propius ad te accefferit; tum come nearer to thee; then shew fafciolam, quam dedit nobis him the swaddling-cloth, which Domina Maria, ipfi obverte, the Lady Mary gave us, and et quid futurum fit, videa- we shall see the event. Satan mus. Accedente itaque Sa- then coming like a dreadful tana isto, qui draconem terri- dragon, the body of the girl bilem referebat, corpus puellæ trembled for fear; but as soon præ timore inhorruit; fed as she had put the swaddlingfimulatque fasciolam iftam ca- cloth upon her head, and piti suo superimpofitam, et about her eyes, and shewed it oculis obvolutam oftenderet, to him, presently there issued exibant ex fasciola flammæ et forth from the swaddlingprunæ ignis, atque in draco- cloth flames and burning nem fpargebantur. Hem ! coals, and fell upon the draquantum hoc miraculum, quod gon. Oh! how great a miaccidebat, fimulatque draco racle was this, which was fafciolam Domini Jesu adfpi- done: as foon as the dragon ceret; exibat enim ignis, et in saw the swaddling-cloth of caput ejus atque oculos spar- the Lord Jesus, fire went gebatur, ita ut magna voce forth, and was scattered upon exclamaret; Quid mihi tecum his head and eyes; fo that he est, O Jesu fili Mariæ ! Quo cried out with a loud voice, a te fugiam? ac territus ad. What have I to do with thee, modum, et retrocedens, puel. Jefus, thou son of Mary? lam relinqueret. Sic puellæ Whither shall I flee from huic negotium facessere defiit; thee? So he drew back much quæ grates Deo et laudes ca- affrighted, and left the girl. nebat, et cum ipsa omnes, qui And she was delivered from miraculo ifti præsentes affu- this trouble, and sang praises erant.

and thanks to God, and with her all who were present at the working of the miracle.

XXXV. Alia ibidem mulier degebat, cujus filius a Satana vexabatur. Hic Judas nomine, quotiescunque Satanas iste illum corripiebat,

XXXV. Another woman likewise lived there, whose son was possessed by Satan. This boy, named Judas, as often as Satan seized him,


quosvis præsentes dentibus was inclined to bite all that appetebat, ac, fi neminem jux- were present; and if he found ta se inveniret, suas ipse ma- no one else near him, he nus et cætera membra morsu would bite his own hands and vexabat. Audiens ergo ma- other parts. But the mother ter hujus miseri famain divæ of this miserable boy, hearing Mariæ et filii ejus Jesu, fur- of St. Mary and her son Jerexit propere, ac filium suum sus, arose presently, and takJudain in ulnas sublatum ad ing her son in her arms, Dominam Mariam detulit. brought him to the Lady MaInterim Jacobus et Joses ry. In the mean time, James commodum Dominum Jesum and Joses had taken away the infantem abduxerant, ut cum infant the Lord Jesus, to play cæteris infantibus colluderent, at à proper season with other ac domo egressi consederant, children, and when they went et cum illis Dominus Jesus. forth, they sat down, and the Accedebat vero Judas obfef- Lord Jesus with them. Then sus, et ad dextram Jesu afli- Judas, who was possessed, dens, cum agitaret eum pro came and sat down at the consuetudine sua Satanas, right hand of Jesus; when dentibus Dominum Jesum Satan was acting upon him appetebat; et quoniam attin- as usual, he went about to gere non poterat, latus ipfius bite the Lord Jesus, and bea dextrum percutiebat, ita ut cause he could not do it, he Jesus ploraret. Eademque struck Jesus on his right side, hora fugiens exivit ex puero so that he cried out, and in isto Satanas, cani rabido fi- the same moment Satan went milis. Hic autem puer, qui out of the boy, and ran away Jesum percuffit, et ex quo like a mad dog. This same Satanas sub forma canis exboy who struck Jesus, and ivit, fuit Judas Ischariotes, out of whom Satan went in qui illum Judæis prodidit; et the form of a dog, was Judas idem ejus latus, in quo per- Iscariot, who betrayed him to cufferat illum Judas, Judæi the Jews. And that same lancea confixerunt.

fide, on which Judas struck him, the Jews pierced with a spear.

XXXVI. Cum vero Do XXXVI. And when the minus Jesus septimum a na- Lord Jesus was seven years tivitate fua annum comple- of age, he was on a certain visset, die quodam cum aliis day with other boys his compueris sodalibus suis coæta- panions about the same age, neis verfabatur, qui ludentes, who, when they were at play, varias ex luto formas finge- made clay into several fhapes, bant, asinos, boves, volucres, viz. asses, oxen, birds, &c. et alia his fimilia; et unuf- each boasting of his work, quisque suum jactans opus and endeavouring to excel fuper cæterorum plasmate ef- the rest. Then the Lord ferre conabatur. Tunc Do. Jesus said to the boys, I will minus Jesus dicebat" pueris, command those figures which Ego illis, quas feci, figuris I have made to walk : and præcipiam, ut incederent; immediately they moved, and eademque hora subfiliebant, when he commanded them et cum reverti illas juberet, to return, they returned. He revertebantur. Fecerat au- had also made the figures of tem avium pafferumque fi- birds and sparrows, which, guras, quæ, cum volare ipfas when he commanded to fly, juberet, volabant, et cum fta- did fly, and when he comre juberentur, consistebant; manded to stand still, did quod fi cibum et potum illis ftand still; and if he gave porrigeret, edebant et bibe- them meat and drink, they bant. Cum deinde abiissent did eat and drink. When at pueri et parentibus ifta fuis length the boys went away, retulissent, dicebant illis pa- and related these things to tres ipsorum : Cavete in pof- their parents, their fathers terum, O filii, a consortio said to them, Take heed, chilejus, quoniam veneficus est; dren, for the future of his fugite illum et vitate, neque company, for he is a forcerer; ab hoc momento unquam fun and avoid him, and from cum ipso colludite.

henceforth never play with him.

XXXVII. Quodam etiam die Dominus Jesus, cum pueris ludens et discurrens, offi

XXXVII. On a certain day also, when the Lord Jefus was playing with the

boys, cinam tinctoris præteribat, boys, and running about, he cujus nomen erat Salem; e. passed by a dyer's shop, whose rantque in officina ejus panni name was Salem ; and there plurimi civium illius urbis, were in his shop many pieces quos variis coloribus imbuere of cloth belonging to the parabant. Ingreffus vero Do- people of that city, which minus Jesus officinam tinc- they designed to dye of setoris, pannos hosce univers' veral colours. Then the sos fuftulit, et in cortinam Lord Jesus going into the tinctoriam conjecit. Rediens' dyer's shop, took all the Salem pannosque perditos cer- cloths, and threw them into nens, voce maxima excla. the furnace. When Salem mare cæpit, et Dominum came home, and saw the Jefum objurgare, dicens ; cloths spoiled, he began to Quid fecisti mihi, O fili Ma- make a great noise, and to riæ ? et me et cives meos chide the Lord Jefus, faying, injuria affecisti ; quilibet e What haft thou done to me, o nim commodum fibi colorem thou son of Mary ? Thou haft expetit, tu vero adveniens injured both me and my neighomnia 'perdidisti. Respon- bours; they all desired their debat Dominus Jesus, Cu- cloths of a proper colour; but juscunque panni colorem mu- thou hast come, and spoiled fare volueris, hunc ego tibi them all. The Lord Jesus immutabo; ftatimque pannos replied, I will change the coex cortina producere cæpit, lour of every cloth to what 'fingulos illo colore imbutos, colour thou desirest; and then quem tinctor defiderabat, do- he presentiy began to take the nec omnes eduxisset. Hoc cloths out of the furnace, and prodigium atque miraculum they were all dyed of those videntes Judæi Deum cele- fame colours which the dyer brabant.

desired; and when the Jews saw this surprising miracle, they praised God.

XXXVIII. Josephus autem, per totam urbem circumiens, Dominum Jesum secum ducebat, cum propter ar

XXXVIII. And Jofeph, wherefoever he went in the city, took the Lord Jesus with him, where he was sent for


tificium ejus homines illum to work, to make gates or accerferent, ut portas ipsis, milk-pails, or sieves, or boxes; aut mulctralia, aut cribra, aut the Lord Jesus was with him, arcas conficeret; eratque cum wheresoever he went. And ipso Dominus Jesus, quo- as often as Joseph had any cunque proficisceretur. Quo- thing in his work, to make tiescunque ergo Josepho ali- longer or shorter, or wider or quid operis sui, longius aut narrower, the Lord Jesus brevius, latius five angustius would stretch his hand tofaciendum esset, Dominus Je- wards it, and presently it besus manum suam versus illud came as Joseph would have extendebat, ac ftatim, prout it; so that he had no need to vellet Josephus, res succede- finish any thing with his own bat ; ita ut opus non esset ipsi hands, for he was not very quidquam manu sua perficere, skilful at his carpenter's trade. quia nec admodum peritus erat artis fabrilis.

XXXIX. Quodam vero XXXIX. On a certain die accerfivit illum rex Hie- time the King of Jerusalem sofolymæ, et, Volo, inquit, fent for him, and said, I would Josephe, ut folium mihi con- have thee make me a throne, ftruas ad menfurain loci illius, of the fame dimensions with in quo federe consuevi. Pa- that place in which I commonruit Josephus, ac ftatim operi ly fit. Joseph obeyed, and manum admovens, biennium forthwith began the work, in regia manfit, donec fabri- and continued two years in cam iftius 'Tolii abfolvisset. the king's palace before he Cum itaque illud in fede sua finished it. And when he collocaret, ab unoquoque la came to fix it in its place, he tere duas illud fpithamas a found it wanted two spans on præfinita mensura deficere ad- each side of the appointed vertit. Quo viso rex Josepho measure. Which when the admodum irascebatur, et Jo- King faw, he was very angry fephus iram regis metuens with Joseph; and Joseph, incænatus dormiebat, cum afraid of the king's anger, nihil omnino gustaslet. Tunc went to bed without his sup

per, taking not any thing to


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