The first (second) German grammar, 第 2 巻


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50 ページ - Columbus was the first European who set foot on the new world which he had discovered. He landed in a rich dress, and with a naked sword in his hand. His men followed, and kneeling down, they all kissed the ground which they had so long desired to see.
77 ページ - When the predicate is expressed by a real verb in the present or imperfect tense of the active voice, the verb takes the place of the copula, and the place of the predicate remains vacant: — Subject.
47 ページ - To express an action, which not only took place, or a state, which not only existed at a past time, but at a past time which is specified by another past event : as...
53 ページ - Filial Affection of a Page. The emperor Charles V. had a page named Athanasius d'Ayala, whose father had had the imprudence to engage in a conspiracy against his monarch; he was proscribed, his property confiscated, and he himself was obliged to flee. Athanasius was yet very young, not being...
17 ページ - To amlcitiae commonefacit, he reminds you of friendship. II. With verbs of accusing, convicting, acquitting : Viros sceleris arguis, you accuse men of crime. III. With miseret, paenitet, pudet...
61 ページ - ... come up so high. I won't have them come down quite so low as they wear them now. It is the fashion to wear them very low. Yes, but it is a ridiculous fashion.
70 ページ - Several words, formed like participles, have lost the nature of a participle, and are used as adjectives only, both in the attributive and predicative sense ; these are : reijenb/ charming ; fr&nfenb/ mortifying ; etnnel)menb/ captivating ; bringenb/ pressing; bruclcnb/ oppressive; fliefenb/ ffuent; Ijtnreifjenb / overpowering.
79 ページ - When there are two cases in a sentence, that of the person precedes that of the thing : — Su6Ject.
39 ページ - To let go : id, laffe bid) nid)t, bu fegneft mid) benn (Gen. xxxii. 26). — 5. To cause, to get, to order, always with the infinitive of the active, although the signification be passive: id...