the great. I have seen women, large and valuable estale, of which glowing with beauty; arrayed in the there was some material defect in richest attractions of dress whose the title deeds. Tois fact, and the charms are heightened by the manner in which it happened, was p ide of pomp and circumstances, known only to the guu dian, who of elegant convivality." A love. wished to employ Hamilton as ly woman in such a scene, irresist. counsel, to vest in himself the tiile ably commands our admiration.- to the estate. He related the But alone-at the bed of poverty whole affair circumstantially, and and sickness--she appears more was requesied by his lawyer to than human, I would vol be im call agaio before he would venture pious, but she seems almost di- to give bis advice in a matter of vine. What has raised the lovely so much importance. On his seM-above her companions?

-cond visit Hamilton read over to O virtue ! thou hast shed thy be him the minutes of their previous nign influence over her mind.- conversation that he had reduced Virtue! thou soothest our griefs ; to wriung, and asking him if the thou pluckest from the wounded statement was correct. On remind the ropied sorrow; thou ex ceiving an answer in the affirmaaltest the soul in the greatest dis. tive, Hamilton replied : “ You are tress, and inspirest the heart with now completely in my power, and benevolence to our fellow crea I look upon myself as the future tures ! Would to Heaven thy guardian of che unhappy infants, . infuence was more prevalent over Take

my advice ; settle with them the human heart.

honourabiy to the last cent, or I will hunt you for your skin like a

hare.' It is proper to add that this. VARIETY.

advice was punctually followed.

U, S. Gaz,


Melancholy, but useful reflections. For the Lady's Miscellany.

It has been customary, in all ages, and among all nations, to pay particular attention to the reposi

tories of death. The Europeans, Characteristic Inecdote.

the Asiatics, the Africans, & thenaALEXANDER HAMILTON was tive Americans, have at all periods. once applied to as Consel by a man been distinguished by their mark. having the guardianship of several led respect & veneration for those ophans. Then infants would, on places in which their dead were afieir coming of age, succeed to a interred. The gloomy monuments

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of mortality ought ever to be held

In slow vibration tell the saddened sacred, and regarded with the deep plain, wrought feelings of reverence. Some dear Jeparted friend, is gone to The foot of pollution should never swelle 'bc suffe ed to contaminate the

The numerous host of death's tri. hailowed ground of mouldering

phant train friendship, or the sacred dust of departed virtue.

Grave yards

LADY'S MISCELLANY should bc esteemed as the last resting place of man, as a place of

NEW YORK, July 11, 1812 eternal repose, where the feverish

" Be it our task, phantom of life, tortured no more, To'note the passing tidings of the times. and the gaudy visions of anticipa

WI3000W 703000 ted happiness, or the agonizing

The City Inspector reports the death of fears of expected misery, have || 29 persons from the 27th of Inne, to ceased to harrow up the imagina- the 4th of July, 1812. tion. When properly attended to, they become places of resort for the offspring of grief, and the mo Extract of a letter from Mr. Sincluir, ralising of melancholy sensibility: commanding U. S. Gun Boat No 164,

dated at St Mary's, the 6th instant. 1 solitary grave yard may be replete with many advantages. The

· On the 28th ult, Midshipman Elden, mournful reflections it never fails

who came here froin Charleston, in the

Gun.Boat No. 168, was ordered on board to excite, will soften the heart and

my Boat : On the afternoon of the same give a mellowness to the deepen- day, he shot himself through the heart, ing emotion of the soul. It will and the ball lodged in his right shoulder, teach us the futility of human wish I just under the skin. He committed the es, and the vanity of human great

rash deed on deck, and expired instantly. ness. It will convince us that It appears he was engaged to be married though we “ paint inch deep

to a yonug lady and the day fixed for the though we attain the achme of ce nuptials ; but her parents interfered, and

prevented the match.' lebrity-hough we roll on the lap

Mr. Elden was of luxury, and wanton on the bo

a native of Charles

county, Maryland, of a tery respectable som of voluptuousness, we must

family. come to dust at last."

These with many other advanta

We regret to learn, that MEzra ges, we might enjoy, in strolling Sargent, a respectable bookseller of this over the mouldering bodies of those city, died at Hudson, on his way to who once had hopes and fears, and

Labanon Springs for the benefit of his joys and sorrows like ourselves.

health He had been in declining health

for the last six months. We unders and Hark! from yon sacred doom, the that his remains are to be brought so the solemn knelli

Il city for interment.

Drowned on Monday afternoon, near. On Monday evening last, by the ret the New.Ferry, Brooklyn, while in the Fohn Williams, Mr Thomas Greaves, act of bathing, Mr. Wm. Jenkins, a na. to Miss C Walling, both of this city. tive of England. He was seized with the cramp while in the water, and before as. On Saturday opening last, by rhe red: sistance could be rendered him, he sunk

M Crawford, Mr. klenry K. King. to the bottom. The body was found in

Builder, and a worthy member of Tam. about half an hour afier the accident. many Society to the Amiable Miss Je..

mina K. Warner, all of this city. Thice happy hey whom pure delight,

In hymens sacred band's unite. Accident --On Tuesday afternoon, the 23d ult. a sail-boat with tree young men in her, , lying at Ward's bridge. At Hartford, on Sunlay evening the 5th Harlem was taken by the force of the inst by the rev. Mr. Flint, Mr Charles tide under the bridge. by which means Hosmer, Publisher of the Connecticut she was upset, and he young men pre. Mirror, to Miss Abigail Wadsworth, cipitated into the water, one of whom

both of that place. was unfortunately drowned before any assistance could be rendered him ; the

others were providentially saved.
name of the unfortunate young man was

Wm. Spaighi, eldest son of M Richard
Spaight of this city. His body has not

At Ballstoun Springs, on the 21st. ü?. yet been found— Any intelligence con

Daéid Greene: esq. of Bosion, an old and cerning him, will be thankfully received respectable me, chant. by his afflicted parents, at No 300 Bow.

Ai Chatham, Eng. on the 6th May cap!. ery Lane. His dress consisted of a thin

Henry Whitby, of his Britannic Majestys gingbam coatee, spotted vest, light co

ship Briton, formerly of the Leander, 50 loured pantaloons, with boois undernea h

gun ship, agell 34. and a silver watch in his pocket.

On Tuesday last. Mr Wo Duldly, esq aged 78 years a respectable inhab.

itant (and a native of Ireland) He was Casualty-On Friday the 3d inst the

csieemed by all kis accuaintances as an body of William Davis, aged 15 years,

honest and moral man son of Henry Davis, of jay st: eet, was found at the foot of Vesey street, in the On the 4th inst. after a short illness, of Hudson river ; his father believes he a typhus fever, Mr. John Elmenilors of accidentally fell therein on the Monday 1 Somerset :cunty, N Jersey, in the 64ch preceding

year of his age.



On Sunday evening last, after a severe and painful illness of two months, in the 52th year of his age, Michael Scudder.

Married. On Monday evening last, by the rev. Mr. Boardman, Mr. Joseph Lawrence of this city, to Miss Mur, Sackest daugh ter of Mr. F. Sackett, of Newtcrun L. I.

On Saturday the 28th ult. Capt %. Donnison, in the 27th year of his age, late master of the ship Isis, of this port.




Oh! mine be the cottage within the vale, Where a clear streamlet is

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flowing. Whilst around the fragrant gaie sweet health from its wings is be.

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pilgrim's tale, And strew him a couch for his

dreaning Oh! sweetly the woodbine shall wind | Now tell me, ye minions of Pleasure, along,

As night's 'agging moments ye messure. Blossotas each lattice adorning ; Can ye, midst !he Cirylarong, Whilst the lark's melodious song Bestow on your healis such a treasure ? Saluies the bright beam of the morning! From the Providence Gazette.

Who seem by ev'ry art to prove

How much their love ani) joys abound. SONG.

'Tis luxury too pure for those TUNE.LOGAN WATER.

Wuose, , hearts are held by eliains of tome, Dilia! let us to the grove,

gold, Where fragrance luads the passing where fond affection narer glows, gale,

But where the sender passion's fold. And righ the tenderness of love, Go! marble heart , go! sordid soul, As balmy odours we inhale ;

Whose lose is Midas' shining toys And rifle of their sweets the flow'rs,

In your inglorioris pleasures roll, That bloom beside the bubbling rill, But never talk of Cupid's joys. Whose murm'ring cheats away the Come, Delin! to the grove repair, hours,

Where plaintive mnans the turtle dove; While pleasures in our bosoms thrill: Where fragrance loads the ambient air, And listen to the notes of love,

Whe:e music warms the soul to love. That scatter'd sungsters chant around,


Tho' they have felt the wound of pain,

They heave the languid sigh no more:
But if your thoughtless minds would

Or can endure of more to hear,
To widows und to orphena go,

And mark the never ceasing lear.
Read in the groans that rend the heart,

Read in the tears that ceaseless roll, What words are pow'rless to impart,

The speechless anguish of the soul. O think of these and shun the blade

That darts its sickly beams afar, And shun the dark impend ng shade

That hovers o'er the scenes of wat.

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O YE who fill the throne of power,
Who speak and millions must obey,

Who reign the monarchs of the hour, BOOK: BINDING,
And rise dictators of the day.

Neatly and correctly crecuted, (+ Think while the trumpet's clam'rous

reasonable terme) at the breath Re-echoes through the regions round,

Office of the Wbat scenes of agony and death

LADY'S MISCELLANY. Await theiuharmonious sound. O join not then, with hasty rage, FOR SALE at this OFFICE,

The tumults which are heard from far But shun the desolating stage,

The 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 h, Volumes

of the LADY'S WEEKLY MISCELO shun the guilty walks of war!

LANY, handsomely bound and letiered. Think, while the thund'ring cannons Price $ 1 50 cents, per volume.

road, And while the waving fuuichion plays, How carnage wades thro' streams of

WANTED. gore,

Two or Three Young Ladies as Ap. And grins amid the steely blaze. prentices, to the Taylors Business, an.

ply at No. 1 Pellham-street. Ab, vain are words to paint the woes Which haunt the crowded field of

blood, Not all ibat rhetoric bestows

PRINTED AND PUBLISHED BY Can trace the sanguinary flood.

SAMUEL B. WHITE, The Thousands of the mighty slain

No. 28 Frankforl-street New York Who sleep upon the martial shore,


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