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tros. Advocans autem Pila- Pilate calling together the El. tus Seniores et Scribas, Sa ders and Scribes, Priests and cerdotes et Levitas, dicit eis Levites, faith to them prisecrete, Nolite fic facere ; ni- vately, Do not act thus; I hil in vestra accusatione dig

have found nothing in your num morte inveni, de cura charge (against him) concerntione infirmorum et viola. ing his curing fick persons, and tione Sabbati. Dicunt Sa breaking the Sabbath, worthy cerdotes et Levitæ Pilato, Per of death. The Priests and Lefalutem Cæsaris, fi quis blaf- vites replied to Pilate, By the phemaverit, dignus est mor life of Cefar, if any one be a te ; hic autem adversus Do. blafphemer, he is worthy of minum blasphemavit. Juffit death"; but this man bath vero præses exire Judæos ite blafphemed against the Lord. rum prætorium ; et advocans Then the governor again Jesum, dixit ei, Quid faciam commanded the Jews to detibi ? Refpondit ei Jesus, Si part out of the hall; and callcut dictum est. Dixit ei Pi- ing Jesus, said to him, What latus, Quomodo eft dictum ? Shall I do with thee? Jesus Dixit ei Jesus, Moses et Pro answered him, (Do) accordphetæ præconizati funt de ing as it is written. Pilate passione mea et resurrectione. said to him, How is it writAudientes hæc Judæi, exa ten? Jefus faith to him, Mocerbati sunt, et dicunt Pilato, ses and the Prophets have proQuid amplius vis blafphemi- phesied concerning my suffering am iftius audire ? Dicit Pila and resurrection. The Jews tus eis, Si ifta verba blasphe- hearing this, were provoked, mia vobis videtur, tollite eum and said to Pilate, Why wilt vos, et producite ad vestram thou any longer hear the blafsynagogam, et secundum le- phemy of that man? Pilate gem veftram judicate eum. faith to them, If these words Dicunt Judæi Pilato, Lex seem to you blasphemy, do ye nostra continet, ut fi homo take him, bring him to your homini peccaverit, dignus fit court, and try him according

to your law. The Jews reply to Pilate, Our latu saith, that if one man injure another,

2 Ley. xxiv. 16.


accipere unam minus quadra- he shall be obliged to receive ginta ; fi vero in Dominum nine and thirty stripes; but if blasphemaverit hujusmodi, la- after this manner be Mall pidari. Dicit eis Pilatus, Si blafpheme against the Lord, he ifte fermo blafphemia eft, vos shall be stoned. Pilate faith judicate eum fecundum vef unto them, If that speech of tram legem. Dicunt Judæi his was blasphemy, do ye try Pilato, Lex noftra mandat no him according to your law. bis, non occidere quenquam: The Jews say to Pilate, Our nos volumus ut crucifigatur, Law commands us not to put quia dignus est morte crucis.

any one to death an, we desire Dicit eis Pilatus, Non eft bo that he may be crucified, bem num ut crucifigatur ; fed tan- cause he deserves the death of tum corripite eum, et dimit the cross. Pilate faith to tite. Intuitus vero præfes in them, It is not fit be should be populo et circumstante po- crucified; let him be only pulo Judæorum, vidit pluri- whipped and sent away 6. But mos Judaeos lachrymantes, et when the governor looked dixit ad principes facerdotum upon the people that were Judæorum, Non omnis mul- present and the Jews, he saw titudo desiderat eum mori. Di many of the Jews in tears, cunt seniores Judæorum ad and said to the chief priests of Pilatum, Ideo venimus nos et the Jews, All the people do not tota multitudo huc, ut mo desire his death. The elders riatur. Dicit Pilatus ad eos, of the Jews answered to Pi. Quare morietur? Dicunt illi, late, We and all the people Quia dicit feipfum filium Dei

came bither for this very pureffe, et Regem.

pose, that he should die. Pilate

faith to them, Why foould he die?' They faid to them, Because he declares himself to be the Son of God, and a King.

V. Nicodemus autem qui V. But Nicodemus, a cerdam vir Judæus stetit ante tain Jew, stood before the præsiden, et dixit, Rogo te, governor, and said, I entreat misericors judex, ut digneris thee, O righteous judge, that

1 Luke xxiii. 16.

a Exod. xx. 13. Vol. II.



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paucos meos audire sermones. thou wouldest favour me with Dixit Pilatus ei, Dic. Ni. the liberty of speaking a few codemus dixit, Ego dixi Se words. Pilate said to him, nioribus Judæorum, et Scribis, Speak on. Nicodemus said, I et Sacerdotibus, et Levitis, et spake to the elders of the Jews, omni multitudini Judæorum and the Scribes, and Priefts, in fynagoga; Quid quæritis and Levites, and all the mulcum homine isto ? Homo iste titude of the Jews, in their afmulta figna facit bona et glo- sembly; What is it ye

would riosa, qualia nullus fecit in do with this man? He is a terra homo, nec faciet: dimit man who hath wrought many tite illum, et nolite ei malum useful and glorious miracles, facere: fi ex Deo eft, ftabunt such as no man on earth ever figna ejus; fi vero ex homi- wrought before, nor will ever nibus, dissolventur. Quia et worka. Let him go, and da Mofes a Deo in Ægyptum him no harm: if he cometh missus fecit figna, quæ dixit from God, his miracles (his miilli facere Deus ante Pharao- raculous cures) will continue; ; nem regem Ægypti. Erant but if from men, they will come ibi magi Jannes et Jambres, to nought. Thus Mofes, when feceruntque et ipsi per incan- he was sent by God into Egypt, tationes fuas figna quæ fece- wrought the miracles which rat Moses, sed non per omnia. God commanded him, before Et figna, quæ fecerunt magi, Pharaoh king of Egypt; and non erant ex Deo, ficut noftis though the magicians of that vos Scribæ et Pharifæi; pe- country, Jannes and Jambres, rierunt ipsi, qui fecerunt, et wrought by their magick the omnes qui crediderunt eis. Same miracles which Mofes did, Et nunc dimittite hominem yet they could not work all hunc; quia figna, de quibus which he didd: and the mi

racles, which the magicians wrought, were not of God, as ye know, O Scribes and Pha. risees; but they who wrought them perished, and all who bea lieved theme, And now let this man go; because the very mi.

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eum accufatis, ex Deo funt, et racles for which ye accuse him, non eft dignus morte. Di are from God; and he is not cunt Judæi Nicodemo, Tu worthy of death. The Jews discipulus ejus factus es, et then said to Nicodemus, Art verbum pro ipso facis ? Dixit thou become his disciple, and ad eos Nicodemus, Nunquid making speeches in his favour? et præses discipulus ejus factus Nicodemus said to them, Is eft, et verbum pro ipfo facit? the governor become his disciple Nunquid non conftituit eum also, and does he make speeches Cæfar super dignitatem istam? for him? Did not Cæfar place Erant autem Judæi trementes, him in that high post? When quum hæc audirent; et stri- the Jews heard this, they debant fuper Nicodemum, et trembled, and gnashed their dicebant ei, Veritatem ipfius teeth at Nicodemus, and said accipias, et poffeffionem cum to him, Mayest thou receive Chrifto habeas ! Dixit Nico his doctrine for truth, and demus, Amen; accipiam ficut have thy lot with Christ! Ni. dixiftis,

codemus replied, Amen; I will receive (his doctrine, and my lot with him) as ye have faid.

VI. Ex Judæis quidam a

VI. Then another certain lius autem exiliens, rogabat Jew rose up, and desired leave præsidem, ut vellet audire ver- of the governor to hear him a bum. Dicit præses, Quicquid few words. And the

govis dicere, dic. Ego per tri vernor said, Speak what thou ginta octo annos jacui Ieroso- hast a mind. (He said) I lay lymis juxta probaticam pisci- for thirty-eight years by the nam, patiens magnam infirmi- meep-pool at Jerusalem, latatein, expectans fanitatem bouring under a great infirquæ fiebat in adventu Angeli, mity, and waiting for a cure qui turbabat aquam fecundum which should be wrought by tempus ; et qui prior defcen- the coming of an angel, who at diffet in aquam poft commo a certain 'time troubled the tionem aquæ, fanus fiebat ab water; and whosoever first omni infirmitate. Et inve

Et inve- after the troubling of the wa

ter stepped in, was made whole of whatsoever disease he had.

niens ibi me Jesus languidum, And when Jesus saw me landixit ad me, Vis fanus fieri ? guishing there, he said to me, Et refpondi ego, Domine, non Wilt thou be made whole ? habeo hominem, ut, quum And I answered, Sir, I have turbata fuerit

mittat me

no man, when the water is in piscinam. Et dixit mihi, troubled, to put me into the Surge, et tolle grabatum tuum, pool. And he said unto me, et ambula. Et fofpes factus, Rise, take up thy bed, and ftatim tuli grabatum meum, et

walk. And I was immediately ambulavi. Dicunt Judæi Pi- made whole, and took up my lato, Domine Præses, interro- bed, and walkeda. The Jews ga eum, qualis fuerit dies in then said to Pilate, Our Lord qua languidus fanatus eft. Governor, pray ask him what Dixit languidus fanatus, Sab- day it was on which he was batum. Dicunt Judæi Pi- cured of his infirmity. The lato, Nonne fic docuimus, infirm person replied, It was quia in Sabbato curat, et in on the Sabbath. The Jews principe dæmoniorum ejicit said to Pilate, Did we not fay dæmonia ? Et alius quidam that he wrought his cures on Judæus exiens, dixit, Cæcus the Sabbath, and cast out deeram, voces audiebam, et ne vils by the prince of devils ? minem videre poteram ; et

Then another certain Jew quum tranfiffet Jesus, audivi came forth, and said, I was turbam prætereuntem, et in- blind, could hear sounds, but terrogavi quid esset: et dix could not see any one ; and as erunt mihi, quia Jesus tranf-' Jesus was going along, I heard iret. Et clamavi, dicens, Je- the multitude passing by, and I fu, fili David, miserere mei. asked what was there? They Et stans jussit me adduci ad told me that Jesus was passing se, et dixit mihi, Quid vis ? by : then I cried out, saying, Et dixi, Domine, ut videam. Jesus, Son of David, have Et dixit mihi, Respice ; et mercy upon me.

And he confeftim vidi, et secutus fum stood still, and commanded that

I should be brought to him, and said to me, What wilt thou ? 1 suid, Lord, that I may receive my fight. He said to me, Receive thy sight; and presently I


John y. 1, 2, &c.

b Mark X. 46.


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