Bohn's New hand-book of games: comprising whist, by Deschapelles, Matthews, Hoyle, Carleton ; draughts, by Sturges & Walker ; Billiards, by White & Bohn

H.F. Anners, 1856 - 652 ページ

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36 ページ - As for play, I do think I may, indeed, indulge in that, now I am my own mistress. Papa made me drudge at whist till I was tired of it; and, far from wanting a head, Mr. Hoyle, when he had not given me above forty lessons, said I was one of his best scholars.
523 ページ - Whenever a player checks his adversary's king, he must say Check, otherwise the adversary need not notice the check. If the player should, on the next move, attack the queen, or any other piece, and then say Check, his adversary may replace his last move, and defend his king. 8. When a pawn reaches the first row of the adversary's side, it may be made a queen, or any other piece the player chooses. 9. If a 134 CIIESS— CHESTERFIELD.
319 ページ - ... another card, which, if required, must be given from off the top of the pack, and afterwards another, or more, if desired, till the points of the additional card or cards, added to those dealt, exceed or make...
224 ページ - If the younger hand leave a card or cards, and mix it or them with his discard before he has shown it to the elder hand, who is first to tell him what he will play, the elder hand is entitled to see his whole discard.
317 ページ - Matrimony, is played by a number of people, who generally use a board painted for this purpose, which may be purchased at most turners' or toy shops. The eight of diamonds must first be taken from the pack, and after settling the deal, shuffling, &c., the dealer dresses the board by putting fish, counters, or other stakes, one each to ace, king, queen, knave, and game; two to matrimony, two to intrigue, and six to the nine of diamonds, styled Pope. This dressing is in some companies at the individual...
27 ページ - I have ventured to recommend occasional deviations from what is considered as one of the most classic maxims ; ie leading from single cards, without that strength in trumps, hitherto judged indispensably necessary to justify it ; I give the reasons that influence my opinion, in favour of this practice, with those generally alleged against it, leaving the reader to determine between them. Two objections are made, which, it cannot be denied, may and do happen. The first, that if your partner has the...
317 ページ - ... turned up, the nine consequently becomes a stop; the four kings and the seven of diamonds are always fixed stops, and the dealer is the only person permitted in the course of the game to refer occasionally to the stock for information what other cards are stops in that respective deal.
597 ページ - If the striker wilfully force his ball off the table without striking another ball, he loses three points ; but if the ball go over by accident, he loses one point only for the miss.* 37.
570 ページ - This is one of the most common, as well as one of the most important machine tools, and one which can be made to serve for a wide variety of operations.
352 ページ - E and 0 ; on which each adventurer places money according to his inclination. The interior part of the table consists, first, of a kind of gallery, or rolling-place, for the ball, which, with the outward parts above, called depot, or counter, is stationary or fixed. The most interior part moves upon an axis, or pivot, and is turned about with handles, whilst the ball is set in motion round the gallery.