Singular and fatal coincidence --Josh. row bouts and came to their relief at na Clapp, of Montgomery, in this slute, the eminent h'zard of their lives. Be. & Caleb Clapp, of Greenfield. Massachir fore their arrin t), however, Capt. 1 !!en setts, were twin brothers, born about the and Stone, of ihe p ivaieers, liad taken

*51 exactly the counterpart of their fight 10 the world of spins dher. They early eng-ged in the Through the humane exertions of be

autionary war, and in thei. military il gentlemen in the bests, who went 10 ad civil capacities were both highly their assistance, the other file were prorespectable : peculiarly bappy in their virientially sxed, thrugh not unui they - families afterwards, and easy in their had become nearlv'exhausted ib.

circumstances. They were apparent-
ly drawing to the close of honorable life, +SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS+
when shocking to relate! they both put
a period in their existence by cutiing

fa, cried. their own throats with razois - Joshua, in November, 1810, and Caleb in June, On Tuesday evening by the Red År. 1812 - Mercantile Ado.

chibald Malay, Mr Samuel Mutinan,

of Newark, N. 7.10 Miss Abella Dun. "The City Inspector reports the death of lap, of this city. 49 persons from the 15th to the 22d of Aug 1812, of the following diseases

feSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS+ Asphyxin 1, Casualty 2 Choe'era Mor

Died. bus l, Consumption 10. Conqulsions 3, Dropsy 1. Dropsy in the head 1. D'sen

I: Gratz Silesia, about the middle of tery 3. Fiver t plus 2 F'ux infantile 9,

June last. Louis Ponap.irte lare King of Hiqes 3. I flammation of the lungs 1,

Holland age! 40.

He bequeathed to Scarred 1, Small pox 1. Srill born

: 2.

the town of Ganz, the litije property of Surden death 1, Teething 3. Whooping

which he had been there honored. sugl 4.- Total 49.

Lately in France, M. Sonnini, the 7. MORTON City Inspector,

celebrated traveller

On the 20th day of the 8th month, Melañcholy occurrence.

- On Welnes

1812 Doctor Ebenezer Blachly, of Pate day 12th inst. several vessels were in terson Ny aged 51 years. Winter Harbor, near Portsmouth N H as a convenint sheiter fiom the se

On Monday the 24th instberween 4 veriiy of the weather ; and aming

and 5 o'c'ock, Mr. Philip E Ruckle, others Capt. Allen of the Madison Jn

On Tuesday morning, Peter P Van Cape. Ann privateer, and Capt. Stone of a privateer fitting out at 'Saco. Ha'.

Zandt. Esq of a lingering illness, aged ing occasion to go to town, capis. Allen and Stone, wiib five othes got into a

On Tuesday morning, at: 5 o'clock, sail boat for that purposfibey proccel

Mrs. Elizabeth Haviland widow of the ed as far as the bar and were attempt.

late Elias Haviland in the 34th year of ing to cross it, when the boat capsized her age after a long and lingering ill. and precipitated the whole seen into ness, which she bore with christian forti. the Ocean-where they struggled in

lude and resignation. various ways until Capt. Adams of ihe On Thu sday were inteired at Bos. Portsmouth Revenue Cutter, and Capt. 'or,he remains of Mr. Thomas Bangs, Morrell of the Gun.boat, manned their l) Ensign in the army of the U. S.

aged 34.

82 years

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Apollo struck the enchanting Lyre,
The Muses sung in strains alternate.'

From the Freemason's Magazine.

SONNET. On Seeing the Wife of a Friend nursing

her infant Affection's fond partner, with Friend.

ship's warm friend, Accept the effusions of my humble

Jay : My snul's speaking language expression

would blend, And respeci's highest tribute esteena

would repay. With transport I view that dear babe in

thy arıms, The richest dear pledge of connubial

bliss ; 1 bebold all thy joys, and thy tender a

larmisThe mother' pure rapture, and love's

fond caress.

CHORUS. For like pillars we stand, ar.. mova.

ble band, Cemented by pow'rs from above, Then freely fet 's pass, the generous


To masonry, friendship, and love. The Grand Aichitect, whose word did

erect Eternity measure, and space, First la d the fair plan on which we be.

gan, Cement of harmony and peace. Whose fiimness of heart, fair treasure

of arts To the eyes of the vulgar unknown, Whose lustre can beam new d goily and

fame On the pulp:1, the bar, and the throne.

Indissoluble bards our hearts and our

hands In social benevolence bind, For, true to his cause, by immutable

A mason 's a friend to mankind.

As I am surveying a parent's delight, Memóry, from feeling, di aws forth a

sad tear ; And Fancy, intrustive, presents to my

sight The bliss I once claim'd-and how

Love can endear

Let joy flow around, and peace-clive a

bound, P: eside at our mystical rites, Whose candor maintains our auspicious

And freedom with order unites.

May the anguish that preys on my

breast ne'er be thine ; But bliss round thy heart calm content.

mont intwine.

Nor let the dear maid our mysteries

deead, Nor think them ropugnant to love ;


To beauty we bend, and ber empire de Strews wiih fresh flowers the narrow fend,

way of life ; Her empire deriy'd from above. In the clear heaven of her delightful eye

Ar angel guard of Inves andgraces lie ; Then let 's all unit-,sincere and up ight,

A nu d her knees domestic duties meet, On the level of viriue to stand ;

Krd fi eside pleasures gambol at her No mortals can be more happy than we,

feet With a bo her and friend in each

" Where shall that land, that spot of hand.

earth be found!" Art thou a mán, a patriot !-Look a

round; I O M E.

O, thou shall find, howe'er thy footsteps By ). Montgomery 'There is a land, of every land the pride;

That land shy COUNTRY, and hat Beloved by Meaven o'er all the world spot thy HOME!

beside, Where brighter suns dispense serener

EPIT 4PH, 'ght,

In a Country Church Yurd. And mider moons emparadise the Render pass on, ne'er waste your ime, night ;

On hud biography and bitter rhyme, A lord si beauty, virtue, valor, truth, For what I win this cumb'rous clay inTime tutored age, and love exalted

sures, youth ; .

And what I was, is no affair of yours. The wandering mariner, whose eye ex.

p!o: es The wealthiest isles, the most enchant

PRINTI.VG ing shoes, View's not a realm so bountiful and

AND fair, Nor breathes the spirit of a pure air;

:, In eve y clime, the magnet of his soul, | Neatly and correctly executed, (os Touched by resemblance, trembles to

reasonable terms,) at the ibat pole;

Office of the For in this land of Heaven's peculiar

LADY'S MISCELLANY. grace, The herritage of nature's nobler race, I'here is a spot of earth supremely best, A dearer sweeter spot than all the rest.

WANTED. Where man, creation's tyrant, cast a.

Two or Three Young Ladies as A En side

prentices, to the Taylors Pusiness, afHis sword and scepter, pageantry and

ply at No. 99 Cherry.street. pride, While in his scftened looks benigely blend

PRINTED AND PUBLISHED BY The sire, the son, the husband, fa her,

SAMUEL B. WIITE, friend : Here Woman reigns; the mother,

N0.28 Frankfort-street New York daughter, wife,







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The grey

ere so go


bieas! of the lake.

bills and awful frores s A Tale.

ry and silent. No noise vashit : fi

save the roarin. of a distant casBy William Richardson, professor

cade, save

ve the interrupted wailin s of Humanity in the Universi.

of inatrons who lamenied the line ty of Glasgow (Scotiand.)

timely deatins of their sous. MaMeapiime Ononthio counselled rano. with the captives is«uing un. his daughter'to conduct the stran perceived from the villa e, pursugers to a distant etreat, and pre- led their way along the silent shore serve then there, till, by his in till they arrived at a narrow unfiefluence and au ho ily, he had ap- quented recess. l' was open to peased the violence of his bie.ll the lake.bounded on ei'her side by thren... Judge not unfavourably abrupt and shelving pricipices, arof my nation,' said he, from this rayed with living verduie,and partinstance of impetuosity. They led by a winding rivulet.

A venfollow the immediate impulse of erable oak overshadowed the foun. niature, and are often extravagan:. || tain and rendered the cene more But the vehemence of passion will solemn. The other captives were 800n abate, and reason will assitie overcome with fatigue, and finida her authority. You see nature with ting some withered leavesin an adrestrained but not perverted ; lux- joining cuvern, 'they indul ed uriant, but not corrupt. My bre

themselves in repose.

Marano thren are wrathful; but tö laient conversed long with her brother, o lasting enmity they are uiler she poured out her soul in his strangers.

sympathising bosom, she

comforted and relieved. While It was already night. The in- l she leaned on his breast, while is dians were dispersed to their ham. arm was folded gently around her. Fris. The sky was calm and un a balmy slumber surprised them, clouded. the full orbed moon, in Their fearures, even in sleep,p e. serene and solemn majes'y, a: ose served the character of their in the east. Her beams were re souls. A smile played innocent Bected in a blaze of silve radiance on the lips of Marano, ber couna from the smooth and untroubled

397 tenance was ineffabiy tender, and


her vess's lay careless in her Marano now laments unconswied. snowy bosom.

The features of I will hasten to relieve her.& press Sidncy of a bolder and more mun. her with weeping joy to my faith. ly expression, seemed full of be ful transported bosom. nignity and complacence Caim and unruffled was their repose ;

Such were the sentiments of anthey enjoyed the happy visions of ticipated rapture that occupied the innocence, and dreamed not of im

soul of Oneyo when he discovered

Marano in the arms of a st anger. pending danger.

He reco!led. He stood motionless The moon, in unrivalled glory, in an agony of grief, anyer and asand now attained her meridian, tonishment. Pale and trembling when the in:ermitting noise of

he uttered some words incoherentrowers came slowly along the lake ly. He again advanced, again re. A canoe soon appeared. and the cognized her, then turning abd'p sing 04:9. arising at intervals ruptly, in bitter anguish, smiting from the water, shone gleaming his breast, • Faithless inconstant,' along the deep. The boa' nien,

he cried, and is this my expected silent and U. observed, mooi ed

meeting ! in the arms of a strantheir vessei on the sandy beach, ger! Arrogant invader of my feli. and a young min, of a keen and city! He shall perish! His blood animated aspect arrayed in the

shall expatiate his offence ! Fu. sia sy skin of a bear, armed with ry flashed in his eye, he grasped a ow and a javelin, having left his javelin, he aimed the blow, his companions, was ad ancing a. and recognized his deliverer. Sura long the shore. It was Oneyo. prise and horror seized him. In. Having received wounds in ihe jured by my deliverer! By him battle, he had been unable to prose

whom my soul revered! And shall cu e his relurn, and had tar ied I dip my hands in his blood ! My with some Indians in the neigh. | life he preserved. Would to heabonekood of Montreal. By the

ven he had slain me? Thus inskilful application of herbs and jured and betrayed, Oneyo shall baisams his cuie was at length ef

not live.

Thou G eat Universal feruuated, and he returned impa. Spirit, whose path is in the clouds tient to his nation.

whose voice is in the thunder!

and whose eye pierces the heart ! * I will return secretly,' he said ( conduct me to the blisssul val• I will enjoy the sonov and re. ley, for Oneyo will not live.' He grei of Marano and of my brethren sighed. One look, one parting wno doubtless believe ma dead. I look of

my love. O I believed her will enjoy the extincy of their af faithful for her I lived, for her I fec'ion und their surprise on my' die.' He advanced towards her, unexpected arrival. My lovely l he gazed on her with anguish and

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