IN 1813.

General Floyd, Governor of Gravesend Vaughan, of Jordanstoun, Esq. Cardigan, ad Tilbury, vice Musgrave deceased. Roderick Richardes, of Pentglais, Esq. JAN.-George Foy, Esq. Consul at the Merioneth, Thomas Edwards, of Ty Issa, ity and Port of Stockholm.

Esq. Lieutenant-Gen. Frederick Maitland, Sir Richard Goodwin Keats, Governor ieutenant-Governor of Dominica. and Commander in Chief of Newfound

FEB.—The Prince Regent has confer- land. ed the dignities of Viscount and Earl of Viscount Lake, a Lord of his Majesty's he United Kingdom on the Right Hon. Bed-Chamber. Gilbert Baron Minto, and his heirs-male, APRIL.-- James Hope, Esq. Conjunct y the style and title of Viscount Mel- Clerk to the Bills in the Office of Regis. und; of Melgund, co. Angus, and Eart of ters and Rolls in Scotland, vice Smith Minto, co. Roxburgh.

deceased. William A'Court, Esq. Envoy Extraor- Sir Thomas Plomer, Knt. his Majesty's linary and Minister Plenipotentiary to the Attorney-General, Vice-Chancellor of Barbary States.

England. David Moneypenny, Esq. Advocate, a Francis Lord Napier, his Majesty's Lord of Session, and one of the Lords of High Commissioner to the General ÅsJustieiary, in Scotland, vice Tytler de- sembly of the Church of Scotland. ceased.

Lord Viscount Sidmouth, High Steward Alexander Maconochie, Esq. Advocate, of Westminster, vice Marquis of Buckingbis Majesty's Solicitor General in Scots ham deceased. land.

Henry Richmond, Esq. a Commissioner William Laird, Esq. Consul at Malaga. of the Customs, vice Frewin retired. Bernard Athy, Esq. Consul at Alicant. MAY.–Archibald Campbell, Esq. one

Richard Chandos, Marquis of Bucking of the Lords of Session, a Lord of Justiham, Lord-Lieutenant of the county of ciary in Scotland, vice Sir William HoneyBuckingham.

man, Bart. resigned ; David Cathcart, Esq. Major-Gen. Sir Charles Shipley, Knt. Advocate, one of the Lords of Session, Governor of the Island of Grenada ; Ma- also vice Honeyman. jor-General George William Ramsay, Go- Sir William Garrow, Knt. his Majesty's vernor of the Island of St Croix,

late Solicitor-General, to be his Majesty's The honour of Knighthood conferred Attorney-General ; Robert Dallas, Esq. on E. Hyde East, Esq. Chief Justice at one of his Majesty's Counsel, and late Fort William in Bengal.

Chief Justice of Chester, to be his MaMARCH.-Lord Whitworth, K. B. a jesty's Solicitor-General; and Richard Lord of his Majesty's Bed-Chamber. Richards, Esq. one of his Majesty's Coun

William Pugh, of Car Howell, Esq. sel, to be Chief Justice of Chester.
Sheriff of the county of Montgomery, vice

Viscount Melville, Admiral Domett, Corbett; and the following amendments Sir J. S. Yorke, Right Hon. W. Dundas, on the roll: Pembroke, Gwynne Gill Sir G. Warrender, J. Osborn, Esq. and

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Lord H. Paulet, Commissioners for the of Hamptstead, to assume the dignity of Office of Lord High Admiral.

Baron, conferred by the late Empress of Major-General the Hon. Sir Charles Russia on his father. Stewart, K. B. Envoy Extraordinary and Thomas Tombs, Esq. Water Bailiff and Minister Plenipotentiary to the King of Verger of Sandwich, vice Harvey de Prussia.

ceased. George Jackson, Esq. Secretary of Le- J. Cathrow, Esq. late Rouge Dragon gation at the Court of Prussia.

Pursuivant of Arms, Somerset Herald, Sir T. Plomer, Knt. Vice-Chancellor, vice Atkinson deceased. to be a Member of the Privy Council. SEPT.-Earl of Aberdeen, K. T. Pleni.

JUNE.— The Prince Regent has granted potentiary at the Court of Vienna ; Prethe dignity of a Viscount of the United derick Wise, Esq. Consul-General in SweKingdom to Charles Baron Whitworth, den. by the title of Viscount Whitworth, of Lieutenant General Earl of Dalhousie, Adbaston, Staffordshire.

Lieutenant-Gen. Hon. W. Stewart, Major. Viscount Whitworth, Lieutenant-Gen. General G. Murray, and Major-General and General Governor of Ireland. Hon. E. M. Packenham, extra Knights of

James Earl of Fife, Lieutenant and the Bath; D. Douglas, Esq. one of the Sheriff-Principal of the shire of Banff. Lords of Session, vice Craig deceased.

George Ross, Esq. one of the four Sir Rupert George, Bart. James Brown, Commissaries of Edinburgh, vice Bruce Esq. Hon. John Douglas, John Harness, deceased.

M. D. Hon. Courtenay Boyle, and John Mr Charles Grace, Commissary Clerk Forbes, Esq. Commissioners for conducto of St Andrew's in Scotland, vice Stuarting the Transport Service, &c. Grace.

A. Palmer, Esq. one of his Majesty's Right Honourable T. Maitland, Gover. Serjeants-at-Law, Commissioner for the nor and Commander in Chief of Malta Relief of Insolvent Debtors. and its dependencies.

The Prince Regent approves of the reLieutenant-General the Honourable newal of the appointment of Mr Emanuel Alexander Hope, knighted and invested Viale to be Consul for the Emperor of all with the Ensign of the Order of the Bath. the Russias at Gibraltar.

Major-General H. Clinton, Colonel of The Prince Regent has been pleased, 1st batt. 6oth reg. an extra Knight of the in the name and on the behalf of his MaBath.

jesty, to grant the dignity of a Baronet of July.-Charles Cavendish Fulke Gre, the United Kingdom to the following genville, Esq. one of the Clerks of the Privy tlemen and their respective heirs-male: Council in extraordinary.

viz. Sir John Thomas Duckworth, K.B. Andrew Snape Douglas, Esq. Secretary Admiral of the Blue; George Hewitt

, of Legation to the Court of Palermo. Esq. General in the Army; Hildebrand

Marquis of Wellington, K. G. to be a Oakes, Esq. Lieutenant-General in the Field-Marshal.

Army; Thomas Hislop, Esq. LieutenantE. H. Lushington, Esq. Barrister, Coro- General in the Army; Josias Rowley, ner, and Attorney in the Court of King's Esq. Captain, R. N.; Philip-Bowes-Vere Bench,

Broke, Esq. Captain, R. N.; Richard Earl of Delaware and Right Hon. Lord Puleston, of Emral, co. Flint, Esq.; JoGraves, Lords of his Majesty's Bed-Cham- seph Radcliffe, of Milnsbridge House, Co. ber.

York, Esq. ; John Beckett, of Leeds, co. Lord Cathcart, F. Townsend, Esq. York, and of Somerby Park, co. Lincoln, Windsor Herald, (as Deputy to Sir Isaac Esq.; Brydges-Trecothick Henneker, of Heard, Garter Principal King of Arms) Newton Hall, Essex, Esq.; Horace-Da and Sir Thomas Tyrwhitt, Plenipoten- vid-Cholwell St Paul, of Ewart Park, tiaries for investing the Emperor Alexan- Northumberland, Esq., with remainder to der with the Order of the Garter.

his brothers, Henry-Heneage St Paul and AUG.–The Gazette contains his Ma- Chas. Maximilian St Paul, of Ewart Park, jesty's permission to John Dimsdale, Esq. Esqrs.; Richard Borough, of Basledon

Park, Berks, Esq.; James Duff, Esq. Con- Cumberland and Cambridge, Field-Mar-
sul at Cadiz, with remainder to his ne. shals in the Army:
phew, Wm. Gordon of Stanhope Street, Dec.-- The following Flag. Officers were
and his heirs-male; Rev. Samuel-Clarke promoted : viz.
Jervoise, of Hanover Square, of Idsworth Admirals of the White, Richard Rod-
Park, Hants, and of Woodford, Essex; ney, and Alexander Græme, Esqrs. to be
Nathaniel William Wraxall, of Wraxall, Admirals of the Red.
Somerset, Esq; George Wm. Denys, of Admirals of the Blue, Arthur Kempe,
Stratford Place, Middlesex, Esq.; Samuel Esq. Sir J. T. Duckworth, K. B. and Sir
Young, of Formosa Place, Berks, Esq.; R. Calder, Bart. to be Admirals of the
Frederick-Gustavus Fowke, of Sowerby, White.
Leicestershire, Esq.

Vice Admirals of the Red, Robert Earl of Aberdeen, K. T. Ambassador M‘Douall, Billy Douglas, John Wickey, Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to the John Fish, John Knight, and Edward Court of Vienna; Hon. Frederick Lambe, Thornborough, Esqrs. to be Admirals of Secretary to the Embassy.

the Blue. Oct.-Viscount Melville, Rear-Admiral Vice-Admirals of the White, William Sir J. S. Yorke, Knt., Right Honourable Domett, William Wolseley, Jobn Manley, W. Dundas, Rear Admiral G. J. Hope, Sir George Murray, John Sutton, Robert G. Warrender, Bart. John Osborne, Esq. Murray, Esqrs. Honourable Sir Alexander and Rear-Admiral Lord Henry Paulet, Cochrane, K. B. and John Markham, Esq. Commissioners for the Office of Lord to be Vice-Admirals of the Red. High Admiral.

Vice-Admirals of the Blue, Nathan Mr Andrew Dubatschefsky, approved Brunton, John Schanck, Esqrs. Hon. of as Consul General for Russia; and Mr Michael de Courcy, Philip d'Auvergne, Joze Manoel de Couto Garrido, Consul Prince of Bouillon, and John Hunter, for Portugal at Dublin.

Esq. to be Vice-Admirals of the White. Nov.-The dignity of a Baronet of the Rear-Admirals of the Red, Charles United Kingdom to the Right Hon. Sir Tytler, Robert Watson, Esqrs. Right Archibald Macdonald, of East Sheen, Hon. Allan Lord Gardner, Manley Dixon, Surrey, Knt. late Chief Baron of the Ex- George Losack, William Mitchell, Esqrs. chequer, and his heirs-inale.

and Sir Thomas Bertie, Kot. to be ViceRight Hon. Charles Long, and Right Admirals of the Blue. Hon. Fred. John Robinson, to the office Rear-Admirals of the White, Sir Charles of Receiver and Paymaster-General of the Hamilton, Bart. Hon. Henry Curzon, W. Forces,

Bligh, Laurence W. Halstead, Edward Lieutenant-Gen. Lord Charles Henry Oliver Osborn, Esqrs. Sir Harry Neale, Somerset, Governor and Commander in Bart. Sir Joseph Sydney Yorke, Knta Chief at the Cape of Good Hope. [The Hon. Arthur Kaye Legge, to be Rear-AdGazette also notices the honour of Knight- mirals of the Red. hood having been conferred upon Colonel Rear-Admirals of the Blue, John LawG. Elder, and on Nathaniel Conant, Esq. ford, Frank Sotheron, Thomas Wolley, on being appointed chief magistrate at William Johnstone Hope, Esgrs. Right Bow Street; the appointment of H Sa. Hon. Lord Henry Paulet, C. W. Patervage Yeames, Esq. to be Consul General son, George Cockburn,

Thomas Surridge, at the Russian Ports in the Black Sea; Samuel Hood Linzee, Esqrs. to be Rearand of Robert Southey, Esq. to be Poet- Admirals of the White. Laureate.

And the under-mentioned Captains Earl of Liverpool, Right Honourable were also appointed Flag.Officers of his N. Vansittart, Right Hon. W. Fitzgerald, Majesty's Fleet : viz. Philip Wilkinson, B. Paget, and J. Brogden, Esqrs. and Vis- Esq. Hon. Charles Elphinstone Fleming, count Lowther, Commissioners for exe. Charles Vinicombe Penrose, William Hocuring the Office of Treasurer of the Ex- tham, George Hopewell Stephens, Pultechequer.

ney Malcolm, William Nowell, James Their Royal Highnesses the Dukes of Bissett, John Clements, Esqrs. Sir John

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Gore, Knt. and John Harvey, Esq. to be Gloucestershire, C. Pole, of Wick-Hill, Rear-Admirals of the Blue,

Esq. Hon. Henry Hotham,

George Boulton, Herefordshire, Sir Hungerford Hoskins, , Esq. Sir Josias Rowley, Bart. and Edward of Harewood, Bart. Codrington, Esq. Colonels in his Majesty's Hertfordshire, John Farn Timmins, of Royal Marine Forces, vice Hon. C. E. Aldenham, Esq. Fleming, C. V. Penrose, J. Bissett, and P. Kent, John Cater, of Beckenham, Esq. Malcolm, Esqrs. Flag Officers.

Lancashire, Wm. Farington, of Shawe. John Hunter, Esq. his Majesty's Con- hall, Esq. sul-General in Spain.

Leicestershire, R. Hames, of Great Earl of Clancarty, Ambassador Extra- Glenn, Esq. ordinary and Plenipotentiary to the Prince Lincolnshire, G. R. Heneage, of Hainof Orange Nassau, Sovereign Priuce of ton, Esq. the Netherlands; Robert Gordon, Esq. Monmouthshire, Samuel Homfray, of Secretary to that Embassy.

Penderren, Esq. Colonel his Serene Highness William Norfolk, T. T. Berney, of Bracon Ash, Frederick Henry, Hereditary Prince of Esq. Orange, a Major General in the Army. Northamptonshire, George Rush, of

Earl of Liverpool, Right Hon. Nicholas Farthinghoe, Esq. Vansittart, Right Hon. Wm. Fitzgerald, Northumberland, J. Carr, of Hedgeley, Berkeley Paget, Esq. Viscount Lowther, Esq. and Charles Grant, jun. Esq. Commis.


, John Need, of Shiresioners for executing the Office of Trea- wood Hall, Esq. surer of the Exchequer.

Oxfordshire, William Wilson, of Nether Major-Gen. Barnes, Lieut.-Gen. of the Worton, Esq. Leeward Islands, vice R. H. Losack, Esq. Rutlandshire, S. O'Brien, of Glaiston,

G. Warre, Esq. Consul for Biscay and Esq. Guipuscoa.

Shropshire, William Church Norcop, of Belton House, Esq.

Somersetshire, P. P. Ackland, of Fair. field, Esq.

Staffordshire, Walter Sneyd, of Keel, Sheriffs appointed by the Prince Regent Esq. in Council, for the year 1813. Southampton, J. Hornby, of Hooke,

Esq. Bedfordshire, Richard Parks, of Luton, Suffolk, Harry Spencer Waddington, of Esq.

Cavenham, Esq. Berkshire, W. Y. Mills, of Wadley, Surrey, Henry Bridges, of Ewell, Esq. Esq.

Sussex, Edward Napper, of Ifold, Esq. Buckinghamshire, Thomas Sheppard Warwickshire, E. J. Shirley, of Eating Cotton, of Thornton-hall, Esq.

ton, Esq. Cambridge and Huntingdonshire, Char. Wiltshire, William Fowle, of Chute, M. Chere, of Papworth Everard, Esq.

Cheshire, Fra. Jodrell, of Henbury, Esq. Worcestershire, Edmund Lechmerz

Cumberland, Sir Wastel Brisco, of Crof. Charlton, of Handley, Esq. ton-place, Bart.

Yorkshire, R. Crowe, of Kipling, Esq. Derbyshire, Robert Holden, of Darley Abbey, Esq. Devonshire, Richard Hippisley Tuck

SOUTH WALES. field, of Fulford, Esq.

Dorsetshire, Robert Ratcliffe, of Win. Carmarthenshire, T. Philips, of Aber. terborne Zelston, Esq.

glasney, Esq. Essex, R. J. Brassey, of Great Ilford, Pembrokeshire, G. G. Vaughan, of Jor. Esq.

danstoun, Esq.


Cardiganshire, R. Richards, of Pantglaes, Esq.

Glamorgan, W. Jones, of Corntown, Esq.

Brecon, E. Thomas, of Llwyn Madock, Esq.

Radnor, D. Read, of Cornell, Esq.

Anglesey, J. H. Hampton, of Henllys, Esq.

Montgomery, R. Leeke, of Criggion, Esq.

Denbighshire, T. Griffith, of Wrexham, Esq.

Flint, C. B. T. Roper, of Plasteg, Esq.


Appointed by the Prince Regent.' Cornwall, J.C. Rashleigh, of Prideaux, Esq.

Merioneth, T. Edwards, of Llanfaur,
Carnarvonshire, J. Griffith, of Llanfair,

, , , • Esq.

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