cy may be displayed, and where of ground well enclosed and comthe rigours of our inclement clime pletely planted. After the visitor may be softened with elegant en had admired the straight and tall elosures. The contrast between trees, and the

rows regulurly this, which I would call the comes formed in a quincunx, and the tic, and the other which would be ground clear of weeds, and well dained the outer garden, or the cultiva ed, and the sweetness of grove, would produce an effect by che odours which exhaled from the no means unp.easing. They who i Howers, he could not hesp expreshave no taste for frowers, and the ling his admiraiion not only of the thousand beaulies of an inclosed duigence, but the skin of him by garden, are but pretenders to any whom all this was measui ed and kind of taste in the graces of ho.. marked out ; Cyrus answered • It ticulture.

Was myself who measured every

thing, the rows of trees are of my Indeed such is the nalu' e of disposing, the plan is mine, and man, ve commonly advance inj.

many of the trees

were planted provement to the erge of impro

with iny own hand.' An illustripriety. We now loath the idea of

ous patern, which I hope our a straigh: line, and a regular row of Am-rican noblemen & gentlemen

Bul let us not, in the pride will not be afraid to follow. \Vhy of our hearts, flatter ourselves with always employ a professed planthe unerring rectilude of our taste. muker? Why sacrifice their own many of the ancients who possess. amusement and inclination to the ed the best taste, not only in poetry will of another, and to the impeand eloquence, but in arts, in paint. rious edicis of capricious fashion ? ing, sculpture, architecture, were

K. great admirers of plantations per. fectly regular, and laid out in

VARIETY quincunxes. However vanity and fashion may dic ale and disclaim,

ORIGINAL AND SELECTED the world will not always believe that Homer, Virgii, Cyrus, Cicero, B.con, und Temple, were totally For the Lady's Miscellany. mistaken in their ideas of horticui. teral beauty..

PREDICTIONS FOR 1812: Cicero informs us, in a fine qun.

Laugh where we mus', le candid lation fiom Xenophon's ccovo

where we can.' mies, that wien Lysander come lo Cyrus, a prince equally distinguish When I see a man keep ivo ed for his glorious empiic and nis co, s, I guess next year he will genlus, Cyrus shewed him a piece naye to buy meal,

one COW.

in the army.

When I see a

man take

two When I see a man so anxious to slings before breakfast, I guess he do public business as to omit his will tumble down before supper.

own, I guess next year his wife will

not be troubled to milk more than When I sec a man plant a gar

RURAL VISITOR, den and never attend to it afterwards I guess next year he will have to buy suuce.

SWEARING, When I see a poor man run in debt at the store, lo dress his fam.

Is of all vices the most inexcus

able. Si has neither the apology ily equal to his rich neighbour's, 1

of mental or sensuai gratification, gu ss he will soon have to enlist

and he who lo es irreverentiy the

name of the Almigh'y from his When I see a man attend reli. congue, deserves the censure of gious acelins day afur day, and every good mo, and merits the not pian his corn vil the middle og jusi indignation of Heaven. Junc, I guess he is deceitful and la. zy, and thiee to one willie,

EFFECTS OF DELAY. I have lately card of a place, where eligion is so plenty as logo

If we delay till to-morrow what by vater- America is a finc place ought toledone today, weovercharge foi invention !

the morrow with a burden which Wren Ilcar a man say he has

budois not to it. We load the

wheels of time, and prevent them don med in, with politics, I guess

from carrying us along smoothly. poliucs nas none wiin nim.

When I see á rspresentative give his constituents a large por

ANECDOTES. tion of toddy, I guess bis object is the loaves and fishes.

A Gentleman apt to be - very

willy when in liquor, was asked by When I see a man's meadows ae acquaintance, if he belonged 10 overi un with brush, and his ditches the play.house? he replied, “No; filled up, I guess he is growing why did you ask me?" Because,' foor.

returned his friend, you are so

dram-atric ! IVhen I pass a louse and see the windows broken, a bundle of rag's in one, and a hat in another, I General Bau, a German officer guess the mistress is a slut and the in the serviee of Russia, who con. master a ruin fellotu.

tributed essentially to the eleva

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The poor

tion of the great ( atherine, had or. given you the history of my famiders to march to Holstein with a ly.' The reneral, after spending body of troops, of which he had

the day with his relations, in the the command. He was a soldier festivity of which his officers joinof fortune, and no one knew either l'ed heartily, cook measures to bethis family or native place. One ter their fortune. day, as he was encamped 'near Husum, he invited the principal officers to dinner. As they were À COUP DE MAIN. sitting down to table, they saw a plain miller and his wife brought

A Rich and handsome young into the tent, whom the general widow lately asked a gallant officer had sent his aid-de-camp to Seek. l (on half pay,) at what fire-office he

miller and his wife ap would advise her to insure her proached trembling with appre house. In either the Union or hension. The general reconciled Hund in- Hand office,' said he, sig. them to their situation, and made'nificantly • Is the fire office near?' them sit down beside him to din · Very Bear, madam ; I cover ner; during which he asked them

ir with my hand,' placing it on a number of questions about their his breast. The lady was not infamily. The good man told him ! sensible to his wit or merit. and that he was the eldest son of a speedily rewarded him at Hymen's miller like himself, and that he had

two brothers in the mercantile
line, and a sister.

the general, · had you noc nolher
brother besides the two whom you

NEW-YORK, August 15. 1812.
have mentioned ? The miller

Be it our task.
told him that he had another bro To note the passing tidings of the times.
ther, but he went to the war's very

O $CONTIJOCS young, and as they had never The City Inspec.or reports the death of heard of him they supposed he 47 persons in this city and at Potter's was dead. The generai reading

Field, from the 1st to the 8th of August. in the eyes of the office's that they were surprised at his encer.

Savannah, July 19. taining himself so long with ques

With sorro ty we have again w relala

visitation of Providence in recording tioning the poor man, turned to

the death of an amiable young lady-the them, and said, gentlemen, you

circumstances are as follows:
have always been curions to know
from what family I sprung; I

Yesterday afternoon about three o'clock,

a severe shower of rain commenced, and now tell you, and I am not asham.

in a short rime afier it was accompanied ed of my origin, that I am the bio

with thunder and lightning--about 40'. ther of this honest miller : he has ! clock 25. Mrs. Deckeneaux, and Miss

• But,' says


Susannah Gray, we e string in the for

Married. mer lady's p azzı, in conversation, a very severe explosion of thander, took On Thursday evening last, by the rev. place, accompanied by a vivid flash of

Mr Brady Mr. John E Keer, to Mise

Augusta A S Richardson rightning-the conductor to the chimney conveyed it to the suutir side ofihe house, On Saturday lnst at St. John's Church where the ladies were, and in an instant,

by the reo. Mr Ürran Mr Perer Ne.

ville, to Miss Maria Eleanor Seixas, dre:dful to relate, Miss Glay lif less on

daughier of Mi Facub Seixas, merchant, the floor, and Mrs Dechenckx, sense ait of this city less beside her. who. we are happy to

At Raraton N * on Thursday evening starr, is not materially injured, and is lasi oi the red John S. Vredenburgh, much recovered.

Frederick Fisclingl.u son, est Attorney at

lay, to Miss Jane Dumont, both of SomRichmond (Virg ) August 4

At S uth Amboy, on Surday evening On Satu diy was laid, on the griep of

last by the reo Mr Crane Mr Wilium the late Richmond Theatre, u der the

D. Margan of qus ciry to the ariable direction of Rihert Mills, esc a'ch ect, Miss Kiiza Smith, of the former place. the corner stone of the monumental

On Friday evening last by the rev Dr. church about to he erected in commem. M Neiss. Mr. W m Corckran, io Miss oration of those who perished on the

Henrietta Duke both of this city. same spot the 29'h of December last, On We Ines lay evening last b. The red

Richard Moore, Mr Garrit Wa'grove, On Saturday last, the body of Samuel

to Miss Else; Seguine, both of this city. Bald vin, a boy of 5 years of age, son of

On Thursday evening the 6th inst. by

the red Ir Joseph Baldwin, was found d.owned

Mr. Spring Mr Thomas K.

Dubois merchant of Hide Park to Miss in the dock at the foot of Vestry street, Sarah An Gurwin, of his city. North Riser,into which he had acciderit.

At Alinebeck, orike 1st inst. bythe reo ally fallen about 4 hours preminus Mr. M Wurry D. Xoseph Frisbie of.

The name of the man drowned from the town of Clinton, to Alisa Ju'i.inn on board the schooner Maria on Satur. Manley, of this cit: daughter of the late day evening last, was Henry Dexler.

rev Wiliam Manley

*$;SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS Drowned, on Surulav laste about half past 1 o'clock. 21 Brooklyn, near the

Died, wind mill, George Linn, a young man a. bout 18 years of age, while in the act of On Tuesday, at Miiton. V 7. Ms. bathing. Should he be discovered and Rebecca B. Brazer aged 45 years. brought to shore, the information will

At New London, on the 6ih inst. cap". be tbankfully received at Kerr and C.. lisle's, No.124 Waler steet, New York

Benjamin L.crew.mn. officer in the UʻS.

possessed of superior acquirements The object is with a view to a decent interment of the body. Every easona.

in the line of his profession. ble expence will be prid as abuve.

At the village of A hens an the 16th ult after - long and distressing illness,

the hon Purrick Hamilton, jule of com. A letter from a me chant in Lirer. mon peas for she county of Greene, in pool to the Editors of the Mercantile ad. the 61st year of his age. ertise, dated 26 h June, mentious that pwards of forty imeican vessels were

On Saturday evening las, in the 18tir st that time in ihe port of Liverpool,

year of her age Mrs Mary Ann Ychnson, .nost of whom would leave it in ten or

daughter of Wiliam Fohnson twelve days, fully loaded, and many of On Sund.13 das?, of a lingering iliness, them with very valuable cargoes. Mr. James Lorion..


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Of such w org measures their advan.

tage make; Repuls'd the allies fly on every side, And fell destruction does their fight be.

tide? The french commanders with impa

tience burn, T' invade the hostile countries in their

turn; Nor in such numbers thro' the South

ern sky Like clouds the all devouring locusts

For the Lady's Miscellany. THE FRENCH REVOLUTION.

A POEM. The new convention pass a law to bring Before their partial bar the hapless king: Being hither brought, and as a captive

led, He heard his doom pronounc'd ''to lose

his head: Ye heavens from high your hottest ven.

geance pour And whe!m such miscreants in the glow.

ing shower. Words were too faint, and narrative too

brief To tell the pangs of his parental grief ; What sympathy pngsessid the fickle

thiong As to the fatal place he pass'd along : No sigh to rise, no tear had pow'r 10

flow, Suspended quite between amaze & wóc; he died and ere nine lunar orbs were

fillid His mournful Quieen by a like fale was

kill'd. This new & dangerous precedent alarms, Most other kings and rouses then 10

As under Pichegrus supreme command The soris of gaul invade theBelgic land; Against such numbers how could art a

vuil, Or York's brave Duke with all his

skill prevail ? As Bo eas scours the surface of the deep De ned Aande s fertile fields theysweep. Ag in they sack in their unbridled

course The towns retaken by the allied force; Bruge., Dusseldorp, 3Charleroy&Ghent Maubeuge the like misfortuneunderwent Bei gest-op.zoom which singly check, al

their cou' se Must now submit to a superior force : Some cross the Rhine the empire to in.

vade, And fair Germania's nearest states



First in the cause imperial Cæsar stood, As bound by nature and the ties of blood: The league to st.engtben six crown'd


But hence their fury seeming to ali They meet alternate victory and Sometimes the imperial esgles


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