my equal in the room.-No-10,

wiiness. Our family was split, the Curates might perhaps bave like this kingdom, into two par. as much learning as my master, ties; the son and the mother on but then they could not boast of The one, and the two daughters auch a Wig ; they might have as and the father on the other. The much' within their heads, but son had, to be sure, taken chamthe outside of the head is what bers in the Temple ; but he lived claims sovereign respect. Per for three years more in a stile so haps many people would not look

very superior to the dry matter-ofso much to the ourside, if they fact progress of law, that his fa. were not conscious of an inability her was soon under the necessiiy to judge of the inside well; but a of recalling him, in order, as was Wig must no: digress, for it re said to tame nim, if possible ; for sembles sitting' awry' on a man's the old gentleman was very sensihead, I lived near a twelve month ble, that if he was allowed to follow in the service of this pious Di. the law much longer in that manvine, and must confess that I had ner,ten to one but the law would every mark of regard and estcem soon follow him : and truly it was paid to me, and was very frequent- | almost at his heels already. This ly permitted to visit the gentle confirms what the witty Henry man who made me, in order to Fielding says, that “ they who enhave me properly educated and ter the Temple with embroi. fi.ted to see company, which I did | dery, generaly come out of it very frequently, in private ; but with rags." -Our young Hopeful do not remember that ever I paid had arrived but a few days before above three or four visits to mysell, and in that time gave such church while with my present specimens of London gallantry master. I generally hung in Mr. among the country ladies, that bis Gurtle's bed room, sometimes in father ihought it the most pru. another room, and sometimes I deni scheme to advise him to mar. was adjusted to a very elegant ry. I overheard this amusing dia carved block which siood in the alogue while I rested on the head entry. This block was so line my of my worthy supporter one after. master, when I was placed on it, noon when the rest of the fimily that I vow, on the word of a l'ig, we e from home : you could scarcely have marked • Prithee, Tom, said the father, the distinction.

whai plan do you iniend 10 follow ? I had not lived long in this fam. | You cannot expect that my forily ere I found that a clergy man's iune is equal to support your ex• house is not to be considered as a travagance ? manufactory for godly sernions : • My extravagance! Still harpNot a little inuiguing was to be

ing on that icnder string! Why, p'serves, nor was í an inattentive I tell you, I was guilty of no-ex

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travance but what serves to set instructions are more plliin ually ofite character of a gentleman' obeyed than those of passion. You in an agreeable manner. Surely used to preach a great deal about you'would not have nie to quit the this and that and t’other, and virGraces !!

tue and vice; and all that ; but, 13 • Certainly I would not ; but say the truth, my dear papa, I neyour fusaionable giaces are also. ver had much practical' divinity luie ac for nities : and, like paint, from you ; and when you preach although ihey seem to conceal about the New Jarusalem, it alpaleness, in fact create wrinkles. ways strikes my fancy that you die drinking, gaming, & wench mean the Jarusalem-lavern in ing, praces ?'

Clerkenwell.' Notibsolutely ; but they are

* Har kee, you young dog, I have a 60"t of necessary appendage to a heard much of yourimpertinence; man of quality's abilities, that I

but if you presume to open your would not wish ose wit out. I

lips io medinio tois like mandrink to please my company ner. I' I wisinde if you.' 10 make up deficiencies; - ind

Very likely, my good father ;, wench stile io shew my svii'.' but wo's lhe dupe, then? If you

inis spirit of your's are commanded to rear a plant, seems to consist inerciy in re

and yet negleci to water it, who, ban:ching every fine woman. you think you, is lo blamc? I have


Li practised every word you have gise poo. M!!:)

such a proof! ever taught me ; but you have of your spiri?

lalight me so little, that, 'faith, I • Yes; but that was an accident, was obliged to prosecuie my stud-I couid not possibiy do otherwise.' ies on a more enlarged plan.' "Wny so, pray? Was not the

Now, gentle Reader, you must education I had given you, and the I know, that this conversation went piilosophy you liave imbibed.

faitiier at this time, and this • () Lori, O Lord, my dear for two reasong :- In the first fine

do place, the old genileman began le tempt onc, as to be sure I was feel something with in him uptempted, philosophy and education braiding him much more than his are as useless as broken china, son did, for having neglected this ani us shabby-looking in the eyes youth's education. This inward of a man of fashion. The first monitor is usually called Conman that ever lived was tempted science, and was a very unwelby a woman, and full;---5) did I : come visitor to my master ; & yet yielding to templation seams to fur variety's sake he might have tun in the blood of sonie families i e'en conse! edtohcarhim for once, liis a cicvilish aukward trick that ; it being the only time Mr. Conwe have got, to be sure ; but no

science had knocked at his gate



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papa, when


for a good many years. The par

VARIETY. son was really choaked with rage to find himself thus beset both without and within, and could pro

ORIGINAL AND SELECTED ceed no further in his proposals 10 disin erit. Tom, again, who was For the Lady's Miscellany. really a better lad than he seemed, was unwilling at this particular crisis to lose the prospect of a good


OF THEOPHILUS CIBBER inheritance ; for, to tell you a

This strange eccentric wag, in truth, he had more depending on it than merely a comfortable sub

company with three other bon vi.

pants, made anexeursion to France. sistence ; and if you will have a

One had a false set of teeth, a seJiule patience, I will attempt to

cond a glass eye, a third a cork unravel this mystery. I have on

leg, but the fourth kad nothing ly to add, in the mean time, that

particular except a remarkable during the above confabulation, I suffered not a little damage by be

way of shaking his head. They

travelied in a postcoach; and ing ofien adjusted, moved about, and crumpled ; for it is an estab.

while they were going the first lished rule with men who have

stage, after each had made merry litle to say in a cause, to excite wi

with his neighbours infirmity, they appearances by a sagacious use

agreed, that at every baiting place Had I been deaf, indeed, they should all affect the same sinI could have known how the ar

gularity. When they came to

breakfast they were all to squint : gument was likely to end, accord

and, as the countrymen stood gaping to the frequency of alterations which I underwent.

When the ling round when they first allight.

ed, Ad rot it, clied one, how that parson spoke bimself, he put me

man squins! Wydn thee, 10 the right side : and when he answered arguments, I veered to

says the second, here is another

The thiid was the left. This I look to be his l squinii g fellow. weak side ; but when he could

thought to be a better squinier

than the o her two, and the fourth neither speak nor hear, I advanc

better than all the rest. In short, ed in front. In my next capier I will give thee a most lamentable

language cannot express how adaccount of what I heard and saw

mirably they squin ed : for they af er this : for, being much dis

went on a degree beyond the su. com osed, it was judged necessary

perlative. Al dinner they all ap10 send me to my creator and per

peared to have cork legs: and severe, in order to be dressed for their stumping about made more extraordinary service.

diversion than they had at break(To be Continued.)

fast. At len they were all dcaf: but

of me.

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at supper, which was at the ship at FEMALE PATRIOTISM.
Dover, each man resumed his
character, the better to play bis

Among the many excellent ira part in a larce, they had concerled

stitutions of that celebrated legis. among them. Then they were

lator of the Spartans, Lycurgus, it

must be confessed there were, ready to go to bed, Cibber called out to the wailer. here, you follow

some totaily inconsistent with hus take out my teeth!'-' l'eeth sır?' man nature. Stranger himself to Ay, teeth, sir.. Unscrew that

the refined feelings of sensibility, wire, and you 'll find thcy 'll alı

fiom wrence the best and purest come out 10, ether.' After sonie

of ou pleasures flow, he bought on hesiiation the man did as he was y to inspire his people with a lore orderca -- This was no sooner per

of inagnanimity, and an utter formed, inan à second ciyed ou!,

contempt of danger: but above here, you, ianculi FC'How evantne ienderesi ties of

paiental sir,' said the waliers jourse?'. Be crion, he placed the love of • Yes, my eye :

coinc here, you iscruntry. A woman of Sparstupid ro, :pilt up that eyelid,

la had five sons in the army, and and it will come Seasy as

was 'oudly expecting intelligence jessible!" This donc a ullu cried

of a battle A messenger at length out, he e, you rascal, lake off

arrived : in trembling anxiety she zny leg! This he did with less inquired who were the conquerers reluctance, being before apprised

- Your five sons are killed.” that it was cork, and also perceiv.

"Wretch! did I ask you that?" ing that it would be his last job.

“ We have gained the victory." Ile was, however, mistaken. The The mother flew to the temple to fourth watched his opportunity,and offer her thanksgiving to the gods. while the poor aff:ighted fellow was surveying wi ha rueful coun.

icnance the teeth, the cye, and
leg, lying upon the table--cried Thy first homage thou owest to
out, in a frightful hollow voice, the Deity: the second to the au-
. come here,sir, take off my head!'thority of civil society.
Turning round, and seeing the Honor the fathers of the siate :
man's head shaking like that of a love thy country: be religiously
mandarin upon a chimney. piece, scrupulous in the fulfilling of all
lie daried out of the room : and, the duties of a good citizen : con-
alier lunabling headlong down sider that they are become sacred
stails, he ran aboui the house, by the voluntary masonic vow:
swearing that the gentlenien up and that the violation of them, in a
si...irs wc.e certainly ali cevils. prof.ne man, would be weakness:

but in thce, bypocrisy and crimi-



Brief but significant description of LAD'S MIISCELLANY

NEW-ORIA:Fust 29, 181%
Mr. Arnold, in his Dutch Dic.

" 'Be it out to tionary, under the word “ Free

To nnte the passing tidings of masonry,' says, that it is 'a Morai

JJ1100 11100 Ortler, insiituted by virtuous men,

CASUALTIES. with the praisworthy desigo of

Yesterday morning, Mat bias Miller, recalling to our remembrance the

aged 13 years, son of John F. Miller, of most sublime truihs, in the mids

this city, feil fronı pier No. 9, into the of tlie most innocent and sociable East riie". and was drowned. His body pleasures, founded on liberality, was found two or three hours after. brotherly love, and charity.'

On Saturday the 220 inst. Charles

Newell Fawselt, son of Mrs. F. at the An Alligator was shot through

corner of Nont street and Crane wharf,

fell from the fifth story window to the the head at Ghazepoo re, by an

pavement and expired instantly. officer of the 67th regiment, which

On Thursday, a boat, containing se was 29 feet in length, and 7 in ci:

ven boys, upset on the cable of a vessel cumference. In the stomach were

in the stream, and three of them were found several half-digested bunan diownej.--Columb. limbs, the heads of iwo children, and more than twenty stones-

Won:!erful preservation. The brig probably swallowed in order to as.

Polly, ceprain Wm. Cazieu, who sailed sist digestion.

from Boston for Si. Croix Dec. 13th, 1811, was upset a few days out. Capt.

C. and one man remained on the wreck THE VIPER AND THE LEECIT. One Hund ed and Eighty days, when

We both prick, said the vipar they rere p:ovicientially taken off, 2. one day to the simple leech, we

bout 30 days since by an English ship, both prick : and yet I do not know

and afterwards put on board the schr:

Dromo, and have arrived at Kennebec; how it is, you are a great favorite,

all the rest of the crew perished. and every body runs away froin

Boston Pat. mes or strives to knock ine on the head.

Melancholy accident. On Tuesday Don't you know why, my little

morning last, about 1 o'clock, Me: Heir. dear, réplied the other--We both ry Peterson descended into a priry, fro prick true enough, but my sting the purpose of getting his watch, which gives life to the sick, and yours

was lost on Monday. As soon as he kill the man who has the strongest

descended he fainted. Mr. Reynolls,

his brother in law, went to his assis, health. By so much, and no less,

tance, and both were suffocated tager bei differs a goodnatured critic from

er. They have left distressed families an illnatured one.

to bemoan their sudden death mil.

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