The court companion, containing the arms of the peers, peeresses, and bishops of the United Kingdom. Also, a peerage directory



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54 ページ - Viscounts' eldest sons. Earls' younger sons. Barons' eldest sons. Knights of the Garter. Privy Counsellors. Chancellor of the Exchequer. Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster. Lord Chief Justice of the King's Bench.
54 ページ - Scotlaud shall be Peers of Great Britain, and have rank next after the Peers of the like degree in England, at the time of the Union, which commenced the 1st of May, 1707, and before all Peers of Great Britain of the same degree, created after the Union.
53 ページ - Archbishop of Canterbury, Lord Primate of all England. Lord High Chancellor, or Lord Keeper. Archbishop of York, Primate of England. Lord High Treasurer. Lord President of the Privy Council. Lord Privy Seal. Lord High Constable.
37 ページ - Conqueror first made this title hereditary, giving it in fee to his nobles ; and allotting them for the support of their state the third penny out of the sheriff's court, issuing out of all pleas of the shire, whence they had their ancient title shiremen.
55 ページ - Body. Gentlemen of the Privy Chamber. Esquires of the Knights of the Bath. Esquires by Creation. Esquires by Office. Younger Sons of Knights of the Garter. Younger Sons of Bannerets of both kinds.
45 ページ - The collar is of gold, wcighing thirty ounces troy weight, in! is composed of nine imperial crowns, and eight roses, thistles, and shamrocks, issuing from a sceptre, enamelled in their proper colours, tied or linked together with seventeen gold knots, enamelled white, having the badge of the order pendant thereto.
60 ページ - Butler-abo, or other words like, or otherwise contrary to the king's laws, his crown, and dignity, and peace; but to call only on St. George, or the name of his sovereign lord the king of England for the time being.
54 ページ - Spiritual of the ваше rank in Great Britain, and shall enjoy the same privileges, (except those depending upon sitting in the House of Lords,) and the Temporal Peers of Ireland shall have rank next after the Peers of the like rank in Great Britain at the time of the Union ; and all Peerage...
39 ページ - Usk; each of which had many suffragans; but, soon after St. Augustine's arrival in England, he, from the great kindness he received from the King of Kent, settled the Metropolitan See at Canterbury, where it has continued ever since. York continued Archiepiscopal, but London and Caerleon lost that dignity.
39 ページ - Father in God. The archbishops of Canterbury and York, taking place of all dukes, have the title of Grace. The bishops of London, Durham, and Winchester have precedence of all bishops; the others rank according to the seniority of consecration. A late contest in Ireland between the bishops of Meath and Kildare for precedency was decided in favor of the former, who now ranks after the archbishop of Dublin.