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τω ηγεμόνι Κατελλίω, (l. Kα- before the governor Caffellius, σελλίω) ως αναπείθοντα τες as one who endeavours to perόχλες επί καινή διδασκαλία Juade the people into the new Xpossavūv, xai xata tò dóna be, according to the order of

religion of the Christians, and μα τα Καίσαρος απολεί αυ

Cæfar, will put him to death, τόν, και συ έξας την γυναίκα by which means you will obtain σε, και ημείς διδάξομεν, ότι your wife; while we at the ήν λέγει έτος ανάσασιν γε- Jame time will teach her, that νέσθαι, ήδη γέγονεν εφ' οίς έ- the refurreξtion which be χομεν τέκνοις, και ανέςημεν, /peaks of, is already come, and Θεόν επιγνόντες. Ο δε Θά- confts in our having children;

and that we then arose again, μυρις ακέσας παρ' αυτών

when we came to the knowταύτα, και πλησθείς ζήλε edge of God. Thamyris havκαι θυμε, όρθρα αναςας, απ- ing this account from them, ήλθεν εις τον οίκον 'Ονησιφόρα, was filled with hot refentμετα αρχόντων, και δημοσίε, ment; and rifing early in the και όχλα έκανε μετα ξύλων, morning, he went to the λέγων τω Παύλω" Διέφθειρας,

houfe of Onefiphorus, attendτην Ικονιέων πόλιν, έτι δε και ed by the magiftrates, the την ηρμοσμένην μοι Θέκλαν, of people with taves, and

jailor, and a great multitude ένα μη θελήση μοι γη μαι" faid to Paul, Thou haft perάγωμεν εν επί τον ηγεμόνα verted the city of Iconium, and, Κασέλλιον. Και σας και

among the rest, Thecla, who is χλος λέγει: 'Απάγαγε τον betrothed to me, Jo that που

Thou μάγον, διέφθειρε γαρ ημών Jbe will not marry me. πάσας τας γυναίκας, και συν- balt therefore go with us to επείσθησαν αυτό σάντες οι ό

the governor Castellius. And

all the multitude cried out, χλοι.

Away with this impostor (ma

gician]; for he has perverted the minds of our wives, and all the people hearken to him.


CHAP. XIV. Και σας προ τα βήματος Then Thamyris standing ο Θάμυρις, κραυγή μεγάλη before the governor's judg


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είπεν· 'Ανθύπατε, ο άνθρωπος ment-feat, fpake with a loud έτος εκ οίδα πόθεν έσιν, και νoice in the following manέκ έα γαμεϊν τας παρθένες" ner: O governor, I know not

whence this man cometh; but είπατω έν επί σε, τίνος ένεκεν

he is one who teaches that maταύτα διδάσκει. Ο δε Δη

trimony is unlawful.

Comμας και Ερμογένης είπον τα mand him therefore to declare Θαμύριδι: Λέγε αυτόν Χρι- before you for what reapons he σιανόν, και απολείται συντό- publifhes Juch dotirines. (While μως. ο δε ηγεμών έςησεν την he was faying thus) Demas διάνοιαν αυτ8, και εκάλεσε and Hermogenes (whifperedto τον Παύλον, λέγων: Τίς εί;

Thamyris, and) faid; Say that ó, didáoxes ; yaş fara presently be put to death. But

he is a Christian, and he will κρώς σε κατηγορύσιν. Και the governor was more deήρεν την φωνήν αυτά ο Παύ- liberate, and calling to Paul, λος, λέγων· Ει εγώ σήμερον he faid, Who art thou? What ανακρίνωμαι, τι διδάσκω, ά- doff thou teach ? They Jeem to κεσον, ανθύπατε: Θεός ζηλω- Iay gros crimes to thy charge. της, Θεός εκδικήσεων, Θεός Paul then fpake with a loud απροσδεής, χρήζων της των νοίce, 1aying, As I am now

called to give an account, O ανθρώπων σωτηρίας, έπεμψέν

governor, of my doctrines, I με, όπως από της φθοράς και defre your audience. That της ακαθαρσίας αποσπάσω • God, who is a God of venαυτές, και πάσης ηδονής τε

geance, and who stands in και θανάτε, όπως μηκέτι α need of nothing but the fal.

(vation of his creatures, has μαρτάνωσιν. Διό έπεμψεν ο

I sent me to reclaim them Θεός τον εαυτο σαΐδα Ιησεν

from their wickedness and Χρισον, δν εγώ ευαγίελίζομαι,

corruptions, from all (finκαι διδάσκω εν εκείνω έχειν, « ful) pleafures, and from την ελπίδα της ανθρώπες: ος

• death; and to perfuade them μόνος συνεπάθησε πλανωμένο « to fin no more. .

On this κόσμω, ίνα μηκέτι υπό κρίσιν account, God fent his Son

• Jefus Chrift, whom I preach, « and in whom I instruct men to place their hopes, as that person who only had such compassion on the deluded world,

• that


ώσιν, ανθύπατε, αλλά σίσιν

that it might not, O goέχωσιν, και φόβον Θεό, και 'vernor, be condemned, but

have faith, the fear of God, γνώσιν σεμνότητος, και αγάπην αληθείας. Ει δν εγω

“ the knowledge of religion, ,

" and the love of truth. So υπό Θεέ μοι αποκεκαλυμμένα

that if I only teach those διδάσκω, τί αδικώ, ανθύπατε;

“ things which I have receivο δε ανθύπατος ακέσας ταυ ed by revelation from God, τα, εκέλευσεν δε9ηναι τον (where is

my crime?' When Παύλον, και εις φυλακήν βλη- the governor heard this, he θήναι, μέχρις αν εύσχολήσας ordered Paul to be bound, , ακύσηται αυτά επιμελέςερον. he hould be more at leifure

and to be put in prison, till Η δε Θέκλα νυκτός περιελο

to hear him more fully. But, μένη τα εαυτής ενώτια, έδωκεν

in the night, Thecla taking το συλωρώ, και ήνοιξεν αυτή off her ear-rings, gave them τας θύρας, και απήλθεν εις

to the turnkey of the prifon, την φυλάκων και δεσα το who then opened the doors to δεσμοφύλακι κάτοπτρον αργύ- her, and let her in; and when

she made a present of a silver εεον, εισήλθεν προς τον Παύλον και καθεσθείσα παρα allowed to go into the room

looking-glass to the jailor, was τες σόδας αυτά, ήκεσεν τα

where Paul was; then the fat μεγαλεία τα Θεά και ως ε

down at his feet, and heard δεν έδωκει (1. έδεδίει) πάσ from him the great things of χειν ο Παύλος, αλλά τη τα

God. And as she perceived Θεά βοηθεία σαρρησία επολι

Paul not to be afraid of sufτεύετο, κακείνης ηύξανεν η fering, but that by divine af

fistance he behaved himself πίσης, καταφιλέσης τα δεσμά with courage, her faith fo far αυτ8.

increafed, that the kifled his chains.



CH ΑΡ. ΧV. “Ως δε εζητείτο Θέκλα υπό At length Thecla των Ιεδαίων (1. ex Meta- miffed, and fought for by the phrafte οικείων) και Θαμύ- family and by Thamyris in ειδος, ως απολλυμένη, κατα every ftreet, as though the


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τας δθες εδιώκετο. Και τις had been loft; till one of the των συνδέλων τα συλωρά έ- porter's fellow-fervants told

them, that she had gone out μήνυσεν αυτοίς, είπαν ότι νυκ

in the night-time. Then τoς εξήλθε. Και ανέτασαν

they examined the porter, and τον συλωρον, και είπεν αυτοίς, he told them, that he was ότι σεπόρευται προς τον ξένον, gone to the prifon to the εις το δεσμωτήριον. Και απ- 4trange man. They went ήλθον, καθώς είπεν αυτοίς, therefore according to his diκαι εύρον αυτήν και εξελ- reξtion, and there found her; θόντες εκείθεν, τες όχλες and when they came out, they έπεσπάσαντο, και το ηγεμόνι εor a mob together, and went

and told the governor all that ενεφανίσαν το γεγονός. Και

happened. Upon which he έκέλευσεν ο ηγεμών άγεσθαι ordered Paul to be brought τον Παύλον επί το βήμα η before his judgment-feat. δε Θέκλα εκυλίετο επί τα τό- Thecla in the mean time lay πε, & εδίδασκε καθήμενος εν wallowing on the ground in τη φυλακή ο Παύλος. Ο δε the prifon, in that fame place

where Paul had fat to teach ηγεμών εκέλευσεν κακείνην ά

her; upon which the goverγεσθαι επί το βήμα η δε

nor also ordered her to be μετα χαράς απίει αγαλλο- brought before his judgmentμένη. Ο δε όχλος, προσαχ- feat; which fummons the reθέντος τα Παύλο, πάλιν σε ceived with joy, and went. ρισσοτέρως εβόα Μάγος έσιν, When Paul was brought thiαίρε αυτόν. Ηδέως δε ήκεσεν ther, the mob with more veκαι ανθύπατος τα Παύλα επι hemence cried out, He is a τοϊς οσίοις έργοις τα Χρις

magician, let him die. Ne

verthelefs, the governor atκαι συμβούλιον σοιήσας, κά

tended with pleasure upon λεσε την Θέκλαν, λέγων αυτη Paul's difcourfes of the holy Δια τί και γαμείς κατά τον νό- works of Chrift; and, after a μον 'Ικονιέων τώ Θαμύριδι ; council called, he fummonΗ δε ειςήκει, Παύλο ατενί- ed Τhecla, and faid to her,

Why do you not, according to the law of the Iconians, marry Thamyris? She stood still, with her eyes fixed upon Paul; and finding the made no


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ζεσα" αυτής δε δεν αποκρι- reply, Theoclia her mother νομένης, Θεοκλία η μήτηρ cried out, faying, Let the unαυτής ανέκραγε, λέγεσαι iuft creature be burnt; let her Κατάκανε την άνομον, κατά

be burnt in the midst of the

theatre, for refusing Thamyris, κανε την άνυμφον εν μέσω τ8

that all women may learn from θεάτρε, ίνα πάσαι αι υπό her to αυoid fuch prafices. τέτα διδαχθείσαι γυναίκες Then the governor was ex. φοβηθώσιν. Και ο ηγεμών ceedingly concerned, and orέπαθεν μεγάλως, και τον μεν dered Paul to be whipt out Παύλον φραγελλώσας εξέβαλε of the city, and Thecla to be

burnt. So the governor 4της πόλεως την δε Θέκλαν κατέκρινεν πυρίκαυσον. Και τοfe, and went immediately

into the theatre; and all the ευθέως ο ηγεμών αναςας, από

people went forth to see the ήλθεν εις το θέατρον» και difmal fight. But Thecla, σας και όχλος εξήλθεν επί την juff as a lamb in the wilderανάγκην της θέας.

'H dness looks every way to see Θέκλα, καθάπερ αμνός εν έ- his hepherd, looked around ρήμω περισκοπεί τον ποιμένα, for Paul ; and as he was έτως κακείνη τον Παύλον και looking upon the multitude, ,

she saw the Lord (Jesus) in έμβλέψας εις τον όχλον δεν

the likeness of. Paul, and said τον Κύριον καθήμενον ως τον

to herself, Paul is come to fee Παύλον, και είπεν εν εαυτη me in my distressed circum'Ανυπομονήτε με έσης, ήλθεν tances. And the fixed her ο Παύλος θεάσασθαι με. Και eyes upon him ; but he inπροσεΐχεν αυτώ ατενίζεσα. ftantly afcended up to heaven,


while she looked on him. ο δε εις έρανες απία θεω

Then the young men and ρέσης αυτής. Οι δε παίδες

women brought wood and και αι παρθένοι ήνείκαν ξύλα traw for the burning of και χόριον, ίνα η Θέκλα καη. Τhecla; who, being brought Ως δε εισήχθη γυμνή, εδά- naked to the ftake, extorted κρυσεν

ο ηγεμών, και εθαύ- tears from the governor, with μασεν την δύναμιν τα κάλ- furprize beholding the greatλες αυτής. "Ερωσαν δε τα nefs of her beauty. And ξύλα, και εκέλευσαν αυτην οι

when they had placed the


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