quæ, cum Jesum Chriftum la- washing Jesus Christ. Then varet, illam conspexit. Dice. said the woman, O my Lady bat vero mulier ifta, O Do- Mary, look down upon this ту mina mea Maria, respice fili- son, who is affli£ted with most um hunc meum, qui diris cru- dreadful pains. St. Mary ciatibus torquetur. Et exau- hearing her, said, Take a little diens illam diva Maria, Cape, of that water with which I inquit, aliquantum istius a have washed my son, and quæ, qua filium meum ablui, sprinkle it upon him. Then eaque illum confperge. Acci- she took a little of that water, piens ergo illa paululum de as St. Mary had commanded, ista aqua, prout jusserat diva and sprinkled it upon her son, Maria, illa filium suum perfu- who being wearied with his dit, qui vehementi agitatione violent pains, was fallen alaffatus in foporem lapsus est, sleep; and after he had slept et cum paululum dormiiflet, a little, awaked perfectly well falvus poftea et fanus evigila- and recovered. The mother vit. Mater hoc eventu admo- being abundantly glad of this dum læta, divam Mariam rur success, went again to St. Masus adibat, dicebatque illi di ry, and St. Mary said to her, va Maria, Gratias age Deo, Give the praise to God, who qui filium hunc tuum fanavit. hath cured this thy fon.

XXVIII. Erat ibidem alia XXVIII. There was in the mulier, vicina ejus, cujus mo same place another woman, a do filius fanatus erat. Hujus neighbour of her, whose son filius, cum eodem morbo labo was now cured. This woraret, jamque fere claufi essent man's fon was afflicted with ejus oculi, dies noctesque eju the fame disease, and his eyes labat. Huic fanati infantis were now almost quite shut, genetrix, Quare, inquit, non and she was lamenting for defers filium tuum ad divam him day and night. The moMariam, ficuti ego filium me ther of the child which was um ad illam detuli, cum in cured said to her, Why do you agone mortis versaretur? qui not bring your son to St. Mary, fanatus est aqua illa, qua cor as I brought my fon to her,

when he was in the very agonies of death; and he was cured by that water, with which


pus Jesu filii ejus ablutum fu- the body of her son Jesus was erat. Quæ cum ex ea audic washed? When the woman viffet mulier ifta, ipfa quoque heard her say this, she also abiit, sumptaque eadem aqua, went, and having procured filium fuum abluit, cujus ex the same water, washed her templo corpus et oculi ad fa son with it, whereupon his nitatem priftinam redierunt. body and his eyes were inHanc quoque diva Maria, stantly restored to their forcum filium fuum ad ipfam de

mer state.

And when she tuliffet, ejusque cafum ipfi a brought her son to St. Mary, peruisset, gratias Deo pro re and opened his case to her, she cuperata filii valetudine agere, commanded her to give thanks neque cuiquam, quod evene to God for the


of rat, narrare juffit.

her son's health, and to tell no
one what had happened.

XXIX. Erant in eadem XXIX. There were in the urbe duæ fæminæ unius viri same city two wives of one uxores, quarum utrique erat man, who had each a son fick. filius ægrotus. Harum altera One of them was called MaMaria vocabatur, et filio ejus ry, and her son's name was Kaljufo erat nomen. Surge- Caljuf (or Caleb). She arose, bat ifta, et adsumpto filio and taking her son, went to fuo Dominam divam Mari- the Lady St. Mary, the moam matrem Jesu adibat, obla ther of Jesus, and offered her toque ei perpulchro mantili, a very handsome carpet, fayO Domina mea Maria, in- ing, O my Lady Mary, accept quit, accipe a me hoc mantile, this carpet of me, and instead et pro illo fasciolam unam mi- of it give me a small fwaddlinghi redde. Faciebat hoc Ma- cloth. To this Mary agreed; ria, abiensque mater Kaljufi and when the mother of Caconfectam ex illa tunicam filio leb was gone, she made a coat suo induebat. Sic fanatus est for her son of the swaddlingmorbus ejus; at filius rivalis cloth, put it on him, and his diem obiit. Hinc orto inter disease was cured; but the son illas diffidio, cum alternis heb of the other wife died. Here

upon there arose between them a difference in doing the business of the family by Vol. II.



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domadibus munia domestica turns, each her week; and obirent, adeffentque vices Ma when the turn of Mary the riæ matris Kaljufi, hæc pa

mother of Caleb came, and nem coctura furnum calefaci

she was heating the oven to ebat, et farinam petitura, filio bake bread, and went away to suo Kaljufo ad furnum relicto, fetch the meal, she left her son foras prodibat. Hunc æmula Caleb by the oven ; whom the ejus solum conspicata (furnus other wife, her rival, seeing autem succenso igne æftua to be by himself, took and cast bat) prehendit et in furnum him into the oven, which was conjecit, ac sese inde subduxit.. very hot, and then went aRediens Maria vidensque fili- way. Mary on her return um suum Kaljufum in medio saw her son Caleb lying in furno jacentem ridere, fur

the middle of the oven laughnumque refriguisse, ac fi nihil ing, and the oven quite as in eum ignis conjectum foret, cold as though it had not cognovit æmulam suam in ig- been before heated, and knew nem immififfe. Extractum that her rival the other wife ergo eum ad divam Dominam had thrown him into the fire. Mariam detulit, eidemque ca

When she took him out, she fum ejus narravit. Cui illa, brought him to the Lady St. Tace, inquit, nam metuo tibi, Mary, and told her the story; fi ista divulgaberis. Poftea to whom she replied, Be quiet, æmula ejus aquam haustura ad for I am concerned left thou puteum processit, et conspicata Shouldest make this matter Kaljufum juxta puteum lu known. After this her rival dentem, neque

quenquam (the other wife) as she was mortalium adeffe, prehenfum drawing water at the well, illum in puteum deturbavit. and saw Caleb playing by the Cumque homines aquam ex well, and that no one was puteo petituri acceffiffent, vi near, took him, and threw debant puerum istum in su him into the well. And when perficie aquæ fedentem, quem some men came to fetch wa. demiflis funibus extrahebant ; ter from the well, they faw ceperatque eos magna adıni the boy sitting on the superfiratio iftius pueri, ita ut Deum cies of the water, and drew

him out with ropes, and were exceedingly surprised at the child, and praised God. Then



celebrarent. Accedens vero came the mother, and took mater ejus, sublatum illum ad him and carried him to the Dominam divam Mariam de- Lady St. Mary, lamenting tulit, plorans et dicens; O and saying, O my Lady, fee Domina mea, vide, quid æ what rival hath done to my mula mea filio meo fecerit, et fon, and how she hath cast him quomodo in puteum illum de- into the well, and I do not turbaverit; neque dubium mi- question but one time or other hi eft, quin aliquando exitii foe will be the occasion of his causa ipfi fit futura. Inquit death. St. Mary replied to illi diva Maria, Deus injuriam her, God will vindicate your tibi factam vindicabit. Paucis injured case. Accordingly a diebus interjectis, cum aquam

erjectis, cum aquam few days after, when the other haustura ad puteum æmula wife came to the well to draw proceffiffet, pes ejus funi im water, her foot was entangled plicabatur, ita ut præceps in in the rope, so that she fell puteum decideret ; quique ad headlong into the well, and auxilium ipfi ferendum accur they who ran to her affistance rerant, caput ejus fractum et found her skull broke, and her offa contufa inveniebant. Sic bones bruised.

bones bruised. So she came malo fato periit, et impletum to a bad end, and in her was in ea fuit dictum illud autho- fulfilled that saying of (some) ris : Puteum foderunt, et alte author, They digged a well, humum egesserunt; fed ceci- and made it deep, but fell themderunt in foveam, quam para- felves into the pit which they verant.


XXX. Alia illic mulier

XXX. Another woman in geminos habebat filios morbo that city had likewise two pariter languentes : defuncto- fons fick, and when one was que altero, alter quoque in dead, the other, who lay at vicinia mortis versabatur ; the point of death, she took in quem in ulnas fufceptum ad her arms to the Lady St. MaDominam divam Mariam, ry, and in a flood of tears advim lachrymarum effundens, dressed herself to her, saying, detulit; et, O Domina mea, O my Lady, help and relieve inquit, opem mihi fer, et suc me ; for I had two fons, the curre; nam duos habui filios,

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quorum alterum modo sepe- one I have just now buried, the livi, alterum vero in vicinia other I see is just at the point mortis conftitutum cerno: vi- of death : behold, how I (earde quomodo gratiam a Deo neftly) seek favour from God, petam, eumque supplex ro and pray to him! Then she gem; cæpitque dicere, O Do- said, O Lord, thou art gramine, tu es clemens, et miferi- cious, and merciful, and kind; cors, et pius duos mihi dedisti thou hast given me two sons ; filios, quorum alterum cum ad one of them thou hast taken to te receperis, hunc saltem mihi thyself, O spare me this other. relinque ! Diva itaque Maria St. Mary then perceiving the ardorem lachrymarum ejus greatness of her sorrow, pitied conspiciens, miserta est ejus, et, her, and said, Do thou place Heus tu, ait, filium tuuin in thy fon in my son's bed, and colecto filii mei colloca, ejusque ver him with his clothes. And vestibus ipsum contege. Cum- when she had placed him in que collocasiet eum in lecto, the bed wherein Christ lay (at in quo Christus jacebat (mo- which moment his eyes were do autem oculi ejus in æter- just closed by death); as nam noctem claudebantur); foon as ever the smell of the fimulatque odor veftium Do- garments of the Lord Jesus mini Jesu Christi puerum Christ reached the boy, his hunc contigit, oculi ejus ape eyes were opened, and calling riebantur, magnaque

with a loud voice to his matrem inclamans, panem ther, he asked for bread, and pofcebat, eumque acceptum when he had received it, he fugebat. Tunc mater ejus, fucked it. Then his mother O Domina Maria, inquit, faid, O Lady Mary, now I am nunc cognovi virtutem Dei in assured that the powers of God te habitare, adeo ut filius tuus do dwell in you, fo that thy fon fanet pueros ejusdem cum ip can cure children who are of so naturæ participes, fimulat the same fort as himself, as que vestes ejus attigerint. joon as they touch bis garHic puer ifta ratione fanatus, ments. This boy, who was is eft qui in Evangelio Bar- thus cured, is the fame who tholomæus vocatur.

in the Gofrel is called Bartholomew.

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