The Observer: Being a Collection of Moral, Literary and Familiar Essays, 第 2 巻


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249 ページ - Night! Skarfup the tender eye of .pitiful day; And with thy bloody and invisible hand Cancel and tear to pieces that great hond,
97 ページ - Nightly I vifit; nor fometimes forget . " Thofe other two equall'd with me in fate, " So were I equall'd with them in renown,
234 ページ - but fecondary agents for bringing about the main action of the drama. This is well worth a remark; for if they, which are only artificial and fantaftic inftruments, had been made the fole or even principal movers of the great incident of the murder, nature would have been excluded from her
31 ページ - this Prifcillian was a great adept in Zoroaftrian magic, and though a magician was promoted to the epifcopacy. The fame Severus in his life of Saint Martin relates that there was a young man in Spain, who by falfe miracles impofed upon the people to believe he was the prophet Elias, afterwards he feigned
32 ページ - might be adduced, but Tertullian takes a fhorter courfe, and fairly pronounces that all heretics Were magicians, or had commerce with magicians. The Infidels efcaped no better from this charge than the Heretics; for the Moors who brought many arts and inventions into Spain, of which the natives were in utter ignorance^
51 ページ - believed them, and. were fincere in their endeavours to extirpate forcery, thinking that they did God fervice. When we read of people being thrown alive into the flames for playing a few juggling tricks, which now would not pafs upon the vulgar at a country fair, and the devil
50 ページ - refined upon by fubtlety, infpired by fuperftition, and edged with acrimony againft fchifmatics and heretics, upon whom this terrible engine of forcery has been turned with a fpirit of perfecution, that does no credit to the parties who employed it. The fact is that the Chriftian church in the early ages foon difcovered two important matters of
163 ページ - but terms of honour. Jack married her : It was his humour, and all the world allowed he was in the right to indulge it: The happy knot was tied; Jack flew with lips of ardour to his lovely Cleopatra; the faithlefs eyebrow deferted from the naked forehead of its owner, and (O
146 ページ - were in great peril of infringement, he fo contrived as to lend one ear to the divine and the other to the civilian, by which he got a dinner at each of their houfes ; and as they found him a moft agreeable companion, and one whofe chearing fmile enlivened their own
155 ページ - and judgment the particular mode, in which they ought to be trained: The little tales told to them in infancy, and the books to be put into their hands in a forwarder age, are concerns highly worth attending to. Few female hearts in early youth can bear being foftened by pathetic