ence in their children ; and there | ways fit for, and therefore will ne is no doubt, but this care, under ver succeed in. proper regulations, and rightly dijected, is very necessary and useful But, if some tradesmen, and obut, when it proceeds so far, as to chers of low degree, have niistaken keep lads many years at their the true interests and capacities of books, who bave no genius, it only if their children,in bringing them up makes idle, pedantic drones of to be scholars, it is very certain, those, who if they had been brot' that nunibers have taken great up to trade, or some mechanical care not to burden their children business, might have been incius with learning : Whoever converscrious, useful members of the U. es with many of these, will easily Sia:cs.

perceive the truth of this assertion.

Men brought up only to learning "Squire Mortgage, who is posare generally unfit for trade, anil sessed of about 1,000 pounds a year very apt 10 despise all laborious which he has sufficiently encumemployments. It is certain there. bered, has three sons and two fore, that none ought to be educat. daughters. The eldest must be a ed to literature, but such whose gentleman, of course, being born carly abilities promise great pro-so; and to quilify him for the care ficiency in learning, or those, who, of his estate, and the service of by birth,are entitled to such estates his country, he has been taught to as put them above the necessity drink Madeira and bunt foxes : of industry, to get a livelihood. If In which laat exercise be is so this rule was observed, we should great a proficient and has had such not see such swarms of young cler wonderful success, that one end of gymen uoprovided for, nor such the great barn is hung full of the numbers of doctors and lawyers al- skins of those animals,the trophics most ready to starve. Neverthe- l of his noble exploits. The other less, so preposterous are

two sons, are put to school, where the education of our children, that the youngest, though utterly void many bright and excellent genius- of genius, may, by the help of a es are entirely uncultivated, whilst good memory, become a scholar there is much labor bes'owed on and will, therefore, be fit for a di. barren and unfruitful minds; many vine : The other is very averse to who are only fit for bodily labor, books, but of s6 covetous and thrif. are obliged to torture their brains, Tty a disposition, that, in all proba. in order to produce what never biliiy, he would make a successful existed in them: and o: hers, of tradesman : But that the father excellent capacities, are obliged to will not hear of, because there has drudge on in business they are no of been one cradesman in the

we in

family, since his great grandfather || Thursday. Got up at eleven & who'was a mechanic, and got the drank tea, skimmed the morning estate they now cnjoy, which in. papers for half an hour, went to deed was three times larger before the coffee house, from thence to it had passed through the hands of dinner, at four to the coffee house the gentlemen, his successors. again : nothing remarkable but Miss Charlotte, the eldest daught three or four men talkingof virtue, cr, who is very pretty, and has | vice, sincerity, the virtu: of it, and been taught every useful qualifica | such stuff: they seemed to be tion of her sex, had lately an ad queer fellows both by their dis. vantageous offer, but it was from course ant habits, for they wore a mechanic, which was thought pantaloons up to the navel, and reason enough to reject it with | boots up to the calf.

At five went scorn.

to the play, forgot what they call The wrong education of some it, but it was one of Rowe's trage. of our youth, and the total want of dies, and damn'd silly stuff; after it in others, is undoubtedly the

the play went to the taveru with source of many evils in this age,

Jack Saunter, Tom Tipler, and as well as that bad habit we row Will Sly. About twelve, we bad complain of; and, indecil, idle toasted all the healths we could ness is itself, productive of many

think on, then grew dull; but, ill consequences. Go but to the Jack Saunter beginning to sing, I lotels, what swarms of idle, lazy, made us merry ; drank bumpers able-bodied young men, with va

Called for the box and cant faces, ale to be seen in these dice ; I did not care for the trouasylums of indolence ? You may ble of play : besides I never had observe one walking before a large any luck; however to please hiin, glass, viewing his dear person and I played of five pieces. Went to dress, from his tnpes to the bar. my lodgings ai two. ness, and practising affected motions and gestures, till he becomes

Friday. Rose at twelve, could finished in stupid fupperies ; ano

cat nothing, but drank one dish of aher yawning, stretching, rubbing green tei; sent my boy lo 5!y his hcary eyes, and often enquir- ollo of roses, to keep up my spirits ing if it is five o'clock, that he

and some brown paint to give a may move offto the play, and find martiid appearance : went to the something to divert him.

coffee house, met Will Sly, who

offered me my Revenge. MemoI have prevailed on one of these randum, Nick Modish's breeches young sparks, to keep an exact ac- bigger and handsomer than mine. count, hov: le spent his time for a d'ank some iisquebaugh, to get few days, which I shall give the me a god appetite ; dined at M public in his cwn words. | Canley sy sign of the Swift Sures

vill one.

ate heartily, sent word to my lodg., make trial, how

how much more ings that I should not lie a: home; pleasure, as well as other solid went to Mrs. Som

advantages are to be attained by Saturday. Did not get up till

the graceful vicissitude of business one. Went to my lodgings and leisure, than by a life of damnably hipt. To divert myself, idleness,they would, I am persuaded bought a new Sword knot, and soon change the latter for che changed my cravat for one larger

former : and instead of passing than Nick Modish's.ln the evening away their time in a circle of saw a play, and, afterwards, ended triling insignificant, & sometimes · the night, with our usual company.

vicious actions, would become I could not prevail on my young | diligent and industrious : by which spark, who pleaded the irksomness means, they may grow agreeable of so much writing, to proceed in lo themselves, beneficial to others his dairy ; and, indeed, was not

and of importance to their country. very urgent, when he assured me, that I should find very little variety An honest simple Irishman some if he was to go on for 12 months : time since, went into the country these three days being an epitome for harvest work. A fellow thinking of his whole life.

10 quiz him asked him How If parents, and others, who are long Mai, have you broke loose intrusted with the education of from your master's cabin ?-and, children, would seriously consider

how does the potatoes eat, now.' what effects education has upon

The ladi, who happened to have a them, both in respect to their own shillalee in his hand answered, 'O! happiness, and the good of the they eat very well, my jewel : public, this might excite a care in would you like to taste the stalk?' the guardians of our youth, 10 and, knocking the enquirer down, observe the genius and inclination cooly walked off. of those under their luilion, and the circumstances they are like to LADI'S MISCELLANY set out in the world with. For,

NEW-YORK, May 16, 1812. youth should be taught what may be useful to them in manhood, &

" Be it our task,

To note the passing tidings of the times so nurtured in industry and useful

HOAXOMISIINOS employments, that they need not become dependants on others, but

NOTICE TO SUBSCRIBERS. be able to provide for themselves, The Office of the LADY'S Mi cil and be also serviceable to the LANY or, WEEKLY VISITOR, is Ron public.


-The Litték Box will be placeili And if young gentlemen, who the window after the atove date, fo; };-, are their own directors, would receptioa of Communica:ions.


18ch. Wardens of the Port. MAY 12 h 1812.

13th. Governors of the Hospital. The Committee to whom it was referr.

20:h. Trustees of the Free School ed to devise and report a plan for suitable

2181. Citizens in general. Funeral Honors to be paid to the Me.

The processi ar to be formed on the mory of the Honorable George Clin Park at 9 o'clock, proceed from thence Ton, late Vice-President of the United cown Beekmin to Pearl.st. through Pearl States.

to Broal: and Beaver st to Broadway REPORT.

anul up Broadway to the Presbyterian

Church in Wall street.
That agree.rbly to the Resolution of the
Common Council of the 28th ult. the

Minule Guns to be fired, and the Bella Honorable GOUVERNEUR MORRIS has of the different Churches to be rolled been applied in, and will deliver a suita

during the Procession.

Iz is further recommended, that the ble Funeral Oration on the occasion.. They

pessels in the harbour wear their figs at further recommend that this Saturday) half mast from sun rise to sun set. be set apar: for the performance of

It is also recommended, that the Mem. the Funeral Solemnities; and that the

bers of the Common Council wear a crape Common Council assemble on that day at

around the left arm for the period of 30 the City Hall at 9 o'clock A M.; that a

days. Precession be formed from thence, and

The Repore having been read was the following characters invited Io join in

agrred to unanimously. Published by order the same, to be arranged in the following of the Common Council. order :

F. MORTON, Clerk. ORDER OF PROCESSION. 1st. The Military under arms.

*SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS+ 2d. The society of the Cincinnati. 31 The C'ergy of all denominations.

M.:rried. 4th. Relations of the deceased. 5th The corporation of the city. On Sunday evening lass,by the rev. Mfr. och Tre Honorable Governeur Mor.

Rowan, Win Thompson. jur. eso lo ris, in his carriage.

Miss Maria Holulron, only daughter of 7th. The Governor of the State.

Mr. John Holdron, of Greenwich. 8th. The Chancellor of the State.

On Monday evening last, at Bridgeport Ich. The judges of the Supreme comt.

Con by the Rev. Dr. Shelton, Mr. Da. 10th. Members of Congress and civil

vid Roberts, of the stute of Deiaware, to Officers of ve U. Stares. 11th. Members of the State Legisla. Cap. X. W. Allen, of the former place.

Miss Anna Maria Allen, daughter of 13ch. Resident Agents of Foreign Powers

On Friday evening last, by the reo. Mr. 13th. The President, Provost, and Irison, Mr. John Mitchell, to Mrea Professors nj Columbia College.

Hinnah Bishop, both of this city. 146h. The Gentianer of the Bur.

4-SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS+ 15th The Stulents of Columbia Co? lege, in their gowna.

Died. 16:h. The Officers of the Army and

Nagy of the U. Sater 0: Monday morning last, Capi. Jelah 17!!.. Officers of the Wilitiis 1.0t on Bonton, a respectable citizen and offices

of the revolution, aged 73.


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ride ;

No, proud Cleora, triumph in my pain
Though pleasure once was thy perpe.

tual theme,
Have I not heard the voice of cold dis.

dain. To prove the promis'd pleasure was a

dream?' 1 Aed. The shades of that unhappy night Shut any dear home forever from my


Frantio with grief, I shunnid the painful Apollo struck the enchanting Lyre,

The Muses sung in strains alternate.'

Of all I valu'd, and of all I knew
I had a sister. Though the world around,

In hopeless wand'rings I so long have


A brother's partialeyes have never found For the Lady's Miscellany. So fair, so sweet, so innocent a maid.

Such is the picture my fond memory

draws ; THE BEGGAR.

And such a brother's lore delights

view : Thou art not wont my sorrows to de

But oh ! that brother is the cruel cause

Of all the wretchedness she ever knew. Nor shalt thou see the progress of my Giim death had robb d her of each pa. grief;

l'ent's care, My broken heart is master of a pride Before her tongue could lisp a pa. That scorps to ask the faithless for

rent's name: relief.

Her only brother, I was left to share Nor thou, nor hope, nor friendship can Her infant pleasures, and defend her delay

fame. Th'unbridled wanderings of my deep Happy the wretch, like me, who meets

despair ; My blet ding bosom carries far away He never w'anders unrelieved avay. The piercing Thorns wbich thou hast

'Perbaps,'her ansios tenderness would planted there

Ah, false Cleora ! didst thou, couldst. My broiu.. yet may see the cruel day.
thou, strive,

When by fond hopes, or sad misfor.
With all the guile, the perfidy of art, tunes led,
And keep with so much care my love His joyless path shall reach to barbal

rous landa ;
Only to torture and to break my heart? When he sball raise his languid eyes for
But never shall my lost complainis ini. bread,

And st elch, perhaps in vain, his fceThy hours of love, or, pleasures, or

bie lands. repose ;

U.g'd by my woes, ah! wliat can mis'y I ask not Pity's cold and feeble aid :

do ? ller aid is balm for but inferior woes I left her helpless in:ocence :o ingura i

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her eye ;

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