On the western coast, the Church mis- me; he died for me ; he has pardoned sionaries, and Wesleyans, and Ameri- me ; he has made me happy, and now cans, are at work, and here is light. I think I could go to my father-land, God has converted many precious and tell my poor countrymen what a souls. On the east coast, also, the blessed Saviour Jesus is, and I am come Sun of Righteousness is beginning to to ask your opinion about it.' Here, shine. Here is light. But what shall my beloved friends—here is compaswe say of the centre of Africa ? Here sion for souls. Here is a poor negro, all is dark, and the dark places are full not able to sleep for two nights about of the habitations of cruelty. I men- the people in Africa, while millions in tioned some of the cruelties practised England have never been kept awake by sons and daughters on their own for half an hour about their own salvaparents. This had the happiest effect. tion. Alas! they care not whether I heard the deep sigh, and now and they shall go to heaven or to hell." then a groan. The tears also gushed It is about these careless sinners that from a thousand eyes. The sight was I wish you to feel and to act. There overwhelming. I paused, and then is abundant work for you all. And, said, Brothers and sisters! God has for your guidance, take the three foldone great things for you. Many of lowing directions :you have been converted during the First, Consider well their state. past year. Once you were darkness, Think of the British dominions alone! but now you are light in the Lord. There are one hundred millions of Once you were afar off, but now you Pagans, multitudes of Mohammedans, are brought nigh by the blood of Jesus. many Jews, and tens of thousands of Remember you are indebted for all your nominal Christians, under the governmercies to the gospel of Christ. Think ment of Queen Victoria. ( what can of this, and tell me what you can do for be done for them to lead them to reChrist. Think of it, and tell me what pentance! Then think of your own you can do for Africa.' I then retired congregation. How few members in and went into my closet, and fell upon your church. What a small proportion my knees, and adored the grace which of the people seem preparing for heabad produced such an effect on my peo- ven. Then come to your own family. ple. Monday passed, and I heard nothing Yes, with tenderness, and love, and about it. The next morning my ser- faithfulness, examine into the state of vant came to my study door, and said your own family, and if things are not to this effect, • Two negroes want you right in the sight of God, never cease sir.' 'Tell them to come in.' They thinking of it, until you feel as David entered. Both of them were young, felt when he said, “ Rivers of water and very clever, and both had been run down mine eyes, because they converted during the year. One of keep not thy law,” or like the Lord them had become a Sunday-school Jesus, when he beheld Jerusalem, and teacher, and the other visited the sick wept over it. and aged, reading the Scriptures, and Secondly, Go to prayer.—Though praying with them. These were truly there is much to call forth your pity Christian engagements, and quite a and sympathy in behalf of the unconpreparation for further services in the verted, yet there is nothing to discouchurch of God. I said to the first, rage. Your Master has all power over · Well, what brought you here to-day? all hearts, and over all worlds. He • sir, I am too much sorry-my heart dried up the Red Sea to let his people is sore.' "What makes your heart pass over. He broke down the walls sore ? • The thought that so many of Jericho by the sound of the rams' people are living in darkness, and in horns. He made the worm Jacob to the habitations of cruelty. I have not thresh the mountains. He converted slept for two nights about that. O sir, three thousand by Peter's sermon, and Jesus has been a blessed Saviour to bis arm is not shortened that it cannot save, nor his ear heavy that it cannot thropist, when encouraging a young hear. O no-go to prayer. Be sure friend to join the Prison Society, said, not to attempt the work in your own “ Only succeed in reclaiming one strength-go to prayer. Take God offender, and you are a Prison man with you. He is a jealous God, and for life.” Think of this; I can bear if you neglect him, and thus rob him witness to the truth of it. God was of his glory, he will frown upon you, pleased to bless my early efforts for and leave you to feel your own weak the good of souls, and it has had a ness.

cheering influence on my spirits ever “ Restraining prayer we cease to fight,

since. Be earnest with the Holy Spirit Prayer makes the Christian's armour bright; to assist you. Consider how easily and Satan trembles when he sees

God can touch the heart of your broThe weakest saint upon his knees.

ther, or sister, or mother. You will Thirdly, Go to work.— Throw your get strength as you go along. The whole soul into your labours, and be sweet experience of the love of Christ very anxious that your efforts may be will nerve your arm, and the saying of blessed. Baxter says, he never knew a soul from death will fill your soul a man to be very useful, who was not with rapture. Therefore, my beloved anxious to be useful. Cry mightily brethren, beye stedfast, immovable, for this. Labour vigorously for this. always abounding in the work of the Success in early efforts will have an Lord, forasmuch as ye know that animating effect on all your future your labour shall not be in vain in the days. Walter Venning, the philan- Lord.”



To the Editor of the Evangelical Magazine. DEAR SIR,- At a time like the pre- "Lastly, what zeal has it (your resent, when clerical intolerance and bit. ligion) exhibited for the spread of heaterness so grievously abound, it is venly truth in the world? Many, in truly delightful to meet here and there their bigotry and narrowness of soul, so with the manifestation of another spirit, clog their charity, as to shut out every imbibed from the fountain of truth and one from the favour of God, and the love ; and I am persuaded that both hope of heaven, who cannot use their you and your readers will be gratified- shibboleth. These, crying, “The temyou, by inserting, and they, by perusing ple of the Lord, the temple of the the following short article. It is ex- Lord are we,' are literally employing tracted from a farewell sermon recently themselves to bring the real temple of delivered at St. Alkmond's church, in God to desolation. The image of this town, by the Rev. John Richards, Christ must be loved, by those transon resigning his curacy, which he had formed into his likeness, wherever it is usefully held for nearly twenty-four seen. To confine it, therefore, to the years.

Church of England, were the most The sermon, which is published by culpable presumption ; claiming as our T. Ward and Co., after setting forth a own exclusive right a privilege which full statement of evangelical doctrines, is possessed in common by all who with practical reflections, proposes sun- love the Lord Jesus Christ in sindry searching inquiries, the latter of cerity. Master,' said St. John, conwhich forms the passage referred to. versing with his Lord, we saw one I am, dear sir, yours truly, casting out devils in thy name, and he

THOMAS WEAVER. followeth not us, and we forbad him, Shrewsbury, Feb. 1843.

because he followeth not us ; but Jesus said, Forbid him not, for there is no Master, hearken not to those who are man which shall do a miracle in my for turning the truth of God into a lie ; namne, that shall lightly speak evil preaching for doctrines the commandof me, for he that is not against us, ments of men. No, you are better inis on our part.' That there are those structed. You receive the gospel as it of all denominations of Christians, who is offered to you by the holy Scriptures; are a discredit to Christianity, who can you take it pure from the fountain,

doubt? But, because of dissemblers unimpaired by human systems, uncor. with God, should we withdraw our es- rupted by carnal reason, unincumbered

teem and love from the faithful, whose by tradition, unobscured by the idle lives are engaged in setting forth the fancies of men who wish to be wise glories of Emmanuel, and promoting above that which is written. Always the welfare of Zion? God forbid! To bearing in mind the freeness, the fulsuch, if you are the children of the ness, the completeness, of the salvation Most High, you must feel attached, it makes known; you embrace it as an and say, " To as many as walk ac. unmerited favour, and cherish it as an cording to this rule, peace be on invaluable blessing. Rejoicing in it them, and mercy, and upon the Israel from day to day, you are never tired in of God.'

speaking of it and recommending it ; " Are you regular in your attendance but especially in thankfully applying its on the ordinances of religion, and, in- blessings to yourselves ; and copying stead of perplexing yourselves about its precepts in your conversation. apostolical succession, are you praying “ Having found, by persevering dilithat there may be in those who claim gence and research, the treasure hidden this distinction a greater conformity to in the field, you hold out to others those eminent servants of God, in the encouragement to enter upon the like doctrines which they preached, and in occupation; giving your support to the lives which they led, determined institutions, whose object is to supply to give no countenance to any who means to those who need them, for the corrupt the word of God, and who attainment of so invaluable a blessing. strive to rob you of your hope? It Bible, Missionary, and Tract Societies, cannot be disguised, that too many of especially the Religious Tract Society, those who pride themselves on the or- which has been so extensively useful ; thodoxy of their sentiments, by uniting schools for the education of the poor, works with faith, in the article of our founded on the religion of the Bible, acceptance with God, too much re- with everything which has a tendency semble the Judaizing teachers among to further the present and eternal wel. the Galatians ; who, by joining cir- fare of your fellow-creatures, you corcumcision with faith in justification, dially patronise ; longing to see the perverted the gospel of Christ, and cause of your Saviour triumphing over called forth that awful denunciation of that of the prince of darkness. Your St. Paul, “ Though we, or an angel prayer is, • Thy kingdom come,' and from heaven, preach any other gospel your efforts used to hasten it, prove its unto you than that which we have sincerity ; so that the grace bestowed preached unto you, let him be ac- upon you, through the thanksgiving of cursed. As we said before, so say I many, redounds to the glory of God.' now again, If any man preach any You, then, who profess to have received other gospel unto you, than that ye the gospel, see what manner of persons have received, let him be accursed.' you ought to be, in all holy conversaYou, who are faithful to your heavenly tion and godliness.”



REV. J. WILLIAMS, PREACHED 7TH AUGUST, 1834, AT CHEADLE, STAFFORDSHIRE, For the love of Christ constraineth us, because we thus judge, that if one died for all, then were all dead," 2 Cor. v. 14.

It was remarked on one occasion, pledged himself to save all that come by a native of the South Sea Islands, to him, and that his atonement is allthat the love of Christ is like the sufficient. Imagine him seated on his ocean. In all ages men have been mediatorial throne, and a helpless and taking from its waters, yet the ocean wretched sinner at his footstool, pleadremains full as ever ; in like manner, ing his mercy, and praying for an men in all ages have been drinking of interest in his salvation, and the Sathe stream of Christ's love, yet there viour replying, “Sinner, I pity thee, remains a fulness that can never be but I died not for thee; my blood diminished.

cannot avail for the pardon of thy sin!" We shall consider our subject in Oh! can we put such language as this three general particulars.

into the lips of our Lord and Saviour? I. THE NATURE AND PROPERTIES of No! Only make the experiment, and THE LOVE OF CHRIST.

you will find him faithful to himself, 11. THE MANIFESTATION OF THIS faithful to his word, and faithful to LOVE.


LOVE OF CHRIST. I. Notice, Ist, The greatness of Ist, He died. - He himself said, the love of Christ. It is described by “Greater love hath no man than this, height and length, and depth and that a man lay down his life for his breadth : high as heaven above us, friends." What death did he die ? deep as hell beneath us, long and A painful, a shameful, and an accursed broad as our spacious world.

death : nails were driven through the 2dly. Its immutability. We often most sensitive parts of the body, and change ; Christ is the same now as these compelled to bear the weight of when he made an atonement for us the whole frame. The shame attached by dying upon the cross. Did he to it is as great as that belonging to change when his disciples forsook him the gallows in our own country; and and fled, when the cross was before we all know what we should feel, if him, and he knew full well its agonies any one dear to us were condemned and woes?

to such a death. It was a cursed * This was compassion like a God,

death, for it is written, “ Cursed is That when the Saviour knew,

every one that hangeth on a tree." The price of pardon was his blood,

Pain, and shame, and the curse, must His pity ne'er withdrew !"

we have endured in hell, had not he His love is now engaged in making borne them for us. “ He endured the intercession for us.

cross, despising the shame, for the 3rdly. Its efficiency. It is a power- joy that was set before him.” And ful love. “ He is able to save unto what was that joy? Why, the joy of the uttermost, all that come unto God saving sinners! Such was his love, by him.” Many will believe this, who But, 2nd. He died for us.-And will not believe that he is willing, and what were we? Rebels, abominable many think that they have sinned be- and hateful to God, not as his creayond his mercy. His ministers are tures, but as sinners ; every individual authorized to tell such, that he has may say, “for me he died, he loved

me, and is willing to save me." What for the hour of execution. Such is reception did he meet with here? our state, yet for us he died; “ in He was huddled into a manger, and whom we have redemption through through his life, without a place where his blood, the forgiveness of sins." to lay his head. If he wanted money, III. What INFLUENCE SHOULD THE a fish must give it ; a house, he must LOVE OF Christ HAVE UPON 'us ? ask the use of one ; food, he must Ist. It should constrain us to trust work a miracle. And his words were him.- What is it to trust him? To not believed, but “he was despised rely implicitly upon his word and proand rejected of men." Well might inise, that he will do for us all we he have said, “Since this is your treat require : it is to commit to him our ment of me, I will go back to my precious souls, with all their concerns, Father, to my heaven, to my glory!" believing and expecting the blessing of But no! he loved us still !

the promise. It is to trust him for 3rdly. He died for us all.- Without complete salvation. If we reject the entering into controversy, I am war atonement, what is our life ?-a scene ranted to say, that Christ died for the of misery and woe. What is our sins of the world. Do any, then, ask death ?-a scene of awful despair, with the important question, Why is not only the terrors of hell before us. the whole world saved? I reply in And what is our eternity ?-an eternity the language of Scripture, “ Ye will of horror. But if we receive the atonenot come unto me, that ye might have ment, our life is cheered by a good life.” “ O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, hope ; and in death we can take up how often would I have gathered your the triumphant language of the apostle, children together, and ye would not !" “ O death, where is thy sting?" We There is a sufficiency in the merit of may stand at the judgment seat with Christ to save the whole world ; hence boldness, for Christ himself is our the extent of the commission, “ Go ye judge, and through eternity we may into all the world, and preach the sing hallelujahs to God and the Lamb. gospel to every creature.” He died 2ndly. To love him fervently.-Can not for a particular nation, or a par- we withhold our hearts from him who ticular family, or a certain rank of hath done so much for us? Shall we men, but for all. He is equally will not endeavour to keep his commanding to save the self-righteous Pharisee, ments, and to avoid all that would give with the humble publican ; the hard- him pain! If it lay in your power to ened rebel, with the weeping penitent. put into my hand the hammer and the Hence the invitations, “ Whosoever nails, would you like to see him cruciwill, let him come and take the water fied afresh ? You shudder at the of life freely." “ Come unto me, all thought ; yet we do this in effect, and ye that labour, and are heavy laden, put him to an open shame when our and I will give you rest.”

life and conversation are not such as “ If you tarry till you're better,

becometh the gospel. You will never come at all.”

3rdly. To serve him faithfully.

Let me ask you a pointed question. 4thly, He died for the spiritually What have you done for Christ, what dead. For those whose thoughts,

are you doing for him, and what do affections, and desires are totally you purpose to do for him? The conalienated from him, who see no beauty

sciences of some must tell them they in him, and to whom he is “as a root

are doing nothing for him ; but I trust out of a dry ground.” We are pre- the language of others is cisely in the condition of the criminal

“ Were the whole realm of nature mine, who has been condemned by the law

That were a present far too small; of his country, had the sentence of Love so amazing, so divine, death passed upon him, and waits only Demands my soul, my lifo, my all!"

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