Hit or miss! A musical farce

J. Cumberland, 1810 - 34 ページ

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19 ページ - In peace, Love tunes the shepherd's reed ; In war, he mounts the warrior's steed ; In halls, in gay attire is seen ; In hamlets, dances on the green. Love rules the court, the camp, the grove, And men below, and saints aliove; For love is heaven, and heaven is love.
31 ページ - What tho devil then ! - do you suppose I let my coachman drive me ? Quill. . If not, why did you hire him ? Cypher.
26 ページ - They talk how they live—why, its blarney and stuff; For a man, when he's hungry, can eat fast enough. Is not teaching a live man to live, all my eye ? Let 'em come over here, and we'll teach 'em to die. Their frogs and soup-maigre are nothing but froth, To our beef, and potatoes, and Scotch barley broth.
25 ページ - I'll take a trip to neat little Ireland, the land of whiskey, pretty girls, lads of wax, and mealy potatoes. SONG.— O'ROuRKE O'DAISY. Oh I the land of sweet Erin's a land of delight, The women can love, and the men can all fight ; We have hearts for the girls, we have arms for our foes, And they both are triumphant — as all the world knows. If they talk of politeness, we beat them at that ; — For when Mounseer came courting, a rival to Pat, He cried my dear jewel, you're quite at a stand, So...
35 ページ - Sir, I'm obliged — nobody else will. But let me tell you, the temptations to drive the wrong side the road are so many in my profession, that an honest lawyer is a good as well as a great character ; and I really think there are more of that description than the world in general are willing to believe.
32 ページ - Be'ant I, spooney ? Quill. Sir, I beg pardon. I see the error, and hope you'll forgive it ; but when gentlemen associate with their servants, talk like their servants, do their...
26 ページ - They may talk of their wonders as long as they please — By St. Patrick, their swans are all nothing but geese ! They say they can fight, but 'tis all they can say ; For as soon as we charge — they as soon run away. Then, oh ! may the land that grows out of the sea, Flourish long in prosperity, happy, and free ; For England, and Ireland, and Scotland can prove, They outshine them in courage, in beauty, and love. Then let us be frisky, &c.
37 ページ - With buxom bit, bridoon so trim, three chesnuts and a grey, Well coupled up my leaders then, ye hip ! we bowl away ; Some push along with four in hand, while others drive at random, In whisky, buggy, gig, or dog-cart, curricle, or tandem.
33 ページ - ... worst in the country, for all that. Cyp. Who the devil made you a judge, Johnny Raw ? — I've had a complete education ; gone through all the gradations of buggy, gig, and dog-cart, tandem, curricle, unicorn, and four-in-hand ; neglected nothing • dashed at everything ; pegged at a jarvey ; tooled a mail-coach ; and now, having attained the credit of being bang up, have met the reward of all my labours, by being elected member of a society, who are famous for having repeatedly saved their...
31 ページ - Ay ; and if you call driving over posts and old women prime, hang me if I think you'll ever get another place. So you'd better make the best of a bad matter, and help your fellow-sarvant to set the tackle in order again : there be one o' the sharps broke all to shivers, and as yon be coachman, yon know Cyp.