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in this city of respectable laients, to undertake the conduction of ne paper to commence witn the next VOIude.

And in case the laiter arrangement should take place, le subscribers in the M scelang thay rest assured of receiving unive sal Savisfaction. As no pains or cx« pence will be spared in rendering il a compleie vevicie of useful and eniertaining knowledge ; as not oniy the origmal talents of the a.. bove men 10.100 Genieman will be vestowed upon we paper, but copious exacts wii emisch iis colum s from thi by Sidhd most approved auti!015 ex ani, and he tras ii in nis power from a weli stored library, and, an extensive cores pondeuce, to render the Ladies Miscellaniy, one of the most valua. bie and insuucuve works of ine kind in the Uniled Sia.es.

VariouS SUC


It is nou Eleven years, since the Ladlos Misceirany (under diffis ont les ) fisi nade its ap, eur ance in inis ciły, wit dess; ye that success even tiis lowest thb, has a. ays been sufi cieni lo keep ine paper floul,' of ir das no al any time been so !! eralis patirinized, as to enrich any of 115 proprietors.

I ne janier consideration, has for a time pas, been the nears of compe ling he presen. Editor, in some to negoc' ine paper, or perhaps than i. ju, ce Onis suusC..be.si ou hilo 04V6 beto- order that by jo aitention to ouer branches of is business. He mighi be ena bied to acquire that suppor foi his family, which was denied him in his Editorial capaci.y, and is he Cipnot with propriety ibink of issuing a paper, which (from his 01101 avucalluns)'s prevenied from receiving the necessary Caic and suport it requires, the Echo lias concluded to offer the Csib lishment foi SILE.-- the close of the present volume.

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The Editor feels a consciousness, that should the paper still remain in his ands, his fo. mer pat ups and the public at a se, will not let nim be a sufferer trum the expensive arrangements he

mace lo usher in the subse. quent volume of this work with wat respect which he confidently (xpt cis it will be hithertobe entitled

Nor can he be prevailed upon, to believe, that the citizens of NewYo k, wili permit lauslable and vir.

l'us exertions to go uniewarded or literary meilt and ralenis, 10 he

reated with contempt and frigid neil-ct.

SAMUEL B. WOTE. Ness. York 5!1) Sepicmber 1812.


Sou'd the Editor, however, not mee with a purchase io sui lim he nas engaged win a Gentleman


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The day after Dr. Price pub-
For the Lady's Miscelluny.

lishe i his pamphlet on the National D bl. &c. the late duke of Cum. berlaid b.ing walking in West

mins er Hall. in company wi:ha: As the restoration of Charles

counsellor Dunning, mei the Dr. JI Dr Ball aferwards bishop of

and uninking it necessary to pya Si. Durid's, who had zealousiy sup- compliment, told him, t at he had ported the royal cause in the time

read his book with so much delight of the rebellion was presented by

and sat up so ia e in finish i, that the king with the grant of his for

it had almost blindid him me living, which the clia cellor

sin, U.ar sa d Dunnina', 'Thai is Hvie made some difficulty to con:

should have such an eftert on your firm. The doctor found bis


royal highness, for it tas opened et exhausted by this delay, but le

the eyes of every body else.' . ing a man of wit, and knowing the king's humour, he took occasion one day to tell him that he just had his pocket picked, and

A FRENCH DETINITION OF A WHIG had not a shilling left. • Well,' said tiie kins, and can't you tell • Pray Mousieur de Vergennes, the thief ? • Why,' replied said ine late king of France one Bull, . If I may speak the truth day at his levee, what do you take I have caught you majesty's hands to be the diffe ence between a in ii,' and cx' he pulled the whig and a 'ory?'- Please your frani,

" Cod's fish !” says the majesty,' replied the minister, I kings are you not yet presented

conceive the difference to be mere. in your living ?” “ No," answer lynomina..the l'ories are Whigs ed Buil, nor ever shall with when they want places. and the your chancellor's leave.'' On this Whigs are Tories when they have the king gave him a grant of a bciter preserment, which was then vacant, with a prematory order to the chancellor 10 present him. A CHANGE IN THE STYLE. When he waited on his lords iip. On a very dark and disagreeathe chancellor asked him his name le dlay in the beginning of Decem

Bull," answered he. Bull ! ber, an Irishman said to a friend, says the chancellor ; 56

Now upon my soul, the weather your horns ?" "Please your hon s so bad, the times are so bad, and our,' replied Buil, the horns al I am so bad, that if the hanging ways go along with the Ilyde,' inonth of November was not out,


got them.'

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Field, from the 26th of Septeméer to the 311 of October.

Lai h Ivould cui myldroat'• My good fellow' replied his friend, the haning moth of November is not out, it is only a change in the siyle'. Oh, is it so ? then I ll change my style too,

A numb-r of our Subscribers to the Eeast ard Noth part of the city, hari'g been neglected on Satu'da the 31 & 10ih inst was owing to the deception of the currier, (an Indented Appren. sice,) who run away on the above day, while I was on duty at the fort.

o As the next number closes. The 15 h volume of this work, the Editor would wish, bose, wio has an iclina. tion of discon inuing their Subscription, to gi e him timely notice -Our Pat. rons in the Country. (who wish to discontinue) must give notice as soon as possible to the


INTERISTED COMPASSION. The ce ebrated duke de Rclore (the favourite wit and buffoon of Lewis XIV.) was in his person ve y far trom bein. agreeable : his coun enarice was rainer forbidding and his per-ou was aukward. A nother nobleman, whese personal buy was even inferier to that of Riclore, having killed his antago. n st in a duel, applied to the duke for his interes. & porection, ki ow in- it was the only channel through which he could obiu a pardon.The 'uke readily engage in his friend's interest, and fairly rallied the king into compliance. After the king had finished his fit of laughter, and given his royal promise, he added, Bot, for heaven's sake, Roclore, what could induce you to be so strenuous in this intercession?' I will tell your ma. jesty ; if he had suffered, I then should have been the ugliest map in all Fance'

HORRID VURDER! On the 221 July the fimily of Mr. Hele Daurel, of the county of Opel. ousas N. Oleans, (Mr D. and his eld. est got bring absent from home) were murdered b. a young negro man a slave on the plantation The children had laid down to take an afternoon's nap : Md. am Doucet was occanied in spinning & had from the window obser: ed the nego sha: pening a broad axe in the grinda'one, On enquiring what he was about, re. ceived for an answer. in a very impurient tone, hat he was prepairing 10 run away. The fellow entered some time after with his weapon, and addvanced upon his mistress with such rapidi'y that, notwithstanding her alarm lie instantly cleavet open her skull, and then repeated is blows across her face and in other direc. inns, without her doing any more than to scream as to waken her eldest daugh> ter lying a sleep on the table in Hie same room. The daughter few ag bv instinct to the aid of her mother, hul only came in time to receive the same fail. The


NEW YORK, October 10. 1812.

" Be it our task, To note the passing silings of the times

1030000 (PSTIN The City Inspector reports the death of 53 persons in this city and at Porter's

On Hednesday erening last, hy che rev. Mi-urk John Smith

to Miss Jane Worrend;ke both of this city.

Or Saturday evening the 3d inst by the reo. V Mildoi'a: Mr William Du Bois to Miss E Chambers, all of this city

On Thursday evening last, by the rec. Mr Brouchet Dr CW Edy to Miss Cornelia C. Kissam a ughter of the late Dr Benjamin Kissam

At Newtown, L I on Tuesday evening last by the rev D- How, ile red Wm. E: W tt to Bliss Frances Billopp, both of that place

voise b. thist me produced, brought out of a. other room a young son who seeing the restruction dealing around, at once ar mp ed his escape, but was pursued by the neg. o to the :dj.cent fence and the: « pu: to death -- The negro then re tu cd to tl • hats & murde, ed the lit tle children in their sleep, and collected all the victims into che pile-He atier. wirds set out to caich the best horse on the plantation, apparently for the pur pose of light. -The horse being some wtri intiaciable carried him to the fence of a neighbour, and some one wib. sering the fellow, asked what he was doing with the horse ; he replied bil som · Spania:ds h'd come and mu dureri his mist.ess, &c. The erquires nd his companions immediately proped to go to the house; and one of them more suspicous than the rest, thought pro pe 10 seize he negro, who after being de eried in several falsehoods & finding pa cularly that no t acts afier a ecent shower of rain could be seen of the Span iade, confessed his crime He said hat bis tiher was a wurrior, and that he had inheitell he family cour gp-- his what be bd killed before he would not think of c 'unting, but if they would only let him innse, he would let then see how many he could kill. The same ha di. fond etended nim :hugh his trial. und on his being sentenced to the gallows in two hours he appeared anxious to reach the pot, and when the e would no' wait for the cart to be diawn from a de him, but told the brf.standers to ge out of his way and let him jump--which he did !!

On Suvilay orening last b: the reo Mr. Moore Mr James W Shaw, to Misto Jane Youle both of this city.

At New Haven, on the 251 ult by the reu Nathaniel Ta lor, Martin Gorham, esz to the amiable Miss Sarah Firch ; and on the 4th ul' by the red. Samuel Merwin W Tow'send es to the ami. able Miss Harriet Ford, all of that city:



On Monday morning last, after a shart illness Antoinette Sherlock,wife of Jamos Sherlock, age! 31 ;ears.

On Monday morning last Mfr Benj. P Beekman aged 34 years.



At Savannah on Tueslay the 15th ult. after a shor: bu: severe indisposi'ion Dr. Nicholas Hurwood, Surgeon in the United Siates Nagy


At Albany, on the 16th ult. Thomas A Thompson, aged 38 years.

On Thursday rvening the 1st inst. at Horsimers, N ; Mr. Pobert Gilchrist. of this city, to Miss Frances Vacher, of the former place.

On Wednesday opening last, afier a short iliness, Major John Ripley.






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ot regret and cmorse, she threw

herself on the bed in speechless OR THE

anguish. Bu, surely,'c ied she VICTIM OF SEDUCTION.

starting up and running in o the

next room 10 Lucy, Tought to A few days after this conversa

send a few lines of congratulation rion Imelia's marriage inek plice, to the bride! Lucy seemed drown. and was celcbrated by the ringing

ed in lears, the cause of which of Bells, and ot'er rejoicings

Maria but too well understood. Maria asked what the bells were

Ashamed of her own weakness, rin ing for, and after a moment's when she saw it relected in anothhesitation she peevishly replied.

er. Maria gen dy repreved Lucy, she believed they rany for Miss elling her, it seemed as if she reAnelim nold's wedding. Lucy i pined at Amelia's happiness. 'I had no disike to Miss Amelia, only repine at your misery,' said but he pettishness proceeded, Lucy : “Dear me, s'e is a sweet mesely from her love to Maria. yı ung lady, to be sure, but no more Just such preparations and rejoic- 1 to be compared to you~' Ilush, ings had she once looked up to for Lucy ; I am not now to be comthe marriage of her dear young pared with her.-I am a guilty Jacly.. • Amelia Arno d married!' creature' 'It is not less 10 be recried Maria, arising from her un- pined at on that account,' rep.ied faished meal; • Well married, Lucy. To this remark Maria, tro?' “Yes, well married ; and with a sigh assenied, and again Ms. Arnold is very proud of the asked if it would not be proper lo connec'in' Thank heaven,' || congraluate the generous Amelia. said Maria, fervently. May she Luci replied in the affirmative ; be as happy as she is virtuous !' bu! Maria, on a second reflection,

thought it would be unkind to damp Ma ia had a mind above envy, the joy of Amelia, by calling to her and as she retired o her room, she mind the image of a wretched faltered out the words, . Well nay | friend. Being determined in this the worthy brould be proud! 0 | laudable resolution. Maria afier my poor father, I once hoped- endeavou ing to compose her agibat, overcome with the acuteness Ilqaied spirits,, by playing with her

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