Notes Form a Diary, 1892-1895, 第 2 巻


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282 ページ - Let the soldier be abroad if he will ; he can do nothing in this age. There is another personage, a personage less imposing in the eyes of some — perhaps insignificant. The schoolmaster is abroad ; and I trust to him, armed with his primer, against the soldier in full military array.
38 ページ - Like clouds that rake the mountain summits, Or waves that own no curbing hand, How fast has brother followed brother From sunshine to the sunless land.
198 ページ - Then to him they pass'd: but still unbroken Age to age, lasts on that goodly line; Whose pure lives are, more than all words spoken, Earth's best witness to the life divine. . Subtlest thought shall fail, and learning falter; Churches change, forms perish, systems go; But our human needs, they will not alter, Christ, no after age shall e'er outgrow.
278 ページ - O Father of light and God of all truth, purge the whole world from all errors, abuses, corruptions and sins. Beat down the standard of Satan, and set up everywhere the standard of Christ. Abolish the reign of sin, and establish the kingdom of grace in all hearts. Let humility triumph over pride and ambition; charity over
13 ページ - La vie est vaine ; Un peu d'amour, Un peu de haine, Et puis—Bon jour ! " La vie est breve ; Un peu d'espoir, Un peu de reve, Et puis—Bon soir
135 ページ - Fortune that with malicious joy Does man her slave oppress, Proud of her office to destroy Is seldom pleased to bless: Still various and inconstant still But with an inclination to be ill, Promotes, degrades, delights in strife, And makes a lottery of life, I can enjoy her while she's kind; But when she dances in the wind, And shakes her wings and will not stay, I puff the prostitute away.
44 ページ - v. 23,' Man goeth forth unto his work and to his labour until the evening')
184 ページ - was familiar, those that took the deepest root in his mind and had the strongest influence in the formation of his character.'
134 ページ - while the bare-footed friars were singing Vespers in the Temple of Jupiter, and the
77 ページ - of the Mighty Mother died, And went where all his fathers went before. —On thee too, in thy day Of childhood, Arthur ! did some check have power, That, radiant