The queen's necklace

Dana Estes and Company, 1879 - 525 ページ

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21 ページ - And I," said Monsieur de Condorcet, " will not be less candid. I did think that if you tasted the contents of my ring, I would not give much for your life." A cry of admiration burst from the rest of the party; these avowals confirming not the immortality, but the penetration, of Count Cagliostro. " You see," said Cagliostro, quietly, " that I divined these dangers ; well, it is the same with other things. The experience of a long life reveals to me at a glance much of the past and of the future...
13 ページ - Yes, madame, I do possess that secret." " Oh, then, monsieur, impart it to me." " To you, madame ? It is useless ; your youth is already renewed ; your age is only what it appears to be, and you do not look thirty.
23 ページ - Oh, yes, let us hear ! " cried all the rest. " Well, then, Monsieur de la Pe'rouse intends, as you know, to make the tour of the globe, and continue the researches of poor Captain Cook, who was killed in the Sandwich Islands.
14 ページ - Very seriously, sire, — I beg pardon, I mean count; " and Cagliostro bowed in such a way as to indicate that his error was a voluntary one. " Then," said the marshal, " Madame Dubarry is not old enough to be made young again ? " "No, on my conscience." " Well, then, I will give you another subject: here is my friend Taverney, — what do you say to him ? Does he not look like a contemporary of Pontius Pilate? But perhaps he, on the contrary, is too old ? " Cagliostro looked at the baron. " No,
9 ページ - Long life to another king,' whom I should be proud to serve, had I not already so good a master." And raising his glass, he bowed respectfully to the Count de Haga. "This health that you propose," said Madame Dubarry, who sat on the marshal's left hand, " we are all ready to drink, but the oldest of us should take the lead.
30 ページ - do not tell me anything ; I do not wish to know !" " Well, then, I will ask instead of him," said Richelieu. " You, marshal, be happy ; you are the only one of us all who will die in his bed.
16 ページ - ... to snatch from Cagliostro the wonderful bottle ; but now, seeing him resume his old age even quicker than he had lost it, " Alas ! " she said sadly, " all is vanity and deception ; the effects of this wonderful secret last for thirty-five minutes."
21 ページ - Monsieur de Richelieu," continued La Perouse, "as the Count Cagliostro, which is very intelligible, does not wish to quit such good company, you must permit me to do so without him. Excuse me, Count Haga, and you...
6 ページ - ... colleague at Saverne be as devoted to the Prince de Rohan as you are to me, and should refuse the bottle, as you would do in his place — " "I? monseigneur — " "Yes; you would not, I suppose, have given away such a bottle, had it belonged to me? " "I beg your pardon, humbly, monseigneur; but had a friend, having a king to provide for, asked me for your best bottle of wine, he should have had it immediately.
19 ページ - Thus, you would not get me to enter a tottering house; I have seen too many houses not to tell at a glance the safe from the unsafe. You would not see me go out hunting with a man who managed his gun badly. From Cephalus, who killed his wife Procris, down to the Regent, who shot the prince in the eye, I have seen too many unskillful people.