The Waverley Novels: With the Author's Last Corrections and Additions, 第 4 巻


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35 ページ - But when a' was ower, and the Laird was beginning to settle his affairs, every tenant was called up for his arrears, and my gudesire for the full sum that stood against him in the rental-book. Weel, away he trots to the Castle, to tell his story, and there he is introduced to Sir John...
38 ページ - Sorely troubled in his mind, he left that dreary place, rode through the mist to Redgauntlet Castle, and with much ado he got speech of the laird. 'Well, you dyvour bankrupt,' was the first word, 'have you brought me my rent?' 'No,' answered my gudesire, 'I have not; but I have brought your honour Sir Robert's receipt for it.' 'How, sirrah? Sir Robert's receipt! You told me he had not given you one.
35 ページ - it shall never break my service to Sir •:• :•: •• ••* * Robert ; and I will answer his next whistle, so be you will stand by me, Hutcheon." Hutcheon had nae will to the wark, but he had stood by Dougal in battle and broil, and he wad not fail him at this pinch ; so...
35 ページ - Steenie," quoth the Laird, sighing deeply, and putting his napkin to his een, "his was a sudden call, and he will be missed in the country; no time to set his house in order -weel prepared Godward, no doubt, which is the root of the matter - but left us behind a tangled hesp to wind, Steenie. - Hem ! hem! We maun go to business, Steenie; much to do, and little time to do it in.
38 ページ - I shall not know what to think of it. But where shall we find the Cat's Cradle? There are cats enough about the old house, but I think they kitten without the ceremony of bed or cradle.
13 ページ - ... thin-flanked, and apparently combined in his frame muscular strength and activity ; the last somewhat impaired perhaps by years, but the first remaining in full vigour. A hard and harsh countenance — eyes far sunk under projecting eyebrows, which were grizzled like his hair— a wide mouth, furnished from ear to ear with a range of unimpaired teeth, of uncommon whiteness, and a size and breadth which might have become the jaws of an ogre, completed this delightful portrait.
38 ページ - There was a deep morning fog on grass and grave-stane around him, and his horse was feeding quietly beside the minister's twa cows. Steenie would have thought the whole was a dream, but he had the receipt in his hand, fairly written and signed by the auld Laird ; only the last letters of his name were a little disorderly, written like one seized with sudden pain.