deret, præcepit ut ad festivi- ftrangers, commanded, that at tatem quæ imminebat, omnes the approaching feast all the ex Hierofolymis et vicinis lo- principal persons both of Jecis primores adeffent, quorum rusalem and the neighbouring consilio fcire poffet, quid de places should meet together, tam dubia re faciendum eflet. that he might have their adQuod cum fieret, omnibus in vice, how he had best proceed commune placuit, Dominum in so difficult a cafe. When fuper hac re effe confulendum. they were accordingly met, Et cunctis quidem in oratio- they unanimously agreed to nem incumbentibus, Pontifex seek the Lord, and ask counad consulendum Deum ex mo sel from him on this matter a. re accessit. Nec mora, cunc And when they were all entis audientibus de oraculo et gaged in prayer, the Highde propitiatorii loco vox facta priest, according to the usual eft, fecundum Efaiæ vatici- way, went to consult God, nium requirendum efle, cui and immediately there was a Virgo illa commendari et de voice from the ark, and the sponsari deberet. Liquet enim mercy-seat, which all present Efaiam dicere, Egredietur vir- heard, that it must be enquired ga de radice Jeffe, et flos de or fought out by a prophecy of radice ejus ascendet, et requi- Isaiah, to whom that Virgin escet fuper eum Spiritus Do- should be given and be betrothmini, Spiritus Sapientiæ et ed; for Isaiah faith, There Intellectus, Spiritus Confilii mall come forth a rod out of the et Fortitudinis, Spiritus Sci- stem of Jese, and a flower Mall entiæ et Pietatis, et replebit spring out of its root, and the eum Spiritus timoris Domini.

Spirit of the Lord shall rest Secundum hanc ergo prophe- upon him, the Spirit of Wisdom tiam, cunctos de domo et fa and Understanding, the Spimilia David, nuptui habiles, rit of Counsel and Might, the

Spirit of Knowledge and Piety, and the Spirit of the fear of the Lord fall fill him. Then, according to this prophecy, he appointed, that all the men of the house and family of David, who were marriageable, and

a Num. xxvii. 21. compared Deut. xxxiii. 8. Ezra ii. (3. Newith Exod. xxviii. 30. Lev. viii. 8.

hem, vii, 65.

non conjugatos, virgas suas al not married, should bring their laturos ad altare prædixit; et several rods to the altar, and cujuscunque poft allationem out of whatsoever person's rod virgula florem germinâffet, et after it was brought, a flower in ejus cacumine Spiritus Do- should bud forth, and on the mini in specie Columbæ con top of it the Spirit of the Lord sedisset, ipsum esse cui Virgo should fit in the appearance of commendari et desponsari de a dove, he should be the man beret.

to whom the Virgin should be

given and be betrothed. VIII. Erat autem inter cæ VIII. Among the rest there teros Joseph, homo de domo was a man named Joseph, of et familia David, grandævus; the house and family of Dacunctis vero virgas juxta or vid, and a person very far addinem deferentibus, folus ipfe vanced in years, who drew fuam subtraxit.

Unde cum

back his rod, when every one nihil divinæ voci confonum besides presented his. So that apparuiffet, Pontifex iterato

when nothing appeared agreeDeum confulendum putavit; able to the heavenly voice, the qui respondit, folum illum ex High-priest judged it proper his, qui designati erant, vir to consult God again, who gam fuam non attulisse, qui answered, That he to whom the Virginem desponsare deberet. Virgin was to be betrothed was Proditus itaque est Joseph. the only person of those who Cum enim virgam suam attu. were brought together, who lisset, et in cacumine ejus co had not brought his rod. Jou lumba de cælo veniens con seph therefore was betrayed. fediffet, liquido omnibus pa For when he did bring his tuit ei Virginem defponfandam rod, and a dove coming from fore. Igitur nuptiarum jure heaven pitched upon the top de more celebrato, ipfe qui- of it, every one plainly faw, dem in Bethlehem recedit ci. that the Virgin was to be bevitatem, domum fuam dispo- trothed to him: accordingly fiturus, et nuptiis necessaria the usual ceremonies of beprocuraturus. Virgo autem trothing being over, he re

turns to his own city of Bethlehem, to set his house in order, and make the needful provifions for the marriage. But the Virgin of the Lord, Mary,

Domini Maria cum aliis sep- with seven other virgins of tem virginibus coævis et col the same age, and who had lactaneis, quas a facerdote ac been weaned at the same time, ceperat, ad domum parentum which she had received of the fuorum in Galilæa reyersa Priest, returned to her paeft.

rents' house in Galilee. IX. Iftis vero diebus, pri IX. Now at this time, viz. mo scilicet adventus fui in of her first coming into Ga. Galilæam tempore, miffus eft lilee, the Angel Gabriel was ad eam Angelus Gabriel a sent to her from God, to deDeo, qui ei conceptum Do- clare to her the conception of minicum narraret, et concep our Saviour, and the manner tionis vel modum . vel ordi- and way of her conceiving nem exponeret. Denique in- him. Accordingly going into gressus ad eam cubiculum qui- her, he filled the chamber dem, ubi manebat, ingenti where she was with a prodilumine perfudit; ipsam vero gious light, and in a moft gratantiffime falutans, dixit, courteous manner faluting her, Ave Maria, Virgo Domini he said, Hail, Mary, Virgin gratiffima, Virgo gratia plena, of the Lord most acceptable ! Dominus tecum; benedicta tu Oh Virgin full of grace! The præ omnibus mulieribus, be- Lord is with you, you are blessed nedicta præ omnibus hactenus above all women, blessed above natis hominibus. Virgo au

all men, that have been hitherto tem, quæ jam Angelicos bene borna. But the Virgin, who noverat vultus, et lumen coe. had before been well acleste insuetum non habebat, quainted with the counteneque Angelica visione ter nances of Angels, and to rita, neque luminis magnitu- whom such light from heaven dine stupefacta, fed in folo was no uncommon thing, was ejus sermone turbata est; et neither terrified with the vi. cogitare coepit, qualis ifta fa- fion of the Angel, nor aftolutatio tam insolita esse posset, nished at the greatness of the

light, but only troubled about the Angel's words, and began to consider what that so extraordinary a salutation should mean, what it did portend,

. Luk. i. 28.


Hic erit magnus,

quidve portenderet, vel quem or what sort of end it would finem effet habitura. Huic have“. To this thought the cogitationi Angelus divinitus Angel divinely inspired reinfpiratus occurrens; Ne ti- plies; Fear not, Mary, as meas, inquit, Maria, quasi though I intended any thing inaliquid contrarium tuæ casti- consistent with your chastity in tati hac falutatione prætexam :

this salutation : for you have invenisti enim gratiam apud found favour with the Lord, Dominum, quia castitatem because you made virginity your elegisti. Ideoque Virgo fine choice. Therefore while you peccato concipies, et paries are a Virgin, you shall conceive filium.

without fin, and bring forth a quia dominabitur a mari uf- fon. He shall be great, beque

ad mare, et a fumine uf- caufe he shall reign from sea ta que ad terminos orbis terræ. fea, and from the river even to Et Filius Altiffimi vocabitur, the ends of the earth. And quia qui in terris nafcitur hu be shall be called the Son of the milis, in cælo regnat fubli- Highest; for he who is born mis. Et dabit illi Dominus in a mean state on earth, reigns Deus fedem David patris ejus, in an exalted one in heaven. et regnabit in domo Jacob ad And the Lord fall give him æternum, et regni ejus non the throne of his father Daerit finis. Ipfe quippe Rex vid, and he shall reign over the Reguin, et Dominus Domi- house of Jacob. for ever, and of nantium est, et thronus ejus his kingdom there shall be na in feculum feculi. His An- end.

end. For he is the King of geli verbis Virgo non incre- Kings, and Lord of Lords, and dula, fed modum fcire volens his throne is for ever and ever. respondit: Quomodo iftud fi To this discourse of the Angel eri potest? Nam cum ipsa vi the Virgin replied, not as rum juxta votum meum nun though she were unbelieving, quam cognofco, quomodo fine but willing to know the manvirilis feminis incremento pa ner of it: She said, How can rere poffum ? Ad hoc Ange- that be? For seeing, according

to my vow, I never have known any man, how can I bear a child without the addition of a man's feed? To this the Angel replied, and said, Think not,

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a Luk. i. 29.

• Luk. i. 31, &c.


lus, Ne existimes, inquit, Ma- Mary, that you shall conceive ria, quod humano more con

in the ordinary way.

For cipias. Nam fine virili com without lying with a man, mixtione Virgo concipies, while a Virgin, you shall conVirgo paries, Virgo nutries. ceive, while a Virgin, you shall Spiritus enim Sanctus super- bring forth, and while a Vir . veniet in te, et virtus Altif- gin, shall give fuck. For the simi obumbrabit tibi, contra Holy Ghoft shall come upon omnes ardores libidinis. Id

Id- you, and the power of the most eoque quod nascetur ex te, fo- High fhall overshadow you, lum erit fanctum, quia folum without any of the heats of luft. fine peccato conceptum, et So that which shall be born of natum vocabitur Filius Dei. you shall be only holy, because it Tunc Maria expanfis mani only is conceived without fin, bus, et oculis ad cælum levatis, and being born, Mall be called dixit, Ecce ancilla Domini The Son of God. Then (neque enim Dominæ nomine Mary stretching forth her digna fum) fiat mihi secun- hands, and lifting her eyes to dum verbum tuum.

heaven, faid, Behold the bandmaid of the Lord! Let it be

unto me according to thy worda. X. Joseph igitur a Judæa X. Joseph therefore went in Galilæam veniens, despon- from Judæa to Galilee, with fatam fibi Virginem ducere intention to marry

intention to marry the Virgin intendebat ; jam namque tres who was betrothed to him; fluxerant menses, et quartus for it was now

near three inftabat, ex eo tempore quo months, fince she was befibi desponsata fuerat. Interea trothed to him. At length it paulatim utero puerperæ in- plainly appeared she was with tumescente, puerperam se ma child, and it could not be hid nifestare cæpit, neque hoc la- from Joseph: for going to the tere potuit Joseph. Nam sponsi Virgin in a free manner, as more liberius ad Virginem in one espoused, and talking fatroiens, et familiarius cum ea miliarly with her, he perloquens, gravidam esse depre- ceived her to be with child, hendit. Æftuare itaque animo and thereupon began to be

a Luk. i. 38.


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