History of Friedrich II of Prussia: Called Frederick the Great

Chapman and Hall, 1865


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174 ページ - ... wish for the return of peace. I know you may think it more properly my province to study the...
174 ページ - What an alteration at present from such a charming scene ! I am not expert at description, nor can my fancy add any horror to the picture; but sure, even conquerors themselves would weep at the hideous prospect now before me.
480 ページ - Placet, since so many great and learned men will have it so : but long after I am dead, it will be known what this violating of all that was hitherto held sacred and just will give rise to.
238 ページ - I find the gentleman is determined to leave us, nor can I say I am sorry for it, since he would otherwise have certainly compelled us to leave him ; but, if he be resolved to assume the right of advising his majesty, and directing the operations of the war, to what purpose are we called to this council ? When he talks of being responsible to the people, he talks the...
102 ページ - Friedrich into great confinement indeed. Friedrich is aware of this Vienna Order; which is a kind of comfort in the circumstances. The intentions of the hungry Russians, too, are legible to Friedrich ; and he is much resolved that said Order shall be impossible to Daun. " Were it to be possible, we are landless. Where are our recruits, our magazines, our resources for a new Campaign ? We may as well die, as suffer that to be possible !" Such is Friedrich's fixed view. He says to D'Argens : "You,...
238 ページ - If these views are to be followed, this is the last time I can sit at this Board. I was called to the Administration of Affairs by the voice of the People : to them I have always considered myself as accountable for my conduct ; and therefore cannot remain in a situation which makes me responsible for measures I am no longer allowed to guide.