many old

ship, bui in wedlock awaked 10 of ours. The viriuvus shun her real misery contrived by them

company as a dangerous infection; selves.

the eyes of modesty are averted

at her approach ; and the cheeks Priscilla, though you have not of innocency redden with a blush. been used to receive epistles like Men of honor treat her with this, yet I would have you lay it to slect, and libertines with saucy heart, and remember, that all that freedom. Nor is this all': Shie is contrary to truth, leads to woful

has many panys to suffer from those disappointment :

who are her superiors only in artimaids daily experience. The gen fice and cunning, and, who, while erous principle of plain truth,which imey bless heaven they are not so takes root in every breast, be it thy l guiliy, owe all their innocence to care, O Priscilla, to preserve. that craft which has preserved

them from detection. So wishes thy true friend in sincerity,

Driven from society, an outcast PETER PLAINMAN.

and fontorn, what can she do, forsaken by him who would have

been her preserver? Neglected VIRTUE.

and despis d, she becomes a pros

titute fo bread. Bewale, Oh! ye. por "Tis said of widow, maid, and wife,

fair ones, beware of vice! The " That honor is a woman's life"

path of virtue is that of happiness; There is nothing, perhaps, in

and reclitude of conduct will rewhich the boasted superiority of

ward i self; and let a emembrance man over the female part of the

of the sad consequences ever creation is marked with a blacker

quard you against the arts of the line than the impunity it affo ds

seducer. Whatever arguments him in the cominission of crimes

may be used by the specipus dewhich stain the character of a wo.

ceiver, remember, he who would man with everlasting infamy One

lead you from the paths of virtue false step, one deviation from the

is you assured enemy; and, that path of virtue, ruins her forever

whatever may be his pretence, his No sooner does her fault become object is ruin.

jour known than she is the but of scall dal, and a mark for the pointed An eye to business.-A gentle. finger of infamy. Her former man liavelling post last week 10 friends slight and neglect her, hei town, being informed by the hostinvidious enemies triumph in her ler that there were two roads, ask. ruin ; The neighbouring (ea-lablesed the landlord which was the resound her disgrace. She is the shortest way.--' Apost.chaise and scorn of her own cov and the onori"four, your honor.'


would be present, (it was expected) three B iush general officers,

and seven Indian Chiefs: where RIGINAL AND SELECTED

tie interest of their friends and allies would be carefully attended

to, and pio’ections given them. For the Lady's Miscellany.

This good news with seven hundred drops of laudanuin. so com

posed the OLD LADY, that she WAR! UrQUALIFIED WAR!! ce:sed cryms and sunk down into

a sweet sleep! Bosi. Pat. "Oh Dear! Ob Dear! Whar shall I do? Whore snail I fly ?-Hundne the smelling boi le ? cach me the assalærila ! . A Bridye of

When David Garrick, the cele

Israted British frigates' across our hule

English comedian, first bours, and the indiars will then

came upon the stage, and, one ve“. Tomahawks and scaiping knives in

ry sult:y evening in the month of the woods! What shall we do?

Miy. performed the character of Can nothing be done to save us ?

Lear, he, in the four first acis, re• Every man woinan and child of us

ce'ved the customary tokens of will be sent captive to England, as

applause : and at the conclusion of the Jews were sent captive to Ba

the fifih, when he wept over 'hebo. bylon. Can'ı wecali a lown moet

dy of Cordelia.every eye caught the ing and send Col. Pickering, M.

soft infection, the big round tear Ouis, or Mr Lowell to England, by

run down every cheek : at this inthe way of Canada, to supplicate teresung moment, to the astonishthe King and parliament to stay

ment of all present, his face assumtheir vengeance, and for suke of ed a new characier, and his whole item to spare the rest !

frame appeared agitated by a new

passion--it was not tragic, for he While the OLD LADY was tak was evidently encieavouring to suping on at this pielis iate, in came press a laugh : in a few seconds a neig:bour and to ber a pi ce the attendant nobles appeared to -vf news, lhat at once composed

be affected in the same manner : ber, vž thai there was to be called and the beauteous Cordelia, who Cirecily a convention of the people

was reclined upon a crinison couch, 10 meet at Wo:cesier; and ikat opening her eyes to see what octhere would be settled a plan for casioned the interruption, leaped calling another convention of the from the sofa : and with the mafriends of Britain to meet at Hari- || jesty of England, the gallant Albaford in Connecticut: and at that i ny, and tough old Xent, ran laugh. grand N. England convention there 'ting off the stage. The audience

could not account for so strange a LADI'S MISCELLANY termination of a tragedy, in any

NEW YORK, July 18. 1812. other way than by supposing the dramatis personæ were seized with

Be it our task, a sudden frenzy : by their risibili

To note the passing tidings of the times. ty had a different source. A fat

10300009030000 Whitechapel butcher, seated on

Died in the A. Y. Hospital, fron the centre of the first bench of the

1st April to 30th June, 1812 pit, was accompanied by his mas Jacob Beard, Lancaster, searian, tiff, who being accustomed to sit phthisis, Elijah Bronson, New Jersey, on the same seat with his master at do pucumonia : James Burton, Eng. home, naturally thought he mighland C achman, do : Edward A. Burn

ham, Marblehead, seaman, con'usion ; enjoy the sunie privilege here :

Peter Cavanaugh, Ireland, cle:k, d. op. the butcher sat very back, and the

sy; James Cahill, Jersey, carpenter, quadruped, finding a fair opening, morbus coxarius ; Wealthy Clark, got upon the bench, and fixing his

Connecticut, married, pueumonia ; fore paws on the rail of the orches. 'John Cooper, West Chester, labou. er, tra, 'peeped at the performers with do; Domingo Cavasola, Spain, seamanı as upright a head, and as grave

do ; Gilbert Cosine, Long Island, musi. an air, as the most sagracious critici cian, consumption ; Samuel Douglass, of his day. Our corpulent slaugh. Island, married, typhus ; John Decker,

Africa,scrofula ; Lydia Dickson Rhode terman was made of melting stuff,

' N York, a boy, dropsy; Nancy Dur. and, not being accustomed to a yee. do. unmarried, consumption : John play-house heat, found himself Evans, North Carolina, seaman, cynan. much oppressed by the weight of a che tonsillaris ; William Eklridge. Con. lage and well-powdered Sunday pe- necticut, labourer, apoplexy ; David ruke, which, for the gratification of Fo’man Kingsbury, boatman, typhus s

James Fielding, Connecticui, seaman, cooling and wiping his head, he

debility : Edmund Grav, Newburyport, pulled off, and placed on the head

do typhus : George Hanse, Maryland, of his mastiff The dog, being in

seaman, hydrothorax; Peter Howell, so conspicuous, so obstructive a

Virginia, dn. catarrh ; Brett Johnson, situation, caught the eye of Gar. New York, labourer, typhus : Anthony rick and of the other performers. Kilder, Norway, dr. dc. Joho Murray, A mastiff in a church warden's wig Scotland, do lienteria , Owen Mond y, (for the bulcher was a parish offi

Ireland, dn dropsy : Michael Mc Dere cer) was too much : it would have mot, do. do ulcer ; Abraham Miller,

New York, boat builder, dropsy : Peter provoked laughter in Lear himself,

Marealı, Boston, seaman, typhus at the moment he was most distress.

Samuel Moore, Ireland, labourer, can' ed : no wonder then that it had

cer ; James Marsh. Rhode Island, seu such an effect on his represenza man, hemoptysis : Henry Orr. Ireland, tive,

cccper, hydroshori s ; john Proctor, Pennsylvania, seaman, phthisis ; Timo' thy Philips Connectis '?, labourer, Pueu.

monia ; Charles Riley, Ireland, doo have been labouring for some says unphthisis ; Manvilie Roderiques, Spain, der a religious concern of mind, border: seaman, frost biiten ; Wm. Sherlan , ing on in anity, and to its effi ct the corMassachusetts, cooper diarrhæaJo oner's inquest brought in their verdici. seph Seymour, East Indies, labourer, fracture : John Scott, Irelund mason, diarrhæa , John D Sylia, East Indies, The City Inspector reports the death of burn : Ellen Sifers. New York, unmar. 22 persons from the 4th to the 11th of ried, phibisis : m-is Swan, do. wid: Fuly, 1812. ow, typhus : John H Swoope. Phila

ASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS delphia, cle: k, pueumonia : James Sar tain, St Vincents, seaman, convulsions :

Starried. John Thomas, Connecticut, do. con. sumption : John Varian, Ireland black

On Saturday evening last, by the reg. smih, syphilis : John Vulair, St. Mar Mr Broadhead Mr Samuel Copp, jr. tins. barber, hi diothorax : Moses V21

to Misa Phoebe Theall, both of this city. Dyke, Red Houk, slave, pha hisis : Ei zabeth Vashell, New Yo k, ma ried, On Monday evening last by the rev. burn : James Williams, Baltimo, e,sea

Mr Williams Mr John Wright. junr.

mnerchunt, to Miss Eliza Cortin, both man, pleurites.

of this city.

4.SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS -7 Casualties. On Tuesday evening about 6 o'clock, W Stinson at No 231 Church

Died. Street, was found dead his head being in

On Thursday afternoon Inst, after a a window between the sill and the sash.

lingering illness, which he bore with chrise It was supposed he went to the window to

tian fortiu le, John King. aged 22 years. get fresh air, and being under the influ ence of ardent spirits let the sash fall up Ac Port.au Prince, on the 12th June, on his head, and was unable to extricate M John Rane Lawrence a native of himself Verdict of the Coroner's inquest, this state. accidental death.'

Suddenly on the 11th inet.in consequence of a fall at his seat at Red Hook Col. An.

drew Devaux. The widow & fami'y evill On Sunday the body of Abraham Og den was found in the Exchange slip in

long moun' his loss and a large circle of to which i! is supposed he accidentally | respectable friends who, from his upright

character and hosp cable habirs, valued fell on Wednesday evening last. He was

him highly, will perhaps never recognise about 25 years of age. No ma ks of

his equal in any other neighbour. violence appearing about him. after the coroner's view, his body was delivered

At Fohnstown on the 11 h inst. afrer to his friends, wbc conveyed it to Eliza.

a lingering illness. Matthias B Hildreth, beth Town, New Jersey for inter ment.

8:7. Attorney General of this state

On Tuesday night last, Mr. James Mary Reese, a young woman sged Roulston in the 51st year of his age. 18 years, was seen to plunge into s cis On Wednesday afternoon last, after a lern of wate, and was drowned befin short il ness, Mrs. Sarah Palmer, aged she could be got out. She was said to || 14 years.

From tke National Intelligencer.



I have wooed thee, meek eyed PEACE,

To thee have turn'debe vocal shell ; Now, the darling strain must cease ;

Harsher noies the Clarian swell.

Then fare thee well! for till that hour

That sees my country's wrongs re. Apollo struck the enchanting Lyre,

dressed, The Muses sung in strains alternate.' | Disgrace would be thy, baneful dower,

If still I clasped thee to my breast.

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