quod in lege Mofis præfcrip.. the requirement of the law of tum eft ; fcilicet, Omnis mas Moses, viz. that every male adaperiens vulvam sanctus Dei which opens the womb Mall be vocabitur.

called holy unto God.

- VI. Viditque illum Sime-, VI. At that time old Si- on senex instar columnæ lucis meon faw him shining as a

refulgentem, cum diva Maria Pillar of light, when St. Mary Virgo, mater ejus, ulnis fuis the Virgin, his mother, careum geftaret, magnamque ex ried him in her arms, and was ipfo lætitiam perciperet; et filled with the greatest pleacircumdabant eum Angeli in- sure at the sight. And the ftar circuli, celebrantes illum, Angels stood around him, tanquam satellites Regi ad- adoring him, as a King's stantes. Simeon itaque pro- guards stand around him. pere ad divam Mariam acce- Then Simeon going near to dens, et manus fuas versus il- St. Mary, and stretching forth lam extendens, dicebat Do- his hands towards her, said to mino Chrifto ; Nunc, O Do the Lord Christ, Now, O my mine mi, fervus tuus in pace Lord, thy fervant hall depart dimittitur, juxta verbum tu- in peace,according to thy Word; um; nam viderunt oculi mei for mine eyes have seen thy misericordiam tuam, quam mercy, which thou haft preparasti ad salutem omnium pared for the salvation of all gentium ; lucem omnibus po- nations; a light to all peaple, pulis, et gloriam populo tuo and the glory of thy people 1/Ifraeli. Aderat quoque Han- rael. Hanna the Prophetess na prophetissa, et accedens, was also present, and drawing Deo gratias agebat, Domi- near, she gave praises to God, namque Mariam felicem præ- and celebrated the happiness of dicabat.


VII. Et factum est, cum VII. And it came to pass, natus effet Dominus Jesus when the Lord Jesus was Bethlehemi urbe Judeæ, tem- born at Bethlehem, a city of póre Herodis Regis; ecce! Judæa, in the time of Herod magi venerunt ex Oriente the King; the wise men came Hierosolymas, quemadmodum from the East to Jerusalem,


prædixerat Zoradascht (Zo- according to the prophecy of roaster), erantque cum ipsis Zoradascht (Zoroaster), and munera, aurum, thus, et myr- brought with them offerings, rha, et adoraverunt eum, sua- viz. gold, frankincense and que ipfi munera obtulerunt. myrrh, and worshipped him, Tunc Domina Maria sumsit and offered to him their gifts. unam ex illis tæniis (quibus Then the Lady Mary, took involutus erat infans) eamque one of his swaddling-clothes loco benedictionis illis tradi- (in which the infant was dit; quam ipsi, tanquam mu- wrapped), and gave it to them nus præclariffimum ab ea ac- instead of a blessing, which ceperunt. Eademque hora they received from her as a apparuit illis Angelus in for- most noble present. And at ma ftellæ illius, quæ antea the same time there appeared dux itineris ipfis fuerat, cujus to them an Angel in the form lucis ductum secuti abierunt, of that star which had before donec in patriam suam rever been their guide in their terentur.

journey ; the light of which they followed till they returned into their own country.

VIII, Aderant autem reges VIII. On their return their et principes illorum rogantes, kings and princes came to ecquidnam vidiffent aut egif- them, enquiring, What they sent ? Quomodo ivissent ac · had seen and done? What redivissent? Quos tandem itin sort of journey and return they neris comites habuissent? Hi had? What company they vero protulerunt illis fasciam had on the road? But they iftam, quam diva Maria ipfis produced the swaddling-cloth tradiderat; quapropter cele. which St. Mary had given to brarunt festum, ignemque pro them, on account of which more suo fuccenderunt, eum they kept a feast ; and having, que adoraverunt, et fasciam according to the custom of iftam in illum conjecerunt, their country, made a fire, corripuitque eam ignis, et in they worshipped it, and caftsese comprehendit. Extincto ing the swaddling-cloth into autem igne, fasciam extraxe- it, the fire took it, and kept

it; and when the fire was put runt illæfam, ac fi ignis eam out, they took forth the {wadnon attigisset; itaque cæpe- dling-cloth unhurt, as much runt illam osculari, capitibuf- . as if the fire had not touched que suis et oculis imponere, it. Then they began to kiss dicentes, Hæc fane indubitata it, and put it upon their eft veritas ! utique magna res heads, and their eyes, faying,


eft, quod ignis comburere it- This is certainly an undoubted · lam aut perdere nequiverit. truth, and it is really fur

Inde fumserunt eam, et mag- prising that the fire could not na cum veneratione in thesau- burn it, and consume it. Then ris suis repofuerunt.

they took it, and with the greatest respect laid it up among their treasures.

IX. Herodes autem videns magos cunctari, nec ad sese reverti, accersivit facerdotes et fapientes, et dixit illis; Docete me ubi nasciturus fit Christus : cumque illi respondissent, Bethlehemi urbe Judeæ, cæpit animo volvere cædem Domini Jesu Christi. Tunc apparuit Angelus Domini Jofepho in somnis, dixitque, Surge, accipe puerum et matrem ejus, et abi in Ægyptum, fub galli cantum; itaque furrexit, et profectus est.

IX. But Herod perceiving that the wise men did delay, and not return to him, called together the priests and wisemen, and said, Tell me in what place the Christ poould be born? And when they replied, In Bethlehem, a city of Judæa; he began to contrive in his own mind the death of the Lord Jesus Christ. But an Angel of the Lord appeared to Joseph in his sleep, and said, Arise, take the child and his mother, and go into Egypt as soon as the cock crows. So he arose, and went.

X. And as he was confi. dering with himself about his journey, the morning came upon him. In the length of the journey the girts of the saddle broke. And now he drew near to a great city, in

X. Cuinque reputaret fecum, quale futurum effet iter fuum, supervenit ipfi aurora, ruperatque defatigatio itineris fellæ cingulum. Jamque appropinquabat urbi magna in

qua idolum erat, cui reliqua which there was an idol, to Egypti idola et numina mu, which the other idols and nera et vota offerebant: ade gods of Egypt brought theię ratque huic idolo facerdos offerings and vows. And miniftrans ipfi, qui, quoties- there was by this idol a priest cunque Satanas ex idolo ifto ministering to it, who, as loqueretur, incolis Ægypti et often as Satan spake out of plagarum ejus illa referebat. that idol, related the things Erat huic facerdoti filius tri- he said to the inhabitants of ennis a magna Dæmonum Egypt, and those countries. multitudine obfeffus, qui plu. This priest had a son three rima loquebatur et profere- years old, who was possessed bat ; et cum corriperent il- with a great multitude of lum Dæmones, laceratis vef- Devils, who uttered many tibus fuis nudus obambulabat, (ftrange) things; and when et homines lapidibus petebat. the Devils seized him, walkIn vicinia autem istius idoli ed about naked, with his erat nofocomium illius urbis, clothes torn, throwing stones quam cum ingressi effent Jo- at those whom he saw.' Near sephus et diva Maria, et noso. to that idol was the inn of comium iftud divertiffent, the city, into which when Jovalde consternati sunt cives - feph and St. Mary were come, ejus, conveneruntque omnes and had turned into that inn, principes et facerdotes idolo- all the inhabitants of the city rum ad idolum illud, rogan- were astonished, and all the tes, Ecquænam eft ifta con- magiftrates and priests of the fternatio et trepidatio, quæ idols assembled before that regionem noftram invafit ? idol, and made enquiry there, Respondit eis idolum, Appu- saying, What means all this lit huc Deus ignotus, qui re- consternation and dread, which vera eft Deus, neque quis. has fallen upon all our country? quam præter illum divino The idol answered them, The cultu dignus eft, quoniam unknown God is coine hither, revera est filius Dei; ejus ad who is truly God; nor is there famam hæc regio contremuit, any one besides him, who is ejufque adventu commota eft worthy of divine worship; for

; he is truly the Son of God. At the fame of him this country trembled, and at his coming it

et concussa, et nos a magni: is under the present commotion tudine imperii ejus valde ti and consternation, and we ourmemus. Eademque hora in felves are affrighted by the dolum hoc corruit, et ad rui- greatness of his power. And nam ejus, præter cæteros, at the same instant this idol omnes Ægypti incolæ con fell down, and at his fall all currerunt“.

the inhabitants of Egypt, be

sides others, ran together. XI. Filius autem facerdo- . XI. But the son of the tis, cum solitus illum morbus priest, when his usual disorder invaderet, nosocomium in- came upon him, going into greffus, Josephum ibi et di- the inn, found there Joseph vam Mariam offendit ; quos and St. Mary, whom all the cæteri omnes fuga deserue- rest had left behind and forrant; et quoniam diva Do- fook; and when the lady St. mina Maria laverat fascias Mary had washed the swadDomini Christi, easque in ti- dling-clothes of the Lord gillo suspenderat, puer iste Christ, and hanged them out Dæmoniacus unam harum to dry upon a poft, the boy fasciarum detraxit, eamque possessed with the Devil took capiti suo imposuit, ftatimque down one of them, and put it Dæmones ex ore ipsius e- upon his head, and presently gredi, et corvorum et ser-' the Devils began to come pentum figura fugere cæpe- out of his mouth, and fly runt. Extempore igitur im- away in the shapes of crows perio Domini Christi sanatus and serpents. From that eft puer, et Domino, qui ip- time the boy was healed by sum fanaverat, laudes canere the power of the Lord Chrift, et gratias agere cæpit. Quem and he began to sing praises, cum fanitati pristinæ reftitu- and give thanks to the Lord tum pater cerneret, Mi fili, who had 'healed him. When inquit, quid tibi accidit? et his father saw him restored to qua ratione fanatus es? re- his former state of health, he fpondit filius, Cum agitarent said, My son, what has hap

pened to thee, and by what means wert thou cured? The'lon answered, When the Devils

a See above, Ch. XXII. of this Part.


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