the Sunday evening she said to me, “ I am a poor distressed suffering sinner, and I can only trust in Jesus Christ.” This woman died on the Monday, and the nurse of the ward informed me, that before she departed, she possessed a share of peace in the Saviour, and was willing to die.

In No. 11, I found three scalded coloured men, two of whom exhibited an affecting spectacle. I tenderly addressed them under their misery, and then prayed to the Lord on their behalf, but they were incapable of saying any thing that could be understood. ALEXANDER CROMWELL was waiter on board the Ætna, and died on Monday. The other man, John WINTER, one of the firemen, lingered in nearly a senseless state until Friday, and then died. John GIBBONS, also a fireman, and apparently younger than the others, was partially wounded, and is now on the recovery, having some sense of the sparing mercy of the Lord.

Mr. ECKFELT, of Philadelphia, and Mr. BeadEx, of Wilmington, were two passengers on board. Their faces and hands were severely scalded, as well as some other parts of their persons. They were placed in what is called the blind ward, with suitable attendance, and both of them possessed a sense of the sparing goodness of the Lord. Mr. BRAden said to me, o in the course of my travels, I have frequently been in imminent danger of losing my life; but I never saw the hand of Providence so visible as in this deliverance; for if I had not changed my position in the cabin but one minute before, I certainly must have been scalded to death; and therefore I can the better endure my partial affliction with thankfulness to God.”—Thus, out of the nine patients brought to this Hospital, under the calamity of the SteamBoat, three only survive; and we cannot but hope, that as their lives have been spared in mercy, that their future days may be consecrated to their God and Saviour.

Our Lord, in the 13th chapter of Lake, has forbidden us to indulge a supposition, that those who die by violence or public calamity, are greater sinners than others; and consequently by such means, receive an awful punishment from their God. Therefore, we are not to conclude that those who so lately lost their lives by the bursting of the SteamBoat's boiler, thereby suffered the vengeance of the Al. mighty for the enormity of crime; for, it is well known, that at least three of them were persons of piety. Jesus made in the above chapter, an important improvement of the horrid act of Pilate, in mingling the blood of the Galileans with his idolatrous sacrifices; and the eighteen persons on whom the tower in Siloam fell and crushed them to death, by thus addressing the Jews : Think ye that they were sinners above all others, because they suffered such things ? I tell you, nay; but except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish. The same warning voice from the SteamBoat calamity, and from the graves of those who suffered, is now heard ; and shall it not be heard and improved by every survivor? By every patient in this Hospital, by all in our city, and by every one who hears of the affecting accident ? May the impressions first made upon the public mind, not be permitted to pass away, without the Lord's making it the means of a happy reformation!

To an attentive observer, there will be perceived a greater variety of character and station among the number who suffered on board the Ætna, than usually occurs in a more extensive calamity. As five different classes may easily be selected, perhaps a reflection or two upon each, may form a necessary conclusion to this discourse. ?

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Mrs. FURMAN, aged 44, was a pious woman, an affection. ate wife, and the tender mother of seven children. Learn from her, how soon the tenderest ties of domestic life may be dissolved by the hand of death ; and how important it is to cultivate family virtue, and enjoy the presence of God


in all our social enjoyments, so that when death calls, le may find our house in that order which God may approve. Isa. 38, 1.-Mrs. MERSEROLE, aged 22. Where shall I find a pen, or words to touch this most tender case ? About four weeks ago, she gave her hand in marriage to an amiable young gentleman. Though lively their mutual affections, and charming their prospects, yet both were blighted at the instantaneous bursting of the Ætna's boiler! Learn, my young friends, from this unexpected stroke, first to give your warmest love to a Saviour's hand, and then your personal happiness is secure.The children present will not forget, that Miss CAROLINE FURMAN, aged only 10 years, was a victim to the deadly steam. As a flower, you also may bloom in a parent's bosom in the morning, and in the evening your leaves fade and drop into the grave. Remember now thy Creator in the days of thy youth. Fly to a Saviour's arms; this will prepare you for length of days, or fit you for early death.-Others, were men of busy life and worldly pursuits, and the check they received on board, though now recovered from their wounds, must certainly have put them in mind of that world which is to come. Could the mass of our active citizens, improve the checks of Providence which they frequently receive, by losses, by sickness, or by casualty, it would prompt them to use the world as not abusing it to make the Lord their present portion; and, await eternity for the consummation of their felicity.- People of colour also were among the number of sufferers, and form another class. That God who hath made of one blood, all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth, teacheth them that they share alike in his mercies and his judgments. Certainly this visitation, which proved so fatal to several coloured people, is calculated to awake the attention of this class, and demand of them, not only an earnest care for the salvation of their souls, but also to conduct with that virtuous propriety, which the common privileges they enjoy with ourselves, most imperiously demand.

Under these five classes of suf.

ferers you may arrange yourselves. They appeal to you; and each produce a solemn voice of warning for that deep consideration which I hope God will bless, for the conversion and the moral benefit of every one present !

That the public mind has already received a strong impression by this recent calamity, is certain ; and it is equally true, that our city has frequently been alarmed by occasional incidents of a very afflictive character. I do not assume the station of a public censor. Let every one examine the state of general morals and religion, whether in INDIVIDUALS, in FAMILIES, or in CHURCHES, and it will easily be perceived how far we have improved by our calamitous visitations; or with cool indifference, have suffered them to pass away in silence. I have therefore only to express my most ardent desire, that the multitude of our privileges, as well as the judgments we have received, may not ripen us for destruction, but combine, under the smiles of the Almighty, to form us a CITY OF RIGHTEOUSNESS, devoted to his praise.

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