dera, did not happen to come in his

way. These British vaunters do no! ap. A gentleman dined one day with pear to be so fond of staelling Yankee a dull preacher; dinner was scarce. Gun Powder, as formerly. ly over before the gentleman fell

On the report of a British Squadran asleep, but was awakened by the

off ou coasts, Commodore Rogers has divine, and invited to go and hear been orde ed to cruize for the some and him preech. I beseech you, sir,' dubtless will shortly give us a Yankee said he, to excuse me; I can account of them, success attend his pro. sleep very well where I ans.'

The accounts of American Priva'eers are upon the whole very favourable they tend to scourge the British Trade, while

they enrich their owners. It being asked in company


The Military of this City are ordered my lord Chesterfield, whether the to Parade on the morning of the 15 h to piersof Westminster-bridge would be encamp'd for improvement and to be of stone or wood ? Oh,' said Protect the City and Harbour-where my lord, . Of stone, to be sure,for

their wives and offsprings dwell we we have too many wooden piers

are happy to say that this orde: has met

with that promptness & fortitude which (peers) already at Westminster.'

hath always Characterized the Patriota

Sie Citizens of New-York, when our LADY'S MISCELLANY Country calls, trifling privations ought

not to be (by Soldiers) considered. NEWTORK, September 12, 1812. Be it our task,

FIRE. To note the passing tidings of the times.

The valuable distillery at Staten Is. 0030000 INVADOR

land belonging to Mr. M Cullen, took The capture of General Hull, is un.

fire about 11 o'clock on Tuesday evenfortunately confirmed, but the vigorousing last, and was entirely destroyed with efforts now making by this State and in

its conten.s. The fire was occasionen other parts of the Union,we are in hopes

by the bursting of one of the boilers they will soon retrieve our loss ground

The loss is supposed to be considerable, to the chagrin of our enemies.

the amount is not known. We have just received intelligence of the arrival of the U. $. Frigate Essex, at Philadelphia, after a short and suc.

MELANCHOLY EVENT. cessful cruize. She has Captured His B. M. Sloop of war, Alert, of 20 guns On Sunday 301b ult. five lads were and 130 men, burnt two English ner. sailing in a small boat in the Sound, near chantmen, and captured and ordered for the old Blazing Star ferry, between Sta. port six others, with valuable cargoes. len Island and Jersey. when a schooner, The highest praise is due to the activity which was at the same time coming of Capt. Porter, commander of the Es. down the river, ran against the boat and sey. We are only,sorry that the Belvi. | immediately surk her : the five boys &

the hour passed under the bottom of ihe

Married. schooner : four of them by exertions of the c.ptain were saved but the fifth, At New Jersey on Monday evening who was the eldest son of Mr. John B. last, Mr Daniel Gudwin, 10 Miss Mary Tifs, a young man dear 19 years of age, Pray, eldest daughter of the late captain not knowing how to swim, was diven Fohn Bray, of this city so far from the vessel bat he drowned before any assistance could be afforded On Wednesday etening last.-by the rev. him.

Jonn Moither, Mr. Antory Gamage,

merchant. to Miss Hannah Tenbrook, The following lines were occasioned

daughter of Mr Henry Tenbrcok, mer. by the death of this amiable but unfor.

chant, both of this city. tupate young man.

Why do myriads crowd the shore ?
Why this mournful train appear?

Him they seek who is ro more,
Him they seek who pe. ished here. On Tuesday morning the 25th ult. Pes

ter P Van Zandt, esq. of a lingering ill. Il leneath the cruel wave,

vess aged 82 years In the bosom of the deep, He was doomed to find a grave,

On Tuesday the 25th ult Mr. James An, has left luis friends to weep.

Moor, aged $2 years. On these banks his friend.


At the seat of Richard Stockton F:9. For a mile along the shore,

ntar Princeton, on the 21st u't. Miss YuNeighbours, parents, all are here,

lia R Boudinot. dau of Hon Eli. All the comiren loss deplore.

sha Boudinot, of Newark Every bosom swells with grief,

On Tuesday the 1st inst, after a short E ery eye pours forth a lear,

but severe illness, Miss Jane Harton, Dea'h has like a midnigh: thief,

aged 55 years. Plunged and buried vinge here.

At Philadelphia, on Sunday the 30th Yes, all join this scene of woe,

ult Mr Benjamin Mifflin, esq Deputy When was such a scene before! Commissary General of the U Stares All their lears as freely flow,

On Wednesday morning Capi. Joseph As the waves that wash this shore.

Marschalk, in the 41st year of hıs-age But at length his corpse they see,

On Thurday last, in the 25th year of Cast, alas, upon the sand ;

her age, Mrs Maria Roorback, wife of Parents, friends, what misery!

Capı. Arthur Roorback. When ye touch his clay cold hand.

At Washington, on Sunday morning the From the unrelenting wave,

4th inst. in the 631 year of his age Robt. Where the tears of pity fell,

Underwood, for many years a clerk in the All go to the silent graie,

There they take a last farewel. Tressury office of the U.States. Parents, wipe away the tear !

The City Inspector reports the death of This great comfort let me give, 61 persons in this city and at Potter's Hear, this consolation hear,

Field, froin the 18th of August to the 5th That the righteous die to live.

of Sep:ember.

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Teems with carnage--they are strang


To a deed that is not brave.

It is of clearest pold, refin'd,

Affec 1099 cbastest sig i, be sure ; And po'ish d, iike my Anette's mind

As ympy, elegant and pure. Ti's round tro-what is that to prove ?

To what can such an etnbiem tend ? Wbut'bus ihe eternity of love,

A love, like mine, that knows no end.

May our hanner'd stars, as ever, Spien lidly

per fréemen burn, Till the merght of war is over,

Till the dawn of peace šeturn. WASHINGTON, Ful; 27.


Aonelle. they say-ay, in this curve,

No co vlaky nor lawless art Thst in his finger there's a nerve

Which ieuds directly to the heart. Touch'd by this gold-for raptu'd there

Lie's cha'm- g witcheries are such, Fancy would faller to declare

The thrilling pleasure-shall I touch?' It struck her finger---rap-urid quite, She c ied, you ie forlisii, get you

gone. Ter, if the couch be such delight,

What happiness to put it on! He seized the hint; the willing maid Scarce knew what she had said or

done.com But love's sweet influence obey'd,

And kiss d the ring ihat made ihem

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And now. when rude or play ful jest

At happy wedlock has its fing, She clasps her Lubin ro her breas, And smiling shewher--WINDINU


BOOK: BINDING, Neatly and correctly executed. (@ reasonable terms.) at the

After of the

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officer of ihe guards carne to reDOMESTIC MISERY ;'

crnit in the town where she reOR THE

siderl.-- This gentleman's name VICTIM OF SEDUCTION. was l'allot ; he possessed a fas

cinatin: pe son. and the mos' inPoor Maria Allarby was the

siharing address; teorian he only child of a respectable 'rades

bad betrayed forgo! her injuries span in one of our trading towns,

in bis presence, and the hungry whose affection for his daughter

creditor was willing to forego even bad induced him to form no

his just demand. His fine ralents cond connexion since the death of

we e directed to these sordid pure his wise, which took place when

roses, and his knowledge of the she was very young. The food

human heart laid open to bim father found bis anxieties and pa

every leading faible. Maria, thor' rental attentions repaid by the love

sie was possessed of a keen penand filial qualities of his Maria, etra:ion into the designs and Although he was not iich, he was cha. uciers of one s. when she in sich easy circumstances as to scarcely knew what formed her bestow an excellent education on

Talbot was not tardy in her, and to lay up a portion yearly taking the advantage of this weak. for her support. Every one ad ness in his inlended victim, and he mired the mutual interest they arifully seemed to lay open to her feit in each other's happiness, and all his faul's, while he was making thus they were objects of esteem himse faccurately acquainted with as well as envy.

l'he beauty of hers. The strongestachn ent Maria's person kept pace with which he excited in the inind of hier sterling sense of mind, and Maria was a consequence of that sweetness of disposition ; hence exclusive attention he paid to her, she seldom formied an acquainik wnieh so many other fashionable ance without securing a friend.. females signed for :-his talents Maria had often innocently said, and apparent virtues called forth that she wishes for no other love

her estcem, and his high birth ihan illat of her father, and that and expeclations made him an obfor his sake she would live un. jec in every respect unexception soņ inarriad; but this was before an able.


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