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I shall derive from them.'--He

Then enters into thie boat, and
Or the deliveranre of OLYPIA OY whatever he judged necessary 10

fivour vis c: terprise ; and, with

ou' any other arnis ihan his swod, The wind is not propicious to his

tak s the two oars, and rows alonc views : i: seems even to sport with

Towards Ebuda: his impatience. Breathe it in some direc'ion favourable to his pro- Now had aurora spread her goldgress ? it is so ently, that the ves. en tresses to the sun, yet half seen sei seonis scarcely to plow the sur. and half concealed, not without face of the water. Much ofiener scorn of jealous Tithon ; when Or. it witholds its breath, and traves lando, who was not above a stones the shia in an absolute calm. ind throw distant from the barren if sometimes it becomes impetu- !| rock, heard, o scarcely seemed to ous, it is only to compel the pilot to hear, a tender plaintive voice. At hold a contrary course. Heaven, these mournfui accents he turned 'which according to its high will, his head, and present y perceives controùls all the cle:igns of men, a beau'eous naked danie, bound to would not suffer O'lando to ap- the trunk of a tree, while the proach the Island of Tears, till the waves gently bathed lier feet The King of Ireland had there made a distance at which he still was, with descent that the gieat events might trenowncast attitude of he hady, be forwarded which I am now go- would not permit im to recollect ing to relate.

her features. Plying for a nedier

view his eager oars. on a sudden The count of Angers, tired of the seas, the woods, and hollow struggling with the wind, ordered

caves resound.

I be billows suell the pilot to anchor towards the

and beholdthe hideous foe appear's, north of the Island. • I will go,' which beneath his vast belly alıriost said he, in the boat, and land a- conceals the sea. As fioin the lone. I shall want only the largest | humid va!e the blackt clouds as, cable and the largest anchor of the cend, which bear in their pregnant ship ; and you will soon see, if I womb the gathering storm, and, meet with the orc, what advantages like a dark night, conceal from


moria's tre liste of the day ; so

monster in every part.


ro e he mo ister from the depths fortress can oppose the least re



below. Ocean groans beneath his sistance to the enemy, when once enormous weight. But the Pala- they have made a lodgment within din, wiose heart is inaccessible to the walls? And thus was the orc fear, bebolds him with unchanging incapable of revenging the direful countenance Determined to de. \ strokes, which the paladin dealt a. fend the weeping fair, he hastens round within tremendous ber seen her and the orc. His

mouth: Mad with the pain, now sword is yet suspended by his side he rises over the waves, and shews and ording in his hand the anchor his scaly back and sides : now and cable only, he waits for the e plunging to the bottom, he throws monsier with unshaken resolution. the troubled sands above.


Knight of France, who felt the The monster, pursuing his death.rushing water, betook himself to ful way to the shore, no

swimming, and leaving the anchor saw the valorous Knight, than ea

fixed, held tight the cable to which ger 10 swaliow up both him and

the ponderous mass was bung. his bodig he opened wide a mouth, He soon reached the shore, and vast enough to contain a man on when he had gained a firm footing ho'sebick. Orlando soon leaped he drew the anchor, whose iwo intornis horrible gulph with bis

points were fast fixed in the monanchor, his cable, and, if I mistake

sters enormous mouth. No: with his boat.

With one of the anchors flooks he pierced the As the wild bull, when he sudtongue of the orc, and with the o- denly fiads his horns encompassed the fixed upright, prevented his round with cords, bounds furiously voi acious jaws from closing. The from side to side, with unavailing ski fui miner thus, with necessary effort 10 get loose : So the orc, Cau:ion, s'ipports by prop's his sub- dragged from his native elenient, terrancous a ches, io prevent their by more than mortal strength, falling in, and crushing him with flouncing and plunging in the sudden ruin.

waves, is compelled to follow the

cable, in spite of a thousand sucOrlando, having thus fixed his cessive but ineffectual jerks. anchor, of which the two fiooks were so distant from cach other, The blood issued from his mouth that he could sc rcely reach the in such abundance, that the sea to u; per one ; and finding that in this

this day, iniy be called red. With position it was impossible for the such violenccdid helash the waves orc in close his mouth ; instantly and now, mounting aloft they bathe dren his sword, and exploring the the clouds, and obscure the res. darksome den, pierced and cut the piendant light of day. At the wild üproar the woods, the mountains, nother and another, in quick sucand distant shores resound.

cession till the whole country was

in a blaze, so from breasi to breast Roused by the tumult, old Pio.

spread this religious fury amung teus from his groto rears his hea: te maddening islanders. They above the waves; and perceivin seized the first weapons they could Orlando enter the inouth of the OIC, find : They surroun) ed the Palaand then leaving it, drag such a din ; and while some assailed him monster to the shore, he instantly at a distance with the bow or sling Bies through the deep ocean, un others rushed upon him close with mindful of his scattered herds.

the sword or spear. To such a height did the uproa

Orlando,who expec'ed the greatincrease that Neptune that very

est a knowledgmenis ofthe na'ives day harnessed the dolphins to his

for havin delivered them fim car, and fied to i viopia. Ino,

such a cruel monster, was astonweeping with her son velicerta in

ished to meet, or the contra!y, her arms: the Nereids, Glaucus,

with the blackest ingratitude. But and Triton, and all the sea deities,

as a bear, bred in Russian or Lic struck with a pantic, fed different

thuanian wilds, as he is led to a ways for safety.

public fair, heeds not the contenipOrlando had now drawn the orc

ibie yeiping of a cur, with like

disdain Orlando re arded the das. to shore, ere he reached which,

tard crew, whom, with a single exhausted by fatigue and pain.

effort, he might have instant y dishis shape ess bulk lay dead,


persed. They did not imagine riosity bad soon collected a great

that a warrior, whom they thus benumber of the natives to behold

held without shield, or cuirass, or such an uncommon sight. Prepos.

other defensive armour could opsessed by the superstitious no:ion's of an erroneous religion, they all

pose the least resistance ; ignorant regarded this glorious exploit as a

that his skin being harder than adla sacreligious action. The death of amant, he was invulnerable from

head to foot. But the Count soon the orc, they said!, would rekindle

convinced them, that withou nav. the dire wrath of Pioleus, who, to wreak the more signal vengeance

ing the least to apprehensi fiomy

their impotent efforts, he could upon them, would again send his

make them severely repent their marine herds to ravage their Is.

rashness. By ten strokes of his land. They all agreed, therefore.

redoubtable sword he streatc'ied that the only way to appease the wrath of Proteus, would be to throw

ow thirty of thein iifeless on he strand,

which was son cleared of the furi. the presumptuous warrior into the

ous assailants. Sea, who had thus affronted the God. And as one torch kindles a. The Paladin now turned roward


the lady in order to release her from ed, she hung down her head, and co' fuement; when on a sudden the

so far from speaking, could not eshore resounds with sluts and

ven lift up her eyes to her delivercries from another partof the island. The Irish army had landed without opposition on this side, while Or.

Orlando entreated her to inform lando had so fatally diverted the

him by what strange adventure he intention of the inhabitants on the

had found her in this dreadful island other. l'hey then ranged through after having left her with her con the country putting every one they

sort, in the full possession of every could find to the sword, wiibout

jny, Alas !' said she, I know distinction of either age or sex.

not whether towe you any thanks The islanders, whose force was in

for this deliverance from death; or considerable, being thus suddenly

whether I ought not rather to comsu prised, made little or no resist plain that you have prevented this ance; and whether they were ac

day from putting a period to allmy ituated by a sense of justiće, or by

woes. My thanks indeed are due the suggestions of cruelty, the

for having saved me from a death Irish burnt the houses. levelled the

of such a dreadful kind; for the walls, and spread slaugh.er and

idea of being entombed within the desolation all around.

belly of that monster was inetOrlando, quite regardless of the

pressibly dreadful. But still I do wild uproar and destruction ihat

not rejoice 10 live, since death e circled him, advanced to the La

alone can release me from my misdy, who, fastened naked to the

cry; and the only service for rock, was to have been deroured

which I can thank you, is to give by the voracious orc. His aston

me that relief which death only ishment increases as he approach- can afford.'-She then related, with es : he ima ines herto be the young

a voice interrup ed with sobs and and beautiful Olympia. Nor is he

tears, how her ciuel lord had bedeceived: it is indeed Olympia trayed her, and left her on a dreary herself, whose unparalleled fideli.

island, from which she was carried ity bad met with such an iniquit. off by rapacious pirates, to the faous reward, Nor had fortune Treat.

tal island of Ebuda. While she ed her with less crueily than lo e

thus told her sad story, she turned On the very day that the hapless

ber reclining head in sweet confubeau y had left her cruel lord on a

sion, and, Siushing, appeared like desert Island, fortune sent thithe

the painted or sculptured form of the savige Euklians, who caiciel

Diana, when surprised in the her off !o be the viciirn of a devour

fountain by the audacious Acing monster. Olympia kuew ihe

teon. Knigh, agiin as he approched the rock; but conscious of being nak

(To be Continued.)

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For the Lady's Miscellany naked eye, and change their forin3

in a longer period of time than the Perfietual Motion in Matter, Exer.

rest of the creation. cise and Temperance necessary 10 Health, and Virtue necessary to When we behold the Silk Worm Happiness.

in the first change from the 58

to a small muscular existence, fat. SIR,

tening every moment on the unco THERE are Philosophers who

tuous sweets of its beloved and on. say matter and motion are inseparable, that there is a continued ly fool, and wien matured by viis flux and circulation thro' the whole enclosing itself, as in iis tomb, in a globe of earth & seas, that change composed by, and fum iis f;

silken webb of its own spinning, all and pass into different forms and

where it lies for a litle time witho appointments, as they were prima. rily ordain'd by the omnipotent.

out any vis b:e si ns of sense or

motion ; afier wiich we will beThe same substance seems to us,

hold it at once bieaking out in a to be fashioned to continue in such

new and gorgeous form, clad gloan appearance to a certain and prescribed pe iod, and then to de- /; riously and fu'l of iife and spi it, it volve again inio the general cle. I appears a most beauuful fly, but in

a few hours having laid its

e8593 mentary mass, as if it were ob.ig. ed. on its dissolution to repay what

and performed the order of its cre

ation. it disappears again : WO it borrowed from it.

can behold this without a stonish'The human nature is composed ment, without admiring the surof materials that require a per- prising works of the Omnipotent, petual revolution. weak and fragil. and confessing the decree of eleia that are ever decaying and demand

nal motion in matter.. a constant renovation :

a very short almost a momentary stagna.

If we go higher up, Astrono. tion of the purple fluid that rolls mers will inforın us, and give prowithin us, immediately breaks the bable proofs, that there are infinite form, though even then it stands | numbers of created beings far benot motionless, but is in its imme- yond our horizon, and many of diale progression to new life and them open to the naked eye : they being. Animal and vegetative have calculated their dimensions, life, are likewise in perpetual mo their depths and distances from our tion, and if we enquire into inani- orb, their unerring paths and perimate substances, we shall find ihat odical revolutions, and their sevethey too, throughout all nature, ral interpositions which they call are in a continual fiow, though noi eclipsc8 ; they hesitate not to cull immediately discernable by the them worlds, and they say, as an

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