every artiAcer in hrase and iror: blue, and in the purple, and in the Rev. xviil, 22. ...... And the and the sister of Tubal-cain was scarlet, and in the fine linen, with sound of á millstone sball be Naamah. cuoning work.

heard no more at all in tbee. 1 Sam. xiil, 19. Now there was 2 Ohron. ix, 20. And all the no smith found throughout all the drinking-vessels of king Solomon

Roads. land of Israel; for the Philistines were of gold, and all the vessels 180. sxxi, 8. The highways lie said, Lest the Hebrews make them of the house of the forest of Leb- waste, the wayfaring man ceas th: swords or spears.

anon were of pure gold; none were he hath broken the covenant, be 1 Kings vii, 45. And the pots, of silver: it was not any thing hath despised the cities, he res and the shovels, and the basons: accounted of in the days of Solo- gardeth no man. and all these vessels, which Hiram mon.

Isa. xlix, 11. And I will make all made to king Solomon for the Neh. ill, 32. And between the my mountains a way and my house of the LORD, were of bright going up of the corner unto the highways shall be exalted. brass, sheep gate repaired the goldsmiths

Isa. lvii, 14. And shall say, Cast 2 Chron. iv, 11-17. And Huram and the merchants.

ye up, cast ye up, prepare the made the pots, and the shovels, Esth. I, 7. And they gave them way, take up the stumbling-bloch and the basons. And Huram drink in vessels of gold, (the ves out of the way of my people. finished the work that he was to sels being diverse from

Jer. xxxi, 21. Set thee up var make for king Solomon for the another,) and royal wine in abun, marks, make thee high heaps: so house of God; To wit, the two dance, according to the state of thine heart toward the bigtipillars, and the pommels, and the the king.

way...... chapiters which were on the top

Isa. ii, 7. Their land also is full of the two pillars, and the two of silver and gold, neither is there wreaths to cover the two pommels any end of their treasures.

Job xix, 8. He bath fenced up of the chapiters which were on

my way that I cannot pass, and the top of the pillars; And four LAMPS AND CANDLES.

he hath set darkness in my patha hundred pomegranates on the two

Job xii, 5. He that is ready to

Prov, iii, 23. Then shalt thou wreaths; two rows of pomegranates on each wreath, to cover the slip with his feet is as a lamp de- walk in my way sifely, and thy two pommels of the chapiters spised in the thought of him that foot shall not stunıble. is at ease.

Prov. iv, 26, 27. Ponder the path which were upon the pillars. He made also bases, and lavers made Luke xi, 33. No man, when he of thy feet, and let all the ways he upon the bases; One sea, and hath lighted a candle, putteth it be established. Turn not to the twelve oxen under it. The pots in a secret place, neither under a right hand nor to the left: remore also, and the shovels, and the bushel, but on a candlestick, that thy foot from evil. flesh-hooks, and all their instru- they which come in may see the Prov. xvi, 17. The highway of ments, did Huram his father make light.

the upright is to depart from evil to king Solomon, for the house of Rev. xviii, 23. And the light of he that keepeth his way presert. the LORD, of bright brass. In the a candle shall shine no more at eth his soul. plain of Jordan did the king cast all in thee. ....

Isa, xxxv, 8. And an highway them, in the clay ground between

shall be there, and a way, and it Succoth and Zeredatbah.


shall be called The Way of boll. Neh. iii, 11. Malchijah the son of 1 Kings x, 18-20. Moreover, the ness. ... Harim, and Hashub the son of king made a great throne of ivory, Lam. iil, 9, 11. He bath Inclase! Pahath-moab, repaired the other and overlaid it with the best gold my ways with hewn stone; he hath piece, and tho tower of the fur. The throne had six steps, and the made my paths crooked. He hatua naces

top of the throno was round be- turned aside my ways, and palled hind; and there were stays on me in pieces: be bath made me

either side on the place of the desolate. Prov. XXV, 4. Take away the dross from the silver, and there seat, and two lions stood beside

Hosea ii, 6. Therefore, bebold the stays.

And twelve lions I will hedge up thy way with shall come forth a vessel for the stood there on the one side and thorns, and make a wall

, that she finer.

on the other upon the six steps: shall not find her paths. Jer. vi, 28. They are all griev- there was not the like made in ous revolters, walking with slan- any kingdom. ders: they are brass and iron;

FOWLING. they are all corrupters.


ALLUSIONS. Ezek. xxii, 19, 20. Therefore thus Exod. xxvill, 21. And the stones

Ps. lxiv, 5. They encourage saith the Lord God, Because ye shall be with the names of the themselves in an evil matter. are all become dross, behold, children of Israel, twelve, accord- they commune of laying sparris therefore I will gather you into | ing to their names, like the en- privily; they say, Who shall the midst of Jerusalem. As they gravings of a signet; every one them? gather silver, and brass, and iron, with his name shall they be Ps. cxix, 110. The wicked hare and lead, and tin, into the midst according to the twelve tribes. laid a snare for me: yet I erred on of the furnace, to blow the fire (See under METALS AND

from thy precepts. upon it, to melt it; so will I gather


Ps. cxli, 9. Keep me from the you in mine anger and in my fury,

snares which they have laid for and I will leave you there, and


me, and the gins of the workers melt you.

13. They took the young iniquity. (See under METALS.) men to grind, and the children Ps. cxlii, 3. When my spirit 38 fell under the wood.

overwhelmed within GOLD AND SILVER Smitus. Matth. xxiv, 41. Two women

thou knewest my path: in the Exod. xxxix, 3. And they did shall be grinding at the mill; the way wherein I walked have thes beat the gold into thin plates, and one shall be taken, and the other privily laid a spare for me. cut it into wires, to work it in the left,

Isa. xxiv, 17. Fear, and the pi',

Lam. V,

me, the


And the snare, are upon thee, O the city, that Ishmael the son of And she said, These six measures Inhabitant of the earth.

Nethaniah slow them, and cast of barley gavo he me; for ho said Jer. v, 26. For among my peo- them into the midst of the pit, he, to me, Go not empty unto thy ple are found wicked men; they and the men that were with him. mother-in-law,

1 Sam, xvi, 20. And Jesso took lay wait, as he that setteth snares: Now the pit wherein Ishmael had

cast all the dead bodies of the an ass laden with bread, and a they set a trap, they catch men.

men (whom he had slain because bottle of wine, and a kid, and sent Jer. xxviii, 12, 13. Then the of Gedaliah) was it which Asa the them by David his son unto Saul. word of the LORD came unto king had made for fear of Baasha Jeremialı the prophet, (after that king of Israel; and Islinael the son

2 Sam. xxiv, 22, 23. Aud Hananiah the prophet had bro. of Nethaniah filled it with them lord the king take and offer up

Araunah said unto David, Let my ken the yoke from off the neck of that were slain.

what seemeth good unto him: bethe prophet Jeremiah.) saying, Go and tell Hananiah, saying, pit, and the snare, shall be upon fice,' and threshing instruments

Jer. xlviii, 43, 44. Fear, and the hold, here be oxen for burnt sacribroken the yokes of wood; but thee, o inhabitant of Moab, saith and other instruments of the oxen

He that fleeth from for wood. thou shalt make for them yokes of the fear shall fall into the pit; and Araunah, as a king, give unto the

All these things did iron,

he that getteth up out of the pit king. And Araunah said unto Jer. 1, 24. I have laid a snare shall be taken in the snare: for I the king, The LORD thy God for thee, and thou art also taken, will bring upon it, even upon accept thee. O Babylon, and thou wast not Mvab, the year of their visitation,

1 Chron. xxi, 23. And Ornan aware; thou art found, and also saith the LORD.

said unto David, Take it to thee, caught, because thou hast striven

Ezek. xvii, 20. And I will spread and let my lord the king do that against the LORD.

my net upon him, and he shall be which is good in his eyes: lo, I Lam. iii, 47. Fear and a snare is taken in my snare; and I will bring give thee the oxen also for burnt come upon us, desolation and him to Babylon, and will plead offerings, and the threshing indestruction,

with him there for his trespass struments for wood, and the (See under ANIMALS.) that he hath trespassed against wheat for the meat offering: I give

it all. Gen. xxxvii, 24. And they took

(NAVIGATION, see under Job xlli, 11. Then came there him, and cast him into a pit: and


unto him all his brethren, and all the pit was empty, there was no

his sisters, and all they that had water in it.


been of his acquaintance before,

and did eat bread with him in his Joh vi, 27. Yea, ye overwhelm CARRYING PRESENTS. the fatherless, and ye dig a pit for

house; and they bemoaned him, your friend.

Gen. xxiv, 29, 30. And Rebekah and comforted him over all the

had a brother, and his name was evil that the Lord had brought Job xviii, 8. For he is cast Laban; and Laban ran out unto upon him: every man also gave into a net by his own feet, and he the man unto the well. And it him a piece of money, and every walketh upon a snare.

came to pass, when he saw the one an ear-ring of gold. P8. ix, 15. The heathen are sunk ear-ring, and bracelets upon his

Ps. xlv, 12. And the daughter of down in the pit that they made: sister's hands, and when he heard Tyre shall be there with a gift in the net which they hid is their the words of Rebekah his sister,

even the rich among the people own foot taken.

saying, Thus spake the man unto shall entreat thy favour. P8. XXV, 15. Mine eyes are ever me, that he came unto the man;

Prov. xviii, 16. A man's gift towards the Lord, for he shall and, behold, le stood by the camels at the well.

maketh room for him, and bringpluck my feet out of the net. PS. XXXV, 7. For without cause

Gen. xxxii, 20. And say ye

eth him before great men. have they hid for me their net in

moreover, Behold, thy servant Prov. xxi, 14. A gift in secret a pit, which without cause they Jacob is behind us. For he said, pacitieth anger; and a reward in have digsed for my soul.

I will appease him with the pre- the bosom strong wrath.

sent that goeth before me, and Ps. Ivii, 6. They have prepared afterward I will see his face; per- Dedan icere thy merchants; many

Ezek. xxvil, 15. The men of a net for my steps; my soul is adventure he will accept of me. bowed down: they have digged a

isles were the merchandise of pit before me, in the midst where Gen. xxxiii, 8. And he said, thine hand: they brought thee for of they are fallen themselves. What meanest thou by all this a present horns of ivory and Selah.

drove which I met? And he said, ebony. Ps. cxis, 85. The proud have These are to find grace in the Micah 1, 14. Therefore shalt digged pits for me, which are not sight of my Lord.

thou give presents to Moreshethafter thy law.

Gen. xlv, 23. And to his father gath: the houses of Achzib shall P3. cxl, 5. The proud have hid a

he sent after this manner; ton de a lie to the kings of Israel. snare for me, and cords; they of Egypt, and ten she-asses laden

asses laden with the good things have spread a net by tho way with corn and bread and meat for

GIVEN FOR SELF-INTEREST. side: they have set gins for me. his father by the way.

1 Sam. ix, 7, 8. Then said Saul Selah,

to his servant, But, behold, if we Ps. cxll, 10. Let the wicked fall

Ruth ill, 15--17. Also be said, go, what shall we bring the man? into their own nets, whilst that I Bring the veil that thou hast upon for the bread is spent in our veswithal escape.

thee, and hold it. And when she sels, and there is not a present to

held it, he measured six measures bring to the man of God: what Prov. xii, 12. The wicked desir- of barley, and laid it on her: and have we? And the servant aneth the net of evil men: but the she went into the city. And when swered Saul again, and said, Beroot of the righteous yieldeth she came to her mother-in-law, hold, I have here at hand the fruit.

she said. Who art thou, my fourth part of a shekel of silver; Jer. xll, 7, 9. And it was 80. daughter? And she told her all that will I give to the man of God, when they came into the midst of that the man had done to her. Ito tell us our way.

1 Sam. XXX, 26--31. And when, ten bulls, twenty she-asses, and said, Nay, I pray thee, if DOF I David came to Ziklag, he sent ten foals. And he delivered them have found grace in thy right, of the spoil unto the elders of into the hand of his servants, then receive my present at my Judah, even to his friends, saying, every drove by themselves; and hand; for therefore I have seen Behold a present for you of the said unto his servants, Pang over thy face, as though I had seen the spoil of the enemies of the Lord; before me, and put a space be- face of God, and thou wast pleased To them which were in Beth-el, twixt drove and drove. And he with me. Take, I pray thee, my and to them which were in south commanded the foremost, saying, blessing that is brought to thee: Ramoth, and to them wbicb were When Esau my brotlier meeteth because God hath dealt graciosiy in Jattir, And to them which thee, and asketh thee, saying, with me, and because i Lare were in Aroer, and to them which Whose art thou? and wlither go- enough. And be urged him, and were in Siphmoth, and to them est thou? and wliose are these be- he took it. which were in Eshtemoa, And to fore thee? Then thou shalt say, them which were in Rachal, and They be thy servant Jacob's; it is

1 Kings x, 10, 13. And she gave to them which were in the cities of a present sent unto my lord Esau: talents of gold, and of spices rers

the king an hundred and trents the Jeralımeelites, and to them and, behold, also he is behind us. which were in the cities of the And so commanded he the second, there came no more such abun

great store, and precious slodes: Kenites, And to them which and the third, and all that followwere in Hormah, and to them ed the droves, saying, On this

dance of spices as these which which were in Chor-ashan, and to manner shall ye speak unto Esau

the queen of Sheba gave to Linz

Solomon, And king Solomu them which were in Athach, And when ye find him. So went the to them which were in Hebron, present over before him; and him. gave unto the queen of Sheba si

her desire, whatsoever she aske! and to all the places where David self lodged that night in the com

besides that which Solomon giv? himself and his men were wont to pany. haunt.

her of his royal bounty. so sa * Gen. xlill, 15, 25, 26. And the

turned, and went to her own COUL2 Sam. xvi, 1, 4. And when men took that present, and they

try, she and her servants. David was a little past the top of took double money in their hand, the hill, behold, Ziba the servant and Benjamin; and rose up, and

2 Chron. ix, 9, 12. And she gare of Mephibosheth met him, with a went down to Egypt, and stood the king an hundred and twenty couple of asses saddled, and upon before Joseph. And they made talents of gold, and of spices great them two hundred lvares of bread, ready the present against Joseph abundance, and precious stone: and an bundred bunches of raisins, came at noon: for they heard neither was there any such spice and an hundred of summer fruits, that they should eat bread there. as the queen of Sheba gave kin and a bottle of wine. Then said | And when Joseph came home,

Soloinon. And king Solomo the king to Ziba, Behold, thine they brought bim the present gave to the queen of Sheba all La are all that pertained unto Mephi- which was in their hand into the desire. whatsoever she asked, te bosheth. And Ziba said, I humbly house, and bowed themselves to sides that which she had brougt: beseech thee that I may find him to the earth.

unto the king. So she turned, an! grace in thy sight, my lord, O 1 Sam. xxv, 18, 27. Then Abigail went away to her own land, ebe king.

and her servants. made haste, and took two hun2 Kings v, 23, 24. And Naaman dred loaves, and two bottles of Isa. xxxix, 1. At that time said, Be content, take two talents.wine, and five sheep ready dressed, rodach-baladan, the son of Bals: And he urged him, and bound two and five measures of parched dan, king of Babylon, sent letter talents of silver in two bags, with corn, and an hundred clusters of and a present to ilezekiah: for lie two changes of garments, and raisins, and two hundred cakes of had heard that he had been sich and laid them upon two of his figs, and laid them on asses. And and was recovered. servants; and they bare them be- now this blessing which thine fore hiin. And when he came to handmaid hath brought unto my the tower, he took them from their lord, let it even be given unto 2 Kings v, 15, 16, 20. And he hand, and bestowed them in the the young men that follow my returned to the man of God, thouse; and he let the men go, and lord.

and all his company, and came they departed.

and stood before him; and he said, 2 Kings vill, 8. And the king

AND AS COMPLIMENTS. Behold, now I know that there is said unto Hazael, Take a present Gen. xxiv, 22, 53. And it came

no God iu all the eartb, but in in thine hand, and go, meet the to pass, as the camels bad done Israel: now therefore, I pray tbee. man of God, and enquire of the drinking, that the man took a


a blessing of thy sertant. Lord by him, saying, Shall I re- golden ear-ring of half a shekel before whom I stand, I will ne

But he said, Aš the LORD livett. covor of this disease.

weight, and two bracelets for her
hands of ten shekels weight of take it; but he refused. But Go

ceive none.

And he urged him to FROM FEAE.


And the servant brought Gen. xxxii, 13, 15--19, 21. And forth jewels of silver, and jewels hazi, tho servant of Elisha the man

of God, said, Behold, my master he lodged there that same night; them to'rtbekan: he gave also to hath spared Naaman this


in not receiving at his hands that his hand a present for Esau his her brother and to her mother

which he brought; but, as th# brother; Thirty milch camels precious things.

Lord liveth, I will run after bin with their colts, forty kine, and Gen. xxxiii, 10. 11. And Jacob, and take somewhat of bim.




for we keep the charge of the l of the offerings of the LORD made CEREMONIAL INSTITU


God; but ye have for- by fire by a perpetual statute.

saken him. TIONS.

1 Sam. xxi, 3, 6. Now therefore INCENSE.

Ps. Ixvi, 15. I will offer unto what is under thine hand? give

thee burnt-sacrifices of fatlings, me five loaves of bread in mino Exod. xxx, 34-38. And the LORD with the incense of rams; I will hand, or what there is present. said unto Moses, Take unto thee offer bullocks with goats. Selah. So the priest gave him hallowed swoet spices, stacte, and onycha, and galbanum; these sweet spices,

Luke i, 9, 10. According to the bread; for there was no bread with pure frankincense; of each custom of the priest's office, his there but the shew-bread, that lot was to burn incense when he

was taken from before the LORD, shall there be a like weight. And thou shalt make it a perfume, a And the whole multitude of the it was taken away.

went into the temple of the Lord. to put hot bread in the day when confection after the art of the apothecary. tempered together, people were praying without at pure and boly. And thou shalt the time of incense.

Matth. xii, 3, 4. But he said unto beat some of it very small, and put

them, Have yo not read what of it before the testimony in the

P3. cxli, 1, 2. LORD, I cry unto David did, when he was an huntabernacle of the congregation, thee: make haste unto me; give gered, and they that were with where I will meet with thee: it ear unto my voice, when I cry him; How he ent into the shall be unto you most holy. And unto thee. Let my prayer be set house of God, and did eat the as for the perfume which thou forth before thee as incense, and shew-hread, which was not lawful shalt make, ye shall not make to the lifting up of my hands as the for him to eat, neither for them yourselves according to the com- evening sacrifice.

which were with him, but only for position thereof; it shall be unto Jer. vi, 20. To what purpose

the priests? thee holy for the LORD. Whoso- cometh there to me incense from Mark ii, 25, 26. And he said unto ever shall make like unto that, to Sheba, and the sweet cane from a them, Have ye never read what smell thereto, shall even be cut far country? your burnt-offerings David did, when he had need, and off from his people.

are not acceptable, nor your sac was an hungered, he, and they rifices sweet unto me.

that were with him? How he USE.

Rev. vill, 3, 4. And another went into the house of God, in the Exod. xxx, 7-9. And Aaron angel came and stood at the altar, days of Abiathar the high priest, shall burn thereon sweet incense having a golden censer; and there and did eat the shew-bread, which every morning: when he dresseth was given unto him much incense, is not lawful to eat but for the the lamps, he shall burn incense that he should offer it with the priests, and gave also to them upon it. And when Aaron light. prayers of all saints upon the which were with him? eth the lamps at even, he shall golden altar which was before the Luke vi, 3, 4. And Jesus answer burn incense upon it; a perpetual throne. And the smoke of the ing them, said, Have ye not read incense before the LORD through- incense, which came with the

so much as this, what David did, out your generations. Ye shall prayers of the saints, ascended when himself was an hungered, offer no strange incense thereon, up before God out of the angel's and they which were with him; nor burnt - sacrifice, nor meat-hand.

Ilow he went into the house of offering; neither shall yo pour


God, and did take and eat the drink-offering thereon.

Exod. xxv, 30. And thou shalt shew-bread, and gave also to them Lev. xvi, 12, 13. And he shall set upon the table shew-bread that were with him, which it is take a censer full of burning coals before me alway.

not lawful to eat but for the of fire from off the altar before the LORD, and his hands full of sweet

Exod. xl, 23. And he set the priests alone? incense beaten small, and bring it bread in order upon it before the

SPRINKLING OF PERSONS. within the vail. And he shall put LORD, as the LORD had commanded Moses.

Exod. xxiv, 8. And Moses took the incense upon the fire betore the Lord, that the cloud of the Lev. xxiv, 5-9. And thou shalt the blood, and sprinkled it on the incense may cover the mercy-seat take fine flour, and bake twelve people, and said, Behold the blood that is upon the testimony, that cakes thereof: two tenth deals of the covenant, which the LORD he die not. shall be in one cake. And thou hath made with you concerning

all these words. Deut. xxxiii, 10. They shall shalt set them in two rows, six on

row, upon the pure table before Exod. xxix, 19-21. And thou teach Jacob thy judgments, and

the LORD. And thou shalt put shalt take the other ram; and Israel thy law: they shall put in

Aaron and his sons ahall put their conse before thee, and wholo pure frankincense upon each row, burnt-sacrifice upon thine altar.

that it may be on the bread for a hands upon the head of the ram.

memorial, even an offering made Then shalt thou kill the ram, and 2 Chron. xiii, 11. And they burn by fire unto the LORD. Every take of his blood, and put it upon unto the LORD, every morning sabbath he shall set it in order the tip of the right ear of Aaron, and every evening, burnt-sacri- before the Lord continually, being and upon the tip of the right ear fices and sweet incense: the shew- taken from the children of Israel of his song, and upon the thumb bread also set they in order upon by an everlasting covenant. And of their right hand, and upon the the pure table; and the canule- it shall be Aaron's and his sons'; great toe of their right foot, and stick of gold, with the lamps and they shall eat it in the holy sprinkle the blood upon the altar thereof, to burn every evening: place: for it is most boly unto him round about. And thou shalt

take of the biood that is upon the put some of the blood upon the Ileb. ix, 18-23. Whereupor altar, and of the anointing oil, and horns of the altar of sweet incense | neither the first testament 36 sprinkle it upou Aaron, and upon before the LORD, which is in the dedicated without blood. his garments, and upon his sons, tabernacle of the congregation; when Moses had spoken etery and upon the garments of his sons and shall pour all the blood of precept to all the people accordina with him: and he shall be hallow the bullock at the bottom of the to the law, he took the blocio ed, and bis garments, and his altar of the burnt-offering, which calves and of goats, with a sons, and his sons' garments with is at the door of the tabernacle of and scarlet wool, and hyssop, and him,

the congregation. And the priest sprinkled both the book and ) Lev. viii, 23, 24, 30. And he slew shall take of the blood thereof the people, Saying. This is it; and Mosce took of the blood of with his finger, and ut it upon blood of the testament which God it, and put it upon the tip of the horns of the altar of burnt- hath enjoined unto you. MOTEUTE Aaron's right ear, and upon the offering, and shall pour out all ho sprinkled likewise with vad thumb of his right hand, and upon the blood thereof at the bottom both the tabernacle and all the the great toe of his right tout. of the altar.

vessels of the ministry. And s. Aud he brought Aaron's sons, and Lev. xiv, 15. 16. And the priest most all things are by the law Moses put of the blood upon the shall take some of the log of oil, purged with blood; and withoai tip of their right ear, and upon and pour it into the palm of his shedding of blood is no remisjon the thumbs of their right hands, own left hand; And the priest it was therefore necessary this and upon the great tves of their shall dip his right finger in the the patterns of things in the right feet; and Moses sprinkled oil that is in his left hand, and heavens should be purified with the blood upon the altar round shall sprinkle of the oil with his these; but the heavenly thiogi about. And Moses took of the finger seven times before the themselves with better sacrinces

than these. anointing oil, and of the blood LORD. which was upon the altar, and

Lev. *vi, 14-19. And he shall sprinkled it upon Aaron, and upon take of the blood of the bullock,

CEREMONIAL UNCLEANhis garments, and upon his sons, and sprinkle it with his nger

NESSES. and upon his sons' garments, with

upon the mercy-seat eastward; Lev. v, 2, 3. Or, if a soul toca him; and sanctified Aaron, and and before the mercy-seat shall any unclean thing, whether it his garments, and his sons, and he sprinkle of the blood with carcase of an unclean beast, his sons' garments with him.

bis finger seven times. Then carcase; of unclean cattle, or the Lev. xiv, 14, 17, 18. And the shall he kill the goal of the sin carcase of unclean creeping things priest shall take some of the blood offering that is for the people, and it be hidden from hitz: Le of the trespass-offering, and the and bring his blood within the also sball be unclean, and guilts priest shall put it upon the tip of vail, and do with that blood as he Or if he touch the uncleannee's the right ear of tim that is to be did with the blood of the bullock, man, whatsoever uncleannessee cleansed, and upon the thumb of and sprinkle it upon the mercy- that a man shall be defiled withal his right hand, and upon the great seat, and before the mercy-seat. and it be hid from him; wbén be toe of his right foot. And of the And he shall make an atonerneut knoweth of it, then he shall be rest of the oil that is in his hand for the holy place, because of the guilty. shall the priest put upon the tip uncleanness of the children of

Lev. vii, 20, 21. But the soul th. of the right ear of him that is to Israel, and because of their trans-eateth of the flesh of the sacrif.. be cleaused and upon the thumb of gressions in all their sins: and so of peace-offerings that perio's his right hand, and upon the great shall be do for the tabernacle of unto the LORD, having his uncles toe of bis right foot, upon the the congregation that remaineth ness upon him, even that see blood of the trespass - offering. among them in the midst of their shall be cut off from bis people And the remnant of the oil that uncleanness. And there shall be Moreover, the soul that she is in the priest's hand he shall no man in the tabernacle of the touch any unclean thing, as te pour upon the head of him that is congregation when he goeth in to uncleanness of man, or any to be cleansed: and the priest shall make an atonement in the holy clean beast, or any abominata make an atonement for him before place, until he come out, and have unclean thing, and eat of the desi the LORD.

made an atonement for himself, of the sacritice of peace-offerings

and for his household, and for all which pertain unto the LORD, e rea OF THINGS.

the congregation of Israel. And that soul shall be cut off froin bais Exod. xxiv, 6. Aud Moses took he shall go out unto the altar that

people. half of the blood, and put it in atouement for it; and shall take of is before the LORD, and make an

Leo. xv, 4-7, 9, 10, 12, Erers basons; and balf of the blood he the blood of the bullock, and of

bed whereon he lieth that liath sprinkled on the altar. the blood of the goat, and put it the isstio is unclean, and every

thing whereon he sitteth shall be Exod. xxx, 10. And Aaron shall upon the horns of the altar round

unclean. And whosoever touch make an atonement upou the about. And he shall sprinkle of horns of it once in a year with the the blood upon it with his linger eth his bed shall wash his cloibee

and bathe himself in water, and be blood of the sin-offering of atone- seven times, and cleanse it, and

unclean until the even. mente; once in the year shall be hallow it from the uucleanness of

that sitteth on any thing where make atonement upon it through the children of Israel.

he sat that hath the issue sp13 out your generations: it is most holy unto the Lord.

Ezek. xlv, 19, 20. And the priest wash his clothes and bathe Ale

sball take of the blood of the sin- in water, and be unclean until be Lev. iv, 5-7, 30. And the priest offering, and put it upon the posts even. And he that toucheth the that is anointed shall take of the of the house, and upon the fourtlesh of him that hath the issors bullock's blood, and bring it to corners of the settle of the altar, shall wash his clothes, and baida the tabernacle of the congrega- and upon the posts of the gate of himself in water, and be upd. 25 tion. And the priest shall dip his the inner court. And 80 thou until the even. And what saddle finger in the blood, and sprinkle shalt do the seventh day of thosoever he rideth upon that esta of the blood seven times before month for every one that erreth, the issue shall be unclean. A:1 the Lord), before the vall of the and for him that is simple: 80 shall whosoever toucheth any thing banctuary. And the priest shall | ye reconcile the house.

that was under him shall be us

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