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lishment for SALE,Aiche close Yo k, will permit laudable and vira of the present volume.

tuous exertions to go unrewarded Should she Editor, however, not

or literary merit and talents, to be

treated with contempt and frigid meet with a purchase to suit him,

neglect. SAMUEL B. Wurre, he has engaged with a Gentleman

New-York 5th September 1812. in this city, of respectable talents, 10 undertake the conduction of the paper to commence with the next

VARIETY. volume. And in case the latter arrange

ORIGINAL AND SELECTED ment should take place, the subscribers to the Miscellany may Test assured of receiving universal

For the Lady's Miscellany. satisfaction. As no pains or ex pence will be spared in rendering

ANECDOTE. it a complete vehicle of useful and

OF DR. GOLDSMITH. entertaining knowledge ; as not only the original talents of the a.

Dr. Goldsmith's popularity bebove mentioned Gentleman, willbeing much increased by the success bestowed upon the paper, but cop

of his comedies, the curiosity of ious extracts will curich its col the public will probably receive ymus, from the best and most ap

some gratification from the followprored author's ex!ant, and he has ling cha acieristical anecdote, of it in his power from a well stored this ingenious wiiter: The Doc. library, and, an cxicosive corres

tor bak! been called with more wit pondence, to render the Ladies than good nature, the Sancho Paniniscellany, one of the most vulua.

cha of English literature, and reble and ins luctive works of the presented as sosingular and erudite kind in the Uniied Scales.

an esourdi, that you might be sure

either 10 laugh with nim or at him. The Editor feels a conscieus. Certain it is, that ihe Doctor's wit, ne 35, that should the paper still like that of many other of his less remain in bis ha ids, his former ingeajous countiyden, ofien borPetons and the public at large, ders on absurdity, while his absence will not let him be a sufferer from to the subject of discourse betrays. the expensive arrangemenis he his real knowledge into apparent has made 10 usher in the subse ignorance. Hence it is, that a man, quent volume of this work with cipalile of keeping a conversation that respect which he confidently innihe zost learned, is often the expects it will be hithertobe esitled buit of the mos illiterate. An int. Nor can he be prevailed upon, stalice of this happened some years to believe, that the citizens of lewe Sice, a: a public livein, where a

certain comedian, with that air of 11 eiderly Gentleman, bein soodest assurance so peculiar tothe dlan: erously ill his children 'an 'sture, interrupted the Doctor's friends advised him to send for discourse about ancient authors, by physician. No, replied the sic! asking him if he had ever seen man, having lived a viriuous lite. • Doddington upon Gigerbread.' I wish to die a natural deach. *W.y, really says the Doctor, taking some time io recollect bimself, I do not remember that I

LADY'S MISCELLANY have.' • No, sir ! replied the

NEW-YORK, October 17, 1812. Comedian, with an affected air of

" Be it our task, surprise, ti is a work in two vol.

To note the passing tidings of the times. umes quario.' • Indeed! returned

90700W 13700 the Decor, with gieal simplicity, I wonder I never met with il, for I

The City Inspector reports the death of

41 persons in this city and at Porrer's have led every thing : but in troth

Field, from the 3d to the 10 of Octoit is an odd sulject for an au hór ber. to write on.' The player enjoyed the lau :h at the Dcor's expense,

The Glenih volume of the Lady's but had not the wit to tell him,

Miscellany, closing with ihis number, that the gingerbread bakers have the Editor will me ely remaik. that he' reprinted the alphabet, of ener, fetis truly grateful for the pasi liberality than the printers have made new of the Public and hopes that, (now the cditions of the horn book.

Editorslrip has fallen into the hands of the Gentleman mentioned in the Fd lors lasint their for mer patron ge will still

continue. Those who are at present A Gentleman, by no means re

Subscribers, may remain satisfied, that markable for his sagacity, but fond

any deficiency in the delivery of their of opiside show, was unhappily

for mer numbers, shall be coi efully at

tended to, and the defect immédiately engaged in the country, where he

supulier, as the Editor is at present could not every day visit his bar

striking off extra numbers, for that pur. ber. On Saturday, wish ng for

pose. the barber's utensilsin a suily man. ner: he was asked by young lady,

In corsequence of the alterations which

will be made in that Paper, the first muna. what things were necessary. He

ber of the sixten h alumne will not spreplied, some powder, combs, &

pear until the first Saturday in Xivem. a blockhead to dress my wig.' 'Iber nest, at which time, it will issue am very sorry, says the lady, you from this Office as usual: cannot be accommodated better;

The Editor takes this menthod of rebut here is some powder, a comb, minding his Patrons in G mitat that &c. and I think your wig is now

he will expec: prompt attention paid to upon a fine blockhead.'

the di.charge of the dues now owing io


he Establisment, for the collection of ton ba 6. ur, with the wind bound on which, he intends shorily to apply.-- ecruite. The Constitution, Chesape. l'he sums individually are extremely tri. And Hornet, are in po t fisting for sea. ling, but when token in the aggregate,

4589-9SSSSSSSSSSS+ Imount to much; and are an object to im, who has to advance cash for every

Harried. Irticle used in the Printing Busines, ind as the Editor has used his utmost

On Thursday cuning last, by the res. sertions, to contribute to the amuse.

Dr. Knypprs. Mr John Groshon, to Miss nent of his Patrons, he confidently ex

Sarah Wright, sects, they will not by delays, withhold

At Boston, by the res Mr Gardineer, rom him, the wonted reward of his in.

Samuel Ward. jun esq. of this city. to lustry. SANUEL B. WAIT..

Alies Fulia Rush Cutler, daughter of the

late B. C Cutler, eeq of Roxbur. Extract of a letter from Governor Meigs

At Cow Necé. L 1 on Thursday the so general Van Horn, dated Urbana,

1st insi, by the reo. Seth Hart, Mr Dani. September 12, 1812.

Kissam Merchant of this city, to Miss Genl. Harrison's army reached Fort

Peggy Tredwell daughter to Benj Tredl Wayne on Saturday 14t, all safe. The

well, esg of Cow Neck Indians had retired four days before, af. er bui ning & destroying every species ASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS-+ of property, public and private, outside

Died. he garrison. My brother and two sol. diers are the only persons that have fal On Sunday morning the 11th inst Miss len at that place. Expeditions have Hurrio: Goerck, daughter of the late 'T. gone out in different directions from C. Geerck Fort Wayne to barras the Indians. The Miamies have associated with the Pota.

On Saturday morning the 10th ingt. watamies and are of course against us.

Mrs Jennings Plate Mrs Sarah R Hena One party had gone against their towns

shaw) in i he 26th year of her age. on the Wabash, and another against

On the morning of the 2d instant Mr. the Patawatamies on the waters of lake.

Foseph Mitchel. Michigan.

There is now altogether in advance of At Savannah on Friday the 11th alt. this place between 4 and 5000 men, and Mr James Pock, in the 25ch vear of his About 2000 within 2 days coming on.

age, anative of Providence R. I. bur fort We have every reason to believe that the several years past a respectableinhabitant frontier will be visited by the savage.

of this place. J. R. MEIGS. P. S. 800 Indians are here with their Suddenly on Tuesday last, Nehemiah families, and appear friendly'

Parkhurst, formerli of the firm of Y and

N. Parkhurst, in the 34'h year of his age.

On Thursday morning last at Bedford
On Thursday last the frigates Presi

L I. Frhn Lefferts, esq aged 40 years. dens, 44 guns, Com.nodore Rodgers s United States, 44 Commodore Decalur; At Fairfield, Conn on the 8th inst. Mr Congress, 36, Captain Smith, and Ar. Theodore Lyman, aged 22 years, only gus brig, 14. Captain Sinclair, left Bos. child of Mr. Fustin Lyman, of this city

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He pass'd in tales of love the sultry

hour : Bul now, alas ! how chang'd that pleas.

ing scene! The pow'r tbe grove,'no longer yield

delight, Slowly Time moves, since Mira left ihe

: green L'enuatore's beauties sicken on the sight


der plain ;


THENOT Apollo struck the enchanting Lyre, The Muses sung in strains alternate.' | Hark, Lycus, hark! What means that

joyous shout,

Wafted on Zephyr's wings from yonFor the Lady's Miscellany.

Some Goddess, surely this way bends

her rout, LYCUS and MARIA; A Pastoral.

And glads the heart of each surround THENOT.

ing swain.

More than divine she, sore, mrSay my sad friend, from what unhappy

Who this da k gloom cán

But seo 'tis Mira! Yes,” Springs the dull gloom which hövers

Keturn'd ber faithf o'er the plain, Where mirth so lately steered her chear.

brace. ful course

Again in smiles ear Allended by her ever jncund train ?

Lycus and Mi Friend: bip would share thy griefs; then

Lightly they." freely ense

Propiti The loaded breast, where sorrow

brooding dwells. Say, if thy flock unto some desart sfrays: Oh! speak wbat ill thy heaving bosom


The Rock, which here I once with plea.

sure fed,
Now to the distant vales unhee

rove ; Since Mira from these flow'ry plai

fied, No joys a heart can ease distres

love. Mappy was Lycus thro' the grove Hig' much lov'd Pair and se

shady bow'ri Swift fled the time when with the

'nly maid

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