a knight, yet most who were pre- memory of the time that wied sent now rejoiced at his death, for men's souis.' lis strength had always been un.

When the Greeks had repelled justly and tyrannically employed.

the Persian po: er, and the bless(Concluded.),

ings of peace were experienced in their land, they manifested ineir

piety gratitude and patrio isn by SELECTED.

building temples to he xous and

érecing monuments o those arlo For the Lady's Miscellany. hud perished in battle. The ques.

tion has been ofien asked: and we VALLEY FORGE.

will ask it again : What


has America constructed for the Shall we be accused of presump. tion in attempting to celebrate the Dzity? What columns of ieiner

b.ance has she raised for the virtues of Washington ? We shall not. We may discover a wanı of

heroes who have perished in her

cause? abilities ; but we must not neglect {0 pour forth the effusions of graie

The Geeks instituted sacrifices sui minds because we ale unabli

and furie, und solemnitics 'o be per to clothe them in the most ele ant

formed annu isy; in wich die expressions. Wisdom and igno

fi si fiui's of their counny ware rance should mingle their voices

off red to the gods piel vers of in the celebration of his actions ;

Greece, and to the souis of ihe ico and every American should. speak.

roes who had died in its deiece: with rapturous pride, of the hero

wat yearly honos dues America of America. Babes sould be

pay o lhe God of armies for his taught to lisp the praise of the sa.

kindness? Woa! annua offc ng yiour of their country, and the ears

does se present to the brave of inlancy should be accustomed

spiri s of those who devoted tiene to the music of his name..

seives for toeir country? But, carried away by a pleasing The Geeks inscribed the names subject we have forgo en the of those who feit in batlle on pile camp at Valley Forge : it was lars of marble : the traveller in situated on the west side of Schuyl afier ages. passing over the fields kill about 25 miles from Philadel- of Diurai hon and Platz. breathed phia ; Patriotism might make a a sigh to the mernoiy of his fatipilgrimage to visit the place; and ers, and felt his own heart expand there, if we inay be allowed to with the love of glory. When ine make use of a hackneyed but ex. sons of America pass over the sot pressive quotation, should be e. where battles were fough!, wiele sected a inonument sacred to the freedoin was purchased vith blood:



does notning remind him of iie lei any man of any naton read Sanctity of ine pluce ? (es no this sublime admonition, and not simple inscrip:ion speak to the feei loe electric shock of vir jous. heart, like a Vulc. fomn burning sensibility. bush, saying

Pue of thy shoes frum of thy feet : for the place

The backwardness of our nation whereon thuu Standest is holy

in e ec iny monuments to inose who trode tic fields of danger in

the revolu onary war, is univerA historian having spoken of sally repitiba ed.. Those who the baule of Thermopyiæ, 'ob. speak or wille on the subjeci, enserves, two siuc!ures of marble

deavour to quse us from our apamarked the place of the engage thy by dwelling on the gratis ude we ment, with inscriprions which re- ought to feel fo those who sécurmained many ages : and which

ed our fieedom by weir wisdom. having been recorded by Herodo. or purchased our independence tus, will now prabbly be secured with their blood. This oughi to by the pless against perishing be a powerful notive with virtuous while the world shail last. One minds: this alune should be sufWas in honor of the Peloponesians, ficient to direct ttre energies of Collectively-he other comment- humane people to the objeci proOia ed inel.cedenonians who felli posed--but the enlightened and wich their prince. -'Il' en sonse patriotic legislator should-be urgGieekor Peloponnesus,in succeeu. ed forward by motives more powing; times, pussed by this place e tuleven than this Every na. and read, Here jour thousurd men tional work is the cominon properf161 Praonoumosus foughi qui!!!

ty of the nation : it is a bond of shree millions, his heart musi bare umion w ich binds the community swelled aito patsiolic pride, and together, and stamps the characier Bil. soui musi have gioied in his of'notioni on tho whole. Every ėcountry. Coud this Peloponne

rection of this kind cslubiishes a elin, afici wards have acicd cow.

new point of union, a hew (énire ardly in baule? Having road siis for the affections of the people. inscription, would he have ihraun

These works become objecis of away his shield, or

luned his cominon interest, common pride, brick upon his enemies? Bui lei lund common love to the commuany man of any nation,

Dity. sublime inscrip.ion oniniso: berob eusc of martie: it is ide o ce fram We will suppose for a moment the giave, of Leonidas & bis Spar that our government should build fans ; S70?ger! goiel the Luce la magnificent temple to the Deity denoidians that sue lie here in obe. to the God of our fathers, who dience iwiteir luas." We repeat: I brought them out of the house of

peiuse the

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bondage :' who wafted them by

in hervic verse : and here the his winds over he loisterous waves Muse mourns over their deaill, of the ocean ; who planted ihem and announces their reception ain the wilderness; and has con- mong the gods. verted that wilderness into a land

( To be concluded r.ext week od noiving' with mik and honey ;' who inspired thein with courage to contend or their liberties : who

SE LLCT E D. raised up for thein a deliverer :

For the Lady's Miscellany. who held his shield before their Washington in the day of battle ;

Airue fricivre of Human weakness who gave that Washin, en genius

in the story of M. T. and of to devise, and courage to carry his Knuvish tattery in that of V. plans into execution : who inspir. ed their sages in council with wis

The M. Tinherited a large dora to frame a constitution of pov for une from his ances!o-s, and ernment: and finally, who, fiom augmented it by a naillage with such small beginnings, has made an heiress, and the levemues of ' them a great and a powerful peo- several lucrative employments, ple-Suppose the Temple already which he discharged with hone: built :

and dexierity. He was at last

wise enough to consider, that life On rocks of adament, the walls ascend,

was not to be devoled wholly to acTall columns heave, and skylike a ches

cumulation and therefore resigned bend; Brighi v'er the golden roofs the glit.

his empo menis, reti ed to his tering spires,

estate, and applied himself to the Far in the concave meet the solar fires ; education of his children, and the Four blazing fionts, with gaies unfold. cultivation of doniestic happiness.

ing high, Look with immortal splendors round

He passed several years in this the sky,

Bailow. pleasing amusement, and saw, nis

care recon.pensed by its effects; This temple is filled with the his daughters were celebrated for choicest works of the sta!uary and modesty and elegance, ayd his sons the painter : and the verses of the for learniny, prudence and spirit. poets, in golden frames, decorate In time the eagerness, with which the walls and are suspended from all the neighbouring gentlemen the pillars. Here we may exa- couried bis alliance, obliged him mine che statues of Wasbington, to resign his daughters 10 other Franklin, Greene, Gaies, Warren, famalies; the vivacity and curiMercer, &c. i and here we may losing of bis sons hu ried them out read the history of their lives. of rural privacy into the open world Here their explolls are celebratea from whence they had not very

sooy an inciination to return. This cvcry caprice, adopı every opinion, however, was to more than he had." and "echo every assertion.. He always loped :'hè therefore pleas- never doulded bui to be convinced ed himseif with the success of his nor ever alien pied opposition but schemes, and felt õunu of je in. 10 fter the M. To with the coceniences of soi de uli un opinion of a vic 0.y. By ibis pracSpoexy deprived in cîhis wife. lice he mad pay quickly into die

heart of his pa on, and having list Te M. T hati-ho companion,

madesinsella.itculie, son beand the maladies increasing Calbe important: His i sida! yea's ok.1?Wie vinni much of the

die ice, by ich the vazines of per of pic'uring an emel

age was gralifid, soon e grossed f himself ieteicture moun il

ike management of wil affairs, wind necessary to procure sine interior

his waim pušesajış of kindness triod, who mi til case hem of his

pe ly offices of civili y, whild occaei onemical so ieiiudis, and divert

sio ai miei cessio, prevailed on boim by che rful conversation. die the leadisti Coostdr him as their svan recollec'ed all these qualists friend and beveiecior, io consult in V a cielk in one of the

non in and her schemes, and to offices, over which he had former.

e ieu hs. eintorce ment of their ly plesicled, la was ibe elore

lipiesin a'ions of hard y a:s, and invited to visu his old paciun, and

his coun endlice 10 petition for aq being by sis station necessarily ac

bateineni çf rent. quisinied with the prevent modes of life, and by (ostant prac iee

The M. Ta had now ban. dextrous ia business, ente ained que leon f. cry, will ne could no him with so many bove,les and singer beat the harshness of reso i'cadily dischianglea his afluis, in unstrance or me insipidiry of that his presence was though the I him. All contruteiy to his own principul coas iluunt of happiness, opinion shocked him like a violaand he was desired to resign bis tion of some na w'alighi, and all. clerkship, and accept a iberul sile recomiendalion of his affairs to sary in the liouse of Mr.

his own inspeç ion was dreaded by

him as a summons io torture. His The clerk Vond always chiie en sere alarmed by ile sudlived in a siate of dependence, and den riches of the CV, but was the efore well versed in all their complain's were hard by the arts by which favour is obtain. their futter with inpatience, and cd, and having been long accuis- their advice rejected with race, as." tomed to repress-all starls of le. the result of a conspiracy against seniment, and sallies of confidence his quiel, and a closign io condemn could without any repugrance or him for their own advantage io hesitation accommodate hirself to groanuúi his just huis in perplex

*. Svo .!

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ity and drudgery. "The daughters and seared by those who have disretired with tears in their eyes. covered the heart in which it lurks. but die soli continued his impolls tunisies, it be found his inheritance A rancorous tongue is the lerbazuided by his obstinacy. The ror of socie y, and the poison that ClerkVhaving thus triumph. destroys muual confidence, and ed over ali the efforts, continued good will among neighbours. It to corfirin him seif in au hority, and is the certain allendant of an eriincrease his acquisitions and at the vious temper : and tho' merit las death of his master purchased an ever found admireis, yet she in estate, and b.de definice lo cuqu. general has found envy likewise ry and justice,

ku king in the train - Nothing can be moie descried iban this affec

ion,ye' it may be doubled whet or For the Lady & Miscellany.

the bes and most exiled ininds

have not been 'ou fequently influM: Printer,

enced by it. The most celebra ed If you should think, from this

wils of all ages have complained Specimen, that the correspondence

of it, and many of tham have emof a friend to truth. will be agree

ployed their pens in satirizing it, able to your readers, you will by a

at the very instant that thicy have short hint hear farther from,

been acivated by it.--Whoever A Yiriend 10 Truth

thought himself injured mo:e severely by envy than M Pepe, and

yet who more cubject to it? His Livid and meag e are her looks, her

lines on Mr. Addison, who, ago eve,

cording to him, was the most jeal. In foul dintored glances turns away; ous man breathing of a rival. are She never sm les, but when the wietch

wrote not only in the true spirit of

poetry, but with such a freiing Nor lulls her malice with a momeni's sleep,

sensibility of the injury done to Restless in spite, wbile watchful to de

bimself, and of its pernicious ef stiny,

fecis o rising genius,

that we She pines and sickens at another's joy ;, should little expect to have seen a Foe to herself distressing and distressed, vice usurping an almost enţire doShe bears her own tormentor in her minion ove him who saw iis conbreast.

sequences in so llue and so suikof all the diseases of the soul,

ing a light. if we may venture to call violent affections by chat name, thai of en. I hope no one will think that vy is the most dangerous to its while 1 710 wving against erivy, I competitors, the most corosive 10 am endinavourin; to lessen the nieIts possessors, and the most hated its of this accomplished female :

TO Mis$ ****

ed weepi

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