. 1

Saturday, July 11,..... 1812.

No. 12.



I will lay him and his con.

sort at your fect. Sire, you will PRINCE OF BRITTANY,

behold their tears-in-they shall A new Historical Novel.

speak--they shall assure you them

selves how much they are devoted The King loved the Constable : to you." far from being offended at the freedom with which that great man ad The Count, profiting of the dressed him, he was much affect- King's permission, loses not a moed by his manly, yet pathetic re ment. He repairs with all expepresentation : Noble cousin,' said dition to the Duke of Brittany, at he, you must hasten to counter. Dinan. He perceives an air of mand my orders. I have sent 400

afiction in the countenance of troopers into Brittany, under the those, whom he had been accusconduct of Admiral Coctivi, who tomed to respect. In the Duke's bas orders to arrest the Prince at favourites hé beholds the insolence Guildo. They have represented of exultation, and in the Duke him to me as a seditious spirit;that himself an evident embarrassment panted for nothing more ardently at his appearance. In a word he than for an opportunity of inviting learns, that the unfortunate Prince che English into his country; that, l) is arrested. moreover, he detested the French and their Sovereign. The King Nothing was more certain than added, that this last circumstance this dreadful news. The Prince, had particularly affected bim.-- asif lulled into the most perfect se. • Sire,' answered the Count, aston curity, continuing to hope that time ished at what he heard, you have and his inoffensive conduct, would been deceived. I know that my procure a reconciliation with his nephew loves and reveres you.-- | brother, engaged in a variety of the That he might not be obliged to most innocent diversions. Ile was bear arms against your Majesty, playing at tennis with his Esquires, he refused the sword of Constable when intelligence was brought to of England, which Henry offered him that a body of horse were him. What dreadful strokes of ca. at the Castle gates. lumny are these! I fly to his suc. he was informed that these troops

As soon as

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