• Punishment, though laine, will li fulness. This pas too much: her overtake you at last.'

heart was ready to burslo-she

wept aloud! Was you insensible? Some of the company were

No, you had an heart 100,you wept, affected,

winced, some

And are you here now ? Quit for thanked nie for my advice,

love's sake, for virtue's sake, quit some looked as if thetr conscience

this place for ever. was in their face, and some evi. venily remembered their weeping wives and friends. Turning lo

To him roho reposes benealh the one of the last, I said, Sir, after the

sculptured marble. affecting scene you passed, thro' the last night,' on your return 10

A FRAGMENT. your beloved companion, can you be possessed of such insensibility, Yes; I would have blotted as lo renew it again so soon? The from my soul all trival remempower of invisibility being granted barnces, and next to Heaven thou me, llarlequin-like, I followed you shouldst have been iis dearest obto the lonesome, and sorrowful a. jeci. Thou shouldst have led me partment of her, whom you love. li byche hand through the consecrat: An! from a consciousness of your

ed groves of wisdom; thy precept unkindness to her, how, with crem

should have strengthened my biing steps, did you steal into your mind, and cncued it with a porown house? I saw your tardy pace.

tion of thy knowledge: I would · Thoughts of your injured con pan

have imitated thy virtues, that I ion, as you dew neat, rushed on might have been more worthy thy your mind; I heard the throbs of esteeni. Lwould have treasured your heart, you cannot say it was thy counsels in my heart, and niy not wrung with anguish. mind should have lettered by, thy passed siowly to the door, whicli,' instructions As a food sister views from affection to you she had left the brother of ber love, would I unlocked; though, from the liinid. I have beheld thee: yes, I would ity common to fier sex, she hesl, have been unto thce even as thy for hours suffered the anguish of youngest sister, Thou shouldst fear. You opened it with all the have acknowledged that amongst sensibility of shame, and the faic hicss thou hadst found one scious injustice, and cruelly ; you' faithful; and when to censure the passed on to the door of lier apart. mutability of the sex, thou hadse ment. An involuntary sigh from inmersed thy pen in the gall of within, pierced the door, and your s.vire a thought of Mary would beart too. Entering, and endea. have fshed across thy mind, and vowing 10 keep up your spirits,' the memory of her truth have sou affected to speak with chece arrested the reasly hand: and when


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disgusted with the insipidity of tin- who by participating, wouid have selled foily and loud laughing mirth, alleviated thy sorrows. And bad Aaddest' froin the circle of the gay sickness hovered over thy couch, then wouldst thou have said, I and smitten thee with her barbed will repair iq the bower of my be javelin, I would have thrown aside loved, I will seek ibe retreat of her the unfinished sonnet, the slackenwho preferreth the approving ed string of my lule should have sinile of the friend of her choice, to mourn'd in silcnce with its misthe adulation of the muliilude; I tiess ; and I would have watched hasten to thee, my sister ;' we will over thee as a child by the sickagain ponder the page of inspira- bed of a dying parent; with the tion, and banquet on the food of hand of gentleness would I have spirits: I will fly to thee, Mary, sinoothed thy pillow, and adminisand read more in thy eye-more tered the 'healing potion:' and my than a lover's welcome. --Nor | accents should have breathed conshouldst thou have been deceived, solation. And when the cherub no: thou shouldst have read in the Health had again visited thee, I eye of Mary the pure dictates of would have said, 'I am amply platonic passion, and the glowing repaid. Thou wou!dst have aguin the energetic language of unaltera. called forth sweet strains from the ble friendship, Yes; as a rock lyre of the muses, the long nethat the proud waves beat against glected lyre, ibe lyre that won the in vain and the tempest rages and soul of Mary; Thy hand would ashaketh it not, should have been gain have swept iis silver strings, the friendship of Mary. And had

and thou woulust have hymned a the form of gracefulness fitted be.

song of gratitude to him who fore me, had my eye met the point. ll raised thee from the bed of sicked dart of beauty, the meinory of

ness : Mary would have assisied thy virtues would have rushed up

at the mental sacrifice : the worid on my soul, and beat aside the fat

and the world's vani.ies, would ed shaft: and I would have ex

have passed from our view, and claimed in the language of the son

our souls would have soared above of the muses, “ Charms strike the

mortality! sight, but merit wins the soul.” Had the frowns of an unstable THE SIGH ANC THE TEAR. world clouded thy days; had the Gentle zephyr, as you fly, friend, who was even as thine own Simuld you meet my lovely fair, soul, forsaken thee; had misfor. Softly whisper' you're a sigh.' iune made ready her arrow, and

But do not tell whose sigh you are. aimed her venomed sleast at thy Limpid streamlet, should my deur repose ;, here shouldst thou have

Cross your current as jou dow, found her who would have met Murmuring tell her you're a icar,' thee with unchanged regard; her, But noi xhone eyes had ga olu you so•



CATO and CUDJOE, had la tely a ball, to please the fuir sex.

They unfortunately were out of. ORIGINAL AND SELECTED

wood. They agreed to borrow

some, from a slave yard at night, For the Lady's Miscellany. in N. Front street, near Noah's.

Ark. i hey were detec ed, howNothing, perhaps, tends more to

ever, and were taken into that ta.

vern for examination, Mr. Jonaproduce drunkenness, in the hus. band, than a scolding and peevish

than Jencks, who is an eccentric. habit in the wife When the for

wag, officiated as a judge. After returns, from business, or

going through all the evidences, company, and meet froin the late and pleadings, the learned judge,

exhorted them,in ad ciaborate clis. ter a volley of reproaches, instead of the smiles of connubial affection

course : after which, le pronouncis he not under a strong lemp

ed their sealance which was, ihat tation, to drown his disquiciude &

they each, have twenty lashes, with chagrin in premeditateu intoxica.

a cowskin, well-laid on, alternately tion? 'Tis the part of the wiie, e.

every five lashes by their own Ver to receive a cturning husband

hanas. Cato was stripped, and with smiles, and apparent con

tied up first. He yelled, ghastly at lentinent; whether late or early,

the lashes. Neber mind,' says drunk or sober. To tell him, in Cato, my turn, next." Cudjoe tears, she laments his long ab.

was then, tied up: and out of sence, and his neglect of her com

spite, Calo laid on heavily. Their pany, will melt his heart to a con.

claret o'ized copiously. Both fession, and work a reformation : swearing vengeance on each other but with frowns to call him a

till the sentence was executed drunkard, will rouse his resent

Tney were forced to shake hands ment, and prompt him to revenge

over the mixed liquors, half, and by extrava, jance and intemper- half of whiskey and beer.

few men will brook a pe. remptory command, from a wife: yet, every womau may gain a A NEGRO lad, of about fifteen. complete ascendancy over her hus

years of age, who had eloped from band. A few endearing' expres his master, on a cold night, begg. sions accompanied by a modest ed lolay on Dr. Richard Heim. request, from an amiable woman. berger's floor, by the fire-side :. 10. will carry with them, sucli invin- | which, Richard, like a good Sa: cible authorily, that none but a marilan), assented. But as if the mons:er could withstand, or reíuse head must always be employed in # cordial coinpliance.

surmise--he forebodc, in his nod


dle that the lad had a notion for then troubled with, and an opening stealing: and that he had an ac decoction was unanimously prescricomplice. He had a 'guard fixed bed for his eminence. Disagreearound his vicinage : and, after ing, however, about the composiopast twelve o'clock -

- snowy tion of this decoction, Rabelais morning,' had shouted among the strongly recommended a key, as houses, along cime a sturdy black one of the most opening things in fellow, he was taken into Richard's the universe. I perfectly agree Esculapian Shop,-examined, with that celebrated French writer whilst Victor was impelled, by an that, 'A key is one of the most oirupdation of threats to say, that pening things in the world: but the finty sor of Asia, was his ac I think I can mention another of complict, and that they hada day's. at least equal efficacy with his po. mind on his Drugs. Off they were tion : Money, for example, in the conveyed to prison. When the cases alluded to,generally operates trial came on, Vietor, (for that was very forcibly upon many patients his name) was parcloned that he who are costive, & require medical might be a states evidence agaińst | aid. It will open a lawyer's mouth the other. On trial the judge ask and keepit wide oxtended for many ed him who is God, ?' He said | hours, if you administer it in sufhe did not know him. He was ficient quantities : but if you deal then, asked, if he knew, who is it out in scruples & penay-weights The Devil? He said he never saw very

little benefit will be derived him : but that he heard he was a

from it. Money, applied with bad fellow. The judge then en-l prudence and judgment, will open quired, do you know where you prison doors, give instantaneous will go to, when you die? He an. relief to a patient, who, without swered this by asking another,- | it, would absolutely be given over how should I know 26 The court

as incurable, and, indeed, will sel. finding, that he was too innocent,

dom fail to procure a laxative habit or too cunning, discharged both, among those who have the good · amidst the roaring shouts of laugh-things of the world at their dis. ter.


As to the mode of administering THE MEDICAL APPLICATION OF

this asedicine, it must be observed

that it operates with peculiar en. The humourous Rabeials, who

ergy, when judiciously applied to

the palm of the hand. was doir.estic physician to Cardi. nal de Billay, held a consultation

The City Inspector reports the death one day with several other physi- | of 70 persons in this city, and at Potter's cians, concerning a hypocondriac field

, from the 18th so the 25th day of disorder which the Cardinal was 11 April.


LAD'S MISCELLANY The value of these Mills we understand

was estimated at $ 10,000 ; they were NEW-YORK, May 2, 1812. the property of Lawrence Muse Esq.

a most worthy and enterprising gentle. “ Be it our task, ma'), who, by the vicissitudes of life had To note the passing tidings of the tinies lost he greater part of an independent 09790JO TINCITO

forwne, and embarked the remainder in these milis.

Norfolk Herald. NOTICE TO SUBSCRIBE RS. The UFFice of the Lady's MICFL

CONDITIONS LÁNY or, WEEKLY VIsitor, is Re ór The Ladr's MISCELLANr. MOVED to No. 28 FRIXKFÓRT STREET the price is Two DOLLARS, per : _The LETTER Bot will be placed in annum-distant Subscribers half yearly the window after the above date, for the

in advance, otherwise the papers will not

be forwarded to them, except where there reception of Communications.

are Agents to collect the same * Those of our. Patrons who intend It shall be delieved to Subscribers, in changing their ResIDENCI, will please the City, every Saturday, and forwarded give Notice at the Office, in order that

to those in country by the earliest con.

veyance. they may be served regularly.

Postage to be paid on all Letters di.

rected to the Editor, (except Agents) or Extı act of a letter from a merchant in otherwise the Letters will not be attend

Havanna, to his correspondent in this ed to.
city, dated April 7.
• This town is in much agitation on

I WANTED inmediately, account of a deep plot lalely discovered an Apprentice to the Printing bua among the negroes. There are now a siness, apply at this office. bout 300 of them in the Moro, and the soldiers are daily bringing in others from

The country to add to their number.-
Thirtees . ere, tried a day or two ago.

Married. lade and condemned. They are to morrow On Sunday evening last; by the res. in be executed : some to be hanged, and

Mr. Hall, Mr. Yoshur W'clts, to Miss the rest beheaded.

Sally Robertson, both of this city. The memorable conAngration at Rich.

fSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS mond, appears to have been but the fore runner of a chain of disasters. Ever since

Died. that mournful era, the appalling cry of On Zünday morning. after a lingering

Fire" has resounded throughout Vir illness, Mr. John Shiffen, aged, 40 years. ginia, and proclaimed, ia nous nful ne

On Sunday morning last, fter a pain. cents, the ravages of that destructive ful illness, which she

bore with christian element in every quarter. Again we "Fortitude. Mrs Elizabeth Murphy, wife seize the pen to announce its cruri devas.

of Mr. Lawrence Murphy. tations. On the night of the 8ih inst. that well known valuable property called

On Friday evening the 24th ult. Mrs. the Essex Mills, near Tappahannock. ll Margaret Smith, wife of Thomas A. discovered to be on fire. The flames

Smith. joc exsed with such rapidity that the On Salurday evening last, of a linger, whole pile was in a shes before the lease) ing illness of upwards of ivo years, pssistance could be had to stay their pro. which he bore with Christian fortitude, gese. This afflicting calamity is sup. i aged 47 years, Capt. John Murray. posed to have been the work of some in On Saturday last, (it the house of cendiary, and a person charged with be Capt. Ralph Barber, at Brooklyn, Mr. ing the perpetrator is now in jail: but the fames Gough, in the 64ch year of his pvidence is not strong enough to convict age, an old and respectable accountant ;* him.

this city. .

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