The Chronicles of Enguerrand de Monstrelet: Containing an Account of the Cruel Civil Wars Between the Houses of Orleans and Burgundy; of the Possession of Paris and Normandy by the English; Their Expulsion Thence; and of Other Memorable Events that Happened in the Kingdom of France, as Well as in Other Countries. Beginning at the Year MCCCC., where that of Sir John Froissart Finishes, and Ending at the Year MCCCCLXXVII., and Continued by Others to the Year MDXVI.

William Smith, 1845
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I bought this in two separate volumes. The first volume I bought more recently from Forgotten Books reprints. The second volume I bought much earlier from Kissinger reprints. These chronicles continue ... レビュー全文を読む

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Volume one of the 1840 translation of the Chronicles of Enguerrand de Monstrelet. The translator was the same Thomas Johnes who did Froissart at about the same time. EM took up where Froissart stopped ... レビュー全文を読む


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242 ページ - He waa so sorely oppressed at the latter end of his sickness that those who attended him, not perceiving him breathe, concluded he was dead, and covered his face with a cloth. It was the custom in that country, whenever the king was ill, to place the royal crown on a cushion beside his bed, and for his successor to take it on his death.
343 ページ - Their archers, amounting to at least thirteen thousand, let off a shower of arrows with all their might, and as high as possible, so as not to lose their effect : they were, for the most part, without any armour, and in jackets, with their hose loose, and hatchets or swords hanging to their girdles ; some indeed were bare-footed and without hats.
526 ページ - Brabant, which treaty had been made in the absence, and without the knowledge of my mother, as she herself signifies to me, and confirmed by her chaplain, Master Gerard le Grand. My mother, most redoubted lord, has written to me letters, certifying the above treaty having been made ; but that, in regard to it, she knew not how to advise me, for that she was herself doubtful how to act. She desired me, however, to call an assembly of the principal burghers of Mons, and learn from them what aid and...
485 ページ - Domine where mention is made Muri Hierusalem,* he stopped them, and said aloud, that he had fully intended, after he had wholly subdued the realm of France to his obedience, and restored it to peace, to have gone to conquer the Kingdom of Jerusalem, if it had pleased his Creator to have granted him a longer life.
418 ページ - Fair cousin, we wish you to know that we will have the daughter of your king, or we will drive him and you out of his kingdom.
iii ページ - Containing an Account of the cruel civil wars between the Houses of Orleans and Burgundy ; of the possession of Paris and Normandy by the English ; their expulsion thence, and of other memorable events that happened in the Kingdom of France as well as in other countries.
372 ページ - WITH A LARGE ARMY, AND TAKES MANY TOWNS AND FORTRESSES. — THE COUNCIL OP CONSTANCE, WHERE POPE MARTIN IS ELECTED HEAD OF THE CHURCH. KINO Henry of England, accompanied by his brothers the dukes of Clarence and Gloucester, a number of other nobles, and a numerous army, landed at the port of Touques in Normandy, with the intent to conquer the whole of that duchy. The royal castle at Touques was speedily invested on all sides, which caused the governor, sir John d'Engennes, to surrender it within...
549 ページ - Thomas, however, acquired very great renown in the towns wherein ho preached, from all ranks of people, for the boldness and justness of his remonstrances, more especially for those addressed to the clergy. He was received wherever he went with as much respect and reverence by the nobles, clergy, and common people, as if he had been an apostle of our Lord Jesus Christ, sent from heaven to earth. He was followed by multitudes of people, and his mule was led by knights, or those of high rank, on foot...
485 ページ - Hierusalem," he stopped them, and said aloud, that he had fully intended, after he had wholly subdued the realm of France to his obedience, and restored it to peace, to have gone to conquer the kingdom of Jerusalem, if it had pleased his Creator to have granted him longer life. Having said this, he allowed the priests to proceed, and, shortly after, according to the prediction of his physicians, gave up the ghost the last day of August.
480 ページ - King Charles had indeed been as liberal and courteous as his predecessors, but he was now seated in his Hotel of St. Pol at table with his queen, deserted by the grandees and others of his subjects.