first kindled by the Jesuits, and the higher Catholic clergy inflamed it. In this country hardly any marriage of persons belonging to both communions takes place, except the Protestant party engages to become Catholic, or, at least, to suffer his children to receive a Catholic education. The conversion of Catholics to Protestantism is rendered extremely difficult : not merely by the authorized arguments employed by the Catholic clergy, during six weeks previous to such conversion ; in order to induce the applicant to remain a steady member of the Romish communion : but also by the terrors of imprisonment, stripes, and other violences. It is even said, that justice itself is biassed, on these occasions; and that absolutions for false evidence are not uncommon. During the last war, when a conscription took place, every art was used to enrol Protestants, as soldiers, that they might perish by the sword of the enemy. Protestants are excluded from public offices. Protestant books undergo severe investigation, and few which are sound in their principles are allowed. The Catholic clergy even wished to prohibit Protestants from going to any German university for education. Protestan's who are zealous, are represented as seditious : those who are quiet, are sneered at as Atheists. A spirit of fanatical 'bigotry prevails, at which enlightened and liberal Catholics themselves, are terrified. It is again become the fashion, on the anniversary day of Corpus Christi, to preach controversial sermons against the Protestants. . Various religious orders are revived ; and the education of youth is exclusively entrusted to the Catholic clergy. Art. XVII. Militarischer Kalender : Military Almanack for 1805.

with plates. 12mo. Berlin. This work offers among other articles, a Report on the New Organization of the Austrian arıny, and its present state. The following enumeration is founded on correct authorities. Men. I

Men Infantry of the Line 207,278 Brought up - 270,599 Infantry in Garrisons 6,332 Cavalry - - - 34,705 Light Infantry -' 56,488 Artillery - - - 14,569 270,598

Total 319,872 • The author also communicates information on the condition and organization of the Russian army, in its present state. He calculates its amount at 425,000 men : whereas Storch, who appears to have obtained more accurate estimates, gives 493,000, for its true total. This work containsother articles interesting to military men : with plates, and a map, Art. XVIII. Tyroler Almanack: The Tyrol Almanack for 1805. Among other information, as well historical as local, this number states the population of the Tyrol, including the bishoprics of Trent and Brixen, at 686,466 inhabitants in the year 1804.

The city of Lindau was ceded to Austria in that year. Art. XIX. Versuch uber die deutschen Bewohner der Oesterreichischen

Monarchie, Essay on the German Inhabitants of the Austrian Dominions. 2 vols. 8vo. Bureau des Arts. Vienna.

"I'he author of this work, is Mr. Joseph Rohrer, Commissary-General of the Police at Lemberg, who, by his frequent journeys in all parts of


the Austrian territories, has examined almost every thing in person ; and has collected many important facts relative to the statistical history of these states.

This work, with the two following, combine a mass of information almost wholly new. They are divided into_1. Population.-2. Bodily Constitution.-3. Food.-4. Dresses.-5. Occupations.-6. Arts and Labours.-7. Character.--8. Religion.-9. Manners of the Inhabitants.

The number of the German inbabitants of the Austrian States is, 6,300,000, making not more than one-fourth part of the whole population; but by far the most important part in respect to activity, commerce, industry, and ingenuity in general.

The Austrian has considerable bodily strength, and loves good cheer. The Emperor Joseph II. added greatly to the advantages of his people, by infusing and directing a spirit of activity, of industry, and of commercial adventure, among them. Arts and letters are in esteem ; and especially music and engraving ; in which Austrią and Bohemia have produced excellent professors. Letters, properly speaking, enjoyed but a small period of liberty, and that was during the reign of Joseph II. Art. XX. Essay on the Sclavonian Inhabitants of the Austrian Mo

narchy. By the same Author. .

Under the general name of Sclaves, or Sclavonians, the author includes Morlachians, Croats, Sclavonians, Wendesians, Mazuracians, Goralians, Hanacians, Copaniczars, and Czechs. Most of these reside in the mountainous parts; are of robust constitutions, and capable of supporting the fatigues of military duty. Their whole number is estimated at 14,115,071. The Sclavonians of the county of Arve, furnish the most portly grenadiers of the Austrian army. They have some industry: but much remains to be done to render their civilization complete, Art. XXI. Essay on the Jews of the Austrian Monarchy. By the same


This part of our author's labours is, perhaps, the most interesting, as it contains various plans for rendering the Jews useful to the community.

The general principle adopted by M. R. is; that the state which admits Jews to the privileges of citizenship, has a right to exact from them all the duties which belong to that station : and his conclusion is, that so long as this people are suffered to evade the occupations of agriculture, trades, and regular commerce ;-so long as they are permitted to pursue their vagabond irregularities, usury, and traffic;—so long will they be miserable as a people, and a dead-weight on well organized states. It is truly remarkable, that all the endeavours of the Emperor Jasephi, whether by persuasion, encouragement, or even by constraint, effected nothing. Their number in the Austrian territories is estimated at 422,698. At Lemberg, the country of the author, they are so greatly increased, as to form one sixth-part of the population.

Art. XXII. SELECT LITERARY INFORMATION. Mr. Duppa has in the press, and will lustrations only as may be essential to a publish early in the spring, a Life of complete view of bis Subject. 1 vol. 4to. Michael Angelo Buonarroti, comprising Mrs. Bryan, author of a Treatise on his character as a poet, a painter, a Astronomy, has in the press, in 4to., sculptor, and an architect; with such Il Lectures on Natural Philosophy, which

are expected to appear in the ensuing The following Works are expected 19 spring. ..

appear shortly: Mr. Corry, author of the Satirical Expository Discourses on the Book of View of London, in conjunction with Genesis, interspersed with Practical ReMr. G. Perry, bas compiled a work, un- tiections. 2 vols. 8vo. By And. Fuller. titled the Beauties of Liverpool, or a Geographical Delineations; or, & *Picturesque History of that duurishing Compendious View of the Natural and Seaport: it is now in the press.. Political State of all Parts of the Globe.

Mr. Hayley is employed in writing a By J. Aikin, M. D. 2 vols. 8vo. Lite of Romaey the painter, which is to A Dissertation on the Prophecies, that be accompanied by engravings from some have been fulfilled, are now fulfilling, or of bis most celebrated pictures

will hereafter be fulfilled, relative to the Mr. Thelwall, having delivered a Pa- great period of 1260 years; the Papal triotic Effusion on the late glorious Na- and Mabomipedan Apostasies'; the tyval Victory, to several crowded audi- rannical reign of Antichrist, or the Inences at Liverpool, proposes to publish fidel Power; and the Restoration of the the same, under the title of, The I'rident Jews. By, George Stanley Faber, B.D. ‘of Albion ; together with an Oration on 2 vols. 8vo. the Influence of Elocution in kindling C onversations on Chemistry. 2 vols. Vartial Enthusiasm ; with an Address to The Secret History of the Court and the Shade of Nelson.

Cabinet of St. Cloud. 3 vols, 12mo. Mr. Hewson Clarke, of Gateshead, is. Dialogues in Chemistry, by the author preparing to publish a volume, to con- of Scientific Dialogues. sist of the Numbers of a Periodical Sir David Lindsay's works. By G. Paper lately published at Newcastle, Chalmers, Esq.

A Clergy man in the Diocese of York, A volume of Puems. By Mr. Graham, has abridged all the Sermons of Bishop author of the Sabbath. Taylor, and adapted them to the present Poems. By Robert Bloomfield, austate of the Pulpit, and the Use of fa- thor of the Farmer's Boy, &c. . milies. They will make 3 vols. 8vo. ' A Dramatic Poem on the Death of

Dr. Pinckard's Leiters from the West Socrates. Indies, are expected early in this year. Tlie 3d volume of Professor Vince's

The Rev. J. Gordon, author ot a His- Astronoiny. tory of the late Rebellion in Ireland, A 2d edition of Mr. Lawrence's Mowill shortly publish a History of Ireland, dern Land Steward.. . in 2 vols. 8vo.

EAST INDIES. Mr. J. Chalmers is engaged in a work Mr. Gladwin of Bengal, author of the entitled Caledonia, which is an Account Persian Moonshee, and other valuable of Scotland in the manner of Camden's works on Orienta! Literature, has comBritannia,

pleted his great Persian Dictionary, Mr. M Cullum, author of Travels in which, besides a inultiplicity of wurds Trinidad, is preparing for the press, an not in Richardson, or Meninski, con. Answer to Lord Selkirk's Observations tains above 30,000 words, with examples, un Emigration.

taken from the best poets and philologi. A very interesting volume from the cal writers. Mr. G. has also prepared pen of the late ingenious Mr. Strutt, au- for the press, Illustrations of the Bostan, thor of the sports of Great Britain, &c. is Beharistan, Ayar-darneesli, and the Letpreparing for publication.

ters of Abul'fuzi, adapted to the Use of Mr. Capper, of the Secretary of State's the Students of Fort William College; Oitice, has undertaken to compile, from and he has begun to print the Gulistan of Official and Authentic Documents, a Sadi, in the original Persian, with a liNew Topographical Dictionary of Great teral translation, and a complete analyLritain, Ireland, and the British Isles in sis of every word, Arabic and Tersian, general; on an entirely new plan. It which occurs in that celebrated work. will contain upwards of one thousand This will form a large quarto volume, places not mentioned, or the name only and is printed at the Hindostanee press, given, in other works of the same kind. in Calcutta ; a new font of Arabic and

John Disney, Eig. of the Inner Tem. Persian types having been provided exple, has nearly ready for publication, a pressly for this publication. Treatise on the Laws of Gaming and Dr. Anderson, of Madras, bas pub. Wagers, including a Digest of the Sta- lished in the Madras Gazette, a Letter tutes, and of the adjudged Cases.

from Don J. M. Dayot, announcing the

formation formation of a Literary Society at Ma

AMERICA. . nilla; the letter states the intention of At New York, five numbers hare ap. publishing a Monthly Journal, contain- peared of an interesting miscellany, ining such communications as may be use- iitled, the Mathematical Correspondent, ful to the weltare of that colony. published fuur times a year, at a quarter

dollar each.



Theory and Practice, in a Series of Farm Buildings; or Rural Economy, Dialogues, selected from the most apcontaining Designs for Cottages, Farm- proved Writers ; and preceded by aphouses, &c. with Plates. By W. Barber. propriate Rules for speaking and writing 4to. 10s. 6d.

French. By G. Saulez. 2s. The Farmer's Daily Journal, and Com- A Comparative View of the New Plan plete Accountant. By a Practical Far- of Education promulgated by Mr. J. Lanwer. 4to. 75.

caster. By Mrs. Trimmer. 3vo. 35. . • The Practical Gardener ; with Engrave A Summary of Parental and Filial ings. By P. Millar, Esq. F. R. S. and Duties; extracted from the works of the W. Shaw, M. D. No. 1. 15. to be com- Sieur de Charron. By J. Taylor, 1s.' pleted in 10 Numbers.

Juvenile Essays. 12no. Ss. 6d. | A Compendium of Modern Husban. A brief History of Education. By dry, principally written during a Survey H. Abraham. 1s. of Surrey. By J. Malcolm. S vols. 8vo. Childrens' New Guide to Knowledge 11. 165. Royal 31. 3s.

and Virtue; or a Collection of early ANTIQUITIES.

Lessons. By J. Taylor. is, 3d. - A History of the County of Breck

LAW. nuck, containing the Chorography, Reflections on the Causes of Unhappy General History, &c. By T. Jones. Vol. Marriages; and on various subjects 1. royal 4to. Maps and Platės. 21. 15s. therewith connected; an Epitome of the

Laws of Marriage and Divorce, with JuAccount of the British Institution for dicial Decisions touching Separation, &c. promoting the Fine Arts. 8vo. 15. án Account of Civil Law, and Spiritual BIOGRAPHY.

Courts, &c By R. Lewis. Svo 4s 6d · Biographia Scotica, or Scottish Bio- The Housekeeper's Guide, and Lodge grapbical Dictionary. By J. Stark, 5s, er's Advertiser ; à Selection of such

The Life of Erasmus, with an Account Branches of Law as immediately interest of his writings; reduced from Dr. Jortin. Landlords and Tenants. By J. J. Mais By A. Laycey, Esq. 8vo. 8s. 6d. well. 18mois. The Female Revolutionary Plutarch,

MEDICAL SCIENCE. 3 vols. 12ino, 11. ls.

Practical Points relative to the CataA Biographical, Historical, and Chro- ract, comprehending an Account of a nological Dictionary, a new and enlarged new and successful Method of Couching edition. By J. Watkins, LL.D. 8vo. 15s. particular Species of that Disease. By S. • BOTANY.

Cooper. 8vo 5s 6d. The Botanist's Guide through England Modern Practice of Physic. By A. G. and Wales; by D. Turner, F. R. S. and Clark, M. D. 8vo. 9s. L. S. and L. W. Dillwin, F. R. S. and A Manual of Anatomy and Physiology: L. S. 2 vols. 14s. 8vo.

By T. Luxmore. 8vo. 8s 6d . EDUCATION.

Cow-pox Inoculation no security a. An Introduction to Writing; exhibiting gainst Small-pox Infection. By W. Row. the relative proportion of the letters. ls, ley, M. D. 2s 6d

Fables, Ancient and Modern, adapted An Answer to Dr. Moseley, contain, for the Use of Children, by E. Baldwin, ing a Defence of Vaccination. By J. 2 vols. Es.

Ring. 8vo 68 The Young Lady's and Gentleinan's The Medical Works of the late W. Atlas, by J. Adams. small 8vo. 9s. Turnbult, A. M. vol. 1. 5s 6d

A List of the irregular Præterites; or Observations on the. Use and Abuse of Præterperfects of the Supines ; and also Mercury, and on the Precautions necesof the Past Participles of Deponent sary in its employment. By A. P. WilVerbs, shewing from what Verbs they are son, M. D. 1s. derived. By E. P. B:idell, LL D. Is. A Dissertation on Ischias. By W.



Falconer, M. D. F. R. S. 8vo 2s 6d The Second Part of the List of uns

Observations on the Utility and Admi- claimed Dividends. 2s 6d, nistration of Purgative Medicines. By J. The concluding Part of J. Church's Hamilton, M.D. 8vo 6s..

Cabinet of Quadrupeds. price w os con. A Letter to Dr. Moseley, containing taining the last 7 Numbers, at 4s each.. Animadversions on Drs. Woodville, Pear. Letters from Paraguay. By J. C. son, and Rowley, respecting the Cow- Davie, Esq. 8vo 5s pox. By R. J: Thorntou, M. D. 18. A Defence of the Divine System of the MILITARY SCIENCE.

World, which represents the Earth as beInstructions for Military Officets em ing at rest, &c. By R. Prescot, of Liver. ployed on, cr embarking for, foreign ser pool. 28 6d. vice. By a Field Omeer. '45.

A Reply to the Attack on the above by The Case of 1. Horstey, Esq. late a Jonathan Banks. 28 Captain in the Horse Guards (Blues), 16. A new System of Domestic Cookery, MISCELLANTES.

formed upon Principles of Economy, Essays, chiefly on Chemical Subjects, and adapted to the use of private famiby the late W. Irvine, M. D. F. R. S. lies. By a Lady. 68 and by his sou W. Irvine, M. D. 8,vo 98 Theory and Description of a Ventila

Spirit of the French Anas. 3 vols 15s tor for airing Vessels, Vaults, Coal-pits,

Prospectus of an Enquiry into the &c. By R. Woltman; plates. 48 Laws of Resistance of non-elastic Fluids

POBTRY. and cohesion of Fibrous Solids, as far as Collegium. Bengalense ; carmen, cui connected with Naval Architecture. By Præmiuin Buchananæum, a Senatu Açao A. Mackonochie, Esq. 4to 1s 6d. demiæ Glasguensis, adjudicatum est,

Logarithmic Tables. By P. L. D. Bon Alexandro Mac Arthur auctore, 4to įs6d Hote. 9s

The Vernal Walk, a poem. 2s 6d Memoirs of the Literary and Philoso. Half an Hour's Lounge ; or Poems. phical Society of Manchester. Vol. 1. By R. Magnall, small 8vo Ss Series 2. 8vo7s.

The Rustic ; a Poem ; in four Cantosa Memoirs of the Expediency of an Ec- By Ewing Clark, Wigton. 3s 6d. clesiastical Establishment for British In- The Triumph of Friendship, and Re. dia. By Claud. Buchanan, D. D. 4to 12s ward of Gratitude; an Historical Poem.

An Essay on the best means of civil. By W. Golden. Is izing the Subjects of the British Empire Ossian's Lesser Poems, rendered into in India. By J. Mitchell, A. M. 410 1šs verse. With a preliminary Discourse in

The College of Fort William, in Ben- answer to Laing's Dissertation on Ossian, gal, containing the Official Papers, and By Archibald M Donald. 8,0 78 the Literary Proceedings of the College The Nature of Things; a didactic during its first four years., 4to 12 poem; translated from the Latin of Titus

A concise Account of the Commerce of Lucretius Carus. By J. M. Good. 2 the Black Sea; from recent and authen. vols 4to 414s tic information, 8vo 2s

. POLITICS AND POLITICAL ECONOMY. A Letter to the Society for Promoting An Inquiry into the Permanent Causes Christian Knowledge, occasioned by two of the Decline and Fall of Powerful and recent publications, respecting the Bria Wealthy Nations. By W. Playfair. 4to tish and Foreign Bible Soeiety. 8vo 1s 14 115 6d

Enea IITEPOEYTO; or the Diversions of War in Disguise ; or the Frauds of the Purley. Part 2. By J. H. Tooke, 4to Neutral Flags. 8vo 45 Od 11 115 6d

A Series of Letters, on interesting, im The History of Chichester; with Notes, portant, and national Subjccts. By W. &c. By the Rev. A. Hay, M. A. 8vo H. Yate, Esq. 10s 6d

Thoughts on Public Trusts. 2s6d

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