you may possess, viriue is a neces. tassels, smarter diaperles, richly sary requisite, in order to incir ornamented to corie pond, cuin. shining with proper lustre. Fee pleied this elegant diess-Robe, ble are the attractions of le fuir. biue, and silver tissue, with a rich est form, if it be expected tnat no stomacher of sparkling diamonds, thing within corresponds 10 the and trimmed with point lace: pleasing appearance withou... {N B. This Lady is now in the Short are the iriumi ha of wit, 68 year of her age. when it is supposed to be the ve. hicle of malice. By whatever aris

The PRINCESS OF WALES-A you may at first guin allemtion), i superb ich sil er tissue Court you can hold the esteem and se train and petticoat, trimmed round cure the hearis of others, only by

the peuticoat and rain with a mag. anılable disposiuons and the ac

wificent silver nei fringe, with concomplishments of the mind. These vex spangles and rich silver drop are ine qualities whose influence lüsseis; lie pelucoat covered with wiil lasi, when the lustre of ali

a rich silver face net drapery, chat once spark ed and dazz.ed has beautifuliy embroidered in chenille passed away.

furming roses, jonquiis, hyacı iths, and other fancy Mowers-Body,

sleeves, and pocket roles, elegante VARIETY

ly embroide ed and trimmed to correspond ; the drapery fanciful

y looped up with dianionds, eme. ORIGINAL AND SELECTED

ralus, and topazi's, and other cost

ly stones, with a supe fesiog for the Lady's Miscellany. chain of magnificent diamonds,

forming stars, wrea hs, and roset

tes.-[Boin May, 1763] Iroul alate London Paper. ROYAL COURT DRESSES.


dress of blue crape and liver, the Ilir MAJESTY.--A supe b botom of the dress a bordero Van. dress of white and suiver; ine pet cykes in silver foil, embroidered licoat composed of sailin, emboi wilk ser bouilon, with bunches dered and covered with diaperies of flowers in spangles, upon a of striped silver tisstie, tastefully ground spotted wiin oval spangles disposed and ornamented on tire and rings, large draperies emb: oivuiside with a broad net fringe in dered with weathes of passion dead and bright silie!, forming a fowers, intermixed with wheat Tely striking and elegant d:apery, ears and large soil leaves, which lored together in differen: direc. had an elle ant effect: small Los via buliches of co.ds and

square drapeiies on the left side,

with appropria e borders, and fin. ished wiih cords & lássis. -Robe, biu - & silver tissue.-[Born Nov. 1768.]

Thi PRINCESS MARI-A dress of pale pink : willed sar'snet, embroidered with silver in wrea hs and bunches of passion flowes, and ornamented with drape ies of bwawisui bound lace, relieved by smaller draperies in festoons of piuk Sassniel, embroidered with wieaihs of large passion flowers in bright and dead foil, and ornamented with supe b bununes of funged tassels-Roue, pink and silver, trimmed with blond lace & diamonds.-(Born April, 1776 ]

If it will bring back the men !" The pipes we e then ordered to play a favourite martial air, when the Highlanders instantly returned, and formed with alacrity in the rear.

In the last war in India, Sir Eyle Coote, after the battle of Porto Noovo, aware of the strong attachment of the Highlanders 10 their ancient music, expressed his applause of their behaviour on that day, by giving them fifty pounds to buy a pair of bagnipes:



A SPECIES of martial music mulied Pióroche, rouses the native Higidunde, as the sound of a trum pet does it war house, and produc es effects lit le less, marvellouthan those recorded of the ancieni music. At live buitle of Quebec, in April 1758, while the British troops vere relreating in grea confusion, a general complained to an •fficer of Frazer's reigment, of the bad behaviour of his coips : “Sir," answered he with some warmib, "you did wiong in forbidding the pipes to play this morn. ing : nothing encourages thic highJanders so much in a day of but. tle. Even now they would be of use."__"Let them blow like the devil then," repicd the General

The lale Frederick was fully sensible of the contagious nature of liberty. He knew that The spirit of freedom was epidemical, and he did not choose to employ his subjects in any manner thai would put them in the way of catching the disorder. When old Franklin applied to him to lend his assistance to America, · Pray, doctor,' says the veteran, “pray, doctor, what is the object they mean to alcain?' • Liberty, sire, replied the philosopher of Pnila. delphia; • liberty! that freedom which is the birth right of man.' l'he king, after a short pause, made this memorable and king! answer : • I was born a prince, I am become a king, and I will no: use the power which I possess to the ruin of my own trade.'


Joseph II.Emperor of Germany

travelling in his usual way, without beyed! but not being able to carry his retinue, attended by only a his point, left the council chamber single aid-de-camp, arrived very in great displeasure. As soon as Jale at the house of an English- he retired, the matter was warmly man, who kept an inn in the Ne- | debated, but at length carried a. therlands. It being fair time, and gainis the king, because if they the house rather crowded, the host

once gave him his way, he would ignorant of his guest's quality, ap- expect it again, and it would at pointed them to sleep in an oul

lengih become a precedent. How house, which they readily compied ever, in the humour the king then with; and after eating a few siices

was, a question arose concerning of ham and buiscuit, relived to who should carry the grant of the resi, and in the morning paid their office for the royal signature, and bii wnich amounted to oniy three

the lol fell upon Chesterfield. His shillings and sixpence English, lordship expected to find his sov. and rode ofi A few l'ours after. ereigo in very unfavourable wards, several of his slie coming moud, and he was not disappointto enquire aller bim, and the pub.ed; be therefore prudentiy for. Jican unde standing the rank of bore incensing lim by an abrupt his guest, appeared very uneasy. request, and instead of bluntly ask. • Psha! psha! man,' said one of ing him io sign the instrument, the attendants, 'Joseph is accus: very submissively requested to tomed to such adveniures, and will know whose name his majesty think no more of it.'--' But, by would have inserted to fill up the Gd, I shall,' replied the land bianks. The king answered in a lord; for I can never forget the

pass o!), the devil's if you will.-circumstance, nor forgive myself "Very well," replied the Earl: neither, for having had an empero “but would your majesty have the or in my house, and letting him instrument run in the usual style off for ihree and sixfience.'

Our trusty and well beloved cousin and counsclior ?" The monarch

laughed, and with great good hu. A COURTIER'S QUERY

mour signed the paper. Soon afier lord Chesterfield come into the privy council,a place

An Electioneering Manauvre. of great trust happened to become vacanı, to which his majesty Mr. Coote, an ancestor of the (George I) and the duke of Dor. late lord Bellamont, adopted the set recommended two very differ. following method to carry his eleco ent persons. The king espoused lion for the county of Cavan,in Ire. the interest of his friend with some land Opposed by two gentlemen, hca!, and told them he would be o. i leagued in interest,& who had bech

from home ?”—“Ten, sir.” his conduct he proclaims it to the

repeatedly returned to parliament difficulties by some able State play. for that county, Mr. Coote, on sician, is earnestly desired. It any mounting the hustings.placed four should prescribe PATIENCE, it bags before him, each containing may be replied, that it is hardly a a thousand guineas. Afier thank palliative : But would leave the peo. ing the first that voted for him for plelike ISSACHAR, a STRONG his suffrage, he said, "Pray friend, | ASS couching down beneath ma. how many miles are you from nysburdens and shaking off none of home?"--" Five, your honor." them. “ Then there are five guineas to earry you home” A second vo

It is difficult to convince a man, ter-_" How many miles, sir, are

that he is a fool, even when by you " There are ten guineas to bear

world : Such are often wiser in

their own conceit, than seven men the expence of your journey."

that can render a reason. The news instantly ran like wild fire ; in short, before iwo bags

It is difficult to make men list. were thus expended, the election

en to truth, who are inveterately was hollow in favour of Mr. Coote prejudiced against it.

It is difficult dealing with a man, To make Rasberry Vinegar.

who has no opinion of his own, To 2 pounds fresh Raspberrys

but pins his faith on another man's (not too ripe) put one quart of best

sleeve, or is carried in his go cart. vineyar, let it stand 24 hours, then strain it through a hair seive with It is difficult to prevent men, out breaking the Raspberrys, then from being proselyted to error, put the liquor on 2 pounds more and made dupes to artful men, who Raspberrys, and after straining compass sea and land to make it in the same manner add to every proselytes. pint of juice one and a half pound Lump Sugar, put it into a stone

LADI'S MISCELLANY vessel and let i: stand in boiling water until the sugar is dissolved.

NEW-TORR, August 22, 1812. when cold take off the scum and

Be it our task, bottle it for use.

To note the passing tidings of the time. will answer for common

199000010J1900 well as Lump.

The City Inspector reports the death of 60 persons in this city and at Potter's

Field, from the 8th to the 15th of August. From the Spirit of the Press. A GROUP OF DIFFICULTIES.

On Salurday last a party of New.derA prescriprion which will ef:

sey militia having formed a sham fight fectually remove this Groun of in the neighbourhond of Haddonfield,

Brown sugar


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one of them James L.ane) recei ed ihe took the dog, chopped his legs off and contents of a muske! in his head at sa th ew h m also in the Bizke.Osen, atier small a distance that it tore his head to which he sal fire to the barn, which pieces, bie w off bis scull, and killed him with all its contents, completely filled, on the spot

was soon reluced 10 a besp of ash-e
His wife and family had in the mean

time Aed in the woods, where he lay The Gatharine in Triumph ! all night under a tiee. His brother in . TVe have an account from Marblehead

Til le while afei came back io in bo i. that a boal be'onging to that port, yester.

ble scene of action, wilh some neigh. da: ( Aug. 9 ) spokr the British gun brig

bou's, to whom the monster, afie har. PIUMBER gning up to Boston, a prize ing throun away his dearlwespring

siirrende ed himself, aying Tom he to IV:? nm Gray's privateer the Catha

person who has done all this. The min. rine, with S 60,000 specie on board.

ste was he eupon conveyed 1- the goal of ihis place, where he is now confined.

A Cooner's inquest was held one he Reading. ( Penn ) Aug. 15 gled emains of the Paienis of his Most Horrid Murder !!- It falls very saage Monster! It is not in our pow. unfortunately to our lot to communicare er at present to udlany.hing more we one of the most barbarous and mu der wished ather to hue pas et itin silence ous acts ever commited by a m nste in -but something was expected. human shape On Wednesday, the 13h inst: after 4 o'clock in the afternoon, a feSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS-2. man named John Schild. in lsace town. ship, abou! 4 miles f om his place, be.

Married. gan with an age :o cut up everything about and in the liouse, when his fa her On the 20th ult Mr Foster merchart who lived close boy, hearing it, com ng of Richmond, Vir 10 Miss 'Taman towards him, addre sed him. 'John' john' what are you doing - Jetin tu nd upon his father with the axe, cul his

SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS father in the breast, when the father im mediately turning round, and holding

Died, his breast, retreated to the house-John pursued him, cut him down, chopped

On the 22d ult.at the house of Col. Shela half of his he.d fi threw it from him,

man, Wm. 1. Dandridge, M. ) sur. then cut his body open, tore out his en

geon in the US navy on the St Mary's trails and heart. flis mother approach

station, after a short illness agert 26 years jog him and exclaiming he cut her dow's

On Friday Nicholas G. Knox, aged 16 in the same manner, taking her bowels,

pears, son of Mr. Thomas Knox, heart and liver out, and ihrew it in the Bake Oven, which had just befo e been

On Frilay the 7th inst, at Flushing 1. heated by the family to bake bread

1 Mr John Bradwell, merchant of that A younger brother being near by, this

place, aged 43 years. monster now måde at him, with the axe, but the brother catching his arms, thrpy At Martinique on the 19th of June, him down and Aed--the monster setting Mi John Parso, after a slort illness. a dog at him, who would not bite him, aged 29 years.

this city

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