Periods of European Literature, 第 8 巻

C. Scribner's sons, 1899

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200 ページ - Resolution, to reject all the amplifications, digressions, and swellings of style: to return back to the primitive purity, and shortness, when men deliver'd so many things, almost in an equal number of words. They have exacted from all their members, a close, naked, natural way of speaking; positive expressions, clear senses; a native easiness: bringing all things as near the Mathematical plainness, as they can: and preferring the language of Artizans, Countrymen, and Merchants, before that, of Wits,...
301 ページ - And in the breasts of kings and heroes glows. Most souls, 'tis true, but peep out once an age, Dull sullen pris'ners in the body's cage : Dim lights of life, that burn a length of years Useless, unseen, as lamps in sepulchres; Like Eastern kings, a lazy state they keep, And, close confin'd to their own palace, sleep.
159 ページ - ... it is to be noted, that they have freely admitted men of different religions, countries, and professions of life. This they were obliged to do, or else they •would come far short of the largeness of their own declarations. For they openly profess, not to lay the foundation of an English, Scotch, Irish, Popish, or Protestant philosophy, but a philosophy of mankind.
215 ページ - But the excellence and dignity of it were never fully known till Mr. Waller taught it; he first made writing easily an art; first showed us to conclude the sense most commonly in distichs, which, in the verse of those before him, runs on for so many lines together that the reader is out of breath to overtake it.
226 ページ - The Sun grew low, and left the skies, Put down (some write) by ladies' eyes. The Moon pull'd off her veil of light, That hides her face by day from sight, (Mysterious veil, of brightness made, That's both her lustre and her shade !) And in the lantern of the night, With shining horns hung out her light ; For darkness is the proper sphere Where all false glories use t
201 ページ - The king had little or no literature, but true, and good sense ; and had got a right notion of style; for he was in France at a time, when they were much set on reforming their language. It soon appeared, that he had a true taste. So, this helped to raise the value of these men, when the king approved of the style their discourses generally ran in ; which was clear, plain, and short.
405 ページ - THE SPIRITUAL GUIDE, which Disentangles the Soul and brings it by the Inward Way to the Fruition of Perfect Contemplation, and the Rich Treasure of Internal Peace. Written by Dr.
213 ページ - There was no distinction of parts, no regular stops, nothing for the ear to rest upon ; but as soon as the copy began, down it went like a larum, incessantly ; and the reader was sure to be out of breath before he got to the end of it : so that really verse, in those days, was but downright prose tagged with rhymes.
257 ページ - He had the misfortune to squander away a very good constitution in his younger days, and I think a man of sense and merit like him, is bound in conscience to preserve his health for the sake of his friends, as well as of himself. Upon his own account I could not much desire the continuance of his life, under so much pain, and so many infirmities.
216 ページ - The few, so cleansed, to these abodes repair, And breathe, in ample fields, the soft Elysian air. Then are they happy, when by length of time The scurf is worn away of each committed crime; No speck is left of their habitual stains; But the pure ether of the soul remains.