child, who was idolized by the faith would only have loved her fallen fui Lucy, bent ber steps to the cell friend the more. The next day of her father. The way to the mad. Carlier than usual Maria visited houye lay by the residence of Mr. her father, and with 'satisfaction Arnold, and at the door she saw learned from the keeper that Allanthe carriages waiting to carvey | by had frequently been looking the bride and her train to the coun out of the door of his cell, as if try seat of ber mother-in-law.- expecting somebody; and at night Maria hurried on as fast as her as he was going to bed, had asked trembling limbs could carry her, whether the lady had not been and discerned Mr. Arnold among there. • Did he?" said Maria in the crowd. bustling about with all a transport ; 'Let me see him dithe important consequence of a rectly.'—But after the first joyful pleased and happy parent. Nou

emotion had subsided, which gendaring to analyze her feelings, she crally accompanied her entrarce, rushed forward, and soon found she saw no ground to think his herself at the door of the bedlam. symptoms were more favourable Looking up at the greated win

than before. The keeper now indows, while her ears were assailed

formed her, that a violent raving by the cries of insanity within, she fit had followed her last parting contemplated it as the forlorn a

with him, and therefore advised bode of her father, whose dejected

in future that she should make her palid face formed a striking.con escape unscen. This visit having trast to the ruddy satisfied counte

passed away without any thing nance of Mr. Arnold. So oppress

material occurring, she returned ed were her spirits, that she was

to Lucy, to whom she repeated resolved not to enter that morning love

over and over the question her farand as soon as she was able she

ther had asked, "If the lady had returned home; there she shut

not been there? herselt up in her own apartment, Mr. Arnold having staid a few and spent the rest of the day in

days with the new married couple molirnful solitary meditation. In

returned home.

His daughter, the mean time the amiable Amelia

beforc he left her, had most car. sighed for the absent Maria, and, nestly charged him to be the adsurrounded by joyous friends, yet

vocate of Maria, if he heard her felt the want of her congratulations.

malevolenly attacked ; and an opThe last word Amelia left with

portunity soon occurred to exer: the servants, as she bad them adieu

cise the joint benevolence of his was to be sure to send af:er her

daughter and himself. He was any note or letter that might come.

drinking tea in a large party, when No note however, did come, and

a lady, whose insipid and uninterhad Amelia known the motive she stin; daughter s had once consi


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dered Maria as a formidable rival, are judged there with the sa:re said wiih no small share of malig. severity you juilge here, Miss Al. nity, "Truly I hear that good-for. || lanby and you will never be visitnothing creature, Alianbt's daugh in: anquantance.'-Ater this, Mr. ter is come to lown: None but Arnold related the contrition and one of her cast would have the pious resolution of Maria, which - impudence to shew her face here. excited the glow of pity in the boafter whai has passed.' •Impu. y soms of all present, except the dence, indeed!" rejoined anothe rigidiy virtuous mother and daughlady: • But this girl must be a • Fallen as she is, she is s!il! hardened wretch,' resumed Mrs Maria Allanby!' was repeated Ravencroft, the first speaker ; round the room. Mrs. R vencroft "her felow is tired of her mos | could ill brook the sympathy in likely, and therefore she will soon favour of Maria, and in a scream, be on the town More likely,'ing voice said, “Well, for

my part r plied Mr. Arnold, in thechuich. some people may do any thing, & yard : Miss Allanby no longer yet be praised up to the skies. la possesses charms to attracı the eye was always Miss Allanby here, & of the liber: ine. She is now an Miss Alianby!here--though oiher object whom the compassionale people's children could do as well, , and humane cannot belold with bat had more modesty to conceal out the liveliest emotion.' "Toit.' Ah!' cried one of the Miss be sure,' replied Mrs Ravenc ofi, Ravencroft's, 'she had always cou . " the girl had always a persuasiverage enough for any thing.' Yes,' congue of her own; and as to her resumed her mamma, and it endbeauty, I never thought it of the ed in her becoming but I kind that would last long. But shall not repeat the term.' you have seen her, Mr. Arnold, and I much wonder that you, the

• Fallen as she is,' said Mr. Ar. father af a family, should subunit nold, in her day of innocence & to regard such trash.'

prosperity she never expressed

he self to an erring 'neighbour Yes madam,' replied Mr. Ar-wih unchristian severity, but set nold, I have seen and heard her you an example of that forbearsoo, and if true penitence may ex ance you ougl.t to imitate. "Set pect to reach heaven, and palliale me an example!' vocifejated Mis past offences, then will Maria R. ; but come, my child en, I Allanby there be a ministring spi cannot sit to hear such immoral rit.' Indeed!' said Mrs. R. toss talk : She is now held up as an exing up her head, • I do not expect, ample for modest women !'-Mr. when I go to heaven, to keep such Arnold now rose : "I will leave company as Miss Allanby.'-' If;" the company,' said he, "for I am replied Mr. Arnold, warmly, you tired of hearing myself so siupidly

and wickediy misrepresented. I gret the insuling manrer in which detest the crime of Maria, and he had justified his past conduct would not have received into gen. and future intentions. He felt oral female company ; but at the that he had incurred the coniempo same time, I feel proud to vindi of Maria, and f om her determin. cate the penitent, and to assert, ed and dignified manner, when he that sle will one day appeal from bad her adieu, he was cerlain she this erring world, to a kind long had learned to despise him. In suffering creator.' Bowing res the morning, therefore, he resolv. pecifully, he then withdrew. ed to visit her, and apo ogize for Imieliately on li e publication of what had passed, liy saving, he Maria's story and intentions, she was infernally diunk.' He had received work from all the neigh.. just ordered a couch, when Mrs. bouring gentry; but while she Stewart appeared, and announced went on prosperously, lucy's school Maria's elopement.-- His rage and declined, and Maria found it ne astonishmeot were indiscribable , cessary to remove, which she did bu! the e soon gave way to an anx. to a collage on the heath, near lo iety for lei salety and that of his her friend, he old farmer's. Not

child. For some minules he was long al e Lucy pa ried to a res

incapable of determining how he peciable tradesman in the town, should proceed in tracing the fuand they offered Maria an asylum, gitives. When Mrs. Stewart had but she preferred solitude and her

detailed the evidence whic conown peaceful abode.

firmed her flight, & stated that she

had not taken any of her cloaths Four months after her return, with her, he burst into an agony Maria saw in the paper an account of grief, and exclaiming, Then of Talbot's marriage, and felt some

she has destroyed both herself and curiosity to know what had post the child!' sunk down insensible poned the union which was to have

upon the sofa. The same idea had taken place on the Monday after occurred to Mrs. Siewart, who her leaving town. But dismiss had dispatched servants different ing this feeling from her mind as

ways, during the night, to fmd if a weakness, from that moment she were still in existence, that she resolved in consider him not she might allay the fears of Talbot only as one who had been guilty of on this head. When he awoke perfidy and deceit, but of brutal to recollection, and felt the gnaw. and unnatural neglect. In this last ing stings of unavailing remorse, accusation, however, Maria was remembring that a coach left lown unjust. When Talbot awoke, on ihat very night for her native place the morning following her alope from the White Horse cellar, and ment, & the fumes of the wine had it was possible that she might subsided, he remembered with re- l have obtained a lodging tho night

before, lo stay there till the coaching in the night with cold, for at set off the following evening, he one of the ions I learned that a immediately went to Piccadilly, to young woman and child had been see if places for a lady and child found frozen to death last night, had been taken ; but no such pas- and carried to the next town to be sengers were on the list, nor did owned. While I was thinking of any one know that such persons setting off there directly a woman had entered the coach, as she got came down with a shawl and a silk in only at the moment of its setting hankerchief belonging to the unoff. When Talbat had turned to fortunate lady, and said the young Mrs. Stuart, he told her, that if person had those things on,, I Maria did noi arrive by the even wanted no further proofs, my lord; ing, he woud himself go some the conviction turned me sick. yet miles in the cauch, to see if it this is better than se f-murder, & stopped, to take her up on the I think my master had best know road. This resolution be cariied it from your lordship, who I hope into effect, and travelled six miles will think so too. Your lo: dship's in hopes of hearing her call to the humble servant, P. Pearson.' coachman to siop. At length, his

Afier the first emotion had subexpectation fairing him, he desired

sided, Talbot's father saw that the to be set down, and commenced

formidable rivalof his future daughhis way back on foot, without a

ter-in-law was no longer an object great ceat, and in the violent attack of fear; and as his son in his rar. of a fever, anxiously praying to ings was haunted by a conviction, meet Maria, at the time she was

that Maria had murdered herself proceeding to her native place and child, of whose deaths he was with her lunatic father. When he

the abandoned cause he resolved arrived at London, he was almost

to communicate the truth at a fit in a delirium, but had sense suffi- opportunity: This he did, just cient to desire Pearson to infoun

before he received the following his father of the state he was in, letter from Pearson. and take the rout to

; to enquire at every place on the road My lord it was all false about if a lady and child had been seen Miss Allanby ; she is alive at.there. The servant obeyed, and She sioped at an inn on the road, Talbot's father, who had been in. and parted with her shawl and silk formed of the cause of his illness, coat for some things she wanted, soon received the folowing letter and a bussey of a maid servant from Pearson, while he was al

there went of with them and her tending at his bed-side.

chance kid in the nig it. But as

:his will be joyful newsio my mas. My lord, the e is reason to fear ier, and overjoy is 80'retinics as Miss Ailanby and the child perish- bad as overso.cow, I guess your

lords vip will not tell him släp at foretnis operation was accomplish-once. I hear for certain Miss A ed; after which they sailed for and her child is at Nost Montserret, to take the Royal humbly to command, P. Pearson. Duke Indiaman under convay, and (To be Continued.) bring her to fort St. David, where

slie was. come for provisions. Hec

mas er having now gone on shore, SELECT E D.

she in coinmon with the crew, had For the Lady : Miscellany.

her tuin on the walch, during

which time the first Lieutenant of BIOGRAPHY ON

the ship, who had the command HANNAH SNELL.

in the absence of :he Captuin, de

sired her to sing a merry song for Our heroine being so danger him, but she begged to be ex. ously wounded, was sent to an cused, saying, she was much indishospital at Cuddylore ; and was posed. Being of a haughty and attended by M. Belchier and Mr. imperious temper, he insis ed that Hancock, two able surgeons; and slie should sing, bul, supposing from whom she conceaied the

he had no authority to lay an in.' wound in her groin. During her junction on her, she resolulely reresidence in the hospi.al, the fused to obey his orders. This greater part of the feet sailed ; circunisiance occasioned her much but as soon as she was perfectly anxiety, for a sony was propo. cured, she was sent on board the gated, of a shirt being missed, bę. Tartar Pink, which then lay in longip; to one of her comrades,. & the harbor, and continued to do i he that she inust be the person who . duty of a sailor, till the re'urn of had got it. Notwithstan.sing she : the Acet froin Midras. Sortly declared s'e knew nothing of its after this she was turned over to and a though the Lieulebant could the Eltham man of war, Captain rol bring any proof against her, he Lioyd, and set sail for Bombay, instantiy ordered her to be put in where they arrived in less than a irons, whico was directly ub yed. fortnight. Her fatigue was very This act of severity was not the great, since the ship had sprung a only one she endured--for after Jeak in dier larboard box, and con-laying in irons five days, she was sequently kep. ber and the other

ordered to the gangway, and re• hands, incessantly employed. Soonceived twelve lashes ; and was after their arrival at Bombay, ivey then sent to the foreiopmast head were under the necessity of heaya | foi four hours !--Thus tyranny ing the vessel down (as they term ll triumphed over justice! The shirt į.) in order to have her bolom in ques ion was soon afier tound. thoroughly cleaned and repaired in a chest belonging to the man It was no less than five weeks be. who had fi:st pour om tha: he had

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