The Insurance Law Journal, 第 1 巻

D.T. & L.H. Potter, 1871

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276 ページ - Having no absolute right of recognition in other states, but depending for such recognition and the enforcement of its contracts upon their assent, it follows, as a matter of course, that such assent may be granted upon such terms and conditions as those states may think proper to impose.
201 ページ - And it is further provided in the policy that "if the interest of the assured in the property be any other than the entire, unconditional and sole ownership of the property for the use and benefit of the assured...
737 ページ - ... to appear and show cause why the prayer of the petition should not be granted...
215 ページ - It provides that the insurance as to the interest of the mortgagee shall not be invalidated by any act or neglect of the mortgagor or owner...
384 ページ - The amount of stocks of this State, of the United States, or any incorporated city of this State; and of any other stocks owned by the company, specifying the amount, number of shares, and par and market value of each kind of stocks.
649 ページ - That suits in equity shall not be sustained in either of the courts of the United States, in any case where plain, adequate and complete remedy may be had at law.
599 ページ - And the said applicant hereby covenants and agrees to and with said company, that the foregoing is a just, full and true exposition of all the facts and circumstances in regard to the condition, situation, value and risk of the property to be insured, so far as the same are known to the applicant, and are material to the risk...
773 ページ - There shall be elected in each county, by the electors thereof, one clerk of the Court of Common Pleas, who shall hold his office for the term of three years, and until his successor shall be elected and qualified.
661 ページ - Act, as often stated by this court, is that " whenever a court of law is competent to take cognizance of a right, and has power to proceed to a judgment which affords a plain, adequate and complete remedy, without the aid of a court of equity, the plaintiff must proceed at law, because the defendant has a constitutional right to a trial by jury.
423 ページ - The said premiums shall be paid on or before the days above mentioned for the payment thereof at the office of the company in the city of New York...