XLIV. Quodam etiam die, XLIV, On a certain day cum Dominus Jefus versare- the Lord Jesus was with fome tur inter pueros, qui in tecto boys, who were playing on ludebant, quidam puerorum the house-top, and one of the ex alto decidens confeftim ex- boys fell down, and presently fpiravit. Diffugientibus vero died. Upon which the other cæteris pueris, Dominus Je- boys all running away, the fus folus in tecto remanfit; Lord Jesus was left alone on cumque advenissent propin- the house-top. And the qui istius pueri, dicebant boy's relations came to him Domino Jesu, Tu filium nof- and said to the Lord Jesus, trum ex tecto præcipitem de- Thou dids throw our son down disti. Illo autem id negante, from the house-top. But he vociferabantur, dicentes, Fin denying it, they cried out, lius nofter mortuus eft, et hic Our fon is dead, and this is he est, qui illum interfecit. Qui- who killed him. The Lord bus Dominus Jesus, Ne me, Jesus replied to them, Do not inquit, arguite facinoris, cu- charge me with a crime, of jus neutiquam me convincere which you are not able to con poteritis; sed agite, rogemus vilt me, but let us go ask the puerum ipsum, qui veritatem boy himself, who will bring in lucem producat. Tunc the truth to light. Then the descendens Dominus Jesus Lord Jesus going down stood {tetit fuper capite mortui, et over the head of the dead boy, voce magna, Zeinune, inquit, and said with a loud voice, Zeinune, quis te de tecto Zeinunus, Zeinunus, wha præcipitavit? Tunc respon- threw thee down from the dens mortuus, Domine, ait, house-top ? Then the dead non tu me dejecisti, fed o drive boy answered, Thou didft not me ex illo deturbavit. Et throw me down, but such a cum præcepisset Dominus one did. And when the Lord adstantibus, ut ad verba ejus Jesus bad those who stood by attenderent;. omnes, qui ade- take notice of his words, all rant, Deum pro hoc miraculo who were present praised God Jaudabant.

on account of that miracle.

XLV, Jusserat aliquando XLV. On a certain time diva Domina Maria Domi- the Lady St. Mary had com

manded num Jesum abire, et aquam manded the Lord Jesus - to ipfi ex puteo afferre. Cum fetch her some water out of ergo petitum aquam abiiffet, the well; and when he had hydria, jam impleta, cum fur- gone to fetch the water, the fum attolleretur, fracta eft: pitcher, when it was brought expandens vero Dominus Je- up full, brake; but Jelus sus mantile fuum, illo collec- spreading his mantle gathered tam aquam ad matrem fuam up the water again, and deferebat; quæ stupens rem brought it in that to his mototam miram, omnia tamen ther; who, being astonished quæ viderat recondebat, et at this wonderful thing, laid confervabat in corde fuo.. up this, and all the other

things which she had seen, in her memory.

XLVI. Rursus alio die XLVI. Again on another Dominus Jesus ad rivum a day the Lord Jesus was with quæ versabatur cum pueris, fome boys by a river, and they eduxerantque per sulcos a- drew water out of the river quam ex rivo illo, piscinulas by little channels, and made fibi construentes ; feceratque little fish-pools. But the Dominus Jesus duodecim paf- Lord Jesus had made twelve feres, eofque circa piscinam sparrows, and placed them afuam, ad singula latera ternos, bout his pool on each side, inftruxerat. Erat autem dies three on a fide. But it was Sabbathi, et accedens filius the fabbath-day, and the son Hanani Judæi, eosque con- of Hanani a Jew came by, spiciens talia molientes, Itane, and saw them making these inquit, die Sabbathi figuras things, and said, Do ye thus ex luto fingitis ? Et propere make figures of clay on the fabaccurrens piscinas eorum de- bath? And he ran to them, ftruebat. Cum vero Domi- and broke down their fithnus Jefus manus suas fuper pools. But when the Lord passeres, quos finxerat, com- Jesus clapped his hands over plosiffet, avolabant illi pipien- the sparrows which he had tes. Deinde filio Hanani ad made, they fled away chirpi Jesu quoque piscinam acce- ing. At length the son of

Hanani coming to the fish. P 3

pool dente, ut illam destrueret, e- pool of Jesus to destroy it, the vanuit aqua ejus, dixitque il. water vanished away, and the li Dominus Jesus : Quemad- Lord Jesus faid to him, In modum evanuit aqua ista, fic like manner as this water has tua quoque vita evanescet, et vanished, so Mall thy life vanextemplo puer iste exaruit. ifh.; and presently the boy : : ;



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he Lord Covening

- XLVII. Alio tempore,cum XLVII. Another time, vesperi Dominus Jesus cum when the Lord Jesus was Josepho domum reverteretur, coming home in the evening obviam habuit puerum, qui with Joseph, he met a boy, cursu rapido concitatus, im who ran so hard against him, pellebat ipsum, „ut, caderet. that he threw him down; to Cui Dominus Jesus; Quem- whom the Lord Jesus said, admodum me impulifti, ita As thou hast throtun me down, cades, neque surges; eaden- fo fhalt thou fall, nor ever rise. que hora corruit puer et ex. And that moment the boy fell fpiravit. .

down, and died.

• XLVIII. Erat porro Hie- XLVIII. There was also rosolymis quidam Zacchæus at Jerusalem one named Zacnomine, qui juventutem eru- cheus, who was a schooldiebat. Dicebat hic Josepho, master ; he said to Joseph, Quare, O Jofephe, non mit- Foseph, why doft. thou not tis ad me Jefum, ut literas fend Fesus to me, that he may discat? Annuebat illi Jose- learn his letters? Jofeph aphus, et ad divam Mariam greed, and told St. Mary: so hoc, referebat. Ad magif- they brought him to that trum itaque illum deduce- master; who, as soon as he bant; qui fimulatque eum faw him, wrote out an "alconspexerat, alphabetum ipfi phabet. for him, and he bad conscripfit, utque Aleph di- him fæy Aleph; and when he ceret præcepit; et cum dix- had said Aleph, the master isset Aleph, magister ipsum bad him pronounce Beth. Beth pronunciare jubebat. Then the Lord Jesus said to Cui Dominus Jesus; Dic him, Tell me firit the meaning mihi prius fignificationem lin of the letter Aleph, and then teræ Aleph, et tum Beth pro- I will pronounce Beth. And nunciabo. Cumque magister when the master threatened verbera ipfi intentaret, expo- to whip him, the Lord Jesus nebat illi Dominus Jesus sig- explained to him the meaning nificationes literarum Aleph of the letters Aleph and Beth; et Beth ; item quænam lite- also which were the straight rarum figuræ effent rectæ, figures of the letters, which quænam obliquæ, quænam the oblique, and what letters duplicatæ; quæ punctis in- had double figures; which signitæ, quæ iisdem carentes; had points, and which had quare una litera aliam præce- none; why one letter went deret; aliaque plurima enar- before another; and many rare cæpit, et elucidare, quæ other things he began to tell magister ipse nec unquam au- him, and explain ; of which diverat, nec in libro ullo le- the master himself had never gerat. Dixit porro magistro heard, nor read in any book. Dominus Jesus, Attende, ut The Lord Jesus farther said dicam tibi; cæpitque clare et to the master, Take notice how distincte recitare, Aleph, Beth, I say to thee; then he began Gimel, Daleth, usque ad fi- clearly and distinctly to say nem alphabeti. Quod mira, Aleph, Beth, Gimel, Daleth, tus magister, Hunc, inquit, and so on to the end of the puerum ante Noachum na- alphabet. At this the master tum esse existimo; conver- was so surprised, that he said, fusque ad Josephum, Addux- I believe this boy was born beisti, ait, ad me erudiendum fore Noah; and turning to puerum, magiftris omnibus Jofeph, he said, Thou haft doctiorem. Divæ quoque Ma- brought a boy to me to be riæ inquit, Filio huic tuo taught, who is more learned nulla doctrina opus est. than any master. He said

also to St. Mary, This your son has no need of any learning.

XLIX. Ad alium deinde XLIX. They brought magiftrum doctiorem eum him then to a more learned deduxerunt, qui ut eum con- master, who, when he faw fpexit, dic Aleph, inquit. him, said, say Aleph; and Cumque dixiffet Aleph, ma- when he had said Aleph, the P. 4



PART III. gifter ipsum Beth pronunciare master bad him pronounce jubebat. Cui respondens Don Beth; to which the Lord minus Jefus, Dic mihi, in- Jesus replied, Tell me first the quit, prius fignificationem li- meaning of the letter Aleph, teræ Aleph, et tunc Beth and then I will pronounce pronunciabo. Hic cum sub Beth. But this master, when lata manu eum verberaret ma- he lift up his hand to whip gister, confeftim manus ipfius him, had his hand presently exaruit, et mortuus est. Tunc withered, and he died. Then dicebat Jofephus divæ Mariæ, faid Jofeph to St. Mary, Ab hoc tempore non finemus Henceforth we will not allow eum domo exire; quoniam him to go out of the house ; for quisquis ipsi adversatur, morte every one who displeases him is plectitur,


L. Et cum factus esset an- L. And when he was norum duodecim, duxerunt twelve years old, they brought eum Hierofolymas ad feftum; him to Jerusalem to the feast; finito autem feito, ipfi quidem and when the feast was over, revertebantur, fed Dominus they returned, but the Lord Jesus retro manebat in tem- Jesus continued behind in the plo inter doctores et seniores, temple among the doctors and et eruditos ex filiis Ifraelis; elders, and learned men of quos de fcientiis varia inter- Ifrael ; to whom he proposed rogabat, et viciffim eis respon several questions of learning, debat. Dicebat enim illis, and also gave them anfwers : Meffias cujus eft filius ? Re- for he faid to them, Whose fon fpondebant illi, Filius Davic is the Messiah? They andis. Quare ergo, inquit, in swered, The son of David: fpiritu vocat illum Dominum Wby then, said hey does he in fuum ? quando dicit, Dixit the Spirit call him Lord ? Dominus Domino meo, sede when he faith, The Lord said ad dextram meam, ut hoftes to my Lord, fit thou at my tuos vestigiis pedum tuorum right hand, till I have made subjiciam. Tum interroga- thine enemies thy footstool. bat eum princeps quidam ma- Then a certain principal gistrorum, Legistine libros ? Rabbi asked him, Haft thou Et libros, inquit Dominus read books ? Jesus answered,


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