eum gaudens et gratias agens. Jaw, and followed lim, rejoicEt alius Judæus exiens, dixit, ing and giving thanks. AnLeprosus eram, et mundavit other Jew also came forth, me solo verbo, dicens, Volo, and said, “ I was a leper, and mundare ; et illico mundatus be cured me by his word only, fum a lepra. Et alius Ju- saying, I will, be thou clean ; dæus exiens, dixit, Curvus and presently I was clear. sed eram, et erexit me verbo. from my leprosy. And another

Jew came forth, and said, I was crooked, and he made me straight by his word".

VII. Et mulier quædam, VII. And a certain woman Veronica nomine, dixit, San- named Veronica, faids, I was guine Auens eram ab annis afflicted with an isue of blood duodecim, et tetigi fimbriam twelve years, and I touched the vestimenti ejus, et statim hem of his garment, and prefluxus fanguinis mei stetit. fently the issue of my blood stopDicunt Judæi, Legem habe- ped. The Jews then said, mus, mulierem ad teftimoni- We have a law, that a woum non venire. Et quidam man fall not be allowed as an Judæus poft alia dixit, Vidi evidence. And, after other Jesum vocari ad nuptias cum things, another Jew said, " I discipulis suis, et vinum defi- faw Jesus invited to a wedcere in Cana Galilææ; et ding with his disciples, and quum defecisset vinum, præ- there was a want of wine in cepit ministris, ut implerent Cana of Galilee; and when sex hydrias, quæ ibi erant, ac the wine was all drank, he qua, et impleverunt usque ad commanded the servants that summum; et benedixit eis, et they jould fill six pots which convertit aquain in vinum, et were there with water, and biberunt omnes gentes, admi- they filled them up to the brim, rantes super hoc signum. Et and be blessed them, and turned

the water into wine; and all the people drank, being surprized at this miracle. And another

a Matt. viii. 2, &c.

ed to the honour of Christ, who Luke xiii. 11, &c.

wrought this miracle, above in this c Matt. ix. 20, &c. See con- Part, Ch. IV. and Euseb. Hift. Eccl. cerning this woman called Vero nica, and the statue which she erect- d John ii, 1, &c.

T 3


alius Judæus stetit in medio, Jew stood forth, and said, a 1 et dixit, Ego vidi Jesum in faw Jefus teaching in the fyCapharnaum docentem in sy- nagogue at Capernaum; and nagoga ; et in fynagoga erat there was in the synagogue a quidam homo habens dæmo- certain man who had a devil; nium ; et clamavit, dicens, and he cried out, saying, Let Sine me; quid nobis et tibi, me alone; what have we to Jesu Nazarene? Venisti per- do with thee, Jefus of Naza.. dere nos ? Scio quia tu es reth ? Art thou come to deSanctus Dei. Et increpavit ftroy us? I know that thou illum Jesus, et dixit illi, Ob- art the Holy One of God. mutesce, spiritus immunde, et And Jesus rebuked him, saying, exi de homine; et statim exivit Hold thy peace, unclean spide isto, nihilque illi nocuit. rit, and come out of the man; Et hæc quidam Pharifæus and presently he came out of dixit, Ego vidi quod multa him, and did not at all hurt turba venit ad Jesum a Ga- him. The following things lilæa et Judæa, et maritima, were also said by a Pharisee; et multis regionibus circa I saw that a great company Jordanem, et, multi infirmi came to Felus from Galilee and veniebant ad eum, et fanabat Judea, and the fea-coast, and ômnes. Et audivi spiritus many countries about Jordan ; immundos clamantes et di- and many infirm persons tame centes, Tu es filius Dei. Et to him, and he healed them vehementer comminabatur eis allb. And I heard the unclean Jesus, ne illum manifestarent. fpirits crying out, and saying,

Thou art the Son of God. And Jesus striêtly charged them, that they should not make him known.


were also collowing th

VIII. Poft hæc quidam nomine Centurio dixit, Ego in Capharnaum vidi Jefum, et rogavi eum dicens, Domine, puer meus jacet para

VIII. After this another person, whose name was Сenturio, faid, " I saw Fefus in Capernaum, and I intreated bim, saying, Lord, my fervant het my roof; but

à Luke iv. 33, &c.
o Matt. v. 23.

e Mark iii. 11.
d Matt. viii. 5, &c.


Et dixit

mihi Jesus, was

lyticus in domo. Et dixit lieth at home fick of the palfy. mihi Jesus, Ego veniam et And Jesus faid to me, I will curabo eum. Et ego dixi, come and cure him. But I Domine, non fum dignus ut said, Lord, I am not worthy intres sub tectum meum ; sed that thou shouldest come untantum dic verbum, et fana- der my roof; but only speak bitur puer meus. Et dixit the word, and my servant mihi Jesus, Vade, et ficut shall be healed. And Hesus credidifti, fiat tibi. Et sana- said unto me, Go thy way; tus est puer ex illa hora. De- and as thou hast believed, so inde quidam regulus dixit, be it done unto thee. And Habebam filium in Caphar- my fervant was healed from naum qui moriebatur; et that same hour. Then a cercum audissem Jefum advenire tain nobleman said, I had a in Galilæam, abii, et rogavifon in Capernaum, who lay eum, ut descenderet in domum at the point of death; and meam, et fanaret filium me- when I heard that Jesus was um; incipiebat enim mori. come into Galilee, I went and Et dixit mihi, Vade, filius besought him that he would tuus vivit; et fanatus est fi- come down to my house, and lius meus ex illa hora. Et heal my son, for he was at the alii quidem multi ex Judæis, point of death. He said to et viri et mulieres, clamave, me, Go thy way, thy son livrunt dicentes, Vere filius Dei eth. And my son was cured eft ifte, qui solo verbo omnia from that hour. Besides these, sanat, et dæmonia ei per also many others of the Jews, omnia fubjiciuntur. Dicunt both men and women, cried quidam ex ipfis, Non eft hæc out and said, He is truly the potestas nifi a Deo. Dixit Son of God, who cures all difPilatus Judæis, Quare vobis eases only by his word, and to docentibus dæmonia non fub- whom the devils are altogether jiciuntur? Dicunt quidam ex subject. Some of them faripfis, Non est hæc poteftas ther said, This power can pronifi a Deo, ut dæmonia sub ceed from none but God. Pi. jiciantur. Alii autem dixe. late said to the Jews, Why

are not the devils subject to your doctors ? Some of them faid, The power of subjecting devils cannot proceed but from God. But others said to Pilate,


T 4

runt Pilato, Quia Lazarum That he had a raised Lazarus mortuum fufcitavit poft qua- from the dead, after he had triduum de monumento. Au- been four days in his grave. diens hæc præses, tremefactus, The governor hearing this, dixit ad multitudinem Judæ- trembling said to the multiorum, Quid vobis , proderit, tude of the Jews, What will quod effundatis fanguinem in- it profit you to med innocent nocentem?.

. bload?

· IX. Et convocans Pilatus Nicodemum et quindecim viros, qui dixerunt quoniam non est natus ex fornicatione, dicit ad eos, Quid faciam, quoniam feditio fit in populo? Dicunt ei illi, Nescimus, ipsi videant qui seditionem commovent. Iterum Pilatus convocans multitudinem, dixit eis, Scitis, quia vobis confuetudo est per diem azymorum, ut dimittam vobis unum vinctum : habeo unum insignem vinctum homicidam, qui din citur Barabbas, et Jesum qui dicitur Christus, in quo nullam causam mortis inve. nio: Quem ergo vultis ex his duobus dimitti ? Clama. verunt autem omnes, dicentes, Barabbam dimitte nobis. Dicit eis Pilatus, Quid ergo faciam de Jesu qui dicitur

IX. Then Pilate having called together Nicodemus, and the fifteen men who faid that Jesus was not born through fornication, said to them, What fall I do, feeing there is like to be a tumult among the peopleb. They fay unto him, We know not; let them look to it, who raise the tumult. Pilate then called the multitude again, and faid to them, Ye know that ye have a custom, that I should release to you one prijoner at the feast of the passover: I have a noted prisoner, a murderer, who is called Barabbas, and Jesus who is called Christ, in whom I find nothing that deserves death : which of them therefore have you a mind that I fhould release to you'? They all cry out, and say, Release to us Barabbas. Pilate saith to them, What then foall I da with Jesus who is called

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Matt. xxvii. 24.

• Matt. xxvii. 21, &c. .


Chriftus ? Dicunt ei omnes, Christ? They all answer, Let Crucifigatur. Iterum cla- him be crucified. Again they mant dicentes Pilato, Non es cry out and say to Pilate, You Cæsaris amicus, si hunc di- are not the friend of Cæfar, if mittis, quia dixit fe filium you release this mana; for he Dei esse et Regem. An forte hath declared that he is the vis hunc esse, et non Cæsa- Son of God, and, a King. But rem? Tunc repletus furore are you inclined that he mould Pilatus, dixit ad eos, Semper be king, and not Cæfar? Then gens vestra feditiofa fuit, et Pilate filled with anger said qui profuerunt, contrarii eis to them, Your nation hath fuiftis. Responderunt Judæi, always been seditious, and Qui sunt qui fuerunt pro no- you are always against those bis ? Dicit eis Pilatus, Deus who have been serviceable vefter, qui eruit vos de dura to you. The Jews replied, fervitute Ægyptiorum, et Who are those who have been transduxit per mare rubrum, serviceable to us? Pilate anficut per aridam ; et in e- swered them, Your God who remo cibavit vos manna et delivered you from the hard carne coturnicum, et aquam bondage of the Egyptians, and de petra produxit, et legem brought you over the Red fea de cælo vobis dedit: et in as though it had been dry land, omnibus irritaftis Deum vef- and fed you in the wilderness trum, et quæsivistis vobis vi with manna and the flesh of tulum facere conflatilem, et quails, and brought water out adorastis, et immolastis, et of the rock, and gave you a dixistis, ifti funt Dii tui, if- law from heaven; ye provoked rael, qui te eduxerunt de him all ways, and desired for terra Ægypti. Et voluit De- yourselves a molten calf, and, us vefter disperdere vos, et worshipped it, and sacrificed to deprecatus eft Moses pro vo- it, and faid, These are thy bis, ut non moreremini, et Gods, O Israel, which brought audivit Deus vester 'eum, et thee out of the land of Egypt ! transtulit peccatum veítrum. On account of which your God

was inclined to destroy you; but Moses interceded for you, and your God heard him, and for.

a John xix, 12


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