pectability, for the purpose of writing is about to proceed to Cochin, on the under his own sanctiun, an authenti. Coast of Malabar, for the purpose of ex. cated life of the late Admiral Lord amining the ancient Hebrew Manuscripts Viscount Nelson.

preserved in the Synagogue of the Jews Mr. Edmonston, author of a Treatise at that place. These Manuscripts are on the Egyptian Ophthalmia, will shortly represented to be of very high antiquity, publish an Inquiry into the contagious being supposed to contain that portion of nature of Ophthalmia; with a History the Scripture which was wriiten before of the Symptoms and Treatment of the dispersion of the Jews. A collation ocular inflammation in general.

of them with the European copies has Mr. John Hunt, author of historical been long desired by the learned. Surgery, proposes to publish Anatomical Another object of Dr. Buchanan's Speculations on the Form of Animals, mission will be to enquire into the State and on the new Opinions of Mr. Cline of the Native Christian Churches, in

Dr. Henderson is preparing for the the provinces of Travancore and Malapress a translation, with additional bar; particularly of thirty-five congrenotes of M. Cabanis' valuable Work, gations denominated by the Roman Caentitled Coup d'ail sur les Revolutions, tholics, the Schismatic Churches. These et sur la Reforme de la Medicine.

Christians refuse Communion with the Mrs. M. Lee is occupied on a History Romish Church, and adhere to the of the Isle of Man.

simple ritual of an early age. They are A work intitled the Fathers of the noticed in his history as early as the English church, or a Selection from the fourth Century, and are sopposed to have writings of the Reformers and earliest emigrated from Syria and Chaldea. · At protestant Divines of the Church of this day the Syro Chaldaic language is England-It is undertaken by several used in these Churches, and the Litúrgy clergymen, and will be published in is composed in that language and characnumbers and volumes successively. The ter. Agreeably to instructions received time of commencing the publication will from the Ecclesiastical Authorities at depend on the degree of early encou- home, a report is to be made on the ragement that may be given to the plan, the Constitution and Doctrines of these

Mrs. Owenson, a native of Ireland, is Churches, with a view to ascertain how engaged on a pastoral Tale, to be called far it may be the duty of the English the Wild Irish Girl, in which she pur- Church to recognise the Christians of poses to illustrate, the domestic State of Malabar, now that they are become subthe Yeomanry and Peasantry of Ireland.' jects of the British Empire. These

Mr. Carr, Author of the Stranger in churches have been governed for fifteen France, is preparing to publish a Work hundred years, by a regular succession under the Title of the Stranger in Ire- of Bishops whose ordination, (by the land

Patriarch of Antioch) is acknowledged Mr. J. H. Prince announces an ac- by the Church of England. count of his Life, pedestrian Excursions, Another subject of literary research and singular Upinions.

offers itself among these ancient chrisMr. W. A. Halls, of Newcastle upon tians : When the Portuguese first arrived Tyne, has nearly ready for Publication, in India, they burnt the writings and rea small Volume of original Pieces, in- cords found in the christian churches titled Nugæ Poeticæ,

(and among them, says a Ruinish Author, In une Volume 8vo, the Temple of some apostolical monuments) in order Truth; or, the Best System of Reason, that they might destroy the evidences of Philosophy, Virtue, and Morals, ana- their antiquity, and force them to an lytically arranged

union. But it has been stated recently Rev. R. Arinstrong's Elements of the by respectable authority, that certain Latin Tongue, with all the Rules in ancient manuscripts in the Chaldaic lanEnglish, for the more ready improve- guage, are yet preserved in the country ment of Youth. Second Edition revised of Travancore. and corrected. The Rev. Francis Hawes's Miscella

FRANCE. neous Translations, to which is added a G, Savage, M. D. has published the Latin Prize Essay, in one volume fuols- first number of, The Anatomy of the cap 8vo.

fighting Gladiator : this work, unique in EAST INDIES.

its kind, has been adopted as an elemen. The Rev. Dr. Claudius Buchanan, the tary work by the French Lustitute, in Provost of the college of Fort William, the class of the Fine Arts ; it will be


comprized in 3 folio numbers, price 14 tem : it will be completed in 3 Voluines, francs each.

of which the first now published, conM. L. B. Guyton-Morveau, well tains those plants which are used for the known for his Treatise on correcting Con- support of man : the second will contagion in the Air, has published a third tain those which are the food of beasts, Edition of his pamphlet, with plates, and the third, those which are used in and considerable additions, particularly manufactures (Oekonomische Pilanzenie relating to the Yellow Fever (Traité des kunde, vol. 1. 8vo. moyens de désinfecter l'air, 1 vol. 8vo. 6 M. A. Thaer has published the first franıs.). .

Volume of practical Instructions in Rural · Dr. Fouquier has translated Dr. J. Economy : consisting intirely of inBrown's Elements of Medicine, from formation relative to the management of the Original Latin, with those Additions cattle of all Descriptions. (Praktische Anwhich the author made in his English leitung, vol. 1. pp. 8vo. 2 plates, Berlin.) Edition. This is the first French Transla- Mr. G. Cully's Treatise on Domestic tion of this, widely circulated work, Animals, has been translated into Ger I vol. 8vo. pp. 550. Price 7 fr. 250. man by M. F. Daume, who visited Eng• M. L. P. Vieillot is publisbing at land in 1801, expressly to make practic Paris, the Natural History of the most cal observations on this subject (Uber die beautiful singing Birds of the Torrid Answahl und Veredlung, dc. 8vo. pp. Zune; it is embellished with coloured 178. plates. Berlin.) Plates, drawn by M. Préton, and en- It is with real pleasure that we learn, graved by M. Bonquet. The different that the excellent Lectures of the Right Species of Birds included in this Work, Rev. the Lord Bishop of London, on the are particularly rare and interesting, as Gospel of St, Matthew have been transpossessing brilliancy of plumage, united lated into the German language, by a with melody of song. (Histoire naturelle respectable gentleman near Berlin, and des plus beaux Oiseaux chanteurs de la will be published by Mr. Spoethen, prina Zone torride. 30 francs la livraison, ter in that city. 6 planches.)

We are also informed that Dean Mile GERMANY.

ner's Church History is now translating M. C. G. Wistling has published at into the German by Mr. Mortimer, a Leipzic the first Volume of a work en. gentleman who has already translated titled Economical Botany, for the use several English works, in a manner that of Agriculturists, Manufacturers, '&c. does him honour. classed aceording to the Linnean Sys


A Synoptical Compendium of British Geoponika : Agricultural Pursuits. Botany. By J. Galpine, A. L. S. 12.no. Translated from the Greek. By the 10s. 60. Rev. T. Owen, M. A. of Queen's Col

EDUCATION. lege, Oxford. 2 vols. 1.55.

· The Greek English Derivative Dic. A General View of the Agriculture of tionary, shewing in English Characters East Lothian ; drawn up for the consi- the Greek Originals of such words in deration of the Board of Agriculture, the English language as are derived from from the Papers of the late R. Soinerthe Greek, &c. By Mr. Burke. 48. 6d. ville, Esq., 8vo. 58.

A Grammar of Universal History. By A General View of the County of He. the Rev. J. Robinson. 8s. reford ; drawn up for the Board of Agric . A Concise Treatise on Modern Geoculture. By J. Duncomb, A. M. 8v0. graphy, on a new plan. By E. Donne,

sm. 8vo. 3s... FINE ARTS.

The Class Book, Reading Lessons for An Inquiry into the requisite Cultiva- either Sex. By the Rev. D. Blair. 12mo. tion and present State of the Arts of 5s. Design in England. By Prince Hoare,

: HISTORY. Esq. 7s.

The Works of Sallust, to which are BOTANY.

prefixed, Two Essays on the Life, &c. Viridarium, or Green-liouse Plants. of the Historian, with Notes. By H. Containing fifty highly coloured Plants, Steuart, L.L.D. 2 vols. 4to. 41. 45. from Nature. By Mrs. H M Moriarty, The History of Modern Europe; with 8vo. 11. 5s.

an Account of the Decline and Fall of


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the Roman Empire ; and a View of the A Meteorological Journal of the year Progress of Society, from the rise of the 1805, kept in Paternoster-row, London. modern Kingdoms to the Peace of Pa By W. Bent. 8vo. 1s. Od. . ris in 1763. In a series of Letters from The Asiatic Annual Register for 1804. a Nobleman to his Son. 5 vols. 8vo. By L. D. Campbell, Esq. Vol. VI. 21. 55.

A Vindication of the Principles and LAW.

Sentiments advanced in the Strictures The Trial of the British Governor of of the Right Hon. Lord Sheffield, on the the Island of Trinidad. 870. 3s. . necessity of inviolably maintaining the

An Essay on the Principal Commer- Navigation and Colonial System of Great cial Exchanges, and more particularly of Britain. By the Rev. J. Alley, L. L. B. the Exchange betwen Great Britain and M. R. I. 3s. Ireland. By J. L. Foster, Esq. of Lin- ' A Letter to the Hebrew Nation. By colns Inn. 55.

C. Crawford, Esq. 25. A Digest of the Bankrupt Laws. By A Letter to a friend, occasioned by B. Montagu, Esq. 3 vols. 21. 12s. 6d. the Death of the Right Hon. W. Pitt. MEDICAL SCIENCE.

8vo. 1s. An Analysis of the Malrern Waters. A Letter to Mr. Cobbett, on his Opi. By A. P. Wilson, M. D. F. R. S. 8vo. nions respecting the Slave Trade. By 25. 68.

T. Clarke, A. M. Prebendary of HereA Treatise on the Origin, Progress, ford. 8vo. Ss. and Treatment of Consumptions. By J. Letters addressed to a Young Lady: Reid, M. D. 7s.

wherein the Duties and Characters of An Illustration of the Anatomy of the Women are considered chiefly with a reHuman Ear, with Views of the Organ. ference to Prevailing Opinions. . By By J. C. Saunders, fol. 11. 145. Mrs. West. new edition 3 vols. 12mo.

The Naval Surgeon ; comprising the The Metaphysic of Man, or the pure entire Duties of Professional Men at Part of the Physiology of Man. TransSea, &c. By W. Turnbull, A. M. 8volated from the German. By S. F. Wad9s.

dington, M. D. 5s. Vaccination Vindicated against Mis. Transactions of the Royal Society of representation and Calumny. In a Let- Edinburgh. Vol. VI. Part II. 4to. 9s. ter to his Patients. By E. Jones. 1s. A New and Compendious Dictionary

A New System of Family Medicine, of Arts and Sciences. To be completed for the Use of Midwives, Mothers, in Twelve Parts, making two 4to. VoNurses, &c. By W. Keighley, M. D. lumes, with 100 Plates. By G. Gre6s.

gory, D. D. Part I. 9s. Essays on the Diseases of Children, Letters from France, written in 1803 with Cases and Dissertations. By J. and 1804. By J. Forbes, F. R. S. &c. Cheyne, M. D. 2 vols. 8vo. il. 75. 6d. 2 vols. royal 8vo. 1l. 18.

An Essay on the Diseases incident to A Supplement to the Life and Posthu. India Seamen, or Lascars, in long mous Works of Cowper : consisting of Voyages, By W. Hunter. sm. fol. 155. original Letters, arldressed chiefly to the Imported from Calcutta.

Rev. Walter Bagot. With an Index to A Manual of Inoculation, for the Use the whole work. By W. Hayley, Esq. of the Faculty and Private Families. 4to. By G. Lipscomb, Surgeon. 1s.

Lectures on Belles Lettres and Logic. A Practical Treatise on various Dis. By the late W. Barron, F. A. S. E. and eases of the Abdominal Viscera. By Professor in the University of St. AnChr. R. Pemberton, M. D. F. R. S. 8vo. drew. 2 vols. 8vo. 1l. is. 7s

A Father's Memoirs of his Child. By MILITARY.

B. H. Malkin, Esq. M. A. F. A. S. 8vo. Two Letters on the Commissariat, 10s. 6d. written to the Commissioners of Military Retrospect of Philosophical, Mecha. Inquiry. By Hawiland Le Mesurier, nical, and Agricultural Discoveries : Esq. 2.

being an abridgment of the Periodical Modern Art of War. 18mo. 2s. 6d. and other Publications, English and MISCELLANIES. :

Foreign, relative to Arts, Chemistry, An Inquiry into the Principles, Dispo- Manufactures, Agriculture and Natural sitions and Habits of the People of Philosophy, vol. I. 10)s. 6d. England, under their different Sove- A number to be continued Quarterly, reigns, since the Reign of Queen Eliza. price 35. 6d. beth. By J. Andrews, L.L.D. Ss.


Resolves, Divine, Moral and Political. The Seventh Day a Day of Rest : a By Owen Felthani. With a short'Ac- Discourse by the Rev. C. Wood. count of the Author. By J. Cuinining, A Dissertation on the Supreme Divine Esq. F. S. A. 8vo. 9s. .

Dignity of the Messiah. By G. Sharp, NAVAL.

Esq. is. Memoirs of the Rise and Progress of Reflections on the recent extension of the Royal Navy, from the beginning of the powers of their Lurdships the Bi. the Reign of Henry VII. to Nov. 1805. shops, 1s 6d. By C. Derrick, Esq. of the Navy Office. To your Tents. An Address to the 4to. Il. 11s. 6d.

Volunteers. By the Rev. M. Wilson, A. POETRY.

M. Od. The Poetical Register, and Repository Christian Politics. By Ely Bates, of Fugitive Poetry, for 1804, being the Esq. 9s. 41h vol. of the series. sin. 8vo. 10$. 6d. Disunion in Religion unfriendly to the

Hymns, Elegies, and Miscellaneous ends of Edification and Peace. By J. Pieces, in Poetic Prose. Translated Symonds, B. D. is. 6d. from the Abbé de Reyrac. By F. B. A Dissertation on the Prophecies that Wright. 45.

have been fulfilled, &c. By G. S. Faber, The Wonders of Switzerland, and other B. D, 2 vols. 8vo. 165. Puerns. By J. Montgomery. 43. Funeral Ode for Music, to the Me.

Sermons preached on the Day of Genemory of the immortal hero, Lord Nel

ral Thanksgiving, Dec. 5, 1805. son. By J. F. of Warrington. ls. Providential Deliverances, Motives to

Ode on the Battle of Trafalgar. By Gratitude, preached by P. Barker, HenCaptain Wingrove. 15.

ley-in-Arden, 1s. Verses on the Victory off Trafalgar. A Sermon preached by R. Young, By the Rev. W. Tremen heere. is. D.D. in the Scots Church, London Wall. POLITICS.

The Ships of Tarshish, preached by A Letter addressed to Lord Henry W. Ward, M. A. Diss, 6d Petty, wherein the tendency of the prin A Sermon preached by the Rev. S. ciples of his great predecessor's finan- Smallpage, M. A. Whitkisk, near Leeds. cial Administration are examined, &c. A Sermon preached by the Rev. J. B. 15. 6d.

Collyer, Aylesham, Norfolk, 1s 6d. Observations on the Character and pre A Sermon preached in the Parish sent State of the Military Force of Great Church of Wells, By the Most Rev. Britain. 3s. 6d.

T. L. O'Beirne, D. D. Lord Bishop of Thoughts on the relative State of Meath. Great Britain and France, at the close A Sermon preached by the Rev. D. of Mr. Pitt's Life and Administration. Brichan, Scots Church, Artillery-street,

England's Ægis, or a Display of the 1s 6d. true Military Energies of the British A Sermon preached in the Parish Empire. By J. Cartwright, Esq. 49.6d. Church of Winwick, in the County of

The Poll for the Election of a Repre- Lancaster. By the Rev. G. Hornby, sentative for the University of Cam- Rector of Winwick, 1s. bridge. 1806. Arranged by J, Beves- A Sermon preached by the Rev. Sir ley, A. M. 8vo. 2s.

A. Gordon, Bart. Rector of West Til. THEOLOGY.

bury, Essex, 1s 6d. The Apocalypse, or Revelation of St, God's Defence and Protection of his John. Translated with Notes, critical People; preached by the Rev. T. Rut. and explanatory. By J. C. Woodhouse, ledge, D.D. 1s 6d. M. A. Archdeacon of Salop. 8vo. 183. The Watchers and the Holy Ones;

A Systematical View of the revealed preached in the Parish Church of St. Wisdom ofthe Word of God; of which the Asaph. By Samuel, by divine permisHebrew Tongue is the pre-designed and sion, Lord Bishop of St. Asaph, 2s. appropriate Expositor. By R. Williams, A Sermon preached by the Rev. G. of the Island of Jamaica. 12s.

Burges, A. B. West Walton, Norfolk, 1s. The Overflowings of Ungodliness, a A Sermon preached by the Rev. J. Sermon on the Times. Preached at St. Stonard, A, M. Chertsey, is 6d, James's Church, Bath, Jan. 19, 1806. A Sermon delivered at Salter's Hall. By the Rev. R. Warner, Is. 6d.

By the Rev. H. Worthington, is 'A Catechism for Youth. By Rev. Dan. A Sermon preached by the Rev. J. Taylor, 4d.

Egton, Wallington, Salop, as.


Victory and Death; the substance of

TOPOGRAPHY. a Discourse by T. woud.

Bath ; illustrated by a Series of En. A Sermon preached in the Parish gravings, trom the drawings of J. C. Church of Great Stanmore, Middlesex. Nattes, folio, '91.7s. By the Rev. A. R. Chauvel, L. L. B. 15.

VOYAGES AND TRAVELS. A Sermon by the Rev. S. Stevenson, The Travels of Baron Van Humboldt, A. B. Blackburn, Lancashire, 1s. and A. Bonpland, in South America, in

A Sermon preached in the Parish 1799, 1800, 1, 2, 3, and 4. Translated by Church of Sedgefield, County of Dur. R. Hawkesworth, L.L.D. 12mo. 2s 6d. bam. By, the Rev. J. Sanders, M. A. An Account of the State of France, Is.

duriug the last three years. By Israel Worsley, late a Prisoner at Verdun, 8vo.


*** In answer to a letter from the author of Lyra Evangelica, wie observe that, on referring to the remarks on his pamphlet in our last number, he will not find any opinion expressed on the point in question, He has, without doulit, as much right, as any writer of different views, to express his sentiments on the subject, though we certainly do not wish, in such a trivial matter to promote controversy. Knowing that on this question, the feelings have generally more influence, than the understanding. We had reason to doubt the efficacy of his arguments in removing instrumental music from public worship, although we think them well cat .culated likely to prevent its introduction.

Mr. Keeley's remarks, are received and noticed.

We have transmitted an answer to the polite note of A. F. Y. in the manner he directs. - We hope to take an early opportunity of satisfying the inquiries of M. Quin.

Mr. Batchellor's letter has been perused with attention.

Mr. Beldon is informed that we have not yet seen the work he alludes to. As country-printed books often escape our town collector, we should esteem it a favour if our friends would furnish with a copy of any work, which they wish to be noticed.

Mr. Dyer's work has been received, and is under consideration.

We have to thank various correspondents, for their obliging expressions of approbation.

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for with wish 222, 18,

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for Wittenburg n Wittemburg 238,----15,

for argument f. agreement.

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