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VOL. xv.]

Saturday, April 23,...,1812.

(No. 1.



was reluctantly compelled to desist. At that moment the music

ceased. The silence of midnight THE FOUNDLING OF crept through the aisles-sudden

ly a voice tempered with celestial BELGRADE.

melody burst upon his ear. 'The

vast concourse were electrified by The unhappy story of Mariana

the divine minstrel, and the genewas a common topic in Sarragossa.

ral murmur of awakened ecstacy, Don Vincent, Bernard's companion, i hall-drowned the master-piece of talked much of her on the way to

music's art. One voice near to the convent : he had known her

Bernard sighed forth the name of intimaiely, and was lavish in

Mariana. praise of her beauty and accom: plishments. Delighted as he was

• Tis she!' exclaimed don Vinat this additional spur to the eclat

cent. •By heaven tis Mariana ! which should celebrate the success of his scheme, Bernard was As if she had caught the exsecretly jealous of the warmth of 1 pression, the eyes of the performer Vincent's eulogy. The ceremony were thrown around, and caught had commenced before they reach. those of Bernard. Comparing re. ed the convent. The gloomy si-ality with the portrait already form. lence which prevailed the crowded by his imagination, he was now of visitors, the solemn music, and persuaded 'was so. He would the murmuring vibration of bar- have flown to her, clasped her in monious sound filled the soul of the his food embrace and borne away impassioned Bernard with indes- | the prize ; but recollecting where cribable enthusiasm.

he was, he could only feast upon wandered over the extensivo group the lovely countenance, which officiating at the altar ; but though seemed to blush conscious of the in imagination was engraven the confession it bespoke. Rioting alikeness of Mariana, she was a mid the transports of his feelings, perfect stranger to him. Much the ceremony ended before he he wished for information ; but fancied it had well begun. The fcaring to betray his feelings, he nuns and the noviviales row open

His eye

ed a passage to the altar, that

No one

ever applied to St. those who were disposed right Clare in vain : and the pious audideinend the benediction of St. | tory, fraught with cheering consoClare. Now was the moment for larion, were fast retreating to their him to convey his letter into the several homes. The nuns filed hands of Mariana. Don Vincent off to their several cloisters. The indignant at the force, declined 10 novices closing the procession, follow; but Bernard was resolved. || completed the solemu festival of Mariana stood close to where he ihe day. No one remained, save knelt. Her hand hung by her the abbess and an elder nun. Berside ; he felt it! twas openly in nard began to fear the indiscretion viring! and while all around were of which he had been guilty. Restruck with the singular piety of treat he could not without obserthe soldier, he saw her take unno- vation : and to remain an eye-witticed the paper that should decide ness of their private penance, was his fate. Elated at this happy a stretch of dishonorable curiosity: presage to his hopes, he rose and -add to this, the character of the measured back his steps : unwilo abbess was not unknown to him. ling to retire, yet fearful of creat If report might be credited, she ing suspicion by his stay, he knew was a woman of an austere, infex. no: what to do. He had succeed. | ible, and resentful nind. To be ed beyond his most sanguino ¢x observed was enough to create pectations, and prudence should suspicion : and armed with the have guided his retreat : but se. | strong power of ecclesiastical tycreting himself within an adjoining ranny, she might hurl upon his aisie, he stood a curicus spectator head the terrible vengeance of the what would follow.


His letter was couched in ap Inconsiderate as was Bernard's propriate epithet. It breathed the delay in accompanying the auditocopious purity of his passion, with

ry from the convent, his only crime out rising to the language of ro was that of anxious curiosity; but mance. I began by commiserat. from his knowledge of the characing her wayward dessjuy : dwelt ter of the abbess, he felt the danupon the privations of a cloister :

ger of his rashness. Suspicions the immorality of a voluntary a. once fixed upon him, the bloodbandonment of the duties society | hounds of the holy office would be demands. His own situation in unkennelled; no retreat were a life was stated to afiord a prospect sanctuary of protection; he would of happiness to one who could dis- be dragged from his concealment, pense with superfuity : conclud- hurried to instant confinement, ing with an avowal of his passion, thence to the wheel to expiate, in und an offer of his hand,

excruciating torments, an imagina

Whoilani I ever to be the sub.

ry crime. Bernard's inquietude, her relations, if I presisted i hate however, subsided for a moment, Miguel-dont you too Agnes ? and his whole attention called 10

Agnes. Why--to be sure, one the dialogue which ensued:

should hale Abbess. -Did you remark

Abbess. You hesitate ! I tell you too, Agnes, the unqualified appro

I hate Miguel as much as I did bation of the auditory while she

his predecessor. He would do sung the anthem Francisco com

well to desist. The fool knows posed for my inauguration ?

nie not, nor how easy I o'erthrew

the wary Francisco. Agnes. I did nor can I refuse my concurrence in their taste.

Agnes. Ah! poor Franciscoher voice is melody itself-her

Abbess. Sister! no more of this. manners pleasing, her features beautiful, her shape majestic-sheject of your reproof? Is this the was destined to shine in

relurn to the confidence I have

condescended to repose in you ?--Abbess. Ccase, sister, cease !

Had I not confessed to you the inyou are ever taking part against Attend my pleasure, my

nocence of Francisco, would you

have regretted his punishment? COMMANDS, if you please--recol

Once I liked him well enough lect the difficulty I have had to detain her in the convent, and my

tis true that liking lasted while

he gratified my unruly appetite. resolution that she shall receive

True, his favors were the consethe veil

quence of my deep plotting artiAgnes. I was merely accounting

fice. Long he resisted the tempting

blandishments I strewed before for the plaudits of the auditory. I

his cold indifference, till at length am no: ignorant of your determina.

impatient of restraint I gave a tion, nor can you say I have shown

loose to passion, and throwing a. the slightest disposition to thwart

side the characteristic modesty of

our sex, meaniy I descended to Abbess. I do not like the prying

be the beggar of his person. I had curiosity of our brother of St. Fran still the remains of beauty :-_shacis of late

kon were liis plighted vorys. 'I

beheld him struggle amid the vio. Anes. You allude to Miguel ?

lept contentions of the soul and

body; till at length, delirious wich Abbess. Yes, him I mean. I be

the intoxicating fever, he yielded a gin to suspect him, sister. Twas

willing partner of my pleasure. but yesterday he repeated bis threat of discovering the secret to (To be Continued.)


your wishes.


sale to you in as few words as I


A Tale.

Several of his childred died in In yonder cave, lived a poor

their infancy; and, two years beman, who generally went by the

fore he came to his native place, name of Crazy Robin. In his

he had been overwhelmed by a youth he was very industrious, and

torrent of miscry. married my father's dairy-maid:

Through udaa girl deserving of such a good in arrears to his landlord; who,

voidable misfortunes he was long husband. For some time they continued to live very comforta. seeing that he was an honest mana bly; their daily labour procured and endeavoured to bring up his their daily bread; but Robin, find family, did not distress him; but

when his wife was lying-in of her ing it was likely he should have a

last child, the landlord died, and large family, borrowed a trifle to

his heir sent and seized the stock add to the small pittance they had

for the rent; and the person ho saved in service and took a little

had borrowed some money of, ex. farm in a neighbouring county. I

asperated to see all gone, arrested was then a child.

him, and he was hurried to goal. Ten ør twelve years after, 1 | The poor woman, endeavouring to heard that a crazy man, who ap assist her family before she had peared very harmless, had, by the gained sufficient strength, found side of the brook. piled a great herself very ill ; and the illness, number of siones ; he would wade through neglect and the want of into the river for them, followed proper nourishment, turned to a by a cur dóg, whom he would fre- || putrid fever ; which two of the quently call his Jacky, and even children caught from her, and died his Nancy; and ihen mumble to with her. The two who were left, himself, thou wilt not leave me Jacky and Nancy, went to their we will dwell with the owl in the father, and took with them a cur ivy.-A number of owls had taken 'dog, that had long shared their shelier in it. The stones he wad. frugal meals. ed for, he carried to the mouth of the hole, and only left just room

The children begged in the enough to go in. Some of the day, and at night slept with their neighbours at last recollected wretched father. Poverty and hiin; and I sent to enquire what dirt soon robbed their cheeks of the misfortune had reduced him to roses which the country air made such a deplorable state.

bloom with peculiar freshness.

Their blood had been tainted by The information I received from the putrid complaint that destroyed different persons, I will communi- their mother; in short, they

caught the small-pox, and died.-- wiih nosegays of wild thyme, The poor father, who was now be- l which he plucked from the sides reft of all his children, hung over of the mountain. I mentioned betheir bed in speechless anguish: fore that the dog was a cur: it not a groan Aor a tear escaped had the tricks of curs, and would from him : while he stood, two or run after horses' heels and bark. three hours in the same attitude, One day when his master was. looking at the dead bodies of his gathering water-cresses, the dog little darlings. The dog licked ran after a young gentleman's his hands, and strove to attract | horse, and made it start, and al.. his attention : but for a while he most threw the rider. Though seemed not to observe his caress he knew it was the poor madman's es :—when he did, he said, mourn- || dog, he leveiled his gun at it--. fully, thou will not leave memand || shot it,--and instantly rode off.then he began to laugh. The bo-Robin came to him, he looked at dies were removed : and he re his wounds, and not sensible that mained in an unsettled state, oflen he was dead, called him to follow frantic: at length the phrenzy him : but when he found that he subsided, and he grew melancholy I could not, he took him to the pool, and harmless. He was not then and washed off the blood before it so closely watched : and one day | began to clot, and then brought he contrived to make his escape, him home, and laid him on the. the dog followed him, and came mal. directly to his native village.

I observed that I had not seen After I received this account, I him pacing up the hills, and sent determined he should live in the to enquire about him. He was place he had chosen, undisturbed. found sitting by the dog, and no I sent some conveniences, all of entreaties could prevail on him to which he rejected, except a mat : quit it, or receive any refieshment. on which-be sometimes slept—the went to him mysely, hoping, as dog always did. I tried to induce I had al vays been a favourite, that him to eat, but he constantly gave I should be able to persuade liim. the dog whatever I sent him, and When I came to him I found the lived on haws and black-berries, hand ofdeath was upon him He and every kind of trash. I used to was still melancholy: but the e call frequently on him: and he was such a mixture of wild ess in sometimes followed me to the it. I pressed him to take some house 1 now live in, and in winter food : but, instead of answering he would come of his own accord, me or turning away, he burst into and take a crust of bread. H tears-a thing I had never seen gathered water-cresses out of the him do before, and, in inarticulate pool and would bring them to me accents, he said, will any one be

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