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. I hope the worla will may be ignoidni od s cit, ant treat me with severity, wilen it accompisament, I will describe l. hears me trying to exall niy own ne arms must be inruwa viowisdom by doubling my fabber*s.' icduy back, till they are alinust Mr Amold involun arily ciapset: parajie wiches, ouider, and reher to his bosom, and excaimed an extendeu nouzontaliy uncil • Poo. Aslanby !'- And poo Le next step when they ill be Maija

!' relor ieu Amelia brougat fo: Hard with a sudden " When I leave my pateinal root, jerk vill the hand comes in conit will be my parting request thu laci with the olluctory orgàu, to

you do all the kindness you can to the great endangeum of thai pro• my once bonoured fiend. Mi. nen: fcatuie, ubiess the ction

Ailanby said, in doing this we is preformed with greai care and should induise nimseit! and then, skili, (bu: what gensieman would contented with each other, they re re, ret breiking os nose, to aclurned to the coinpany

quire so cicabit an accomplish(To be Continued.)

mient?) inus must learns be Thrown anernalely buick and lor

ward wiin every step since, howFor the Lady's Aliscellany.

ever, this elegant all can only be DITOR,

acqui ed by close and intentire It is astonishing yet amusing, s'uay I am nerely iu horized by to betod with what application Monsieur, respectfully to intorni and secility our bucks of the fiis Wegentlemen of Newark and New class, ape the manners gestures York, that he intends shortly to and gait of any stranger who ar. open a school in the former place rives in tow!), whose actions &c. cntiucd. The Gentlemen's they fancy are svlis (48 they de 'swin, ing academy. Where this roninate i, hugh whence, .01 fine and graceful art will be taught how they acqulied trie word, I am wiin precision and elegance, in all at a loss to conjectu e, thoug per. iis various gestures, and the unlaps it may be borrower) 1 0 graceful lounger's swing will be one they learn a gisture, from a completely eased and annihilated. notver a motion of the head, from

LAXGDONU'S & Co. a third a fantastic guii &c. and Ar vark, Sept 38 18:2. they have recently acquireti a ges. N. B The above mentioned, ture which surpasses aii otties in

graceful art has been lately im. killing elegance (as tho Jadies!

ported from liarce. L. & CO. term it) which they have lears' of a pedaotic, supercilous son if

EPIGRAM. Guilia Cor gawi) videricii, swing: This rain,' says ] hn, · will raise the in the arın when walking, which, cort and every thing to life ;' for ise instruction of those who

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The fear of deaih should be so to NO 1.

talls erazed by an ipiention to

Holdly objects, as to be thought Illa quoque res morti nos alienat, quod her jam nouimus, zi a au quæ iransriuri

of only upon a bed of sickness, or sumus nescimus quanin sin ki horre occasionally, as a disagreeable oc. mus Ignora Naurais prætere di tenebra. currence to the inemory. For it rum metus est, lit quus auduciura mors

is necessary and to us (as crea. creditur SEN Frisi 83

curts ucsir ned for immortaliy) Dist.Ust atid ankness of a future state, \| the musi cssential consideration Is that which makes ina kind to diead

that can engage our study. Ii is their tale,

an opening to a vast unknown Dying is a big but'tis this we fear,


enliance into two To be me know no. what, we know HOL

sats, where all mankind must where.'

lake up an eternal residence he The certainly of death is so ove ubounding with every felicity hourly evinced, that one Cunnot, possibie for us iis inimortal beings without surprise, observe he in 10 expe.ience-he other surround. diffurency of the event. They ed wiin darkness and inexpressitreat it as something at a distance, ble misery. Revelation and our and forget that noi a moment pass own ieuson so fully confirm this ses but many of their spicks re. belief, that the niost daringly in

sign their last breath 10ks origi famous are ashamed to own a connai author. Nay, when the soi. tiary docuine : and though ihe emn kneli apnou.ces live depuis world has p!uduced munsters of tuie of some neighbouring, long impiety who have hot blushed to known friend, and puts them in propogate the most erroneous and mint of their own specdy morta i. ab. Ad ned tenets, yet on a near ty, a downcast look, which vanish prospect of ceath, their cowardly ps with the succeeaing day, ou per: sou.ds have shi unk from their as. haps an invo.untary sigh in the sumed greuness, and made tiem whole sorrow express:ed on the secretly confess what they had betrying occasion. The Deily wise. fore publicly affected to deny. ly ouained, that death should not To live weil, and to act in conforat all times dwell upon our recol. nity to the precepts of ile Divi. lection, and discuib our wordly niy, is the only possible means lo avocations, for then the duties of leave the world in comfort. Thic life, incumbent on us in our res. ieu Christiana sees with rapiuie a pecuve situatiuns to perform, glorious immoriali's, and longs 10 would have been entirely neglcci. nd himself of a chabeisome body ed, and the ends of our being 10 a tain ilie completion of his prorendered nugatory and inc ffeciual mised bliss ; but very different is but it is certain frem the sacied the situa jon ol the man on the wriungs, tilat he never intended sorld !-Scared and condvundel

at his past conduci, he is tired of

very ingenuously commu edied existence, and wishes for total an the importani seciel to the young ninilation - he sees an eternity be. wonian with whom she hud formfore him, but he sees it with hor. ed an inuma cand sincere affecroles inks back at ibe un tion. Her friend exposiulared welcome view, and laments, with with her for some time, on the out relief, that he had no taily in dan, ers to wbich she woud be life obeyed the dictates of nis now exposed, in case of her being ta. acusing conscience. I will nou

keo but fuiding ber resolution follow him into another world, nor 1: was fixeu furnished ber with inopresume to piss sentence upon his


No sooner had she taken gumy head-he reader will make

hei final adieu of her affectionate his own riflecions. Bui perhaps | friend, than she commenced her he will only criticise upon my ob- . 'jou ney on foot, for Porismouth. servations, and urge the impro Wien she had got about a mile priety of introducing any thing out of Carlisle, she obsei ved some so se ions in a periodical pubiica- people picking and backing peas tion-Bui if he will reconect the in a field ; observing leii ciothes importance of the maile: bifre

jay al a distance, she pu en off him to every individual, and that

her regimental coal, lejl i tere the Lady's Miscellany has a very and took an old coat in exchange, extensive circulation, and is dit bi longing to one of the men, after inio (as it is fashionabiy term which she pioceeded on her jeure ed) oy men who knucu life, and

Day She was about a month in scarce ever think of any thing but travelling fom Carlisie to Portsthe pleasure oil he will proba mouth ; and soon afier re-enlisted bly acquit me of my sin, ula. in. as a marine, in Col. Fraser's redethcacy ---collect the short ..ints I giment. She had not belonged to have given him--and present the

the regiment above three weeks, public next week with a more

before a draf was made 10 go on copious investigation of ine sub boaid Adiniral Buscawen's Feet ject.

for the East indies ; many of those who irere drafiert, found me 510

desert, and in consequence she reSEL EC I ED.

ceiveri an order to repair on board

the Swallow sioop of war, Captain For the Lady & Miscelluny.

Rosicr, to join the expedition. BIOGRAPHY OF

While on board she made herself

remarkable by her dexterity and HANNAH SNELL.

address. She reactily washed and Having iaken all the prudeni mended the lines of her mess. measures imaginable, for the ac malcs.orco ked for them if requir. complishment of her wisics, sbclled; by these little good offices

cheerfuliy and frequen ly perform. attack however, proveri but of ed, she distinguished herself so short duration, for the Admiral fa. that Mr. Wyegate, one of the finding their uimost efforts allolieutenants of te marines took ether ineffectuan, and having a particular notice of er, and begs. tender egard for his men, as well ed in a very triensiy mnner, she as his ships, irbandoned the place, woud become one o: their mess, apri sel suil directly for Fos. St. which offer was readily accepted,

David's where they arrived short aid se soun burame a great fa

afier. A his for the M!!es Forite among the crew of the weie disembarked.and having join. sloop. In case of an engagement ed the English army, in aliout she was lo he stationes upon the three weeks they arrived at A eaquarte cieck ; and as one of the copong, where they immediately afie quaid. her business was to encamped, with a firm reselition fi It, and do what mischief she to lay siege to the place and if eould with the small arms they possible, lake it by storm. This had on board, so tha se was al adventure animated ou heroine ways in readiness in case of an al afresh, and guve her a fairer optack Young as she was, she was portuniiy than before, of displayobiged to keep watch every other ing her intrepidity and thirst afier four hours ; and bough never on glory ; and she embraced it in so hoard a ship before, though her distinguished a mannar, that she Raiurat intrepidity, and peculiar gained the adn,iration and applause spighuiness, she became, with of all he. officers

For nine days very little instruction, a little iar of uccessively, they carried on the great note. As dangers and diffi. sie e, and met with a very vigor. culiies once siil mounted are sel. ous iepulse ; but on le 10 h, a dum rellected on ; and as poor shell from the Eni lish faliing ve. Hannan cudno piove soappy ry fortunately on the enemy's ma

o mie wiring her perfidi us zines, they blew up immedihu-ball, Sin Was dele mineci, i ately. by which means they we.e posibie, to acquire some bonor reduced to the necessiiy of surren. in he expedison id distinguis:

wid distinguis, dering at discretion. Having mar. her self byer int epid behaviour. ched within three miles of Pondi. A favorable oppo unity soon pie. chery they encamped ; Admiral sented itself, for after they had Boscairen at that time being both saived from the Cape, they arrived there Admiral an General. Here beíure Morusus, w ere they com Major M unpleasant, the G-ner. menced their first attack.-Qur al, and the rest of the officers, in h roine, though little better than the council of war, came to a rea recruit, exerted herself so far solution of storming the place. that she procured t?e love and In order 10 proceed with viver, osteein of aid her comiales. This the ships commenced a heavy fire


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tipon the fort ; but during this at: tack the army was middle deep in water in their trenches. This buld attack lasted eleven weeks successively, and for the greates' Part of the time they were withou bread, and subsisted chiedy 01 sice. During the siege our ar my sufiered very considerabły from the enemy's incessant fire oi bombs and snells. James Gray, (for that was the nume she as-um. cu) was one of the party thia ! ordered Luder Lieutenant Camp bell, of the Independent couparies, landed cut of the feet; 10 feich up some stores from thi water side, in which seiyice she had several skirmis'.es, and upon ore of her comrades falling dead by her side, stie levelled her pie e and killed the enemy; and shoi ly after fought by the side of te brave Lieutenant wlien bc feli. @le was also on the first part of the English fooi who forced the river, to get over to Pondiche ry: in doing which she was obliged to wade through the Water breas. bigh, while the French kept i juressant fire upon iliens, from a baitely ci lielve guis. She was also pui 0; the piquei guard, ang continuedan thaduty even nighis successively ; and was one of the party who ly two days and night without any covering, in goin. thiou h tlic barrier; and as she was likewise pät on cury in the trenches, during this siege, sie Wis obliged to sit o: blanc iniddle klap in water. At the throwin ul of the ucnches, sie wolkio

vety naid for about 14 days, ond was paid five cenis per day. Du

ing all this time our heroine stiil inaintained her wonied in repiury, ind behaved in every respect con: sistent with the cbaracter of a lave Brilish soldier. She fired suing the engagement no jess tian ibilty seven rounds, and received S's shots in her right leg, and five in the left ; and what was still more painfui, a dangerous one in her ķion.

Distressed in her iniod, lesı the surgeons should dis. bove the wound in her‘groin, und consequently re sex, which she Was de crinined to conceal, she cominunicated the secret to a Jack woman), who attended her,. ni wlio had access to the sure con's inedicines, and begged her sistance. Her pain now beame very acute; and through de assistance of the black woman, who bought her liot, salve, &c. nie endeavored to extract the Bild; by probing the wound with re linger, tilt she couid feel the will, after wiich she ihrust in her finger and thumb, and pulled it

TI: was a painful operaion ; but slic was obliged to orare every difficulty rather than

xpose her sex, and in a little time we marle a perfecut cure.

(To be Concluded r.ext week.)

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As the Gfecoth volume of the Ladies Miscellany, will close on

e cichiconth day of October vex!, the Editor thinks proper to

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