Church-Folk Some Messed-Up-Folk: One Man's Journey from Faith to Faith

iUniverse, 2004 - 224 ページ
The real names have been changed to protect the guilty, and should the likeness of any character in this book appear to resemble any individual, it is purely intentional.

Also I have deliberately embellished on certain factual accounts in the book, purely for effect.

This book is being written, to let church-folk everywhere know, that you are not alone, and that the goings on at your local church are not isolated incidences, there is mess in every church, and my prayer is that you will stand fast, stay put, and put the devil on the run.

There were no collaborators, no extensive research done, no accolades to give to anyone. This is one mans journey from faith to faith, through his own eyes. If the book is a failure, I take full responsibility, the failure is not in God, it's in me. I am simply saying what the spirit is saying to me, and through me;

"Thus saith the Lord"

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