Venit autem Nicodemus fe- governor gave him leave. And rens fecum mixturam myrrhæ Nicodemus came, bringing et aloes, quasi libras centum, with him a mixture of myrrh et deposuerunt Jesum cum la- and aloes about a hundred crymis de cruce, et ligave. pound weight; and they took runt illum in linteis cum aro down Jesus from the cross matibus, ut mos fepeliendi with tears, and bound him in eft Judæis, et posuerunt illum linen cloaths with spices, acin monumentum novum, quod cording to the custom of buJoseph construxerat, et de rying among the Jews, and petra excidi curaverat, in quo placed him in a new tomb, nullus homo pofitus fuerat, et which Jofeph had built, and advolverunt saxum magnum caused to be cut out of a ad ostium fpeluncæ.

rock, in which never any man

had been put; and they rolled a great stone to the door of the fepulchre.

XII. Audientes autem in XII. When the unjust iqui Judæi, quia corpus Jesu Jews heard that (Joseph) had petiit et sepelivit, quærebant begged and buried the body et Nicodemum, et iftos quin- of Jesus, they fought after decim viros, qui dixerunt ante Nicodemus, and those fifteen præfidem, quia non eft natus men who had testified before de fornicatione, et alios bonos the governor, that (Jesus) was qui opera bona declaraverant. not born through fornication, Omnibus autem occultatis and other good persons, who præ timore Judæorum, folus had shewn any good actions Nicodemus ostendit fe eis. towards him. But when Quomodo isti ingressi syna- they all concealed themselves gogam ? et responderunt ei through fear of the Jews, NiJudæi, Et tu quomodo ausus codemus alone fhewed himself es ingredi fynagogam, quia to them, (and faid) How can consentiens Christo eras ? Pars such persons as these enter into illius tecum fiat in futuro the synagogue? The Jews feculo. Et respondit Nico answered him, But how durst

thou enter into the synagogue, who wast a confederate with Christ? Let thy lot be along with him in the other world. Nicodemus answered, Amen; so may demus, Amen; fic fiat, ut it be, that I may have my lot pars mihi fit cum ifto in reg- with him in his kingdom. In no suo. Similiter et Joseph, like manner Joseph, when he quum ascendisset ad Judæos, came to the Jews, said to dixit eis, Quare contristati them, Why are ye angry with estis adversum me, quia petii me for defiring the body of Hea Pilato corpus Jesu? Ecce, sus of Pilate? Behold, I have in monumento meo pofui put him in my tomb, and wrap eum, et involvi in findoneped him up in clean linen, and munda, et apposui lapidem put a stone at the door of the magnum ad oftium speluncæ. sepulchre : I have acted rightly Ego bene egi circa iftum ; towards him; but ye have vos enim non bene egiftis acled unjustly against that just adversus juftum, ut eum cru person, in crucifying him, givcifigeretis, sed aceto potastising him vinegar to drink, eum, et spinis eum coronaftis, crowning him with thorns, et flagellis lacerastis eum, et tearing his body with whips, fanguinem ejus imprecati ef- and prayed down the guilt of) tis. Hæc audientes Judæi, his blood upon you. The Jews .contristati sunt animo et con- at the hearing of this were turbati. Et apprehenderunt disquieted and troubled ; and Joseph, et jufferunt eum cuf- they seized Joseph, and comtodiri ante diem sabbati usque manded him to be put in poft diem sabbatorum. Et custody before the fabbath, dixerunt ei, Agnofce, quia and kept there till the fabhac horà non competit aliquid bath was over. And they said agere adversum te mali, donec to him, Make confession ; for primum fabbatum illucescat. at this time it is not lawful to Scimus autem, quia nec fe- do thee any harm, till the first pultura dignus eris, sed dabi- day of the week come. But mus carnes tuas volatilibus we know that thou wilt not be coeli et beftiis terræ. Re- (thought) worthy of a burial; spondit Joseph, Iste sermo but we will give thy flesh to fimilis eft Goliæ superbo, qui the birds of the air, and the exprobravit Deum vivum ad- beasts of the earth. Joseph versus sanctum David. Scitis answered, That speech is like

(the speech of) proud Goliah, who reproached the living God (in speaking) against David.

But or the Aets of Pilate. autem vos, Scribæ et Docto- But Scribes and Doctors res, quia Deus dicit per Pro- know, that God faith by the phetam, Mihi vindi&tam, et Prophet, Vengeance is mine, ego retribuam, mihi tantum and I will repay to you a evil quod promittis malum. Pon equal to that which ye have tens eft Deus, quem in cruce threatened to me. The God fuspendistis, eripere me de whom you have hanged upon manu vestra. Super vos omne the cross, is able to deliver me facinus veniet. Præses enim, out of your hands. All your quando manus suas lavit, dix. wickedness will return upon it, Mundus fum ego a san- you. For the governor, when guine, justi hujus. Et vos be washed his hands, said, I respondentes clamastis, San- am clear from the blood of guis ejus super nos. et nostros this just person. But ye anfilios. Sicut dixistis, et pere. fwered. and cried out, His atis in æternum. Audientes blood be upon us and our autem Judæi sermones istos, children. According as ye exacerbati sunt animo nimis; have said, may ye peris for et apprehendentes Jofeph, in- ever. The elders of the Jews cluserunt eum in cubiculum, hearing these words, were exubi non erat fenestra. Sig- ceedingly enraged; and seiznaverunt ostium cubilis super ing Joseph, they put him into clavem; Annas et Caiphas a chamber where there was custodes posuerunt, et confi- no window; they fastened the lium fecerunt cum Sacerdo- door, and put a seal upon the tibus et Levitis, ut congrega- lock; and Annas and Cairentur omnes poft diem fab- aphas placed a guard about it, bati ; et cogitaverunt quali and took counsel with the morte occiderent Joseph : hoc Priests and Levites, that they facto, juflerunt principes An- should all meet after the Sabnas et Caiphas præsentari Jo- bath, and they contrived to seph.

what death they should put

Joseph. When they had done this, the rulers, Annas and Caiaphas, ordered Joseph to be brought forth.

Here fomething seems to be left out.

• Deut. xxxii. 35. Heb. x. 30.


XIII, XIII. Hæc audiens omnis · XIII. When all the assemcongregatio, admirantes ob- bly heard this, they admired stupuerunt, quia fignatam in- and were astonished, because venerunt clavem cubiculi, nec they found the fame feal upinvenerunt Jofeph. Annas et on the lock of the chamber, Caiphas abierunt. Hæc om- and could not find Joseph. nibus admirantibus, ecce qui- Then Annas and Caiaphas dam de militibus, qui sepul- went forth, and while they chrum cuftodiebant, in fyna. were all admiring (at Joseph's goga dixit, Quia nobis cuf- being gone), behold one of todientibus monumentum Je- the soldiers, who kept the sefu, facta eft terræ motio, et pulchre (of Jesus), spake in vidimus angelum Dei, quo- the assembly, a That while they modo revolvit monumenti la: were guarding the sepulchre of pidem et sedebat super eum ; Jesus, there was an earthet aspectus' ejus erat ficut quake; and we saw an angel fulgur, et vestimentum ejus of God roll away the stone of ficut nix; et præ timore ef- the sepulchre and bfit upon it; fecti sumus velut mortui. Et and his countenarice was like audivimus angelum dicentem lightning, and his garment like mulieribus ad fepulchrum Je snow; and we became through fu, Nolite timere; scio quod fear like persons dead. · And Jesum quæritis crucifixum; we heard an angel faying to hic furrexit, ficut prædixit. the women at the fepulchre of Venite, et videte ločum ubi Jefus, Do not fear; I know pofitus erat; et cito euntes, that ye seek Jesus who was dicite discipulis ejus, quia crucified: he is risen as he furrexit a mortuis, et præce- foretold. Come and see the det vos in Galilæam; ubi place where he was laid; and eum videbitis, ficut dixit vo. go presently, and tell his disbis. Et convocantes Judæi ciples that he is risen from the omnes milites qui custodie- dead, and he will go before rant monumentum Jesu, dix- you into Galilee; there ye

shall see him, as he told you. Then the Jews called together all the soldiers who kept the fepulchre of Jesus, and said to them, Who are those women,

• Matt. xxviii. 11, 12, &c.

• Matt. xxviii, 1, 2, &c.

erunt eis, Quæ funt mulieres to whom the angel spoke? Why illæ, ad quas angelus loquutus did ye not seize them? The est? Quare eas non tenuistis? foldiers answered and said, We Respondentes milites dixe- know not who the women were; runt, Mulieres nescimus quæ besides, we became as dead perfuerunt, et nos ut mortui fons through fear, and how facti sumus præ timore an- could we seize those women? geli; et quomodo potuisse- The Jews said to them, As mus apprehendere mulieres the Lord liveth, we do not beillas ? Dixerunt illis Judæi, lieve you. The foldiers, anVivit Dominus, quia non cre- swering, said to the Jews, dimus vobis. Respondentes. When ye saw and heard Jefus milites dixerunt Judæis, Tan- working. so many miracles, and ta miracula facientem Jefum did not believe him, how should vidiftis et audistis, et non ei. ye believe us ? re well said, creditis ; quomodo nobis cre- As the Lord liveth, for the dituri estis ? Bene quidem Lord truly does live. We dixiftis, Yivit Dominus, et have heard that ye put up vere vivit ipse Dominus. Nos Foseph, who buried the body of audivimus, quia ipfum Joseph, Jefus, in a chamber, under a qui fepelivit corpus Jesu, in- lock which was sealed; and clufiftis in cubiculo, fuper cla- when ye opened it, found him vem fignantes, et aperientes not there. Do ye then produce non inveniftis eum. Date Joseph whom ye put under ergo vos Joseph, quem in cu- guard in the chamber, and we biculo cuftoditis, et nos dabi- will produce Jesus whom we mus Jefum, quem in fepul- guarded in the sepulchre. The chro custodivimus. Respon- Jews answered, and said, We, dentes Judæi dixerunt, Jo- will produce Jofeph, do ye profeph nos dabimus, date nobis duce Jesus. But Joseph is in Jesum. Joseph autem in ci- his own city of Arimathea. vitate fua Arimathia eft. Re: The soldiers replied, If Joseph spondentes milites dixerunt, be in Arimathea, and Jefus in Si Joseph in Arimathia est, et Galilee, we heard the angel Jesus in Galilæa est, sicut inform the women. The Jews audivimus ab angelo dicente hearing this, were afraid, and mulieribus. Hæc audientes faid among themselves, If by Judæi timuerunt, dicentes ad

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